I started to run back into the kitchen because a heard a big thump. When I got back there I saw Stacey in a bloody heap on the floor. I turned to my left and saw Mike towering over Stacey and his hands were covered in blood. " WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO?" I was so mad he just beat up my best friend. " i..i..i didn't mean to." He looked down at Stacey " what have I done?" he looked so confused. Right after he said that I heard sirens.


"What happened here?" officer Joe asked. "I really don't know, I went in when I heard him fall."

" didn't you hear any yelling?" he asked again " well when he gets in trouble he will just bring us to the back room and lecture us that's the first time he's ever hit any of his workers." I said honestly cause that was the truth he has never hit us sure he would scream, shout, and curse but we could take that.

" Ok that's all for know. Have a good day. I really am very sorry about your friend" Then he started to walk away "hey wait!" I yelled after him "yes Mr. Dylan?" he said while turning around to look at me "will Stacey be okay?" I was so worried about him I just couldn't wait any longer without bursting! " I really don't know but we have great doctors that will be taking care of him" when he said that my world almost crumpled. I mean I would just die without him. That's when I saw the ambulance drive away. I tried to chase it but I wasn't fast enough. So I fell to the ground and cried my eyes out.