Summary: Here's the thing: I've read several fics where the Fellowship of the Ring just happens to come into some fan girls' lives while their parents are conveniently away. Well, to say the least, this isn't going to be one like that. There is one fan girl, a bunch of overly dramatic friends and parents that are inconveniently around all the time. Well, I wanted to write one all my own to see what would happen when my friends and I are confronted with an epic problem that no one knows how it got started or how to fix it. Not even Gandalf.

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A Beautiful Nightmare: Chapter One: Broken TV


"Congratulations Tab," Kristina said, as we lazily lounged on the couch in my living room. "You gave them Uno cards to shut them up and now they're fighting."

"I should've known better," I muttered, watching my other two friends, Jeni and Katie, sitting on the floor.

"Well, you didn't," she said, stretching.

I scowled and nudged her face with my foot, causing her to glare at me. "Here comes me," I said, as I purposely fell off the couch, right into their game.

"Tabby!" Jeni snapped, as Katie gave me her famous 'death' look. I swear she created that look especially for me.

"This wouldn't have happened if you both played Uno like normal people," I replied. "One Uno game does not last an hour and a half."

"It does the way we play," Jeni countered.

"Which is not normal, and it causes controversy," I replied, beginning to pick up the scattered cards.

"Who asked you anyway?" she inquired, beginning to help as well.

"I asked myself," I replied.

"Yes, and that makes you normal," Katie said, slapping me on the back, which caused me to yelp.

"It's perfectly fine to talk and argue with yourself, but when you lose, you're a freak," I replied.

"Well, in that case, you're a freak of nature," Jeni said.

"Shut up! Or I'll turn the TV on and turn it to the movie channel," I replied, knowing full well that I'd get my way.

"NO!" Katie yelled, clamping a hand over Jeni's mouth.

"How is that a threat?" Jeni asked, shoving Katie's hand away and glaring. She looked rather confused.

"The Lord of the Rings is on!" Katie whispered. She held a finger to her own lips. "Shh… don't make her mad."

"I'm okay with that," Kristina said, from the couch. "I've been meaning to watch the entire thing."

"What's the Lord of the Rings?" Jeni asked.

I turned to her, completely shocked. "That is unacceptable! You cannot be in my house and not know what that masterpiece is," I said, with an air of authority. I quickly got up and snatched the remote.

Just as I turned the TV on, Katie tried to tackle me, grabbing for the remote. "Back up Jack!" I yelled at her, and promptly chucked my handful of Uno cards at her face. As she ducked I quickly changed the channel to TNT and hid the remote in my shirt.

Katie turned around and glared at me. I took the remote out of my shirt (it had fallen out anyway) and ran to the chair and guarded myself with my feet, ready to kick her if she came too close. She made a move to grab my ankle and I tried to kick her simultaneously, but we both missed. "Go away!" I yelled.

"Give me the remote!" she said, sitting on top of me.

"Get off! Ya' nasty!" I replied.

Kristina and Jeni watched us with amused expressions on their faces. Glad we could entertain someone.

"Give me the damn remote!" Katie yelled again.

"NO!" I said, kicking her off and cradling the precious remote. I then turned my attention to the TV. "Look! It's Pippin!" I squealed, pointing to the oh-so-loveable-and-huggable hobbit.

"Look! It's an obsessed loser!" Katie said, pointing at me.

"Hush! Gandalf is speaking!" I said, putting a finger to my lips.

I heard about ten seconds of speaking before Katie tackled me again. She tried to snatch the remote, but I held onto it with a death grip. "No!" I yelled, shooting up from the chair.

"Change it!" Katie yelled. I screamed as she won the remote.

"Precious!" I yelled, tackling her. Kristina and Jeni were nearly in tears with laughter. "Help us, Kristina!" I whined, trying to sound like Gollum and failing. I'm not good with impressions.

Kristina only laughed harder. Deciding that I was alone in this fight, I took Katie to the carpet, and snatched the remote. As we both fought for control of the remote we hit many buttons, causing the TV to start going crazy with static.

We all stopped what we were doing at the loudness of the static tone. We had to cover our ears, it was that loud. Then it started skipping from the movie to a black screen and back again. The movie still played on, but the sound of birds chirping could be heard, and the windows aren't open. The chirping was as clear as day. "Oooohhh, yooouuuuu made it maaaaaaad!" I whispered to Katie.

"You angered Gandalf," Kristina said, giggling.

"Dude, why won't it stop?" Katie asked, using her serious tone.

"Is it supposed to be doing that?" Jeni asked, nervously. Crybaby.

"Okay, you need to stop!" I said to the TV. "My dad is going to be so pissed." I got up and proceeded to slap the TV.

"Yes Tabby, bitch slapping the TV is going to make it work," Kristina said, sarcastically.

"It worked the last time," I said, innocently.

"It's all in your head," she replied.

"Beat it with a book," Jeni said, tossing an old, beaten up book to me.

I caught it and looked at the cover. "Hey! It's the Lord of the Rings, too!" I said, showing them the cover. Katie glared and the other two snickered. "The Power of Sauron commands you to work!" I said loudly, holding the book to the TV.

"Ha-ha! She's exorcizing the TV!" Jeni laughed.

"I hate to break it to you, but I don't think 'the Power of Sauron' is going to help," Kristina said.

"Okay then, buzz kill… the Power of Isildur commands you to work!" I said, again holding the book to the TV.

The TV decided to go black, blacker than pitch. "Well, at least it chose one," Katie said, from her place on the couch.

I made a pouty face. "But I didn't want that one!" I said. "Ugh! Go to Mordor, you dumb TV!" With that, I threw the book at the appliance.

There was a sudden bang-like a gunshot, only much, much louder-as the book made contact with the TV. I yelped and ran to the couch, jumping on my friends. We looked very much like three Shaggys and a Scooby, except we're girls, and I'm not a dog. When nothing happened, they all glared at me, especially Katie, since I was sitting on her.

"What? The TV yelled at me! Apparently it doesn't like Sauron or Isildur," I muttered.

I looked back at the stupid TV that decided to have a heart attack and go black. But I did not see the TV that angered me, I saw a blonde man (if men have extremely pointed ears) laying on his stomach and looking up at us. It was then that my friends caught sight of him. Katie stopped in the middle of a threat and Jeni and Kristina stopped mid-attempt to push me off.

The TV lit up to a brilliantly charged light blue, and another man fell onto the blonde one. This one was followed by seven more. My friends and I looked at each other and let out one high-pitched scream.

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