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Chapter 1

The sun was still pounding in the sky on a hot July afternoon. Driving throughout the empty street, I had the window down and the radio blasting. It's not like I had a choice as to get to where I was going, things just happen.

Before we go any further, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm Jill Shepherd only twenty four years old and I'd just left my hometown of Chicago and heading down the south to stay with or rather, visit my sister.

I bet your wondering why am I traveling and where am I going. Well it all started like this. Krista is my older sister by like two years. My mom left me, her and my dad when I was six and she was eight. My dad did his best to take care of us while he worked and be a single dad. When I was sixteen, Krista graduated high school and moved down to Louisiana to attend college. She and I kept in touch, even when she moved down there permanently.

She would come up here to visit me and dad and sometimes we would make a trip down there once in awhile. But as the years went by, the communication became less and less. It wasn't until when dad got sick, it changed everything.

So here I am, driving to my sister's place where it's somewhere in a place called Bon Temps. I forget where since I hardly saw her anymore.

I sighed for a bit before pulling over at a rest stop. I grabbed my phone out of my bag and noticed that it needed to be charged. I dug in my bag until I realized that I didn't buy a charger for the car. I looked up and saw that I pulled in a diner. I grabbed my bag and got out while locking my car door and made my way inside.

I got in a noticed a phone booth nearby. I picked up the receiver and heard the end call signal. At least it works. I dug out some change and put them in the slot as I dialed her number. It rang about threes times before I got her answering machine.

"You've reached Krista, leave a message." Beep.

"Hi Kris it's Jill, um listen this may come as a surprise to you but I'm heading into town to see you. I know a last minute thing but I need to talk to you about something. My phone's dead and I'm a few miles from town so I'll ring when I get in. I'll call at a different pay phone or something when I get in. Talk to you later, bye" I said and hung up.

It felt forever but it wasn't until night time when I got into town. I drove past a sign that said, "God hates Fangs" in big bold letters. Well that just screams welcome to them. Whoever have fangs or not. The road was a dark one as I drove in the town. Only I could see what was in front of me was the headlights in my car and a bunch of trees.

I pulled into a parking lot of a restaurant and saw another phone booth that was outside. I got out of my car and headed towards the phone and placed the change in the slot and dialed again. Someone on the other line picked up.

"Hello?" it was a man's voice.

"Um, hi is Krista there?" I asked.

"Yeah hold on" he replied. I heard shuffling before I heard my sister's voice.

"Hello?" she said.

"Hi, Kris, it's Jill" I said.

"Hi, wow this is a surprise," she said.

"Yeah well we haven't spoken in almost a few years" I said.

"I know and I am sorry about that, I've been so busy these past few weeks, I'd just gotten home just now so what's up?" she asked.

"You didn't check the machine?" I asked.

"No not yet" she replied.

"Well, I know it's sudden but I'm in town" I said.

"Really? That's great though it's a bit of a surprise but still." she said.

"Yeah, um you think you can meet me down here at" I asked looking up at the sign, "Merlotte's?"

"Sure let me just change into some jeans and what not and I'll be there in a few" she replied.

"Great see you then" I said before hanging up. I looked around the area and there was plenty of cars in the parking lot.

Something about this seemed a bit off. I couldn't pinpoint what it was though. The place looked too dark, even with the lights that was around. I heard some things about this town that some mystical creatures are living among us. I don't think that's true or anything. Then again, you never know.

I saw a car pull up moments later and comes out none other than Kris. She still looked the same. Dark black, hair, clear green eyes and she was only 5'9 while I had light brown hair, hazel eyes and I was only 5'4.

"Jill" she said and then she hugged me tightly. "I can't believe you're here."

"I know right" I agreed.

"Does Dad know you're here?" she asked.

"Yeah, told him I was driving down here, he seemed fine with it" I replied.

"Okay so let's head inside I'm starving" she said, leading me into the restaurant. It was just like any other restaurant that I've been to only minus the rednecks in there. Not that I have anything against them or anything.

We walked over towards an empty table near the corner in the back and got comfortable.

"So Jill, really, what's up?" she asked.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"You obviously came down here for something and it's not to visit, which I do appreciate but something is going on, am I right?"

"Yeah but you're not going to like what's coming out-"I said but a woman with blonde hair came up to our table.

"Hi can I get you guys something to drink?" she asked.

"Just two waters for us Sookie" Krista replied.

"Okay and I'm sorry I don't think we've met" she said, looking at me.

"Sook, this is Jill, my little sister," Krista said, introducing us.

"Nice to meet you" she said.

"Likewise" I said with a small smile.

"I'll be back with your drinks" she said leaving our table.

"Okay so what's up?" Kris asked.

I took in a long breath before saying what I had to say. "Kris, Dad's been sick" I said.

"Is it the allergies, I heard that it's been pretty bad back home" she asked.

"No it's not like that kind of sick, something like really bad sick" I replied.

"I don't understand" she said.

"Kris, Dad has lung cancer" I said.

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