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- - - - - -meLria-chan- - - - - -

Chapter 13: Breaking Point

Mikan was uneasy. She could feel the unwavering stare burning her back as she shuffled around the kitchen to prepare breakfast. She could also hear the silent taps of her master's foot against the floor as he patiently waited for her to finish.

"Nii-san," Aoi called out from the door dividing the living room and the joined kitchen and dining room. Mikan momentarily paused from her task at hand to glance at the latter. She nearly forgot that she wasn't alone with Natsume in his unit. "I'll just meet You-chan at the restaurant the next block. I'll be back."

Natsume, from intently staring at Mikan's figure with his hands under his chin and elbows on the table, turned his head towards his sister and lazily nodded. "Take your time."

Aoi slowly nodded and headed for the door, a weird expression plastered on her face.

As soon as Aoi's footsteps disappeared outside the door, Natsume surged up from the seat and the next thing Mikan knew he was caging her against the kitchen sink.

He slipped his left hand under her arm until it stopped on her upper back. "In my room tonight?" He sensually whispered on her left ear. Mikan shivered unceremoniously.

"N-Natsume-sama, what are you saying?" She pushed him away but she ended up tumbling with him as he pulled her by the arm. She gasped, however, when he suddenly pushed her against the table and moved her hair away to look at the side of her neck. He smirked impishly as he stared at the purplish mark just an inch below her right ear.

"Nothing, really. Just wanna show you again how you got this mark two nights ago." He whispered, running a finger around the said mark.

Mikan didn't even want to remember how. She kept both her arms against his chest and attempted to push him off of her. "Natsume-sama-"

"Stop calling me Natsume-sama, it's annoying."

"-your phone's ringing!"

Natsume paused. Reluctantly, he leaned away and went out of the kitchen to grab his phone on the couch. "What?" He answered quite rudely.

"Hyuuga-sama, Mr. Azumi wanted to arrange a meeting with you tomorrow at seven in the morning." Sumire's voice echoed from the other line, her tone stoic as if his response didn't surprise her.

Natsume grumbled and settled himself on the couch, eying the visible Mikan in the kitchen. "What for?"

Sumire shuffled on her notepad. "He wanted to talk about the expenses of the event and some adjustments in the cars that will be displayed in the exhibit. He said that there are more but he prefers to discuss it over a meeting." She summarized, clicking and typing something in the computer.

Natsume pondered about this. Come to think of it, he did mention something about adjustments a week ago, but he failed to take importance of it because of someone who's messing with his thoughts and feelings almost everyday. "Make it an appointment and notify him. Is that all?"

Sumire listed the meeting on her notepad. "Yes, Hyuuga-sama." And he ended the call.

He massaged the bridge of his nose and leaned his head back, eyes closed, trying to ease the little throb in his head. What is Ruka's problem? He suddenly thought, grimly. Ever since that day when he literally kidnapped Mikan without telling him, he's been avoiding him. He tried calling him the past two days, but it was obvious that he doesn't want to talk to him.

And he was tempted to take this as a proclamation of war over Mikan.

Damn. Why does she have to be so damn gorgeous?

Mikan poked her head from the kitchen doorway and warily glanced at Natsume. He seemed troubled with his brows furrowed like that and with a scowling expression. So, with silent steps and gentle movements, she approached him and went behind the couch. She raised her hands, hesitating if she will do it or not, but of course her warm heart always wins.

Natsume jerked a little as he felt smooth and slender fingers slipping through his raven locks. It nestled itself on his temples and instantly a wanton sigh escaped his lips as it started its wonderful massage. He looked up and watched as Mikan met his eyes, a small comforting smile on her face as she helped him take away the tension in his body.

Mikan could feel the butterflies swarming in her tummy as Natsume relaxed under her touch. She smiled, thinking how adorable he looks as he tried to scoot closer to her fingers. Her heart fluttered as he gave her a small, impish grin and was tempted to kiss him there and then.

She wondered how it would feel like to do this for him if they're already 50 years old.

She froze. What on earth made her think of such thought?

