M Allison Hart, attorney at law, kicked off her high shoes as she entered her apartment. With a deep sigh of relief, she threw her briefcase onto the kitchen counter, and let her glamour drop. It was such a strain on her powers to keep up the appearance of a human, it really drained her. Allison ran a hand through her dark purple hair, and went in search of some food. The fridge was mostly empty, except for a withered stick of celery.

"Takeout it is," she muttered to herself, picking up the phone. Thankfully Mr. Wong's delivered.

She was just changing out of her restricting business clothes and into something more flannel when the phone rang again. Tying her robe over her gracefully folded wings, she answered.


"Hello Pumpkin. How are you?"

"Daddy!" Allison plopped down onto her couch, curling her bare feet up under her. "How are you?"

"I'd be better if my little girl would come and work for me," was the reply.

Allison rolled her eyes.

"Dad, we've already had this discussion..."

"I know, I know. But I just think if you came to work at Wolfram and Hart…"

"I don't want to work for a company just because my father is a Senior Partner!" Allison argued. "I want to earn my way in the world."

"I know you're independent, Pumpkin, but think of what you could do if you worked for us."

Allison sighed.

"Daddy, can we not talk about this?" Her father had been after her for years now to work for his inter-dimensional law firm. The problem was, spending most of her childhood in another dimension had made Allison thirsty to experience this one.

"Alright, Allie," Mr. Hart said. "I just wanted to call and check up on you. Is everything alright? Your aura was a little cloudy."

"I'm dealing with a lot of things right now," Allison said.

"Allie… you know you can't lie to me."

Allison silently cursed her father's ability to read her aura so well. She might as well just give in and tell him.

"You remember my client, Mr. Bell?"


"Well, he's dead. One of his men double-crossed him."

"That's too bad, sweetie."

"Yeah, it's annoying. That's not the trouble, though."

"Oh?" Mr. Hart sounded intrigued.

"It's Agent Gibbs."

"Would you like me to have him killed?" her father asked, sympathetically.

Reluctantly, Allison shook her head.

"No, Dad, but thanks. I think… I think I want to help him."


"I know, Dad, I know. But I'm only half-demon. I don't need to be evil all the time, do I?"

"Of course not, Pumpkin. But I thought you wanted to be."

"Maybe I do," said Allison with a sigh. "But Gibbs has really gotten himself into trouble, and I've come to respect him over the past few months. Do you think Wolfram and Hart could get him out of it?"

"We can do almost anything," said Mr. Hart. "But you know nothing here comes free."

"I know. Can I send you his file?"

"I'll review it," her father promised. "In return, can I ask for your professional advice?"

"Sure," Allison said, surprised. It wasn't often her demon father, senior partner to a pan dimensional, international law firm asked for her advice in legal matters.

"We have a slight problem here at the LA branch of the Firm. A certain vampire with a soul named Angel."

"Angel," Allison let the name roll around in her mouth. "Haven't you had problems with him before?"

"Numerous ones. There's an interesting prophesy concerning him. His side in the battle to come is yet undecided."

"I see," said Allison.

"As you can imagine, we would like him on our side. Do you have any suggestions?"

Allison stretched out her legs, and tapped her taloned foot on the coffee table.

"Have you tried coming at him head on?" she asked.

"Naturally," said Mr. Hart. "We've tried wooing him, we've tried undermining him, nothing works. He deflects everything we throw at him. It's those meddling Higher Powers! They keep giving him hope to carry on, and all that claptrap."

Allison considered this for a moment.

"Ok, so you can't get him through the direct approach. Have you tried going at him sideways?"

"How so?" Mr. Hart asked, sounding intrigued.

Allison sat forward, warming to her subject.

"You should do something he doesn't expect. Throw him off. You can't pin him with anything directly, so what about something small, like tax evasion? He's a vampire, I'm sure he hasn't paid taxes in a long time, which is alright if you're living in an alleyway, but not when you own your own business. Or what about property violations? He owns a big hotel now, doesn't he?"

There was complete silence on the other end of the line.

"Dad?" Allison asked hesitantly.

"I'm still here, Allie. I'm just… I have a brilliant, adaptable daughter. It must be the human in you that lets you think of these innovative ways of looking at things."

Allison beamed. Being a demon, her father didn't often praise her human side.

"I think your suggestions warrant very serious consideration," her father continued. "I'll discuss them with the other Senior Partners. You're turning out to be quite a lawyer, Pumpkin. I'm very proud of you. You would make such a fine addition to Wolfram and Hart." His voice was wistful.

Allison ignored this latest jibe. It wasn't an argument she wanted to get into again.

"You could get Lilah to do it. She still works in the LA branch, doesn't she?" Allison said, thinking of her sharp tongued, ambitious sometimes-friend, sometimes-rival from law school. "She's just scheming enough to pull something like this off."

"I don't think she'd suit," Mr. Hart said after a moment. "The other Senior Partners aren't best pleased with Ms. Morgan right at the moment."

His gentle tone conveyed just the right amount of menace behind his words. Allison shuddered. To anger the Senior Partners was akin to a death sentence.

"It's alright," said Mr. Hart, his voice brightening. "I'll give it to Gavin Park. Now about your Agent Gibbs – should I prepare a standard immortal-soul contract for him?"

Allison smiled in spite of herself.

Author's Note: Allison Hart. Wolfram and Hart. That was too much of a coincidence to pass up! In fact, I read somewhere that one of the writers on NCIS is a fan of Angel, and gave our favorite scary lawyer that name on purpose. And here I was thinking I had made an original connection! Ah well. It just makes so much sense to have M Allison Hart as the daughter of one of the Senior Partners.

This is set after season 7 of NCIS, and between seasons 3 and 4 of Angel.

Woo Hoo! First crossover! The first of many, I hope.