This story came to me out of the blue, I was working on a different SetsunaxFeldt oneshot which I'm still working on I must add ;). I for no reason came up with this idea within a second and here is the end result.

"00 Gundam launching!" Setsuna called as the GN drive on 00 Seven Swords activated and sent it forward out of the Ptolemy, 00's GN condenser kept it stable as it glided through the emptiness of space. 00 moved itself into a position toward the moon and proceeded to it while it passed several destroyed A-Laws units that remained of the conflict that took place several weeks ago. The Gundam kept moving until it came to halt once it reached a certain area and Setsuna began to activate the scanners in all areas around him. "Where is it? Where is it?" Setsuna thought to himself as he stared at his monitor for the longest time and kept searching through different scanning filters.

"He's out there again?" Feldt asked while Lockon passed her, "Isn't this the third time today?"

Lockon stopped, "Yes, he's been out there in 00 every day for weeks, he'd be out there after breakfast than hours later come back for lunch then repeat for dinner and only sleep for 5 hours" Lockon answered taking a glance out the window, "It's like he's looking for something"

"He must be trying to find any traces of Ribbons Almark" Feldt said out loud also looking to the window at the sight glitter of the 00.

"Even if he is, there is almost a zero chance that he can find anything out there in space" Lockon laughed as he glided down the hallway leaving Feldt. Feldt sighed as she went back down the hallways but felt something tap into her back she turned and smiled grasping the small Orange ball-like robot.

"I'm going to head down to Earth for a couple days, take care of Haro while I'm gone!" Lockon called back as he waved over and then disappeared around the corner.

"Hello Haro" Feldt greeted the machine as she moved it to face her.

"Hello Feldt, Hello Feldt!" Haro responded with his small eyes flashing as he spoke, the small robot's ears flapped open and closed. "Setsuna looking, Setsuna looking!" Haro said out loud, Feldt nodded as she glanced out another window the same sparkle of light she saw before.

"I know, but what for?" Feldt thought leaning against the wall behind her as she held Haro closer.

Several hours had passed after 00's launch, Setsuna returned for his few hours of sleep before he would launch again. Feldt took this chance to see what was up with the young man. Setsuna glided down the halls of Ptolemy and would yawn every so often while he tried his best to stay awake until he gripped onto the wall to stop as he saw Feldt moving down the hallway toward him with a bright smile to greet him while his eyes remained in a nearly dead state. "Hi Setsuna!" Feldt greeted as he passed her, Setsuna raised his hand slightly before taking a turn to go down the hallway.

"Setsuna just tired, just tired!" Haro reassured Feldt who nodded slowly and moved down the hallway to take her shift at the bridge.

Setsuna lay in his bed for several hours while the only light given off was the one from his digital clock that was placed next to him and read "2:48 PM" several times in his sleep Setsuna would roll around in his bed and mumble to himself in a way that was impossible to understand until 3 words came out of his mouth, "" Setsuna asked out loud before he rolled to his side.

"Feldt go check up on Setsuna" Lasse said keeping his attention ahead of the ship.

"Why me?" Feldt asked seeing why he couldn't go instead of her.

"Just do it, you're closer to the door than me. There's something on the scanner and I think it might be A-laws" Lasse answered, "Ian you should get 00 ready to launch"

"Ya ya" the older man said getting up and leaving the bridge but stopped to look back at Feldt, "Well?" he hinted which took a few seconds for Feldt to get before she took off out of the room and down the opposite direction from Ian.

"Mileina!" Lasse called over to the young girl.

"What is it?" she asked back glancing toward him.

"Get the catapult ready while Ian gets 00 set up, if we pull this off right we can take out these A-Laws guys before they even have time to act" Lasse laughed slightly at the thought of that.

In the meantime Feldt had made it over to Setsuna's room and was pounding on his door waiting for any response; "You have to get up Setsuna!" she called but heard nothing, "Is he really that out of it?" Feldt thought to herself and then got startled by the door sliding open which followed with a blue blur moving passed her. "Whoa" was all Feldt could say about what happened. By the time Feldt made it to the bridge she could see a countdown timer for the launch, seconds later the 00 passed the hanger and into space.

00 moved through the emptiness of space as its GN particles lit around it, Setsuna had his attention to all around him as his console had the coordinates that Lasse had put into 00. "00 moving to point of targets" Setsuna said over his comm.

