A/N: Hey guys, this is my first shot at anything Soul Eater. I love that show now, but I always watch them in the English dub. The next episode doesn't come out til July twenty seventh. *sniffles* Not cool. Anyway, Crona is my favorite character, because I finally found a character from something that I can relate to. :D But that isn't all that great, I guess…er….Anyway, Imma tell you right now, Crona, in my things, is a BOY. And, it's CRONA, spelled like that, I even looked it up on Soul Eater Wiki. Yes, my life is that sad….Uh heheh…..Anyway, list of reasons Crona's a boy?

His speech pattern.

The way he's flatter than Maka even though he's older.

In the episode where they had a party, it flashed back to a shopping scene where Crona was obviously trying on BOY's clothing.

He doesn't slap, he punches. Girls slap, trust me, I know. Or Maka Chop. Whatever.

In the English anime, Crona is referred to as 'he', and in the Japanese, Crona uses the masculine term 'boku' to describe himself.

See? And before you bring up the 'but Crona's voiced by a girl' argument, so is Bart Simpson. And we all know he's a boy. So, thank you for reading my point of view. :D

Wow, that is my longest author's note ever…..ehhh…..

Between Tsubaki and Maka, Crona felt a bit more at ease as she walked up the stone walkway to Death the Kid's humongous house, if you could call it a house. It was more of a mansion, a perfect, symmetrical mansion.

Sadly, Crona's relaxed feeling disappeared as they approached the front archway, where Kid, Liz, and Patti stood, waiting to greet her group. Kid was throwing another party, just to celebrate walking away from everything they'd all been through alive, but it was just their close friends. That meant Soul, Black Star, Tsubaki, Spirit, Ms. Marie, Dr. Stein, and herself. The adults were mostly there because Ms. Marie had insisted on coming to supervise the children, and she dragged the rest of them into it.

Crona felt her cheeks heat up as Kid and his trio spotted them, smiling happily in response.

"Hello, everybody! I hope you all enjoy yourselves tonight. Soul, did you bring the music?" chirped Kid, dressed in a perfectly symmetrical suit that was burgundy red with black cuffs and undershirt. Briefly, she thought that it was ironic that he wore the colors of both normal human blood and the color of hers, before Maka shouting next to her snapped her back to reality.

"Soul, how come you never play when I ask you to, but you're going to play all night today?" she quipped, glaring at him as her pigtails shot into lightning bolts. Soul shrugged his shoulders in a noncommittal response, smirking at the blond girl all the while. Crona could visibly see her rage, as well as feel it penetrating his soul. Rage was not something she ever consciously felt, maybe in her insanity spells, but she never in her life had felt rage toward something or someone. She didn't know what do with it, so she did what she could to try and stop it.

"M-maka," she stuttered, so very uncomfortable in the midst of the rage, "P-please, stop being so angry. I can feel it, and I don't know how to deal with such angry f-feelings," murmured Crona, her voice cracking a tad near the end. The blond haired girl turned toward her, an apologetic smile on her face.

"I'm sorry Crona. I forget sometimes that you can feel my wavelength, too."

"Well, now that Maka's nightly outburst has taken place, " laughed Kid, waving a Maka glare off, "Let's start the evening, shall we?"

The night was full of dancing, food, and laughs provided by Black Star's mishaps and Kid's breakdown's as a result of them. Soul was now playing a slow, soulfully melody, ironically enough, and Kid could no longer dance the can-can. Breathing in an even pattern and mentally measuring out his steps, the dark haired boy meandered over to the one companion that he hadn't made sure was enjoying themselves. As he approached Crona, wearing her white, perfectly symmetrical suit, he felt his heart flutter. It must have been the symmetry, and he passed it off, painting a tentative smile on his face.

"Hello there Crona. Mind if we chat?" He saw a flicker of discomfort on her face, but she quickly masked it. The thought made him smile on the inside, she was trying really hard, and she was actually getting better at dealing with things.

"N-no, of course not Kid. What do you want to talk about? I'm not really sure about starting conversations myself," she murmured, still quiet. As he thought about what he could ask her without over stepping boundaries, she apparently took the silence as something bad, and looked straight into his eyes, cheeks flushing.

"A-are you okay? You've been thinking for s-some time…."

And suddenly, Kid's mind went blank. There was nothing, no worry about symmetry, no irritated thoughts toward Black Star, no worry about anything. He was just staring at the sight before him. It was breathtaking, to see her so worried about something that wasn't her own actions or emotions. But then, the moment was ruined when Kid noticed that her left long lock was two inches longer than the right long lock. Rubbing his chin, he tried to respond without revealing that he thought she was beautiful.

"I'm sorry, I was just noticing that your hair is slightly uneven. It's driving me a bit mad," he covered quickly, furrowing his eyebrows. Now her hair really was bothering him, but she flicked her gaze downward to her shoes and wrung her hands together.

"I'm s-sorry, Kid. Do you need to f-fix it?" she stammered, her tone remorseful and apologetic. Kid blinked, amazed that someone would actually approve, or even consent to, his symmetrical approach to things. His face lit up in glee as he made sure this wasn't a day dream.

"Are you sure? I mean, it wouldn't be anything major, I'd just be evening out all your fringe and such," he bubbled excitedly. She looked up at him again, a relieved but still small smile on her lips.

"I'm sure, Kid. I….I trust you."