Mikan fought away the tears that were threatening to slip past her eyes caused by the emotions bursting inside her chest. It's no use, even if she denied it repeatedly over her head, she knew that she was already falling fast.

And she needed to stop herself from doing so.

This is not right, everything that has gone between them were all lies. He wasn't really serious about her, it was all about the challenge of having her. And she in return was expecting something from this deceitful relationship.

But no matter how many times she scolded herself, her heart just won't follow.

Concentrating more on the man under her touch, she decided to be selfish and spontaneous for once and allowed herself to lean down and plant a kiss on his forehead.

Natsume's eyes widened. Mikan was still in a daze for a second before her head cleared and she sputtered out, taking a step away from him. Face heating up, she cleared her throat. "Uhm, b-breakfast is ready." And before he could even lift a finger, she had scurried away to the safety of her room.

"W-wait!" He jerked up as soon as the door slammed close. He stood there, flabbergasted as he touched the part of his forehead where she kissed him.

And was caught off-guard when he felt himself flushing. Damn, that was sly of her.

- - - - - -meLria-chan- - - - - -

Youichi exclaimed. "You want to have dinner with me and your brother?"

Aoi, not realizing the sudden perk up in his tone, giggled at his reaction. "What? Is having dinner with nii-san that bad? Come on, you have to become friends with him already!"

That's not the deal here, he thought. Having dinner at her brother's place? How lucky could he get? He clasped his hands under his chin and pretended to be in deep thought. He looked up at her. "Friends? Your brother obviously hates me for some unknown reason! But I think I'll take your offer for dinner. Didn't you tell me that the maid your brother hired is a great cook?" Aoi had told him once how delicious the said woman's cooking is. This led him back towards his brat of a cousin.

Had he mentioned that Mikan had taken culinary arts after graduating a business major in college?

Aoi beamed at him. "Great! So, what do want to eat tonight?"

He lifted a brow at this. "I can request a certain recipe?" She nodded. He pondered about it and suddenly, an idea popped in his mind.

"How about having my favorite dish?" Which is also her favorite dish.

"I knew you would say that. Then is it alright with you if I chose strawberry shortcake for the dessert?" He nodded.

"Of course."

"Great! Pick me up around seven in Nonoko's studio tonight, okay?" She plucked a chocolate chip from her sundae and ate it. Youichi leaned back and stirred his apple fruit shake.

"By the way, are you sure you're going back to New York this coming Thursday?" He couldn't help but feel a bit sad about her plan for departure. Honestly, he wanted her to open her boutique here so that she won't need to leave his side anymore.

But then again, he was only her boyfriend, not her husband. Yet.

That thought almost made him chuckle in amusement.

"What? We've talked about this before, You-chan." If you don't want me to go then you should do something. She continued in her mind.

Youichi smiled at her in a loving way, making her heart flutter. She really loves this guy so much. "I understand that, Aoi. It's just, thinking about you away from my side makes me unsettle and blame you for this because I will miss you a lot." He confessed, imprinting her loving face in his memory.

Aoi couldn't take it anymore. She knew that this will be hard for the two of them once again but between the two of them, he is suffering the most. Standing from her seat, she slid next to him and took his face in between her hands. Then she kissed him, pouring all the love that she has for him in the kiss.

Youichi pulled her closer. Oh how he wished for this moment to last.

"I love you." Aoi muttered against his shoulder.

"I love you too." He replied.

- - - - - -meLria-chan- - - - - -

Sumire stared at her boss, spooked out of herself as he hummed silently on his way to his office. He also has this small but noticeable grin on and once he was seated inside his office with his door left ajar, that's when she totally lost it.

Her boss, the stoic and fierce Natsume Hyuuga, blushed!

He freakin' blushed! Like a stupid school girl who's thinking of her crush!

She gaped, undecided between wanting to laugh or to get scared. Scared that she'd be caught staring, she quickly averted her eyes away from him and tried to focus on her paperwork.

A few minutes after, the sound of the elevator doors sliding open caught her attention. She looked up and watched as a silent Ruka headed towards her.

