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A/N that explains chapter: So in this chapter Rikku annoys Auron without meaning to BUM BUM BUM! (See how short my author note would have been if I had written earlier?) Also this chapter is AU a little too.

We were all walking in the Calm Lands and I was bored, like really super duper amazingly bored. I was out of ideas though. I'm so creative aren't I? I came up with like two ideas before I've run dry. I was beating myself up about it in my head, not it a schizophrenic way or anything, when I heard something, it was faint at first, and it was like someone calling someone else. It got louder, and then I realized it was… my name.

Then it stopped so I decided that I was going to just forget it, I was bored so I might have been imagining it. Did I mention that I was really bored? Whatever I just thought it was really stra- then I was tackled to the ground from behind, not kidding. Who decided to singlehandedly take on a group five guardians and their summoner needed to get a hobby of something, like for real, not going on their top five list of great ideas.

Of course I had it taken care of. I mean come on; you think one thug could take me down. Fast as light (kind of) I flipped over and had my claw at his throat. Then, I stopped.

"Rikku, what's going on?" Lulu asked, "Are you ok?" I was guessing they weren't leaping to my aid because they thought I had it under control, hopefully. I could totally knock this guy out and leave him on the side of the road if I really wanted to. The thing is, I didn't want to.

I leaped up, my boredom was gone. I leaped up "OH MY GOD!" That seemed to kind of freak out everyone. I helped the guy up to his feet. I turned back to the group and introduced the kid. "This is Aki, he was my boyfriend from back at Home," (A/N BUM BUM BUM! This=AU sorry if you don't like it I apologize it's something I'm trying out) everyone looked a little, surprised, I guess, at this. I was a little insulted at this. They don't think I can have a boyfriend? Well then, I'll show them. "Can he come with us until we get to the zoo, please?" I begged. I looked to Yuna and pouted a bit, I tried to look really sweet and a little desperate. I have it down to an art, it's not like I manipulate people or anything.

"It should be ok, if he doesn't hold us back," Yuna glanced at Auron, who nodded just a tiny bit, then Yuna looked surer of herself. "Aki you can come." I rolled my eyes, just a tiny bit, I swear! But really? You need his permission? YOU"RE the summoner Yuna!

I turned to Aki, "Can you come? Please? Pretty Please?" I was close to getting on my hand and knees and begging, I wasn't even sure he made it out of home alive! He just laughed and nodded, god the others probably thought this kid couldn't talk. Though he did speak Al Bhed better then he spoke Spiran.

After that we kept on moving, we were talking in Al Bhed, because like I said he spoke it better, weren't you listening? I started the conversation.

"Cu ruf tet oui cinjeja Home paehk yddylgat?" (So how did you survive Home being attacked?) I asked, "Fa kud yfyo uh Bubc yencreb pid E drehg E fuimt ryja hudelat oui drana," (We got away on Pop's airship but I think I would have noticed you there.)

He looked at me like I was crazy. Actually a lot of people do that… He usually doesn't though because frankly, if I'm crazy so is he. "Fryd?" (What?)

"E tuh'd kad y rammu?" (I don't get a hello?) I rolled my eyes at him, wow, cos knowing why he was alive is so not as important as saying hi.

"E'mm cyo rammu mydan," (I'll say hello later) and then I winked. I was just teasing him, honest! I smile crept onto his face. I had to shove him, so I did. "Dryd, fyc y zuga," Wow, some people. Or guys. Yah it's just guys I think. I will never fully understand them I think.

"Ruf tet oui kad uid uv Home?" (How did you get out of home?) I rolled my eyes at him. "Yht yhcfan sa drec desa!" (And answer me this time!)

"E fyc dnyjamehk y meddma ped, E fyc naymmo milgo dryd E fyc kuha frah ed fyc, is, oui ghuf, pmufh ib po ouin tyt. Fryd ypuid oui? Oui mavd du gethyb Oihy yht oui hajan lysa pylg, cu huf ouina y kiynteyh? Ruft dryd rybbah?" (I was traveling a little bit, I was really lucky that I was gone when it was, um, you know, blown up by your dad. What about you? You left to kidnap Yuna and you never came back, so now you're a guardian? How'd that happen?)

