Existing only as a figment of a persons mind means you aren't actually real.

Jessica knew that. She knew that.

She knew that.

But that didn't stop her.

She was Jessica; not the actual Jessica, not the one that had died at the hands of her father as a child; but the one that had made herself a home inside Niki.

Always waiting, always watching.

Until something would happen; her father, Niki's father, would come home smelling of alcohol. Until he would start yelling. Until he would start swinging his fists.

Jessica would take every punch, every kick, every foul word, so Niki didn't have to.

And as the years dragged on, the little blonde girl turned into a beautiful blonde woman, one who didn't need Jessica as much.

Jessica was still there, though. Always there. Still watching.

Jessica watched as Niki built a life; not a very good one, Jessica thought, but still.

A marriage (Jessica knew Niki could do better than DL).

A child (Niki would say later that she couldn't remember the birth; not at all. What she never knew, never even guessed, was that Jessica had taken the pain of the birth. It was what she did, after all; take Niki's pain so little Niki didn't have to).

A happy little life that had bumps along the way, like drinking and gambling and not getting jobs and her husband not getting jobs and her son being too smart for regular school.

But Jessica stayed inside, a voice to small for Niki to even notice.

Until that man came back into their lives.

When Jessica saw him, she wanted to take over Niki and rip him limb from limb right then and there.

But she didn't.

She let Niki go talk to him.

She had let Niki go to the graveyard and stare at Jessica's grave. The real Jessica. The one that had been killed by him.

Even then she let him into her (not her's, Niki's) house.

She did it because he had money, and Niki needed money.

But Niki couldn't take someone yelling at her son. It brought back memories she could barely remember... almost like dreams...

He had given her a check. A check!

That was what did it.

Lying dormant for years, she took over. An old habit. And Jessica knew this time she wouldn't be going back to that.

As she walked through the streets, she thought of all the things Niki had in her life that Jessica could make better.

Niki needed money; that much was obvious. No one wanted to hire an ex con like DL, and she didn't exactly have much schooling- enough for a beautiful woman to get a job in Vegas, but Jessica knew that made Niki miserable.

Niki also could do without her husband.

By the time Jessica made it to her dear old dad's hotel room, she was ready to hurt him.

She could feel the power that had joined Jessica inside Niki; she knew she was strong.

And as she strode up to her fathers door, she knew what she would do.

She would return the check. Shove it in his god damned mouth.

She would get more money than that. Maybe even millions.

She would get rid of DL, the pointless man.

She would fix Niki's life.

Her lips curled into a feral smile as she knocked on the door.