"May I speak with Natsume?" He asked her. She picked up the office phone and speed dialed her boss.


"Nogi-sama wanted to speak with you. Should I let him in?"

Silence. "Let him in." Returning the phone back on its cradle, she turned to the blonde and gestured for him to go ahead. Ruka gave her a simple nod and proceeded inside Natsume's office.

The good mood that was surrounding him since this morning suddenly disappeared as soon as he knew that Ruka was outside of his office and that the latter wanted to talk to him. He stared as Ruka closed the door for privacy. He had a feeling though that what they are going to talk about are all related to a pretty brunette.

But what he didn't expect from the lad was his sudden declaration once he was standing before his table.

"I'm taking Mikan away from you."

Ruka knew Natsume very well to realize that the latter was starting to get pissed. He watched as his expression turned dark and a cold glare settled itself on his face.

"She's mine. You can't take her away from me, and you know it." Ruka gritted his teeth. So Natsume already noticed Mikan's attraction to him for quite a while now, huh? That must be the reason why he's very confident that he cannot take her away from him.

He particularly doesn't want Mikan to have her heart broken just because Natsume was being insensitive and stupid. There is nothing good that would result from deceit and lies. And in order to teach Natsume a lesson, what he has to do must be done.

"You don't understand what you are talking about, Natsume." He clenched his fists. "And you don't even know what's going to happen if you wouldn't let Mikan go-"

Natsume slammed his hands on his table and stood up angrily. "What I do with Mikan is none of your business, Ruka. Bug off." He hissed, eyes blazing with rage.

Ruka was slowly losing his patience. Natsume really have to stop acting like Mikan was his property. "It is my business, Natsume! Because if you won't be serious about her," He narrowed his eyes. "Then I'll gladly take the role of one."

The last strand of Natsume's temper came snapping. He scornfully grabbed Ruka by the collar. "You don't have the right to tell me what to do, Ruka. For the fuckin'last time, bug off." He gritted out. "You won't be able to take her away and if ever she wanted to leave, I won't let her."

Ruka was about to retort back when without warning, the door opened with Koko freezing on the spot as he witnessed Natsume's hostility towards Ruka. He immediately went between them and untangled the raven-haired lad's hand from the blonde-haired lad's collar. "Natsume! What the hell are you doing!"

The two ignored him and continued their glaring contest, both never wavering. "Take my advice, Natsume. Don't you dare hurt Mikan or else I will make my move." With that final threat, Ruka took his leave. Koko turned to Natsume once the latter disappeared behind the door.

"Care to explain what happened here?" He pointed at the door, implying about Ruka's mood.

Natsume let out a frustrated sigh and sat down. Leaning back, he grimaced while staring at the ceiling. "Ruka is fucking interested in Mikan."

Surprise should be the understatement of the year. 'What?' Koko was too stunned to react, dread already creeping inside him. He could practically imagine Natsume and Ruka's friendship crumbling into pieces. And just because of one woman.

Just because of Mikan Sakura.

And he wondered, was it worth it? Was she worth it?

- - - - - -meLria-chan- - - - - -

Aoi was excited for tonight's dinner. This is going to be the first time that she will dine with her brother and her boyfriend in the unit. She was also excited to introduce Mikan to Youichi, for some unknown reason. All that she knows is that she has this feeling that the two should meet each other, sooner or later.

Before going home, she first went to the mall and did groceries. She told Mikan about the dinner tonight but didn't elaborate any more details.

"Are you sure it's alright for me to join you later for dinner? It might be embarrassing, since you will have a guest." Mikan asked in uncertainty while placing the dishes on the dining table. Aoi snorted at her question.

"Of course it is. Don't worry, you will be comfortable with my guest tonight. Just wait." She gushed, expecting a nice dinner to take place. Mikan smiled in return.

"Okay." She stared at the dining table. "It's all the recipes that you've told me, right?" She asked, seeing if she missed a single thing. Aoi nodded.

"Yes. Wow, you really outdid yourself this time, Mikan-chan. I'm so proud of you." She giggled in amusement when the brunette blushed with her compliment.