So I told him, the whole story so far. How when the captured failed I decided that I could protect Yunie and see if I could get her to stop then. How we visited Guadosalam and got to go into the maester's house, I assured him it was before the Guado blew up Home, and how Seymour proposed to Yuna. How I had to cross the Thunder Plains. He cringed at that one, he knew I was afraid of lightning. How Macalania Woods seemed like heaven after that. And how we you know, uh, killed a Maester. He told me he heard we were outlaws but he wasn't quite sure why… now he knows. How we fell into a giant frozen lake, and then appeared in the middle of the Sanubia Desert. How we watched Home be destroyed from the air. How we crashed a wedding of a dead Maester and my cousin. How we were thrown into a giant sewer area and then escaped from Bevelle then killed Seymour AGAIN, after he killed Maester Kinoc. Then we hid out in the woods and came here.

Every time I mentioned someone from the group they turned to look at me, they didn't know what I was saying about them because of course NONE of them know Al Bhed.

"Hey Tidus, you're learning Al Bhed right? Did you understand anything we were saying?" I asked, I wanted to know, I really did, but there is a small bit of me that wanted to be all "Tidus you'll never REALLY know Al Bhed like we do, but just a tiny bit.

He looked a little sheepish, "uh, you were talking too fast… I couldn't hear half of it and make it out. I heard our names a couple times… could you guys speak Spiran so we know if you're talking about us?" HAH! I knew it! Aki beside me laughed so did I. It got contagious we stopped just like giggling/sniggering and started laughing out loud, then I guess we started what you would call… guffawing. I don't know! That whole laughing so hard tears come to your eyes thing. Now everyone was staring. Why? People aren't allowed to laugh anymore?

"What is going on?" Lulu asked. She was looking a little annoyed, though it is Lulu, when is she not annoyed? Actually everyone looked a little annoyed at least Lulu, Wakka, and Auron. Yuna had a "isn't that sweet?" Look on her face. Tidus just looked confused. Kimahri, actually I couldn't tell what he was feeling.

"I don't know," Aki said, and they all discover he CAN speak Spiran. I wonder if they knew… "I think we're just laughing to laugh."

"Well that's stupid, ya," said, who else but Wakka, I mean who else has that accent? Oh yeah, half the guys on Besaid. I'll never be able to stay there for too long.

"We have no time for this," Auron said. He didn't look just annoyed he looked absolutely… pissed.

We made camp for the night right smack dab in the middle of the Calm Lands. Night had fallen, and we gathered around a fire. We were all gathered in small groups of course Aki and I were talking together.

I don't remember how It came to this he started copying me. "Stop doing that!"

"Stop doing that!" He copied.

I stuck out my tongue at him. He stuck his out at me. I shoved him. He shoved me.

I was getting REALLY annoyed, like super duper amazingly annoyed. This was war. I also owed him for tackling me earlier today. So I tackled him.

"What was that for?" He yelled at me.

"What was that for?" I mimicked. HAH! In your face Aki HAHAHAHA! In your face I win! Everyone was probably looking at us again. It was worth it though cos I won!

"HAH!" I yelled at him

"HAH" oh crap… I should have predicted this. He is in the lead again.

So I responded in the only way I knew how, I kissed him. Then… he kissed me back.

"Darn you Aki!" He was still copying me. He kissed me back again. Well I won. I'm not going to say anything about it though or else he will win again.

I stood up and helped him up from where I tackled him to the ground. "Seriously, I get it, you win, but why did you tackle me to the ground?" He asked, his eyes a little hurt.

"Why did you tackle me earlier?" I asked, "I was making us even." I said I shrugged a little and smiled.

"Yah but then you almost knocked me out! We were already even!" He was getting agitated.

"Oh shut up" I said and shoved him not too hard, I was tired of helping him up from the ground he needed to get a better balance.

"I know one way to shut me up," he said waggling his eyebrows. That was a joke, he's not a perverted creep or anything like that. I've known him forever and he's not. I giggled (not in an obnoxiously sweet girly way) but obliged his request. We were there for like, a minute.

We broke apart and I glance at the group. They were staring at us, but trying to be discreet about it though. They had some manners I guess. I saw Auron looking at us again, and he was looking very annoyed again. Was he against all happiness? I say a look in his eye, it flashed for a second.

Was I mistaken or was it… jealousy? That's weird! Hey I annoyed him without trying! I'm the best. I in fact rule all; well my dad is the leader of the Al Bhed that should give me some power right? Oh well…

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