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Yakusoku no Ketsueki~

" Kagome, I wouldn't open that if I were you!" A look of fear on his face, Souta began backing away, honey colored eyes shaking and wide as his sister shook the object in her hands.

She scoffed. " You're such a scaredy-cat, Souta!" She rolled her eyes and tapped a nail against the fine detailing on the box. " It's just a box!"

He glared and huffed, but didn't come any closer, hands clutching his shirt nervously. "Remember the last time you said that?" He warned, backing a few more steps out of her room.

"Pfft-come ON, Souta! Really," She frowned, " hello? I'm a miko, remember?"

She pointed one finger at him from the side of the box, smirking when it sparked her signature pink and began to glow.

However, she soon found herself recoiling in surprise and a small ammount of fear as her fingertip began to burn, the sparkles and glow changing into a blue, almost fluorescent light that covered the box and burned her hands, forcing her to drop it.

" Kagome!" Souta shrieked, hesitating before taking a step forward. The blue light around the box disappeared, and it seemed as if it was never there.

However, Kagome didn't care. Her eyes were shut, so she didn't see the box disappear, but her eyes-!

She let out a scream, and Souta fell to the floor, backing away as the footsteps of her mother were heard. She heard them, but she didn't care. She just kept screaming, clawing at her eyes. They felt as if they were being seared from the inside out, the tender nerves shriveling as her eyes watered and tears started falling from them, the salt burning even more and causing her eyes to hurt more, if that were possible.

"KAGOME!" Cried her mother as she pushed passed Souta and ran in, gathering her convulsing and screaming daughter, her own eyes bright with fear and tears. She didn't know what to do!

Why was her daughter crying blood?

Time passed slowly, in a crawl, until the next morning came and Kagome awoke from her exhausted sleep. She had screamed for hours-until her voice had gone hoarse and she had lost it, her tears of blood dark and leaving streaks everywhere and stains on her carpeted floor. Her mother had tried-bless her, she had, but nothing seemed to lessen the pain her daughter was in, and she was afraid to call the doctor as she started to glow blue.

What would she have said? What could she have said?

Today, Kagome awoke on her bed, her mother sitting on a chair next to her, asleep and looking completely worn out. Guiltily, Kagome reached out and moved her, easily getting her comfortably onto the bed and covered.


Was her only thought as she quietly walked out, shutting the door behind her. Her eyes itched, and she felt the need to wash her face after all of the crying she did. Walking into the bathroom, she gasped and choked a bit, before rubbing her eyes and looking again.

" Oh God…." She whispered in slight horror and shock. " My eyes!"

In the mirror, two scarlet colored orbs stared back at her, horrified and as bright as freshly spilt blood.

Dimly, she felt herself freak out and run-where? She didn't know-but she ran out of the house, and in some random direction away from the well house.

In the back of her mind, she noted that her eyes still itched-and her throat kind of burned now, too. Then she blacked out, just letting herself enjoy the feel the free running gave her-the freedom and elation of knowing that she could do whatever she wanted as the branches whipped past her and green filled her vision.

She could smell the pine of the trees-the lemongrass and even some of the flora she passed as she ran. Had she always been able to? Had her senses always been like this?

She closed her eyes. She could run without seeing, she discovered as she weaved in and out of the way of the forestry, letting out a tiny, almost inaudible whisper of a giggle. She felt like one of those mythical fae creatures-or maybe like a nymph-as she ran, the wind flowing through her long raven hair and rustling her clothes. That is, until she ran straight into something hard and warm.

Falling, she let out a loud, pained sound as she hit the ground.

" W-wha…?" Looking up, her eyes widened, then narrowed as an uncharacteristic surge of anger filled her. " Who are you, and what are you doing on Higurashi property?"

She didn't let his crystalline eyes get to her-nor his goldspun hair. She wouldn't be seduced!

He took a step closer to her, but she held her ground, determined not to show her nervousness.

One pale hand came up and cupped her cheek and chin firmly, pulling it up as his face came dangerously close to hers. His warm, slightly sweet breath stroked over her lips, before she saw his eyes flash red.

"How curious…" He murmured. "…never bitten, yet showing all the signs…hmm."

