AN – I am so, sooo sorry. I just needed to get things together. I really want to write this, I have the visuals in my head and have for a loooong time, but I just haven't been happy with how I would write it. I'm very uncomfortable with sex scenes as much as I enjoy reading a well written one, but this needs something more in the line of romance than I feel I can give well. I'll try, though.
Working with time zone clocks is not fun.

Pepper was up and awake by 7am on the clock in the room. I was still semi-comatose and not really interested in getting up off of the bed. Sure, my bed in my home was better, but for some reason I reaaallly liked this one.

She wasn't very interested in laying around in bed for some god awful reason, so she got up out of the bed and went somewhere. All I knew is that it was somewhere that wasn't next to me nude (not that it was before, at least the nude part).

Next thing I know the curtains are ripped open and we have a world class view of the sun over the ocean, and I am blinded through my eyelids.

"Where are we, Tony."

"Ow! …could you have at least warned me? My eyelids are melted to my damn corneas."

"Tony. Where are we."

By this time I had opened my eyes, but I at least shielded them. The reflection of the sunlight off the waves was burning my eyes, but they were adjusting at least.

"I don't want to spoil the-"

"Tell me."

"Fiji, Jesus Christ Pepper." I grumbled, trying to find it in me to get up. I mean, I was enjoying part of my view. The one thing between me at the need for lasik surgery later was Pepper in nothing but her laced bra and underwear.

I was okay with that.

I couldn't see in the blinding light, but before I knew it, Pepper had closed one of the curtains so I was no longer hindered by my loss of sight, and I felt a dent in the bed moving up towards me before a lithe body was laying right on top of me with lips touching lips.

I have absolutely no problem with breakfast in bed, if you know what I mean.

"There's no way you did all of this by yourself," she whispered to me in a dreamy tone, right in my ear…then I realized what she said.

"You think I can't even plan a vacation by myself?"

"I know you. I know you can't."

"Who do you think helped me then?"

"I don't even know. That's why I'm bothering you. It's been nagging me in the back of my mind for days."

There's no way I'm willing to tell her the only human to have anything to do with the vacation was me. She probably wouldn't believe me anyway. So, I just shut her up with another heart-pounding kiss. I'd crawl on top of her, but with the blanket it's a bit of a predicament…

"So what's the plan for day, Mr. Stark?" She says quietly as she traces the metal circle of my chest through the blanket. At least she didn't fear the technology stuck in me anymore. She understood it's purpose – and took solace in the light it shone at night. It reminded her I was alive, she told me.

"Well, we have a boat to catch. We aren't going to be staying in this hotel for the next week, Miss Potts."

"Oh? So, if I may ask, where are we going to stay?"

"That is for you to find out." I reached down to kiss her head, taking in the warm, comforting scent of her hair and shampoo before moving out from underneath her torso. There were things to do – including gather up all the luggage and getting out to that marina to find my boat-

Not that she knew that.

She must have gotten the hint and got up herself. We hadn't unpacked at all, but I did feel a need to take a quick shower to get the night's sweat off of me and change to my swim trunks. When I came out in my red and gold accented swim trunks, I found Pepper digging through her bags without a top.

…Wait, was this an invitation? Was my very organized and well planned girlfriend trying to entice me, or-

"Tony, did you see me pack my swimsuit top?"

Well, doesn't mean I can't swoop in…

"Hey, if you're not going to help-" Her skin felt like butter under my calloused and large hand. I was more interested in running my fingers along her shoulder, neck and chest than letting her find her top. A man has priorities. The boat can wait for a little while, can't it?

"Oh, here it is."

Awh, fuck.

And I was hoping for some fun to help her ease the time between places…

She shrugged me off so she could tie up her white with gold trim bikini top. Hey, at least we will match in some way. Most couples that do that shit look stupid and giggly like 12 year olds even when they're 50 and wearing matching Christmas sweaters the little wife knitted herself – but this is a different connection that doesn't involve cheesy jokes about being 'twinsies'. It's sophisticated.

Why am I thinking about matching? Good lord, am I going gay? I still had a lot of skin to stare at…her strong shoulders, back, her smooth stomach and those thighs…

I was lost long enough for her to stand up and walk off without me noticing much. I was hiding off in my mind's eye full of flesh and shuddering sheets. She seemed to notice that I was lost somewhere, and decided to bring me back to the world with a gentle touch to my stomach and side as she walked past to collect things. The simplest touch was a rippling effect along my torso and down under the nylon fabric. Spending a week with her on our own island was going to cause me to need my own vacation. I was going to be too tired to enjoy myself otherwise if this continued.

I found a black t-shirt from the top of the luggage and threw it on unceremoniously. A pair of sandals and I was ready to go out in the world. Since we didn't crack into the luggage too hard, it was going to be quick work getting out of here.

As quick as you can get with 6 bags of luggage. Hey, it wasn't me – it was her. I barely packed 3 swimsuits and some shoes. She didn't know where we were going. I'd be surprised if she didn't have a evening gown in there somewhere.

After her finding and repacking all of our things and a young boy came with a cart, we were out of the room and into the paradise sun.

Pepper was giddy like a schoolgirl. She didn't even know where were going. She didn't realize that as we walked out of the back of the hotel, we were walking towards a marina.

"It's beautiful here."

I couldn't keep the goofy smile off my face under my sunglasses as she couldn't keep her mouth shut or herself off of me. She was leaning on my shoulder as we walked hand in hand down the dock, passing boat after boat as the water lapped up against the wood.

She leaned over to kiss my cheek as we kept walking, and I knew she was happy. No work, no Iron Man, just us two. Us two being a couple only to us and not the rest of the world. Towards the end of the marina was a large speedboat – red, might I add – and I turned to push the button for the crank to lower it down.

"Tony…why were getting on a speedboat?"

"Why else?"

The boy loaded the luggage in the back area behind the driver's seat and I helped him secure them to the floor. I generously tipped the boy before helping Pepper step onto the rocking surface below.

"Seriously, Tony."

"I rented a place for us, but it's about 20 minutes out by boat. It's too small to get a plane on to." She wandered over to a seat in front of the glass partition that was the helm and sat down as I turned the key and backed us out of the dock.

It was no different than driving the boat I barely used at home. This one wasn't as fast and didn't handle as well, but it did the job. We were out and cruising towards our destination at top speed within minutes. Jumping waves felt fantastic, but the view was better. Pepper laid up on the front seats, her bottom half covered in a see-through wrap that matched her swimsuit, and her hair flowing in the wind behind her. I wished I could be sitting there with her. But who was going to drive this thing then?

She did come back to sit in the seat I was supposed to sit in, literal inches from my ass, and ran her hands up under my shirt to rub my back, then around the front, running those perfectly painted fingernails along my swimsuit line. How did she expect me to drive this thing with her distracting me like that?

"Do you want to get to the house or not?" I yelled out over the engine, tilting my head down to look at her under my sunglasses for a second.

"Oh, don't mind me Mr. Stark." She mouthed. This woman was going to kill me, or make us lost in the Pacific Ocean. We had Jarvis running a GPS I was given, but she was gaining a little more of my attention than was going to be good if we were going to eat lunch in our bungalow.

With that said, we were there in just about 20 minutes, and it was clear that my mind wasn't on the possibility of food in my stomach. And neither was hers. We left everything in the boat at the dock, barely noticed the interior of the home before finding an overly soft canopy bed that quickly became ours with little protest from either side.