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"We would like to relive you of this burden" Private Phillips told Jack as he followed his team into the office, dragging Rosalie along behind him.

"Burden?" Jack asked, Rosalie dropped her eyes.

"Rosalie Campbell, guilty of many crimes including murder with unserved sentences"

"I'm reliably informed that the charge is, at least officially manslaughter." Jack said, taking Rosalie's UNIT file off Ianto behind him and waving it in the air. "And five years is a long time to be alone in a jail cell as a child"

"2 charges of assault, 3 charges of aggravated assault, Battery, Obstruction of justice, aiding and abetting, resisting arrest, espionage and murder." Private Phillips argued, struggling to contain himself "She deserves everything she gets."

"The 'murder' was unintentional, or so I hear" Ianto told the Private. "In fact one could argue that it wasn't even manslaughter."

"She. Murdered. My. Brother!"

"I don't care!" Jack shouted, halting the Privates hysterics in their tracks "I don't care If she did murder someone, which she didn't. I don't care if it was the bloody queen! Torture is not an acceptable punishment, I've read the reports! By hurting her, by torturing her you made it harder on you and harder on Rosalie, you lost her trust! Rosalie is a nice girl, she would have listened to what you asked, but by treating her not like a human but like an animal and torturing her… I am seriously considering calling the Brigadier and have you all thrown in jail for the rest of your sad lives!" Jack finished. Rosalie took her eyes of the floor, looked up at Jack and smiled.

"I don't give a dam what you say, she killed my brother and I intend to make her pay!"

Ianto rolled his eyes "for the last time Rosalie did not kill your brother!"

"Pneumothorax can occur after physical trauma to the chest, but it takes the force of five people to cause a collapsed lung. Rosalie is, well frankly brilliant, but even she can't muster up a kick that powerful. I had Owen go over the autopsy report. Dom Phillips was in a motorcycle accident three days before the incident. He sustained a bruised collar bone and two cracked ribs. When Rosalie kicked your brother, she further fractured the rib causing the lung to collapse. She did NOT murder anyone and she did NOT deserved to be treated the way she was. I did my research…"

"I actually did the research sir…" Ianto murmured

"…I read her files and I'm keeping her because I owe it to her. So get the hell out of my office, I'll fax you the custody papers later. Gwen, if you would escort the UNIT officers out. Ianto, please take Rosalie back down to the cells, I have work to do."

Rosalie thought that maybe Jack would be merciful and put her back into cryo and she could sleep peacefully for years to come. Yeah right.

Jack had everything arranged. All charges against Rosalie had been dropped and the UNIT officers responsible for making her life hell were in jail for grievous bodily harm, false imprisonment and sexual assault. And although the Brigadier and most of UNIT were not convinced that Jacks proposal was in any way a good idea. Jack had arranged an accelerated training program, a place to call her own and a generous salary if Rosalie decided to accept his proposal and become a UNIT officer, and maybe Martha and Rosalie could make UNIT better.

But then he realised that Rosalie knew how to use his Vortex manipulator. She could, theoretically, have gone wherever she wanted. When she took the Krillitane's home she could have stolen the manipulator and ran, anywhere in the universe and avoided ever having to face UNIT again. But she didn't. Why didn't she run when she had the chance? He was about to find out.

As Jack made his way to her cell he paused, considering knocking on the glass. He dismissed it and walked in.

Rosalie was lying on her side facing the wall with her hands still cuffed behind her back. She looked over her shoulder at Jack and held up her hands. Jack raised his eyebrows "really?" he said. She rolled her eyes, slipping one hand effortlessly out and bringing both around to her front.

"Don't be too happy Jack, UNIT and Torchwood share the same design, your hand cuffs are just as easy get out of." Rosalie smiled "…once you've figured them out"

"You wish" Jack replied

"Thank you Jack, Thanks for standing up for me"

"Yeah… About that…" Jack said nervously


"I want you to go back to UNIT"


"I want you to go back to UNIT" Jack said again

"You're such a hypocrite!" Rosalie cried angrily "All that stuff you said and you're just going to send me back?"

"We don't have the resources to keep you here, there are only three of us" Jack told her

"Last year you were going to put me in cryo for as long as took but now, you don't have the resources?"

"Rosalie, calm down, hear me out. I don't want you to waste your life in cryo, you have to live for the rest of time and you need to face it, you can't just run and hide. If I send you back to UNIT they'll make you one of their own. You won't be a prisoner, you'll be a commander, you'll be able to help other victims of UNITs cruelty, have your own team to look after and they can keep an eye on you. You need a purpose, and you have the makings of a great agent. But there are not enough of us here to keep an eye on you so… What do you think?"

"I think I would much rather to stay in cryo and never have to face that place again."

"See? You need to live your life! UNIT is your chance to finally do something constructive, you and Martha can make them better, you could make innocent's lives better. But no, you'll just turn that opportunity down because your selfish!"

"Shut up Jack! Fine… I'll, I'll do it. Happy?"

Jack smiled "Very"

Rosalie rolled her eyes and sighed putting her hands to her head.

"If you didn't want to face them again, why risk it? Why didn't you take the vortex manipulator and run? Why come back?"

"Because this is my home whether I like it or not. I can't just run away, and anyway I don't have anywhere to go. I may be stupid and prone to violent outbursts but I'm not a coward Jack." Rosalie told him, standing up "I'll give UNIT a go Jack"

"Thank you Rosalie" Jack said, tentatively giving her a hug "maybe something good can finally happen in your life" he finished, pulling away from her and quickly exiting the cell, leaving the door slightly open.

"How the hell did you do that?" Rosalie asked, finding her hands cuffed together again. By this time Jack was almost halfway down the hall, laughing.

"You said they were simple to get out of." Jack called

"Oh come on. Give me a break" Rosalie smiled and followed after him

5 months later

"What's that noise?"

Rosalie crept along the corridor, gun poised at the ready. Her team of UNIT officers followed her, but she shook her head, putting he hand up to stop them. She kept on walking alone, on red alert


She went from door to door, trying to pinpoint the origin of the sound. Rosalie found it, checked her gun, took a deep breath and looked through the small window. She looked back at her team, she had learnt to respect them as much as they respected her, and so she couldn't let them do this, it was too dangerous.


Rosalie beckoned her team over, and one by one, they peered into the window to see what they were up against.

"No. But that's impossible!" Private Peter McGarry whispered his breathing shallow.

"They're all meant to be dead" Officer Abby Myers said shocked

"We can't take that on!" commented Officer David Elliott

"Finally, a challenge" Private Adam Baker smiled.

"Ex...Ex...Ex...Ex...Ex...Ex...Ex...Ex..." the dalek said over and over as it spun around wildly in circles, shooting exterminator rays in every direction.

Rosalie's second in command Private Katherine Brown put her hand on Rosalie's shoulder. "We can't go in there, we'll get slaughtered!"

"Yeah" Rosalie smiled, kicking down the door "That happens to me a lot"

The End