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The bell rang again in the hallways, telling the students that the weekend was finally here…If only Natalie cold enjoy it. She slowly walked over to her locker, purposely got her combination wrong and took her good old time gathering her things.

But she was soon interrupted by a confused-sounding voice from behind her, "Um…what are you doing?"

She turned around only to find Henry standing next to her, giving her a confused smirk.

"I'm trying to get my stuff…"

"Really? It takes you this long?"

She rolled her eyes and scoffed at him. "No. I don't wanna go home…"


She finally finished putting her books into her bag as she shut her locker angrily. "I have this weird distant relative visiting from like Germany or something…"

"I didn't know you were German…"

"Neither did I…"

He just threw her a devious smirk and told her, "Come over my place then…we'll be all alone…" he kissed her right on the lips, passionately.

"Mmmm…I'd like that…" she quietly mumbled between the kiss. She let his arms surround her as she nudged closer to him.

"Well, why are we doing it here when we could be alone already?"

She rolled her eyes and broke away from him as they walked out the door to his car. Her dad wouldn't mind if she was a little late…would he?

Wendla patiently waited for her plane to land in Seattle. It had been the very first time she'd ever flown alone. Actually, it was her first time flying period. She'd never been outside of Germany before and she was surprised that her mama let her fly alone.

She remembered her saying that she would be staying with some family in America for a little while. Wendla knew that it wasn't just a quick visit. She would be there for months. The plane began to shake as it descended. Frightened, Wendla placed her hand on her stomach, feeling the comforting movement of her child inside of her.

She had been so grateful that her mama had allowed her to have her child. Melchior's child…That's why she came to America. To cover it up and hide it. Wendla didn't mind though. She was excited to meet this new family and happy to keep her child.

The plane had finally landed and Wendla was eager to get her luggage and go. She got to the gate, but what she saw was extremely overwhelming. People everywhere. Thousands. Millions. America wasn't like Germany at all. Everything was so big here. Wendla felt like a tiny ant compared to the hugeness of the country.

She waited for the other passengers from her flight to leave, not knowing who she was going with. But as everyone else cleared the place, she saw only a middle-age man standing there, his hands in his pockets, looking around curiously.

Cautiously, she walked up to him and asked, "Excuse me? Are you waiting for someone?"

He nodded and looked at his watch. "Yeah…Wendla Bergman."

She smiled and quickly informed him, "I'm Wendla Bergman."

He smiled as well, holding his hand out to her. "Dan Goodman."

"Nice to meet you!" She smiled grabbing his hand and shaking it. She was surprised. He was being so nice to her, even though her mama said she was a disappointment. He didn't even seem to notice that she was carrying a child.

"Well, we should get going. My daughter's at home by herself. She's around your age, actually."

"Really? That sounds wonderful, Herr Goodman."

He chuckled a little and advised her, "You don't have to do that."

"But it's only respectful. My mama would be furious if I didn't."

"Just call me Dan."

Cautiously she looked around, as if her mama was right behind her. "Thank you…Dan…"

He quickly led her out to his car, where she threw her luggage into the trunk. She quickly got into the passenger's seat and soaked in the world around her now. The buildings in Germany were nothing compared to the ones in downtown Seattle.

"So, did you have a nice flight?" Dan asked, breaking the silence between them.

"Oh, yes. It was nice." she responded quickly, quickly going back to looking at this beautiful city.

"And everything went ok? You know, with the baby?"

She sort of froze in her seat and turned her head away from her window, looking down at her feet. She felt so ashamed of herself now. And she didn't know why.


"Good…Just gotta make sure you're ok."

She looked up from her feet immediately. He was ok with it? He thought it was good? She was surprised. Back home, if someone ever mentioned a sin such as that, they would be punished, they wouldn't be told that everything was ok. She shrugged a little and let it pass…Maybe she like America…

Oh, Moritz, she thought to herself as the car pulled into a little driveway. How I wish you could be here. America is exactly what you thought it would be….

The house was rather roomy. Big and tall. She liked it already. She grabbed her luggage from the trunk and followed Dan to the front of the house, where he was unlocking the door. He allowed her to walk in before him as he closed the door. She looked around to admire the house's beauty. It was huge, two floors and a full basement. She had never been in a house this huge before.

She quickly looked over at Dan, smiling happily, but he seemed anything but happy.

"Nat, we're home!" He shouted up the stairs. But there was no response. "Natalie?" He kept shouting the name, trying to find this person. But they weren't here.

