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"Bring Me to Life" by Evanessence

Bella's Point of View

20 Years Ago

Empty. Lifeless. All words that ran through my body and never left. They say forever and would never leave or give me the chance to feel real again. I felt like I was the walking dead. It never made since for Edward to love me, I wasn't really believing that he loved me. I guess some part of me believed him but some parts always thought he was lying and I guess he was. My heart fell out of my chest that day, he took the most fragile part of me and he took it with him where it will forever be. I had the truth set deep in my mind, most of the time I tried to keep it locked up but my fate would be decided in three little minutes. I tried to walk out of the room and keep my mind off of what the answer would be but I would always find myself walking back into the room checking every two seconds. Being home alone was better than having a distraction, because that distraction would be Charlie and I was in no position to put on the pretty face I have to put on when he's around.

Pink plus sign. The pink plus sign that just changed my life forever, positive.

My message was clear. I was pregnant, with a vampire's child.

I was pregnant and alone.

Charlie and Renée couldn't ever find out about my baby. Mine and Edward's baby, that was growing inside me. A piece that he has left behind of him for me. I pushed my thoughts out of my head so I could make Charlie's dinner. I had thrown away the destiny that was signed out for me and pretended it didn't say anything to play prefect daughter for Charlie. I put his dinner on the table knowing he would be home soon and it would stay warm before heading to me room to sleep. I finally understood why I was sleeping so much.

I was woken by a loud shriek coming from the bathroom. Crap. Charlie had found the test, I got out of bed and opened my door and stood in the door frame watching Charlie in the bathroom across the hall with the positive test in his hand. Charlie looked up at me.

"Bella, tell me this isn't yours?" Charlie said with fear in his eyes.

"I'm not going to lie to you," I've never seen Charlie at the verge of tears until now. "Dad don't cry."

"Bella, how could you let this happen? Who's the father?" Knowing that Edward wasn't around, he's worried that I would be alone.

"Edward," It was painful to say his name still. It was painful but I could never hate him. Charlie's eyes turned into anger.

"Did he pressure you?" How could he think that? Edward and I made this decision together under the impression that he couldn't have kids so why be careful?

"No, Edward would never do that. We made the decision together," it came out as a scream. I didn't mean to yell but it pained me that Charlie would think so little of Edward.

"What are you going to do? He's gone and you're pregnant!" I was scared now more than ever, was I going to be homeless if Charlie kicked me out?

"I'm going to keep my baby." I knew I was going to keep it; I was scared that it may be more vampire then human. "Dad if you want me to leave I'll leave but I will have to work and save up some money quickly before leaving." Charlie stayed quiet; he did want me to leave, I felt the tears stream down my face.

"I'll be gone tomorrow." With that I turned my head and went back to my room closing my door behind me. I balled my eyes out as I packed everything in sight. Over whelming emotion filled my body and I ran all over my room at a fast speed with very little tripping but when I finally fell to the ground I felt my world crash down around me. Once I was done, I looked at my room it was so bare. I looked at the clock it was three in the morning, it was tomorrow. I grabbed my bags and shoved everything into my truck before going back inside and writing Charlie a note.


I'm sorry that you feel, that because I'm having a baby that you know longer want me in your home. I want you to know that I'll be okay but I just want you to know that I'm keeping mine and Edward's baby. I do regret that you don't want to know your grandchild, but that is your decision, I want you in their life more than anything since their father doesn't have a clue that they are going to exist. I love you and I respect you and that is why I'm respecting your wishes by leaving. In order to do that I wont be in your life anymore, and you won't be in mine or my baby's. I'm sorry for that I truly am.

I love you dad,

Your daughter Isabella Marie.

I folded the piece of paper and left it on the table before leaving the house for one last time.

I drove, unknowing where I was going, I hadn't notice where I was going until I was on a long winding road towards my favorite house. The house that once held the love of my life and my family. I grabbed my bags and pushed myself to ran to the door praying it was unlocked. But I should have known better they didn't have locking doors, they didn't need them.

Every beat of my heart felt the aching sensation, I missed every bit of them. All of them, Esme's loving compassion, Carlisle's way to see some good in everyone, Jasper for being about to understand everyone's feelings and being able to help them with that, Rosalie for being protective and loving, Emmett for being a big teddy bear that was the sweetest thing but will die try to protect you, Alice for being my best friend and always seeing the happiness, Edward for letting me in and showing me all these things, for loving me for the time he said he did, I miss every being of him.

I stepped in the house it was still as beautiful as ever and was still the same it had always been. I pulled my bags through the house looking at every detail that was still here, I came to Edward's room, I pushed it open hoping I would see him there looking at his music. My heart fell when I saw the empty room, surprise came into my body when I saw a bed sitting in the middle of the room that had never been there before. I set my things down and soaked in his room, all of his music and things were still here. I walked out of the room wanting to see if the rest of the house is the same. Once settled, I ran to the kitchen that was still full of food that Esme use to cook me. How much I missed her?