"It's nothing, Aoi-chan. Don't mention it."

Aoi then clasped her hands together. "Well, now that everything's settled, let's get you ready then." Mikan stuttered as the latter pulled her towards her room.

"Wait, Aoi-chan, you don't have to do this-"

"Mikan-chan, just trust me on this one. Okay?"

Mikan was left with no other choice but to comply.

- - - - - -meLria-chan- - - - - -

Youichi was feeling nervous and excited at the same time.

He fidgeted on his leather sofa while waiting for Aoi's text message. 'Ugh. This sucks.' He was tempted to pull his hair out just to release the frustrating goosebumps that were wracking his nerves and numbing his senses. Tonight will be the night of revelation. Tonight, his suspicions will be cleared.

He sighed. Damn, he was getting impatient. Why was Aoi taking her time? He wanted to go already so that this annoying feeling would quickly leave him.

Mikan. He thought. Just wait, I'm going to find you soon. And once I did, you'll pay for it, brat.

But once it was revealed that Mikan is really Natsume's girlfriend, what should he do next? He certainly forgot to think about that. And there is also something suspicious about their so-called relationship. He knew that Natsume Hyuuga wasn't Mikan's type of guy. So what's with her sudden change of heart?

Then there's this missing link to this situation. If Mikan is Natsume's girlfriend, then where does Mikan work as a maid?

Youichi let out a frustrated grunt. "Ah, seriously! Thinking too much is giving me a headache!" He was also tempted to tell Tsubasa his suspicion but stopped himself before he did. It was not certain that Mikan is really connected to Natsume in such a way and also he doesn't want to face the latter's wrath once his suspicion was wrong.

He jerked in surprise when the door flew open and a grinning Aoi came in. He stood up in surprise. "Hey, what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be waiting in your brother's unit?" He met her halfway and gave her a chaste kiss on the lips.

"Yeah, but I changed my mind and decided to fetch you up." She said, laughing at Youichi's incredulous expression.

"That's my job, Aoi. Next time don't do this again, okay?" She nodded and hand in hand, they went out of the door.

They were already inside his car when Aoi piped up. "Oh, by the way, can we stop by a convenience store? I forgot to buy canned beers." Youichi lifted a brow at this while moving the car onto the street.

"Are you planning to get me drunk? Well, I don't mind but I don't think I wanted to go home drunk and wasted."

"Then don't go home and stay in nii-san's unit."

Youichi chuckled. "That was not a very good idea." Aoi laughed.

"That sound's crazy too."

- - - - - -meLria-chan- - - - - -

Mikan was giddy and happy. She was humming a low tune while sweeping the floor when the front door went open. Thinking it was Aoi and her friend, she hurried towards the door to greet them. But what she saw froze her on the spot.

"Natsume!" She exclaimed and immediately came to his side, sliding his right arm over her shoulders. "Oh God, you're drunk!" The smell of alcohol on him was very heavy and she had to stop wrinkling her nose for a moment when he looked down at her through half-lidded eyes.

"Why do you care?" He slurred, trying to walk by himself but failing to do so. Mikan grabbed him by the arm and pulled him towards his room.

"You need to freshen up yourself, Natsume. We will be having a guest tonight." She grunted silently once she realized the double meaning of her last sentence. Good thing that Natsume was drunk enough not to notice it.

Successfully bringing him in his room, she went for the bed and dumped him there. He fell with a grunt and lied there comfortably on his back.

Mikan checked his bathroom for a small towel and a small basin. When she found it, she filled it with water and came back to Natsume.

He was now lying on his front, his shoes pretty much removed from his feet. She sighed. Why is she bothering with him, anyway? It was his decision to get drunk and now he couldn't even clean himself. And why did he drink himself out, for Pete's sake? Now she has to take care of him. Although she reminded herself that this was also for Aoi's sake, not just for him. She doesn't want to disappoint the latter just because her brother cannot join the special dinner tonight. So before she arrives with her friend, she has to make Natsume presentable and awake.

