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Chapter One

"Hey Lovi what's wrong? Why aren't you smiling? Aren't you happy that your brother is coming to visit us!" Spain said beaming happily, pacing around the room awaiting Italy's arrival.

"After all, you haven't seen him in a while right?" Spain said stopping in front of Romano, who was sitting on the couch, arms crossed.

"I guess." Romano muttered. He loved Italy; well they were brothers after all. But, sometimes he just hated when Italy visited because he would always be the object of Spain's affections. Was he jealous? HELL NO. Or at least that what he kept telling himself.

"Aww! Come on Lovi! You have to be more excited! We haven't seen Ita-chan in a long time!" Spain said enthusiastically. Which Romano replied to with a 'humph'. Spain sighed and leaned forward kissing him on the cheek.

"W-what was that for you bastard!" Romano exclaimed jumping back in his seat.

"Couldn't help it. Your just too cute." Spain replied with a smile.

"B-bastard." Romano replied wiping his cheek over and over, as if he could really get it off.

At that moment, their doorbell rang and Spain rushed to the door and bear hugged whoever was standing there. Romano crossed his arms and scowled as Italy walked in smiling happily, who then went and jumped on Romano hugging him.

"Hello brother!" he said smiling.

"Hi." Romano managed to reply while be squished under Italy who had pushed him down on the couch with his hug. When Italy didn't let go and remained lying on Romano, Spain blinked and took a mental note.

"Hehe~ Feli are you trying to start something with my darling Romano? You know I'll have to tell Germany about this." Spain said smirking. Italy sat up on Romano, still straddling his hips. While Romano turned red at Spain's comment.

"What do you mean?" Italy looked at him confused at tilted his head. Spain sighed as he replied.

"Nevermind. But could you please get off of Romano?" Spain said with a sigh. Romano blushed even more as he began to sit back up while Italy got off of him.

"So what's for dinner? Please tell me you made Pasta!" Italy said clapping his hands together.

"Of course I made pasta Feli!- Spain said and then turned to Romano- with Tomato sauce of course."

"Yay! I love your tomato sauce brother." Italy replied.

"Haha. Thanks Feli." Spain replied blushing slightly at the compliment.

"So when can we eat?" Italy said.

"Well, it's ready so how about we eat now?" Spain said.

"Okay then!" Italy said heading to the kitchen and tripping over a table in front of him. He hit the floor and Spain rushed to help him up. When he stood up, a bit wobbly, he fell into Spain's arms. They both laughed and smiled happily. But in Romano's eyes it was a completely different story. He scowled at the scene and then stood up and walked into the kitchen.

"Are you guys coming or what?" Romano said to Italy and Spain who were still standing there.

"Haha, we're coming." Spain said, grabbing Italy's arm as they walked into the kitchen. Spain set their plates and they sat at the table eating their pasta when they all heard the door fly open and a hyper voice seeking them.

"Oh Spain~" she called delighted.

"Is that some of your tomato sauce I smell?" she said walking into the kitchen. Her short dirty blonde hair bounced with volume. She flashed a bright smile as she grabbed a plate from the cupboard and plopped the pasta onto her plate before joining the rest of them at the table.

"Hello Belgium~" Spain said joyfully.

"I didn't know you were coming over tonight." Romano said plainly.

"Neither did I, it was a last minute thing." she said before digging into her plate.

The conversation between Spain, Italy and Belgium was very lively but Romano just sat there silently eating his pasta. He frowned as He finished quicker than the others and got up to wash his plate.

"Is that all your eating Lovi? You always eats loads of pasta when I make it with tomato sauce." Spain asked in disbelief.

"I'm not that hungry." Romano lied as he scrubbed his dish with the sponge and then rinsed it.

"Oh. Okay then." Spain said as he went back into the conversation with Italy and Belgium.

Romano bit his lip as he put away the dish into the cupboard. Spain usually would have been completely concerned if he had said that before. Usually when he didn't eat as much Spain would always worry wondering if he was sick or something. But not this time, he felt his chest tighten. Is Antonio that bored of me? Belgium slipped her dish into the sink and gave Romano a smile.

"Oh no you don't! Wash your own dish! You're the one that invited yourself over!" Romano said harshly.

"So I'm not welcome to come over anymore?" she said pouted.

"Exactly." Romano retorted, a bad aura sweeping over him.

"Aw~ Don't be mean Lovi. Your welcome to come over anytime Belgium." Spain replied as he smiled at Belgium.

"Thank you Spain!" she said as she gave him a quick peck on the cheek causing Romano's aura to turn even darker.

"I'll be going now then. Thank you for the dinner!" she shouted as she ran out the door.

Romano's eye twitched as he looked at her plate in the sink, turning the water on once again and scrubbing another dish. Spain walked over and dumped his and Italy's plate in the sink as well.

"Hey, you bastard! Wash your own dishes!" he shouted.

"Come on Lovi, your brother is here today. So you don't mind right?" Spain said.

"Bastard." he muttered as he went back to washing the rest of the dishes.

"Ahhh, I'm so tired." Italy said in a yawn.

"Well if you want you can sleep with me tonight. You don't mind do you Romano?" Spain said.

"No, why would I?" Romano replied.

"Okay then brother! I guess I'll sleep with you tonight." Italy said smiling that idiotic smile of his; Romano couldn't help but scowl at both of the smiles on their faces. I

"I'm going to go to sleep then, good night." Italy said with another yawn.

"Night." Spain replied. Italy left the kitchen and headed for Spain's bedroom.

"Feli is cute isn't he?" Spain sighed. Romano scowled once more.

"Sure." He replied.

"Well, I guess I'll go join him. I'm pretty worn out myself. Good night Lovi." Spain said getting up and heading to the room.

"Night." He uttered back. Different feelings raged within him. It wasn't fair, Spain was completely focused on Italy he even forgot to kiss him good night. Not that he cared of course, he should be happy that idiot didn't kiss him. Yet the tightness increased in his chest. He wiped the last dish and put it back into the cupboard.

"That bastard." Romano uttered under his breath. It was obvious Spain liked Italy more than him, he knew it. He just didn't really want to admit it. Obviously compared to him, Italy was much cuter, he wasn't as harsh as Romano, and he would act much cuter as well. Belgium too, Spain just let her kiss his cheek. Belgium was really pretty too, Spain probably didn't even want him anymore. Even when he was little he preferred Italy over him. Italy always let Spain hug him and give him a kiss on the cheek. While Romano would always kick Spain away from him when he tried to do those kinds of annoying things.

While Romano wouldn't even let Spain kiss him, why would he want to after all? He wasn't a baby anymore. It's obvious why he would want Italy instead of him.

Romano didn't realize this, but tears were slowly forming in his eyes.

He also was much more social than Romano, more fun to be around, it's why Italy always got the attention. It wasn't fair. Spain said he loved Romano, yet he was sleeping with Italy instead, Romano frowned even more.

"Ah- Spain! D-don't touch that~!" Romano heard Italy say.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't help it. It was sticking up, I felt an urge to touch it." Spain replied.

Romano blushed an without thinking clearly or listening to the rest of the conversation he jumped up from the table and rushed out of the house.

"Please don't touch my curly again Spain." Italy said politely.

"I'm sorry Ita-chan, it's just the Lovi has one too, I wanted to see if your reactions were the same." Spain replied with a smile.

Romano on the other hand was running from the house thinking to himself. If Spain wants to act like that, so can I. And with that thought; he arrived in another country a few hours later, regretful and a bit wary.

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