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Crona looked up at him with sparkling glaucuous violet eyes, so breath taking that it rendered even him –a Shinigami! - speechless. He was absorbed in them, watching every fleeting glance. His brain noted all the shiny spots in her pupil, every splotch of a different color in her iris.

Then he noticed as worry shone in the beautiful eyes, and he snapped from his staring, finally remembering his surroundings and finally hearing the girl's anxious stuttering.

"-staring out into s-space, l-like you're p-possessed…are you okay, K-kid?" she stumbled, trying to find her wits. Kid swallowed abruptly, figuring that his staring was what had thrown her off guard. He raised himself off the king sized bed with amazing speed.

"Ah, no no, Crona, I'm fine. I suppose I simply was amazed at your willingness. You're usually very guarded, but don't take that the wrong way. I'm very happy that you can trust me," he blabbered in a forced cheery tone. The girl still on his bed looked up at him, startled most likely by his sudden mood shift. Her gaze slowly shifted downward, a crimson blush contrasting her porcelain flesh.

"I...I," she stuttered through a shy smile, "I'm glad that I can make you h-happy, Kid." On his own face, Kid felt a grin start to mirror hers, though it could never be as beautiful. Sighing, he retook his place next to her on the bed.

"I'm just not sure how I'm going to wait until tomorrow. I've never been a very patient one, you see?" he moaned, cupping his cheek in his hand. Crona fidgeted next to him, balling her fists together and rubbing her knuckles. He'd noticed her do it before; he guessed it was a nervous habit like her stuttering.

"Well, maybe you….you should sleep?" she offered, feebly raising her shoulders. Kid smiled softly, placing a hand on her delicate shoulders.

"The only way I could do that is if you slept too, but I'd hate for you to have to sleep in your clothes, Crona," he reasoned. She looked down, embarrassed. The onyx haired boy thought he heard her murmur a soft apology, and her kindness made him feel light headed.

"You know, I might be able to lend you a nightshirt and some pants, if you'd like. I'd feel terrible if I kept you up all night. You're still very thin, but for a boy I've got pretty slim hips. Things might be slightly big, but it should be alright for the night." Kid rose from the bed as he spoke, starting to rifle through some drawers in the chest at the front of the room.

Back on the bed, Crona arched her eyebrows upward, confused for a moment, but deciding to set the confusion aside in place of gratefulness. Kid was being so hospitable to her, so…nice. While she was lost in her musings, Kid returned to her holding a navy blue cotton long sleeved shirt and a plain pair of the same color sweat pants, a smile gleaming on his face.

"Here you go, they might be a little big at your waist, but you can readjust them with the drawstring at the front. I'll be just outside the door, call when you're done dressing." He set the clothing on a neat, symmetrical pile next to her on the bed and turned on his heel, closing the door with a quiet click.

As she pulled on the soft fabric, she dully noticed that the clothes, much like everything else in the room, were symmetrical as there were no symbols or patterns. Crona padded toward the door, grabbing hold of the handle and turning it to let Kid back in. He turned toward her and smiled, already dressed in his night wear. Kid's elegant fingers ran over her shirt, pulling and tugging it into perfect symmetry.

"There you go," he breathed in a dreamy, airy tone, "perfectly symmetrical." There was the overwhelming urge to lean down and…and…well, something, but she started to shift uncomfortably under his gaze.

"K-kid? How're we going to sleep? You've only got one bed in your room…" she wondered, chewing again on her finger. He looked down at her in awe; surely she knew what his thought process was? Then he instantly mentally slapped himself, of course she didn't. Nobody had ever really done anything with her before.

"Well Crona, the bed is quite big, wouldn't you agree?" he smirked, watching as her face morphed into a sheepish expression.

"Um, yes, Kid…?"

"And don't you think we could share it? After all, it's a very large bed and we're two very small people," Kid was purely beaming by now, positively feeding off the adorable bashful mask on her face.
He tugged on her –his- sleeve and led her cautiously toward the bed. If he wasn't gentle with her, she might freak out. Especially because, well….this wasn't exactly the most normal situation, two people sleeping together in the same bed but not being…attached.

Then again, who was to say Kid wasn't attached to Crona? She was his friend, they just…weren't romantically involved.

While he was lost in thought, the coral mop of hair had laid down on the bed looking up at him with large, glittering eyes. They held question, curiosity, and anxiety. Oh no, he'd frightened her again. Kid felt one of his most warm, comforting smiles stretch across his face for her as he lowered his own body onto the bed, opposite her. He lay flat on his back, head directly in the center of the pillow. This was how he lay every night, perfectly symmetrical.

Suddenly, Kid shot straight up in bed, looking to his left at the startled Crona. His sunny eyes surveyed her quickly. In the blink of an eye, he was back down on the mattress once more, now on his side, arms and legs tucked neatly into his body. Beside him, the girl giggled softly.

"Now are we symmetrical, Kid?" The ebon haired teen was about to nod happily, but then he noticed something else.

There was a pillow in her arms. In his bed, there were three pillows. One to rest his head on, and two to make the bed balanced. That meant there was one he was resting on, one she was resting on, and the last one was clutched tightly between her delicate hands.

Oh, crap.

"Kid? Are you sure this isn't bothering you?" she asked, her brows arcing again. He frowned slightly before answering her.

"It's just that we aren't symmetrical, Crona. It's the pillow you're clutching." She looked down apologetically, an apology already on her lips. But Kid cut her off, not wanting her to apologize for something that wasn't her fault.

"No Crona, don't apologize. It's one of your habits, like symmetry is mine. You clutch, I organize," he murmured. His gaze never left her face, but she wouldn't look up at him. They sat in silence for several moments, Kid growing more uncomfortable by the second, when Crona started to look up, hopeful.

"Kid, we could put this pillow between us, and I could clutch you," she offered, a muffled giddiness morphing onto her face. The Shinigami blushed furiously. How could she suggest such a thing?

Oh…she didn't know what the gesture meant. That's right.

Well…he couldn't think of another way to sleep. And he certainly didn't want to keep Crona up all night…

Besides, if it didn't mean anything to her, it shouldn't be wrong. Right?

"Okay Crona, if you're sure you want to. I'll have to hold you, too," he informed her groggily. At this point in time, he'd gladly cuddle her and just sleep. She shifted in the bed, inching her body closer to his and warily winding her arms around his waist. He responded in the same manner, pulling himself into her so they would be even on the bed. His forehead pressed against hers, and the tips of their noses were a hair's width apart.

Within moments, they were both fast asleep, which wasn't that extraordinary.

By the next morn, however, Kid would have a very different view on that. He didn't know how he could've actually slept next to her.

Not with the way he was beginning to feel.