Putting the basin on the bedside table, she loomed over him and tried rolling him onto his back by placing her hands on his arm. It was futile though since he was heavy and he seemed very comfortable with his current situation. She growled. "Geez, Natsume please cooperate with me! You need to act like your usual arrogant self in front of your sister's guest later!" The lad grunted in return and with her help, he grumpily sat up.

From there, Mikan started her work. She removed his coat, his shirt his belt and his socks, placing it on the floor for the meantime before grabbing the basin and putting it beside her. She then started wiping Natsume with the wet cloth on his face, down his arms, back and down his torso.

Replacing his previous clothes with a comfortable shirt, she slipped it on him and sighed in success. Feeling much better, Natsume fell back on the bed with a thump and was immediately knocked out.

"He really looked so tired." Mikan mused, staring at his sleeping face. She then checked the time. "Well, it's still early for dinner though, so I guess I'll let him rest for a couple of hours." And then once he wakes up she will give him a cup of coffee so that the spirit of alcohol will fully leave his system.

As she sat on the living room, she couldn't help but think that taking care of him gave her a weird but very warm feeling.

- - - - - -meLria-chan- - - - - -

It was almost three hours of sleep when Natsume woke up with a crashing hangover.

Cursing under his breath for the head-splitting headache, he put a hand against his forehead and slowly sat up. Blinking his eyes open, he realized that he was inside his room and the light was turned off. Weakly, he stood up and went straight for the door. He had to squint his eyes when the lights from outside his room blinded his eyes. When he had adjusted to the brightness, he trudged towards the kitchen, hoping and knowing that Mikan will be there.

"Shit." He cursed out loud when his head throbbed from just moving his limbs. It seems to have caught his maid's attention for she was instantly beside him in a few seconds.

"Natsume, are you feeling fine now?" She asked, her voice full of concern and worry. Looking down at her, his headache somehow eased away a bit.

"I feel sick." Was his hoarse reply. Mikan lead him towards the couch and told him to sit there while she fetches the medicine and the coffee that she already prepared for him.

"Here." She gave him both of it and watched him take a capsule before slowly drinking his hot coffee. He sipped a few more before properly looking at her.

"Thanks. I feel a lot better now." He gave her a small smile, which she returned with her own.

"I think you should also change your pants into something more comfortable. And after you finish that coffee, we'll have dinner." When Natsume just stared at her, she started getting bothered. "What?"

It was after a few more minutes before he replied. "I want to kiss you."

Mikan was caught off-guard with that sudden confession. She gaped. "H-Huh?"

He placed his now empty cup on the table and scooted closer to her. "I want to kiss you."

She blushed as she leaned away. "I heard you! B-But why?" She was already caged against the couch when he answered her question.

"Why? Because I wanted to." And without anything, he claimed her lips.

It was quick, for Mikan immediately pulled away when Natsume let out a groan. She frowned. "What's wrong?"

Suddenly remembering something unpleasant, Natsume's face contorted into a grim and a cold one. His good mood immediately turned sour as he looked away. Standing up, he went for his room. "Nothing. Don't mind it." Getting a bit angry and hurt for ignoring her concern right in front of her face, Mikan also stood up and with a haughty voice, decided to voice out her thoughts.

"Oh, I don't really mind, Natsume-sama." The sarcasm in it successfully stopped him on his tracks. Turning back, he narrowed his eyes on her.

"Don't start on me, Sakura." This irked her more.

"I'm not doing anything, Natsume-sama." Unable to properly manage his temper, he was instantly worked up and was already feeling the irritation consuming his body.

He approached her. "Do you really wanna have me punishing you, Mikan?" He huskily gritted out, grabbing her by the shoulders and hauling her against his lean and hard body. Mikan squeaked in surprise and stumbled against his hard chest.

She hastily pushed him away, but he reached for her arm and she went back into his arms. Natsume wrapped both his arms around her back, preventing her from pulling away. But she won't relent. She glared up at him. "Let me go."

Stubborn just as she is, he tightened his hold around her. "I'm reminding you, I will have you writhing under me if you use that tone on me again, willing or not."