"We aren't sure yet what they Setsuna, don't attack unless you're sure it's an enemy alright?" Feldt asked while on the comm., her image appeared next to Setsuna who glanced over for a moment and nodded before facing back forward.

"I see something" Setsuna mentioned taking 00's speed down a notch as he approached the small lights, for a moment there was nothing but a slight glitter until something caught Setsuna's eye, a red beam. 00 burst to the left to evade the burst and regained its balance before facing forward, "I see at least 3 Jinx' ahead of me, they are armed and clearly not friendly" Setsuna said over the comm. as he manipulated 00's controls to grab hold of the GN blades of its waistline. "00 will eliminate the targets!" Setsuna shouted with his eyes gaining a gold glitter for a moment before they returned to their normal ember. 00 moved forward as 2 of the Jinx' continued toward him as one broke away from them and toward the Ptolemy, "Don't even try it!" Setsuna growled having 00 move toward it, Setsuna noticed the other 2 Jinx' going after him. "They're wasting my time; they should know that once they're in my sights that...wait a sec!" Setsuna thought quickly before 00 made a nosedive to evade a sudden particle beam shot from above him.

"What happened there?" Lasse asked out loud but a large flash blinded him and the rest of the crew on the bridge for a moment before they saw an enemy Ahead moving toward them, "Oh crap!" Lasse shouted.

The Ahead raised its rifle to make a another shot at the Ptolemy when a large green blade tore through its torso and left it floating for a moment before 00 passed it and snatched its GN short sword back from the body which seconds later exploded. "That was close" Feldt thought seeing 00 make another pass around the ship before moving toward the Jinx' again.

"That wasn't the same Ahead, where did the one that fired at me go?" Setsuna thought as he glanced around his surroundings, after a moment another red flash appeared in his view. 00 dodged to its left just dodging it, 00 moved into a position toward a Jinx ahead of him. "You're mine!" Setsuna shouted having 00 swing its short sword downward before pulling it back up in a harsh slash which left the Jinx unharmed for a moment before the mark on its body appeared which then exploded.

"Two down, three left" Feldt commented taking a look at her screen, "We need to take out that Ahead wherever it went"

00 dodged several shots from a Jinx' lance before he cut off the edge of it, Setsuna looked back half surprised that he missed the body of the machine, "How did I miss?" Setsuna out loud but then yawned loudly and closed his eyes for a second before opening them in a flash, "This isn't the time to sleep!" Setsuna screamed at himself. Setsuna made 00 make a quick turn back to the Jinx that now had a beam saber in one hand and a beam rifle in another and took several shots at him while they approached, 00 took hold of its new GN Sword blaster. 00 aimed toward the enemy and fired its shot which hit its mark and didn't delay in destroying the target, as 00 passed the debris of the Jinx he caught sight of the Ahead make a pass through the debris behind him which took hold of the Jinx' old beam saber as well as its own. 00 slid its Sword blaster away and swapped it for the GN long sword.

"This is pretty intense isn't it?" Ian asked getting into the bridged, "Setsuna's doing pretty good for the lack of sleep he's gotten" Ian laughed. 00 and the Ahead passed each other while making slashes at one another and left sparks flying as the blades clashed, once they had passed they would turn back around and do the same once again. "Setsuna would have any even easier time taking these bastards out if he had two GN drives still" Ian sighed taking a seat next to Lasse and watched with the rest of them.

Finally 00 took out the Ahead's left arm as they both made another pass, once they moved back toward each other Setsuna had something new planned. "You're wasting my time" Setsuna said coldly as he took the GN short sword and tossed it toward the Ahead who dodged it by moving more to its right.

"Got you now!" the pilot of the Ahead yelled but for the last few seconds of his life he remembered something...00's blades shoulder was aimed right at him. Setsuna sighed with satisfaction as the blade cut the Ahead in half killing the pilot and destroying the machine in one swift motion.

Setsuna looked over at the lone Jinx making its escape, "He gets to live" Setsuna said before he blacked out quickly, he remained in blackness as he heard voices calling his name over the comm. but he couldn't respond due to his body not functioning.

End of the first chapter of my short story; hope you enjoyed this first chapter. Sorry but there won't be any new ones coming out for a few days due to me leaving town for the rest of the week and the weekend. Please R&R and have a great day! ^^