I made myself a small snack before going back to Edward's room and got some sleep, the best sleep I have had in days.

Once I woke I realized that I had to work this afternoon. I got out of bed and looked in the mirror you could already see a baby bump appearing. I rested my hand on my tummy where my baby was growing. I took a deep breath and felt defeated that I couldn't stay longer and look in the mirror. I dressed in a pair of jeans that were becoming a little tight with a tank top and one of Edward's sweatshirts that he had left behind. I didn't look back in the mirror knowing that it would just soak me back in, I grabbed my bag and ran out to my truck. The drive to work wasn't long to work, I went in through the back and grabbed my vest and went out front to see Mike and Mrs. Newton.

"Bella, this was left on the door for you," Mrs. Newton handed me a letter. I took the letter and look down Bella was written on the envelope in Alice's handwriting. It was a rather large envelope that was oddly shaped. I opened the envelope and looked inside. There was well over a million dollars in there, I looked up around me and Mike and Mrs. Newton weren't around. I felt my mouth hang up, I shut it quickly when I saw a while piece of paper stuck in between the bills. I pulled out the piece of the paper and opened it.


I'm so very sorry for contacting you. I 'saw' that you would be in the need of money. So I gave you more than enough. I know that you're probably about to blow a lid, but I don't care take the money and use it when you need it. I'm so sorry. I'm not suppose to say this but we love you. We all love you. Edward loves you, but he believes that us being around is causing you danger. Don't be angry with him, you know how he is.

I'm sorry, but we love you.

I love you.


My heart fell as I read Alice's note they all still loved me. Alice gave me plenty to last the baby and I. I know that one day I will see them all again, and I'll wait till that day.

"Mrs. Newton?

"Yes Bella?" Mrs. Newton asked as she was counting the money in the till.

"Mrs. Newton I'm very thankful for the job you have given me but I'm going to have to quit." This caught her attention and she looked at me.

"Well if that's how you feel, I wish you the best of luck."

"Thank you." I said as I went into the back took my vest off grabbed my stuff and left.

I started my drive to Port Angles, I was going to be getting some things that I would need for the baby. I got yellow things and stuff that looked like they could be for a boy for girl. I grabbed a white crib and a white car seat and some toys. But before doing this I went to a dealership and looked at a new car because I truck was not suitable for a baby. I fell in love with a midnight blue Lexus that I was going to be have delivered to the house because I just couldn't get rid of my truck. I also stopped by the store to get some more food. I got a lot of raw meats and fresh fruits and veggies. I unpacked my things before fixing myself dinner and going to bed in Edwards's huge bed.

His room smelt just like him. That scent helped me sleep better than I had in a while.

Over the next few weeks I got bigger and stronger. I had figured out that I like blood a lot more than I did human food and I was strong enough to take down deer and other animals. My favorite was a mountain lion just like Edward. I was noticing that my eyes were a chocolate brown with specks of the liquid topaz. My skin is rock hard and a marble white. I was becoming beautiful. I had been pregnant for a month. I was just coming home from the store when I felt a puddle surrounding me. I looked down and I could tell my water had broken. I didn't feel any pain; my baby was turning me into a vampire. I was going to have to deliver the baby all by myself. I had the stuff I would need on the kitchen floor. I decided that would have the baby in the kitchen because it was marble flooring and something easy for me to clean up afterward.

I felt what I was guessing was a contraction on my lower stomach, that gave me the idea that I had to push. I didn't have t push long be for a beautiful baby girl was born. I started to clean my baby girl that has long bronze ringlets, with my brown eyes and her father's beautiful skin, she was gorgeous. I looked at her and found the perfect name.

"Hi, Renesmee Carlie Alice Cullen," I whispered to her in my arms. I felt another contraction, what in the world? I thought. I knew I had to get out whatever I was feeling so I pushed. I had set my daughter on a blanket next to me, she sat there not crying but I knew she was okay. I looked down I had another baby girl in my hands. She had long chocolate brown ringlets with her father's green eyes when he was human and the vampire marble skin just like her sister and me. I cleaned off the girls before I looked down at my stomach and I was a thin as it was before I was pregnant. I stood up from my girls and look at myself in the mirror I had my chocolate brown eyes with specks of liquid topaz eyes I was just as beautiful as Alice, Esme and Rosalie. I was a vampire. I didn't look at myself for long. I put my girls in some clothes. I looked at Renesmee's sister and gave her, her name.

"Hi, Elizabeth Carlie Rosalie Cullen," I knew I was going to be going by Bella Cullen now, so I gave my girls Cullen as well. I choose Rensemee as a mixture of Renée and Esme and Carlie as a mixture of Charlie and Carlisle. I choose Elizabeth, because of Edward's mother and gave her Carlie too because she should have a part of them as well. My girls were so beautiful. But I still wondered how I got twins?

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