That snapped Mikan's hold on her emotion. With all her strength, she pushed him away, hard. Natsume stumbled back and was a bit surprised at the rage he was seeing on Mikan's face.

"Of course it will all end to that, doesn't it?" She commented, a sardonic look replacing the hostility on her face. "Then let's make a deal." She paused. "Since I had enough of this - this kind of situation between us, why don't you just let me work for Ruka-kun and in return," She gritted her teeth, her words forcefully being said as if she was disgusted with the idea. "I'll sleep with you."

Time seemed to freeze between them. Awkward silence reign inside the unit, making Mikan realize the gravity of her words.

Cold fury began seeping throughout Natsume's whole body. Baring his teeth and clenching his fists, he grabbed her by the arm and brashly threw her on the couch. She squeaked as she stumbled against the couch and a sudden feeling of fright overtook her at the dark look he was giving her.

"The fuck am I going to do that!" He shouted, toppled himself over her and started kissing her roughly. Mikan gasped. She was overpowered even before she could move to push him away. She was too stunned with his display of rage that she didn't realize that he was grabbing her shirt and was tearing it in the middle.

When she felt cold down her torso, however, she came back to her senses. Panicking and highly horrified, she started her useless effort of pushing him off of her. She even tried screaming against his mouth, but he just took advantage of it and ravaged her mouth with his tongue.

She trembled at the harsh stroke of his tongue against her own and had to stop herself from crying out at Natsume's rough, desperate and punishing touch. This is not how she remembers it. This is not how she wanted him to hold her.

Focused on feeling more of her skin, he dived for her shorts and fumbled against the button. He knew he was being rough, he knew that he was acting out on his desire, but it and the rage combining together was driving him crazy to the point that he was blocking common sense out of his system. He was already pulling the zipper down when he heard it. That broken, painful sound. He stiffened.

Unable to control her anguish anymore, tears started pouring out of Mikan's eyes. She covered her mouth, trying to muffle her sobs but it was futile. She was too hurt to hide it.

Stiffly, Natsume looked up and what he saw almost choked him out of breath. Devastated, hurt, angry and petrified - that's what Mikan looks like as of the moment. And it was his fault. His fucking fault. Reaching out a hand, he placed it on her shoulder but she suddenly jerked away. "M-Mikan…"

Stop this, she thought, I don't want this anymore. I do like him but as of the moment, I don't care anymore. Struggling against the arms that pulled her up and now was embracing her, she cried harder. She is definitely not a crybaby, so crying once again made her realize that Natsume did a good job worming himself deep inside her heart. He could easily hurt and make her cry, the bastard. And he did make her cry, twice.

"I'm sorry." Natsume croaked out against her head, embracing her in a tight and apologizing way. His chest tightened painfully when she continued resisting his embrace. "Mikan, look-"

She cut him off by raising her hand in exasperation. "Don't," She sobbed. "Don't talk to me now, please. Just…just let me go."

A sudden feeling of desperation overtook him. No, he won't let her go. He can't let her go. Damn. It might be because he was still weak and tired, but he then was struck with the reality that Mikan wanted to leave him.

And it was eating him alive while leaving him vulnerable.

"I…I can't." He muttered with a very strange feeling churning in his chest. Mikan took his words off-handedly. She laughed bitterly.

"I'm not asking you, I'm telling you. Because after everything that I did, worrying and taking care of you, in return I get manhandled. And if you had forgotten, I'm not here to be your sexual reliever or to be your fling," She blabbered out, the pent up frustration regarding their relationship and his advances finally taking its toll on her, if you could call what they have under the category of it. "I may be your pretend girlfriend, but I'm still your maid. I'm just your maid."

Natsume was too overwhelmed with her words and the way it affects him to hear the sound of thudding footsteps coming from the doorway. Mikan, too preoccupied with the tension and her ramblings just seconds ago, failed to notice the feminine gasp and the sound of a plastic bag toppling down the floor.

Natsume was about to turn Mikan around when without any warning, he was hauled up from the couch and off of Mikan with an enrage Youichi. Mikan's eyes widened.

