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"Sorry I'm late! I over slept!" Sookie called, rushing into Merlottes. Of course it had to be busy that morning too, Sam was going to be furious with her… if he wasn't too busy. Sookie looked around and spotted him in moments. He was indeed busy and he just waved her off and she pulled on her apron and started waiting on tables right away.

She worked all day, and chatted with all her friends as she did so. The business didn't let up at all that day and by the time the sun started to fall her feet felt like they were going to fall off, but she had to continue on. At least things were finally slowing down. So taking a sip of water and a deep breath she strolled on over to a table where a single young man sat.

"Hi, I'm Sookie. What can I get for you?" she said, pulling out her pad.

He looked up at her then, and her jaw dropped. He had the most beautiful blue grey eyes. If she recalled right they looked a lot like Godric's did. He smiled at her before letting his eyes drift back to the menu, "Give me a moment please." he said. Sookie could only nod dumbly, and take in his other features. He had longer dark brown hair, and beautiful perfect skin.

"Um… Miss? Are you alright?" he questioned, his eyes reflecting slight concern.

Sookie blinked, snapping out of the trans, his beautiful facial features had put her in., "Yeah, I'm fine. So what'll it be mr…"

"Leighton. My name is Spencer Leighton" He said, a slight smile touching his lips.

"It's a pleasure Mr. Leighton. How come I've never seen y'all 'round here?" she asked, as he eyed the menu.

"Call me Spencer, Mr. Leighton's my dad. I just moved here, into that big house not to far off from the grave yard." He said, his eyes flickering from the menu to her face.

"I know they one. I live right near there." She responded.

"Stackhouse?" he questioned.

"That's me Sookie Stackhouse," she was about to say more but a look from Sam told her to get a move on, "sorry, my boss just gave me the evil eye. We should talk later though, What can I get for you?" Spencer ordered and Sookie walked off to hand off the order to Lafyette.

She continued on to her next table, "Hi I'm So- what in the world is that?" she stared at the strange grey furry creature that was, though weird, undeniably cute.

She glanced at the man sitting at the booth with it. He was in his early twenties with light brown hair that was streaked dark and light blond, deep red, dark brown and black. His eyes were strange, they were a frosty ice blue with flecks of violet and gold in them, and under his left eyes was a black mark. He had a sort of sinister beauty to him, and she realized instantly she couldn't here his thoughts. Now that she thought about it, she couldn't hear Spencer's either. It was strange.

She glanced over at Spence to see him eating, so he couldn't be a vampire. She looked back at the eccentric male before her. What about him? Was he a vampire? She saw a small smile slip onto his lips and he looked her in the eyes, "No, I'm not a vampire. Wouldn't you say I'm a bit to tan?" he said, stroking the weird grey thing, Sookie was pretty sure it was call a chinchilla?

"You're correct. Alabaster is a chinchilla." he responded, smirking at her stunned dear-in-a-headlight expression.

"How are you doing that?" She demanded.

"Miss Stackhouse, you're not the only one with special abilities." he chucked, flipping his streaked hair from his strange yet beautiful eyes.

"They are beautiful aren't they?" he said, another smirk on his face, "I have to say though, I'm not partial to the word strange I do like the other word you used though. Eccentric was it?"

"Stop it!" she snapped, he snickered," who are you? How are you doing that?"

"I think its pretty obvious how I'm doing it, Sookers." he responded, an amused expression on his face as he teased her.

"Why can't I hear you're thoughts?"

"Because I'm not letting you. Not only is it a privacy issue, I think faster, more complexly, clearer, more detailedly in multiply languages at once and my thoughts overlap and twist together. You'd be over whelmed." he stated.

"How do you just not let me?" Sookie asked.

"We'll have the onion rings."

"Don't just ignore my question!" he just looked at her numbly. "Answer me!"

"Onions rings suga' onion rings." he held the menu to her, she huffed annoyed and took it writing down his order and bringing it to Lafyette. She took care of other people quickly before she got around to taking him his order. She placed it down in front of him, then sat across from him.

"Now will you answer me?" She demanded. He took a ring into his mouth then handed one to the chinchilla.

"I believe you have other tables to tend to miss." he said, taking up another, the chinchilla took it upon its self to take another.

"Who are you?" She demanded. He continued eating with no sign of answering her question, so with a frown she attempted to read his thoughts again. He smirked that smug makes you want to punch him smirk, and suddenly a rush of… everything poured into her head and she cried out clutching her head in extreme pain. Then just like that it vanished.

"See? I told you you'd be over whelmed." he took another onion ring casually, like he hadn't just nearly exploded her brain.

"What are you?"

"Male. And I'll need my check." before she could respond in anyway he handed off the exact amount of money and stood. The chinchilla nestled into a small nike bag he carried on his back and with that he left.

Two weeks passed sense Sookie met Spencer and he had made himself a good friend of hers as well as a regular at Merlotte's. All would be well if Bill hadn't been mysteriously missing for the passed few days, and the mysterious second guy with the streaky hair hadn't shown up again. It made her wonder if he had something to do with Bill's disappearance. So tonight when she got off work she resolved to go to Fangtasia and see if Eric new anything about it.

So when her time came around she gathered the few things she needed and walked out toward her car. She pulled out the tie that held up her hair as she walked and smoothed it out, running her fingers through it, "You're miss Sookie Stackhouse?" she turned to face a man, with a wild look to him.

"I am." he lunged at her. She screamed and tried to run but he was to fast for her and he grabbed her and started dragging her off. He was unbelievably strong and she wondered if this was what had gotten Bill, as he clapped a hand over her mouth and she fought against him even though it was hopeless. He covered her face with some sort of cloth and she felt herself become very drowsy.

The last thing she remembered was a horrible crunching sound, a cry, being dropped, a hauntingly familiar voice saying her name being lifted, and beautiful blue grey eyes. Then everything went dark, and silent.

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