With that, he closed the distance as if they were magnets, and she floundered for control as she found some part of her (a large part of her) instinctively wanted to return the contact and…bite?

Bite what? Brain fuzzy, she couldn't figure it out. A moment later, she moaned as his tongue coaxed its way passed her lips, grazing her teeth and getting nicked by her canines. His own soft growl joined hers as she sucked enthusiastically at his tongue, too far gone to recognize that the ambrosia sliding down her throat was his blood.

Some distant part of her recognized that this was wrong and cried out, but was effectively ignored when, with a louder growl as she nipped at his tongue again, the tall, lean stranger picked her up and pushed her back against a tree, her legs wrapping around his waist.

His tongue retreated, and she let her tongue follow his, hissing slightly when her own teeth nicked it and spilled blood, the red liquid sliding into the males' mouth easily. She didn't know why her teeth were so sharp, but when he ground against her through their clothes with a tortured groan, she decided that she didn't care.

His eyes bled red at the taste of her blood, and he growled, sucking fiercly at her tongue just as she had done his, swallowing all of her blood and savouring every spicy drop.

He had come here originally because Diva had sensed a great power, and had wanted it

But now that he'd found and…met…this….power...he found that he wanted it for himself. Very much so.

He pulled back with one last, harsh kiss and a grind that had her hips bucking and her lips opening on a gasp of surprise and pleasure.

"You are mine. Remember that, little one." He warned softly before giving her one last, lingering kiss and disappearing.

Now that he was gone, her mind cleared, and she found herself panicked at her actions-she wasn't a whore!-yet…she knew, that, if given a choice, she'd probably repeat it all over again.

A kiss had never done so much to her…

She sighed. Maybe it's just her hormones acting up. Then again, she'd never really been a fan of blood play, and just tasting his blood and having him taste hers was...amazing. Sinking to the floor, she grabbed her head and curled into a bundle of frustration.

She needed to see Hakudoushi. Yes, him. Why? Because of all the people who survived, he and Sesshomaru are the only ones to make it to her time. Sesshomaru is like her brother, so she couldn't go to him for this, plus Hakudoushi is close to her-after the final battle, he'd actually healed her, and now, more than five years later in the future, had been hanging out with her.

He'd definitely grown-in more ways then one. They'd actually started to think of a relationship almost a year back. He was very…talented, in everything that he did.

She sighed. No, she just couldn't do that. She didn't have the heart to use his body like that. Even if he'd allow it (and with a smexy smirk to!).

Plus, she could've sworn she heard the blonde man from earlier whisper something. What was it?

After a moment, she shrugged. Oh well. It's not like it mattered. After all, it's not like she'd ever seen him again.


A few days later Kagome found herself used to her new eyes and sharpened canines. She kind of felt like a vampire-no, not the twilight, sparkle-fairy ones, but the trueblood kind. She was wearing a spaghetti strap, flaring summer dress the color of light mocha, the hem reaching a few inches above her knees. In the middle of her chest, on the dress, was an embroidered black flower-a spider lilly, to be exact. On her feet were a pair of wedged cork sandles, the heel being four inches. Her hair was in a low side ponytail, her bangs tamed and framing her face with two locks on either side, while the ponytail lay prettily over her left shoulder, the tips of the slightly curled tendrils reaching just above her elbow.

She wore a thin layer of eye liner and mascara, as well as a nude toned lip gloss. Her jewelry consisted of a thin silver chain necklace, small, dangling black teardrops as earrings, and a silver bracelet as thin as the necklace.

" Kagome, dear, are you ready?" She heard her mom call. She gave herself a once-over in the mirror, and nodded with a grin.

" Yes!" She answered as she made her way downstairs. She was on her way to a date with Hakudoushi, who was waiting for her at the bottom of the steps with a small smirk on his pale face as he eyed her up and down.

She giggled as she hugged him at the bottom of the steps, before calling back that she'd be home late as they walked out the front door.

As she was pulled into his arms outside, his hand resting on her hip after gliding across teasingly, she couldn't help but feel as if they were being watched.

When she shivered, it was partly from the heat traveling through her slowly as Hakudoushi gripped her, and partly from the creepy feeling she was getting as she entered his car and let him in behind her.

He didn't drive. He had a driver, after all, so why would he?