Before Mikan could recover from her shock at seeing Youichi, the lad has already landed a punch on the raven-haired lad's face, hard. She jumped up in horror as Aoi screamed in surprise.

"Bastard!" Youichi had yelled right in front of Natsume's face as he held him by the front of his shirt and let out another blow. "What the fuck are you doing to Mikan?" And he ended his sentence with another blow against the other side of the lad's face.

Aoi was rooted to her spot, too stunned and petrified to move her feet and stop the two from fighting. Mikan, no matter how much she wanted to stop them, was uncomfortable with her shirt being torn apart in the middle, showing too much skin and her bra. So she turned to shouting instead. "Stop it, Youichi!"

The mentioned lad grabbed Natsume once again by the shirt, but before he could open his mouth, the latter had reciprocated his action by punching him on the face. Youichi was thrown back. "The hell is your problem!" He lashed out, now overly worked out with the sudden violence Youichi has done to him.

Eyes flashing dangerously, he briefly glanced at Mikan and his blood boiled once more. "My problem? You dared to touch Mikan, asshole!"

When he was about to attack Natsume again, Aoi had finally found her legs and had thrown herself against Youichi. "You-chan! Stop it!"

Mikan was in turmoil. What is Youichi doing here? Is he the one Aoi was mentioning before? Why didn't she think about it? And what will happen now to her job? What about Natsume? She looked at the lad, and was surprised to see his eyes trained on her. She looked away.

Youichi was still fuming but has managed to force down the killing intent he was feeling towards Natsume. Placing a hand on Aoi's shoulder, he gave the latter a small nod before approaching the embarrassed and torn Mikan.

Natsume's skin heightened with hostility as he watched Youichi pull the brunette in a protective hug that if not for Aoi stepping in front of him he might have tackled the guy into a fist fight. He clenched his fists.

Mikan buried her face against Youichi's neck, seeking comfort from his body heat and protective hug. What should she do now? "Mikan," She looked up, staring at Youichi. "I'm going to take you home."

That was the least of all things that the three expected to hear from him. Natsume was enrage and snapped. "Don't you fucking dare."

Youichi glared hard at him. "Shut the hell up." He turned back to Mikan. "And you, brat, will come with me. End of discussion." He said it with finality that Mikan moved away from his arms to consider. But why does her heart feel heavy at the thought of leaving Natsume and the possibility of ending things with him?

Natsume has heard enough. He won't just stand, watch and listen as Youchi persuade Mikan to leave with him. It was also unnerving, that him, being Aoi's boyfriend and all, was getting all protective and touchy with his maid right in front of his girlfriend.

Aoi was flabbergasted at the mere fact that Youichi and Mikan know each other. She was ecstatic but at the same time, jealousy, suspicion and most of all, insecurity were eating her alive. Seeing Youichi being intimate and overly protective of Mikan makes her heart throb painfully.

"Take your things and change your shirt." Youichi sent another glare towards Natsume for the torn shirt Mikan was wearing. And the itch to beat him to a pulp resurfaced. "We'll be leaving. Aoi," Remembering that Aoi was there from the time he snapped until he comforted his cousin, he gave her a warm, affectionate but apologizing stare. "Sorry for creating a mess. I'll talk to you later."

"She won't leave." Came Natsume's commanding voice and in a second, he was already holding Youichi by the collar. "No, Mikan is going nowhere. She will stay here and you will fucking mind your own business."

The lad pushed him away. "The hell I care!" Mikan, ignoring her state of dress, came in between them and forced them apart.

"For heaven's sake! Stop fighting!" Natsume turned to her with desperate, pleading and commanding yet angry eyes that she momentarily forgot how to breathe. Youichi grabbed her hand and pulled her away.

"We should hurry-"

"Enough! Who do you think are you to tell her what to do? Who do you think you are pulling this damn trick right in my place?" Natsume shouted, grabbing Mikan and pulling her towards him. "You won't leave Mikan and that's what you should do!"

"You want to know who I am?" The lad asked, exasperation and sarcasm dripping in his every word. "You're trying to ask who I am in Mikan's life? Unfortunately, I'm just her fucking-"


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