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Summary:Sephiroth loves Cloud and Cloud loves Sephiroth but what will become of this doomed romance?After finally getting into the ShinRa academy Cloud is closer to his dreams,and his true love more than ever but unbeknownst to him his life will dramatically change giving a bizarre and twisting fate.

Warnings:YAOI(Seph/Cloud),and alot of other eh things lol.

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Cloud P.O.V.

The military bus rode up along the murky and dirty road splashing up all sorts of undefinable liquids from the polluted city. Cloud, a young boy from a backwater country known as Nibelheim, was riding into a city of hopes and dreams and quite likely a better future. A heart heavy with anxiety but burning with ambition kept this quiet yet attentive boy settled at the back. He was not alone as many other boys from different parts of the world were riding along with him with different aspirations. The city was alive with a variety of sounds, some of which were foreign and new to this young blond hero's ears.

Cloud was lost in his thoughts and the faint whispers of his fantasy gone wild. He had visions of being a dreaded foe of his enemies and an intensely loved hero for the rest of the world that played in his head over again like a broken record. He saw himself fighting along side the mighty General Sephiroth and perhaps...something more... What a mere picture of such heavenly divine gift of this Gaia could do. The man in his most powerful dreams. The man that was in his most private and intimate illusions of lust and in every waking thought. Cloud's heart began to beat faster and slowly adrenaline began pumping through his veins. Sephiroth's speeches on T.V. could only be descibed as fascinating. The way that godly being spoke every word with such accuracy and the chills it gave Cloud were truly a force to be reckoned with. The man was displayed as powerful no doubt, the way his Masamune cut through enemy lines like butter or the swift poweful movements that was could be described as graceful. Beautiful but deadly. That face, something that had been carved by angels. Sephiroth was truly a blessed man with wisdom beyond his years, a flawless face, and an inhuman charm. Cloud didn't even need to see this vixen if an angel in person. Over the years mere pictures and television screenings made Cloud fall deeper and deeper in teenage love and a growing obsession for this marvelous man.

But who was he kidding. Why would Sephiroth choose him among many others that were probably better than him? What made Cloud Strife so different and unique from everyone else? Even if by some miracle he did get to become a first class soldier would Sephiroth The Great ever pay any attention to him like that?

As Cloud got off the bus his feet felt like feathers touching the ground as his head was abundant with other teenage mentality thoughts. He quickly lined up with the other troops and he noticed what a colorful bunch. Some were pale like him while others had a tan most likely from farm work of some sort. There were tall boys and short ones creating uneven dips in some lines. They were ordered to walk in the large building for orientation and to check in for rooms and such. They were being lead into a large auditorium with bright lights nearly blinding all the nervous future gripped his hand on his satchel and ruffled his hair a bit. Whatever happens happens but now was his time to shine the brightest or fade into the darkness.

Sephiroth P.O.V.

General Sephiroth stood tall and proud surveying the fresh little troopers with precision looking for a bundle of blond spikes sticking out in almost every direction. First class Zack Fair noticed this and began to laugh at his overly serious friend. Sephiroth sent his friend a vicious glare.

"Oh relax, we're going to find him. Don't you worry your pretty little head man." Zack said teasingly "I mean how hard could it be to miss someone with tall, spiky hair with big, blue eyes and-"

" Thank you Zack!" Sephiroth quickly hushed. He couldn't stop thinking about the gorgeous human that had plagued his thoughts and dreams. When he had seen that perfect face nearly six months ago it captured his heart. The picture his profile had contained was a bit scratchy but it held the face of something better than his most cherished, confidential dreams. He thought about how he would approach this beautiful person many times but now that it came down to it he had to admit he was a little nervous. Eventually his most trusted friends, being Angel,Genesis and Zack, caught on to his slight display of affection and forced the information out of him. Now they all wanted to help him find this Cloud Strife so the great and 'fearful' general could finally have a love life. He couldn't stop thinking about finally seeing that bouncy hair and just praying to get the chance to run his fingers through it. His eyes were beautiful as well. They were so deep, blue, and lycanthropic just like the vast ocean and they had an innocence that begged to be corrupted. His stunning face was truly a sight to behold. The things he would do to see that face scrunched in sexual pleasure or to see it small it's brilliant white teeth after a romantic gesture from yours truly.

Sephiroth kept these thoughts to himself as Zack rambled on. Sephiroth could sense it, there was something special about his boy but he needed to get close to him somehow without making it look suspicious. Whatever obstacles would come wouldn't matter, not for Spehiroth. Now was Sephiroth's time to make himself available to the most beautiful creature his eyes had ever laid eyes on.

"Seph...Seph!" Zack's voice could break glass with a twenty five mile radius if he wanted. Sephiroth snapped out of his thoughts.

"Look over there!" Zack pointed at the large crowd of students that had entered the building and sure enough Sephiroth saw the healthy,blond spikes poke their way out. Sephiroth gazed with amazement as the ravishing boy turned around bashfully.

"Did he finally find his blond puppy?" Genesis asked creeping up slowly behind.

"Isn't it obvious of course he has...Can't you see the invisible drool..." Angeal said teasingly.

And that was how it began,a lifetime full of heart breaking sorrow, philosophical confusion, and a dangerous love.

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