Italics are Hinata's thoughts

Stand up for the champion

"Uh...Hi's it going?" I trembled.

"You didn't get the email? What is the meaning of this?"

"Uh...that's fine. I didn't really want to go anyway."

"Come on. I know you did." The bell rang.

"See ya Hinata." Ten Ten said and the three of them left for their homerooms.

"I think we should start heading towards homeroom." I suggested. Naruto didn't say anything. I was getting creeped out. I mean, Naruto was never this serious. Never. We sat in silence the whole time in homeroom.

I had science next––and Naruto was my lab partner. Great. But I can't avoid him forever. I walked in and sat down at our table. I braced myself for his strange mood. He just sat there. He didn't say a thing. I kept glancing at him sideways to see if his scary expression had changed at all. It was still the same. Finally after what seemed like ages, he spoke.

"You and I need to talk. At lunch." I nodded.

At break, I explained what had happened to Sakura, Ino and Ten Ten.

"I wonder why he's getting so worked up about it." I thought out loud. "Did I say that out loud?" Ten Ten nodded.

"I know why! He cares about you!" Ino cooed. I felt my face turning red. "Awww! Don't worry Hinata, you'll be just fine! Trust me." I smiled and then Ino started giggling. Ten Ten rolled her eyes and Sakura...well...she was studying for some test in one of those Honors Classes she took.

"So tell me Hinata, do you want to go or not?"

"Uh..." Honestly, I was trembling, but I tried to hide it. It was all so scary! I didn't do good when people were mad at me. I got all shaky and stuff. "W-w-well, I k-k-kind of wanted t-t-t-to go and I k-k-kind of didn't." Oh great I'm stuttering again. Shit.

"Ok fine. I'm not going if you aren't."

Now it was my turn to be mad. "What? Just because I'm not going doesn't mean that you shouldn't! I mean you really wanted to go! I saw that look in your face yesterday! Don't worry about me!"

"I'm not going!"


"Because I'm worried about you! Have you seen the way you're treated at this place?"

Something made me hold my tongue. I couldn't speak. I could only look into Naruto's blue eyes.

"If I go, who will be there to protect you? None of us are going to be there for you." Naruto continued.

"It's just long's it for?"

"Three days."

"Yes. Three days. I'm sure I can manage. I've been managing before you and everyone else came along." He just stood and looked at me with his sad blue eyes. I walked up to him and took his hand.

"Don't worry I'll be fine. It's nothing I can't handle."

"I see." Then he gave me this huge bear hug. "Thank you. Thank you for letting me go"

"'re crushing me!" I gasped.

"Oh sorry." He let go and laughed. "You sure you'll be okay."

"I'll be fine. Don't worry. Now lets get something to eat. I'm hungry." Together, hand in hand, we made our way to the cafeteria.

Naruto and I spent as much time as we could together. I tried teaching Naruto to draw apples, but he drew pictures of stick figures killing eachother. He tried teaching me to play his nerdy video games and I always ended up dying. We still had fun though. Finally, the time came for Naruto and everyone else to go. I said goodbye to Sakura, Ino and Ten Ten and went over to Naruto who was trying to stuff his duffel bag into the storage area of the bus.

"You sure you'll be fine?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah I'll be okay. Don't worry about me." For some strange reason, I had the urge to cry, but I couldn't. I gave Naruto a hug and told him to get in or he'd get a bad seat.

"The guys will be saving me a seat. I looked up and saw Sasuke and Neji (who were supposedly spying on us) pretending to read comics upside down.

"Where's Shikamaru?"


"Oh. Well, have a nice time." I tried to smile but I failed. Naruto leaned over and kissed me.

"Bye. Be careful." He waved and got inside the bus. Other people were saying bye to their friends as well. I kept waving, even when the bus disappeared from view.

I had to go home all by myself since Hanabi was going to her friend's house for "homework". I thought that they were going to play pranks on people in the friend's neighborhood and watch that stupid show about Sara and her perfect life.

It felt strange being alone. All of a sudden I could feel everyone's eyes on me again. I felt so exposed because I didn't have a wall of friends to protect me. I didn't have a strong Naruto to stand by me.

"Looking good loser!" Someone yelled. Temari. She wasn't going to waste this chance.

I sat alone in the cafeteria. It felt really strange. I hadn't sat alone in such a long time. People passed by and whispered their usual mean remarks. I knew that Temari and her gang had said some untrue rumors about me. There were always rumors that were untrue.

I got up and walked around the school. I passed the art room and saw my collage of food with the words "LOSER" spray painted all over it. It's shocking what people can do to you when they don't want their reputation tarnished. They betray you, backstab you, everything that makes you want to ask one simple question.

"Why?" I whispered to myself. I felt tears roll down my cheeks. This couldn't go on forever. I couldn't live this way. If I died, I would die in this school.

The next day when I woke up I saw someone standing in my room holding a jar. At first I thought it was someone here to kill me.

"AAAAAAAHHHHH." I screamed.

"It's okay! It's me!" Hanabi switched on the light and showed herself and Rayna who was now in chrysalis form. "I wanted to show you Rayna. See? She's becoming a butterfly now!"

"Wow! That's great! Now go get ready before we're late for school again." Hanabi scampered off and we both got ready.

Remember the time when I had rotten eggs in my locker? Well guess what? Someone threw this rotten egg at me as I was walking in the courtyard during lunch. Next I felt this tomato hit my head.

