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Cloud woke up to pounding headache and a dry mouth. His hands were tangled in white linen sheets and another heavier white blanket that felt as if it were filled with feathers. Wait… blankets? Bed? Cloud got up abruptly and looked at his surroundings like a frightened wild animal. He held the thick white sheets close to him covering his entire face with the exception of his big blue eyes. He tried to recall last night but the most he remembered was drinking all those glasses of alcohol and passing his drinking limit by a long shot. His head continued to throb violently if not more at the awkward and strange situation he was in. What had happened last night afterward? What if some cretin had picked him off the street when he decided to go back home? What if he had removed a kidney and planned to sell it in some wall market that might not have been too far away. Cloud quickly looked down to see if he could find any stitches where his kidney would lay right below. He had to pull his shirt over and saw that his skinny body was still intact.

He sighed; at least whoever brought him to their home wasn't some freak of nature low life. He climbed out of bed slowly and cautiously as to not wake anyone up. He felt defenseless so he grabbed the closest thing to a weapon─ a lamp. He tip toed to the door and slowly opened the door. He looked to see if anyone was there and then crept out once he felt it was safe to do so. He smelled something cooking─ eggs and bacon─ and the scents appealed to his hungry senses. Although he was hungry there was no time to waste his time on a meal when a potential psycho was probably poisoning it. As soon as he reached the end of the corridor he looked around again. The furniture seemed expensive and it was now obvious to Cloud that he was in some luxurious condo. He walked to the living room and saw that there was no T.V. It struck Cloud as strange seeing how such an expensive looking apartment didn't have some sort of flat screen T.V. Instead of a T.V. there was a lovely painting of koi fish swimming in a pond. There were leather couches that sat around a dark brown coffee table. Cloud felt the cool brown surroundings soothe him until a voice disrupted his train of thought.

"Good morning Cloud." A monotonous voice said.

"AHHH!" Cloud yelped and did was anyone's instinct would tell them to do; he threw the lamp at the intruder of his thoughts.

Sephiroth's eyes widened but he simply moved his head at the flying lamp. It hit the wall and shattered into a million porcelain pieces. "I see you're awake."

Cloud clasped his hands over his mouth and ran to Sephiroth. "Oh crap! I'm so sorry!"

"It's ok I didn't get hurt but I can't say the same for that lamp." Sephiroth chuckled softly.

Cloud was going to say something else when the hangover decided to really hammer in and he rubbed his temples trying to keep it at bay. "It's ok you need to relax. You were really drunk last night. Luckily enough I was able to bring you back to my place instead of taking you back to the barracks." I was able to steal a kiss from you. Sephiroth thought to himself and internally smiled. "Please take a seat at the table I'll clean this up quickly and get you some aspirin."

Cloud couldn't argue with that. He made his way toward the kitchen and took a seat on the table. He looked at the table full of breakfast treats and food. There was orange juice and milk and stacks of blueberry pancakes, fresh and fluffy. There was syrup, butter, jam and toast as well as scrambled eggs and sausage links. His big blue eyes stared in awe at the feast that was set before him. Did he wake up early just to make all this?

"I knew you would be waking up with a hangover seeing as how much wine you drank last night so I took the liberty of preparing you a healthy breakfast to counter balance all the alcohol in your system. That and I would rather have you eating a good, nutritious meal rather than the generic slop they serve in the cafeteria." Sephiroth voice was like a well played instrument. It flowed and sounded exquisite to Cloud's ears. Sephiroth sat in the chair in front of Cloud.

"I can't believe you made all this, it's a shock!"

"Really? Why do you say that?" Sephiroth looked at him inquisitive.

Cloud had already served himself to half the eggs and was now readying his plate for the pancakes. "I mean you're the wicked general of Shinra to be honest I never would've expected you to be able to do this, with all due respect sir."

"Please call me Sephiroth I already told you. Well anyway, I sort of had to raise myself and I strived to try and make my life as 'normal' as possible. I learned how to cook all on my own since I never really had parents."

Cloud stopped shoveling in the pancakes and stared at Sephiroth in surprise. "You never grew up with your parents?"

"I never even knew my parents. The most I could consider family was that mad man Hojo and some of the Shinra staff."

"So you don't even know who you're parents are?"