With the privacy screen up, she didn't mind as he kissed her neck, tongue coming out briefly to flick against the sensitive skin before he pulled her into his lap. Or at least, she usually didn't. She found herself fighting not to growl at him to back off this time.

" What happened to your eyes?" He questioned, though his voice stayed flat. His hands traveled up and down her sides, and she relaxed with a sigh as she leaned against his hard chest.

He kissed her neck again, and she began to tell him-though she didn't say what she did when she woke up. She still had problems accepting that she was different now.

He listened quietly and intently as he nipped and sucked at her neck, leaving a red mark that was sure to bruise. He kept his thoughts to himself as they pulled up not to a restaurant, but to a private beach. Dinner would be later, as it was still too early for it, but was also too late for lunch.

They exited the vehicle, and she stretched, her head back and elongating her elegant neck, the large mark on the skin plainly visible. He smirked-until they both heard a harsh growl.

Head snapping up, Kagome watched with wide eyes as the blonde from days ago landed in front of them angrily, eyes red and menacing as he took a step toward them.

She gasped when he was suddenly in front of her, Hakudoushi thrown far away as lips came down on her own punishingly. Immediate lust roared through her, and she responded, not fighting back as she was yanked closer, being crushed into him as he practically devoured her.

" You…are…mine!" He growled to her inbetween punishing kisses. Anger filled him as he scented the other males' saliva on her, and he yanked his mouth from hers to latch on to the bruise and bit down, not enough to break the skin, but enough to leave teeth marks as he left his own mark on her. She moaned, shifting restlessly as her arousal grew, rubbing her thighs together.

Hakudoushi, eyes pinched tight and angry, watched her expression coolly. Obviously, she hadn't told him everything, if the way she was reacting to this males' touch was anything to go by.

Shrugging, he left. He hadn't loved her-but he had cared. How could he not? She had been the one to give him his freedom from Naraku.

He left with little pain in his heart, though he'd check in with her later. Her new mate was more powerful than any would think.

Meanwhile, Kagome found herself grasping the man's shoulders hard as she tried to regain her ability to think while being kissed senseless.

"Mine." He growled again against her lips, drawing a small sound from her that was a cross between a mewl and a sigh.

A small thought occurred to her then, and she pushed against him, struggling as she realized something important.

Ignoring the want pulsing in her body, she gave the blonde the evil eye.

" I belong to no one! I am my own person!" She declared through reddened and kiss swollen lips. "Besides-I don't even know your name!"

She growled at him when he let out a husky laugh that sent shocks through her body, his own lips reddened.

" But I know yours, Ka-go-me." He murmured, his now blue eyes darkening as he said her name. He didn't know why he was doing this, but he knew one thing: she was his. He'd never give her up, to anyone, for any reason.

Not even Saya had effected him this much.

Kagome blushed, chewing on her bottom lip. She was fighting off her new instincts, and was failing. All she wanted was to taste his blood-well, not all she wanted…

" But, since you must know the name of the one you will dream about from now on, my name is Solomon." He gave her a smirk before she found herself once again with her legs wrapped around his waist, her dress covering her panties, but barely. He was once again kissing her, liquid fire spreading from their lips down to her toes and back up as she moaned.

She vaguely wondered why she'd only met him twice-and ended up making out with him both times.

He nipped at her bottom lip, and she gasped out his name accidentally. He froze, as did she, apprehension filling her.

She watched his eyes begin to darken further, before, with a possessiveness that she only pretended to hate, he pulled her into another, more passionate kiss.

Not being able to help herself, she ground against him, delighting in Solomon's soft growl as he gripped her hips with both hands.

As she pulled out of the kiss, she ground harder, pressing against the delicious ridge of his cock through his pants as she rubbed. Her own eyes had darkened, her mouth left partially open as she panted.

"Ka-gome!" Gasped Solomon roughly, gritting his teeth as he felt her lithe body grind against him some more, the thin layer of clothes that separated them from each other doing nothing to stop the feel or scent of her arousal from reaching him.

Before he lost himself to his lust, he pulled away and let her slide down his body to stand on her own feet, his hands trembling as he fought to gain control over his body.

Oh, yeah…she's definitely his. Whether she wants to be or not.


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