But Wendla was wondering…Whoever this Natalie is, they're in huge trouble…

Of course, Natalie wanted to be anywhere but home. She didn't care about this stupid cousin or her stupid distant family or anything else for that matter. All that occupied her mind right now was finding an escape…and not to mention, Henry.

She rolled her eyes mentally, wondering how she could nearly forgot the boy who was practically on top of her, running his hands along her body, kissing her so much that she was surprised they weren't conjoined at the mouth already. She loved it when they did this…she just seemed to forget everything and all she could think about was him.

She decided to be daring for once. She wrapped her arms around him and sort of pushed him off of her as she rolled them over so she was now on top of him. She pulled away from him to breathe for a second and she threw him an incredibly devious grin. He was a little unsure of what she was trying to do, but he let her…

She decided that she had enough of him touching her…She wanted to switch things up. So she began to sexily run her hands down his chest, across the rest of his body. He wasn't sure if he liked this or not…After all, she never go this into it before…

But he was utterly relieved as soon as her phone began to ring. She pulled away from him to look at the name. Dad. Rolling her eyes, she went back to him quickly.

But he broke the kiss again, asking her, "Aren't you gonna answer that?"

She shook her head. "I'll just tell him my phone died…" She went to push him back down again…

But he refused. "No, Nat…answer it."

She didn't want to give in to what he said. She pouted, kissing him again, "But, Henry…"

He finally just grabbed her phone and warned her, "Please stop…I'm not ready for that yet…"

She angrily threw her hands to her hips, her jaw agape. "What the hell is that supposed to mean? You're the one who told me to come over! You're the one who told me to!"

"I never told you to do anything! I didn't think we'd take it that far…"

"Far? Henry, that was not far…I've been farther than that!"

"Oh, really? With who?"

She stopped everything she was doing and she stared him down. "That's none of your business…"

"Well, were we together?"

"What? Are you jealous or something?" He didn't say anything back. He just turned away from her. "And yes. We were both…super drunk…"

He still didn't say a word. She looked at his face. She could tell that he was hurt. And she didn't know what to do…They'd never fought like this before.

"I-I think I should go…" She admitted quietly.

He nodded and asked, "Do you want me to drive you?"

She shook her head, whispering, "No…I'll just walk…" She looked over at him pitifully. She felt bad about what she did. He couldn't even look at her. So without saying a word, she quickly got up and left him there, hoping that her dad wouldn't murder her when she got home.

Meanwhile, Wendla sat alone at the kitchen table, reading the day's newspaper, while Dan still waited up for this Natalie. It had been about an hour or two and they still weren't home. He seemed to give up and sit next to Wendla, watching her read the news.

"What's all this about oil spills and health care reforms?" She asked him curiously. They certainly had no worries of oil spills back in Germany.

"Current news. It's all kind of…insane."

"Your newspapers are so depressing…" she commented, looking at an article written about another murder trial. "Doesn't it frighten you?"

He shook his head and tried to smile. "No, not really. You learn to get used to it, I guess."

She nodded and went back to reading. It had just began to pour rain outside. She loved to watch the rain. It helped to calm her down. She smiled to herself and placed a hand on her stomach, which had already started to swell. She felt the baby kicking with excitement as the rain poured harder and the thunder crashed.

Everything seemed to calm down finally…that is, until the front door swung open. Both Wendla and Dan shot their heads around to see who had come in. It was a girl, probably around Wendla's age. She was soaked from the rain and she wore an angry expression that matched the fury in her eyes.

Dan's face was almost as angry as the girl's. He got up from the table and walked towards her. "Natalie Olivia Goodman, where the hell were you?"

So this is Natalie, Wendla thought as she examined the girl some more. She wore a low-cut shirt that showed some unwanted cleavage and long, tight formfitting jeans. If Wendla ever dressed like that, her mama would punish her in an instant.

"Why the fuck do you care?" Natalie retorted back to her father. Wendla gasped. This girl just swore! And to her own father! Oh, would her mama loathe America…

"You were supposed to be home two hours ago. Where were you?"

"With Henry…God, Dad…why do you have to be so overprotective and wait up for me? I'm almost seventeen…"

"Yes, but that doesn't mean you're an adult."

"Whatever…" She angrily walked away from him and found herself in the kitchen, face to face with Wendla. "Who's this?"

"This is your cousin. Wendla Bergman."

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