Character Information

Name (last, frist): Arbaril, Tsula

Nickname: Tsu-tsu

Age: 215, looks between 20 to 25

Birthday: May 1st

Race: Shinigami

Gender: Female

Squad: 11th Divison


.Hair- Her hair reachs past her shoulders and is a dark green that shimers when in light. It's soft and straight but tends to have a few waves and curls, thanks to handy-dandy shampoo

and brush. She brushs once a day so that it doesn't become knotted or frizzy.

.Eyes- Her eyes are a light shade of green, similar to the color of her hair, which she got from her father. On occasion they will turn into a dark, hazed green, but this is only when there's a day of bad weather.

.Skin- She has pale, caucasiuan skin.

.Height- Tsula comes up to about five feet and four inchs in height and like Toshiro, she does not like to be teased about her height nor does she like people talking about it.

.Weight- She weighs, roughly, about a hundred and twenty-five pounds. This is mostly due to womanly figure. (Breasts, butt, etc.)

.Body type- Tsula has an athletic body but unlike most athletes she doesn't have small breasts. She isn't very muscular nor is she is she big in size but Tsu does have a slight tone to her muscles and considers herself 'average'.

.Clothes- Tsu is always seen in the average shinigami clothing but when casual, she wears a neon green tank, a black long-sleeved jacket that stops at the top of her breasts and has cat ears on the hood, neon green shorts, and black boots that stop at her thighs.


Personality: Though Tsu isn't very social, she is a very generous and kind individual but not one to be missed with, which is noted by those in her Squad. She is the type of girl that will stand up

for others if in a bad situation and one that will push others do better. There are many things that people find annoying about Hani but the main thing is her hobby to

disobey orders. For example, if Kenpachi were to order her to do paper work, she would either tell him she was already busy, which she wasn't, or give him the bird.

Still, this habbit tends to help because it fuels her stubborness which wills her to continue fighting when it is hard to.

Like(s): Sparring, fooling around, meditation, music, dancing, etc.

Dislike(s): Those who make fun of her height, innocent people being harmed, orders, boring people (Byakuya), etc.

Fears: Tsu isn't one to show her fear, but that doesn't mean she lacks fear inside. She is afraid of hurting the ones she loves, though everyone tells her she won't, she still fears

that she someday will make the same mistake of doing so.

Hobbies: Though not many notice, Tsu loves nature and her favorite hobby's viewing it.

Friend(s): Tsu doesn't really have friends but she considers Kenpachi, Yachiru, Orihime, and Shuuhei to be.

Family: Tsu did have a mother, of which she passed from old age, but she never knew of her father. Her mother never talked about him and when she asked her mother would ignore the question.

Rival/Enemies: As of rivals, Tsu has none but enemies, she has alot but none in particular.

Love interest(s): As of now, Tsu has no love interests nor does she wish to.

Favorite food(s): Choclate, sushi, french fries, etc.

Favorite color(s): Green, black, and blue

Favorite season(s): Fall and winter

Favorite holiday(s): All of the major holidays

Favorite time of day: Night (Loves to gaze at stars)

Quote(s): "Stand, when it's hard standing."

Theme(s): Eat you up by BoA


Zanpakuto: Hissorikon (Deserted Soul)

Sealed form: Katana

Release command: Leave, Left to die

Bankai: Kaeri no Hissorikon