"Nope, not at all."

Cloud looked at him in genuine pain and it took Sephiroth back a bit. "Why are you looking at me like that Cloud?"

"Because that's not how it should be that and maybe I didn't grow up with my father either…" Cloud let out nervously.

That's right; Sephiroth had read it on Cloud's profile. His father had left Cloud and his mother when he was still very young. It must've been quite tragic to both Cloud and his mother to see a man unfit to be a man and run off leaving them without a solution. Sephiroth couldn't tell if Cloud had it worse by knowing all his life his father was a coward or if Sephiroth did by never having had the pleasure of knowing anything about him. Although it wasn't the best way to truly read a person Sephiroth had to make due with what he had and push further into the young man's thoughts.

"I'm sorry to hear that Cloud, I wish I could say more on the subject but to be honest I don't. In any case you've grown up to be a fine young man."

"Thank you, it was very hard for my mother and I. She became sort of the black sheep in the village we lived in and I was always out casted from everyone."

This was interesting. "An outcast? By who?" Who would ever want to outcast you?

Cloud shifted a bit uncomfortably and put down his cup of orange juice. "Well y'see living in a village and all it was easy for word or rumors to get around town. The adults and their 'perfect' families never really liked my mom but after my father left it gave them a reason to judge her. Their children, all my age, picked up these bad, judgmental habits and the hatred was spread to me. Even with kids my own age I was looked at like the puzzle that didn't belong in the picture and it's not like my physical appearance helped either. You don't find many blue eyed, blonde haired people up in that northern region so I think you can assume what would happen."

"You were constantly picked on even though you didn't do anything?"

"That's right. Growing up without a father was hard and learning to try and understand why these people were being like this to me was even harder but I managed. I managed for my mother and me."

Sephiroth felt his eyebrow twitch in annoyance. Cloud was obviously good hearted even a blind person could see that. He had such a rough time growing up and these ignorant, backwater country scum didn't help ease his pain at all. Just when he was going to make an angry remark Cloud surprised him yet again with a wise comment, "It's just how the world is. The world is cruel and no matter what happens life goes on. I mean, you need to have bad times in order to have good ones right?" Cloud smiled reveling perfectly aligned teeth.

Sephiroth couldn't help but smile back. The boy was years beyond his age and even though the moments, as crippling and painful as they might have been, Cloud was able to take his pain and strengthen his soul. Cloud was truly something and by the minutes passing he fell more and more in love with this fascinating soul. "That's quite the statement. Not many can see it the way you do. Most people end up doing stupid things and then blame it on everyone else."

Cloud laughed, "Don't get me wrong, I went through that stage too but my mum she helped me open my eyes and see the truth of things."

"Wow, I wish someone was there like that for me…"

Cloud looked at Sephiroth and then said, "Ok well enough about me tell about you."

Sephiroth was hesitant but then proceeded, "Well to be honest there isn't much to say. I never grew up anyone that treated me like an actual child. I spent most of my childhood locked behind Shinra's walls or in Hojo's lab. The first friends I ever really made were Zack, Angeal, and Genesis."

Sephiroth felt a hollow emptiness fill him. He hoped he didn't sound too bland for Cloud but it was the truth and he would never want to lie to Cloud. Cloud looked at him with those large, jeweled eyes in melancholy. "So you never really had a childhood?"

"Not really, at least if it is considered a childhood it is best considered a rather strange one."

It made more sense to Cloud now. It was no wonder Sephiroth's trio of friends constantly urged him to live a little. The sliver angel never had a break a day in his life. If he could've Cloud would've hugged the man as tight as he could but thoughts like that lived best in his mind. He looked at Sephiroth's expression and how it remained unchanged. "No that's not right."

Once again Sephiroth smiled at Cloud's words. He was one of the only people to speak their mind and tell him that Shinra ruining a good chunk of his life was not okay. The words that came out of Cloud's lips were wise and intelligent but the lips themselves were soft and soft. The very thought of them brought a small tingle of nostalgia.

Cloud looked into dreamy green eyes in understanding and awe. He was falling more and more in love with this man. This man, who got to know Cloud more and he was open about himself as well. Sephiroth, the man that had inspired Cloud to take action but most importantly the man whom he was falling deeply in love with.


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