"Hello Hinata." Karin smirked. "Nice rotten egg perfume." She and her friends started laughing in that shrieky way of theirs. So annoying. I kept on walking. I felt someone grab my shirt and push me down. I hit the ground and scraped my face. I felt some liquid trickle down my face. Oh crap! I'm bleeding.

"You think you can just walk away from us?" Temari yelled. "Everyone gather around. Look at this loser. People started gathering around and whispering. "That's right people. This girl here is Hinata Hyuuga. Not only was she really annoying, she was mean to us. You see, she thought that she could become popular by being all funny and she just had to have everything her way. Fortunately, we fought hard and managed to push her out of our group of friends. Poor thing...without us she was nothing."

Temari made a mock sad face and her friends all said, "Awww." This isn't true. None of this is true!

"To get back at us, Hinata lied to Principal Tsunade and got us punished for the food fight you all know that she started. We all know that she started it, right?"

Nobody spoke.

"RIGHT?" Temari turned and looked at her friends.

"Oh right." They all chorused.

"Very good. Now, we all know that Hinata needs to be punished for what she did. Did everyone bring something to throw on her?" Everyone held something up. Food, paper balls, water guns. I prayed that there weren't any bricks.

Temari smiled her evil smile. "Excellent." She walked up to me and pulled my hair. "Now when I say go, all of you can throw your things. Understand?"

"Yes Temari." Everyone chorused.

"Good." She looked at me. "Maybe if we're lucky we might get you unconscious." She let go of my hair and I fell on the ground again. I scraped my lip. "One, two, three, GO!"

I felt all sorts of things land on me. Mashed potatoes, mud, water balloons, you name it. I managed to get up and I ran. I felt everyone follow me because I could still feel things being thrown on me. I ran turned around and saw a full mob running after me. Shit.

Unfortunately, I didn't see where I was going and tripped over a rock. I landed on the ground. I felt around for something. Something I could use to help me. Zilch. I got up and ran again. I kept running until I reached a dead end.

"You can run Hinata, but you can't hide." Karin snickered.

I was getting sick of this. Really sick. Not only was I getting sick, I was getting angry. Really angry.

"STOP IT!" I yelled. "WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?" I glared at everyone who was around me. Then I started laughing. "You're all afraid. Afraid of your stupid pathetic reputation at this pathetic place. Please." Everyone was now quiet.

"Come on. Throw all your things at me. Kill me if you have to. But before you do, I want to tell you something. Everything those girls told you was a lie and you're an idiot if you believe them. You saw with your own eyes that I didn't start the fight. Those girls were throwing grapes and stuff at us while we were just sitting down and minding our own business." I looked at peoples' shocked expressions.

"It's true. I was annoying. But I never wanted to be popular. I only wanted to be myself and I didn't want everything to go my way. Temari wanted everything to go her way. But why would you people believe me? You're all afraid. At least if you people kill me, I'll know that I stood up for myself and I'll think of myself as a champion, not a loser. Now go on. Throw everything you can find at me."

I closed my eyes and braced myself for things hitting my face but nothing happened. Everyone was just looking at me. I heard someone clapping.

"Nice performance Hinata." Temari said. "But they'll never believe you."

"Yeah." Her three friends responded.

"Go on everyone throw to your heart's content." Temari said. Then someone nailed her with a rotten tomato. People started throwing stuff at them. Not me. I was shocked.

"Uh guys? I'm the target!" I flailed madly so people could get my attention.

"You're not the target anymore." Someone said. "It's them. Thanks for making us realize that." They kept throwing and I walked away. I kept walking. Blood still trickled down my face.

"Hinata?" Kurenai asked. "What's wrong?" I didn't say anything. I kept walking. Kurenai looked ahead and smiled. She understood. She ran off to break the fight.

"And that is what happened while you were away." I explained to Naruto and the rest of the gang.

"Oh oh I like the part when you laughed." Hanabi exclaimed. Neji had invited everyone over to our place right after the trip.

"You're so brave." Sakura exclaimed.

"Well, I have no idea what happened. I guess something in me just snapped."

"Hinata, could you come with me for a second, we need to talk." Naruto said.

"Uh...okay." I got up and followed him out of the room.

"OOOOOOH." I heard everyone chorus.

When we were out Naruto suddenly turned around and kissed me.

"What you did was amazing! Nobody's going to mess with you anymore!" He grinned. I smiled back and blushed.

I was walking down the hall with everyone when I noticed my collage.

"Hinata you coming?" Ino asked.

"Yes, I'll be right there. You guys go ahead."

"Okay." I went inside the art room and saw Anko busy painting something. She looked up from her painting and smiled.

"Hey Hinata. What can I do for ya?"

"Could I have some orange spray paint?"

"Sure. It's in the box next to your class' portfolios."

"Thanks." I grabbed the spray paint and went to my collage. I sprayed some words on it and added an "s" to loser. It now said:

We are all losers

I smiled at what I did, put the spray paint back where it belonged and went outside to the courtyard where everyone was.


"Remind me where we're going again?" Naruto asked as he ran to keep up with me.

"I don't know. Somewhere where she can be free." I held Rayna's jar up. Hanabi had given me permission to set Rayna free. She told me to do it because she felt like I should. I thought that she wanted me to do it because she was busy playing some video game Naruto had given her.

We kept walking until we reached the park.

"Remember this place?" Naruto asked.

"Oh yeah! The place where you bought those little kids some ice-cream!"

"Yeah!" We kept walking until we found the place with all the beautiful trees.

"It's time," I said. Naruto nodded. I opened the jar and Rayna flew out. Naruto and I held hands as we watched her fly away. She was free from her prison, and so was I.


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