Zero Equals Perfection

RIIIIING. The alarm clock rang. It was the first day of school. Great. I reached out and smacked the alarm so that it went off. I didn't get out of bed. There was a reason. A reason that hurt me so much that I wanted to stay in bed. I wanted to hide in my sheets and somehow disappear.

I heard footsteps outside. They stopped at my door.

"Hinata! Why aren't you up yet?" The speaker sounded annoyed. "It's time for school and it's the first day!"

"Leave me alone Hanabi!" I groaned. "I don't want to go. You know what happens to me!"

The door slammed open and Hanabi stormed in. She pulled back my sheets and somehow managed to pull me out of bed.

"Now, if you lie down again, I'll dump water on you. We wouldn't want that happening now would we?"

"Okay okay I'll get ready. Gosh."

Hanabi ran back to wherever she came from (which would be her room I'm guessing) and I slowly walked towards the dining room.

School. The reason I never wanted to go was because I was hated. I was hated for being who I was and that made me from a cheerful, happy, hyper girl, into the shy, silent loner who never spoke unless she was spoken to. Hanabi and everyone in my family knew that. They never gave up hope. They hoped that someday it would change. I didn't even bother hoping. It was never going to change.

I walked over to the table where Hanabi (so that's where she went) was chattering away with Neji, my cousin, who was just trying his best to look like he was listening but I knew he wasn't. I silently sat down and grabbed the nearest box of cereal and started pouring it into my bowl along with some milk.

"I'm going to go to seventh grade! I'm in the middle of middle school! Get it get it? Get it?" Hanabi cheerfully said.

"Yes Hanabi good for you." Neji apathetically remarked.

I got up and pushed my seat in. I looked at the clock. 7:20am. "We wouldn't want to be late now would we? I'm going to get dressed."

I turned and ran towards my room. Ow! I bumped into my father on the way. "Sorry Father!" I yelled. I ran into my room and randomly picked a purple t-shit and a pair of white shorts to change into. I got ready in ten minutes. By 7:30 I was trying to fit my feet into my purple converse shoes. I was tying my laces when Neji and Hanabi came walking.

"You ready?" Neji asked.

"Yeah." I said grabbing my backpack. "Lets go."

We mounted our bikes and stared pedaling like mad. Yes, we had bikes and even though we came from a wealthy family, my father made sure we each got exercise so that we wouldn't become too fat and lazy. I thought it was really stupid.

"What time does school start?" Hanabi asked.

"It starts at 8:00am. Right now it's 7:50. We have ten minutes." Neji replied.

We kept on pedaling until we saw the familiar white building with the sign "Leaf Academy" on it. This was it. It was the place where I was tortured all the time. The place where everyone hated me just because of who I was. I used to have friends. But then, they started to find me annoying. They started caring about what other people thought and they didn't want be embarrassed just because of me. So, eventually they stopped hanging out with me and I found myself sitting all alone at lunch.

That wasn't all that happened. They started spreading rumors about me. So whenever I walked down the hall I would hear whispers like:

"I hear she bikes to school with her cousin and her younger sister."

"She's so embarrassing! Stay away from her!"

"OMG stay away from her! You wouldn't want to get loser disease!"

I dreaded every single second I spent at that school.

Neji, Hanabi and I parked our bikes in the place where the bikes are usually parked. "Bye guys! See ya after school!" Hanabi yelled as she walked towards the middle school.

"You ready?" Neji asked. "After all, we're freshmen this year."

I shrugged. "Here we go."

Slowly, Neji and I entered the High School for the first time.

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