Big bug eyes, a long flexible neck, a bats superior body and a powerful forked tail. Krilla was falling and the brotherhood had no other choice. One after another they reluctantly charged into a sinister crack, shaped like a crooked, twisted, evil smile that poured out star light. They were hoping to be taken to a brand new world.


Jack reclined in his chair with a sigh, the hub was so quiet since Owen and Tosh died. Gwen, Ianto and himself just didn't have that same chemistry anymore. Gone were the days when every minute someone would tell a joke that would get everyone laughing or make a complete fool out of themselves. Jack reached down and pulled open his draw, he rummaged around until he found the Particle Moderator tosh had found from the rift the year before. He used it as a refrigerator, even though Ianto told him not to, it had only blown up in his face once.

He got up and ran straight downstairs as he saw Ianto bring in an item that had just been retrieved from the rift. "Don't touch it!" he yelled out "Put it down Ianto! Now!"

Ianto looked up confused and dropped it slowly. When Jack finally got down to where it was he started to circle it, to identify every aspect of it and make sure that it was what he feared it to be, and it was.

"It's a Dimension Cannon, 29th century. By then they had developed it to be able to jump dimensions no catch. They could jump without the walls between worlds being weekend or even time lord intervention. Of Course, only 6 were ever made and all were meant to be sent into a supernova to prevent universal and dimensional panic and war, but here it is." Jack said, cocking his head in confusion. "Look there!" he exclaimed, pointing to a singed piece of metal on its side.

"But things are never burnt when they fall though the rift, unless sometimes if their organic but..."

"That's it" Jack said finally "Ianto, take it down to the archives without touching any of the buttons, switches, dials, gizmos, knobs or toggles. Not ONE! You do and you will be thrown into another dimension, a parallel universe. It's not pretty. Be Very careful, lock it up secularly, no one must touch it again." He finished as he turned around and jogged back up to his office.