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Chapter 1

The sun rose in the sky gleaming brightly against the blanket of blue, and the morning dew sprinkled on the foliage made the woods glitter in the sunlight. The serenity was akin to the disposition of three young boys, three young ninjas, all of whom sat cross-legged in the heart of the woods, amongst the shroud of tall trees and the brilliance of nature. Eyes closed, they sat next to each other across from an elderly man who mirrored their positions.

None of them spoke. None of them moved. None of them even acknowledged the other's presence as each was trapped in their own respective reveries. The rise and fall of their chests, however, were synchronous as every breath they took was deep and rhythmic, in through their noses and out of their mouths. In and out. Inhale and exhale.

Several minutes passed in meditation before the elderly man sighed loudly in content. He opened his eyes. His name was Mori Tanaka, a Japanese-American trained in the art of martial arts and ninjutsu. Known to the boys simply as Grandpa, he smiled at his three grandsons.

"Boys…" he began, breaking the silence as the word pierced the quiet of the air.

It was the ninja in green that opened his eyes first, and he also happened to be the eldest of the three. With dirty blonde hair and greenish-blue eyes, his name was Samuel or better known as Rocky, named so not only for his physical strength and toughness, but also for his solid demeanor and cool composure. Always the voice of reason, calm and collected was an understatement for him, even under pressure. One could believe that this came naturally for Rocky, him being the eldest brother.

"Yes, sir," Rocky answered quietly, as if afraid to interrupt the peace that remained.

His grandfather met his gaze, still smiling and merely nodded to him as if to give permission to abandon their dream-like state. Rocky nodded in understanding and lightly nudged his brother next to him, the ninja in blue. The middle brother slowly opened his eyes. Looking to his grandfather and then to his brother, a small smirk emerged from his mouth.

Jeffrey was his given name, but his ninja name, Colt, better described him. With his brown hair and hazel eyes, he was fast, a free spirit, and never backed down from any challenge. Colt was also fairly rebellious and stubborn, and with such a streak, he and Rocky tended to conflict in ideas. Out of the three, he probably loved being a ninja the most, and their mom once declared him to be a "great ninja warrior."

Colt followed Rocky's lead and nudged the third boy. The youngest, the ninja in gold yellow, was slow to respond as his meditation seemed to affect him the deepest of the three. Either that or he had fallen asleep; one could only guess. Colt nudged him again, this time more forcefully that it could easily be classified as a shove.

"Ow, Colt!" the youngest declared, nearly toppling over. Colt smirked at him, merely shrugging in apology. His brother made a face at him in return.

This one had dark brown hair and brown eyes. Though he was named Michael, he liked to be called Tum Tum. True to his namesake, Tum Tum loved food and loved his tummy full. With his never-ending need to satisfy his hunger, and he was always hungry, it was not a surprise that he was a ball of energy. He was carefree and often found himself torn between his brothers' opposing views, but he also, though unknowingly, balanced the three of them.

Facing his grandfather, Tum Tum spoke through a lollipop. "Are we done yet?"

Their grandfather chuckled lightly and nodded, but said nothing. This left the four in a comfortable silence for several more minutes, the boys not knowing what to say as Grandpa waited to proceed. He never did ask his boys what they thought about during their times of reflection, or if they even had any thoughts at all. His request was simple: to not think, but to listen.

Once upon a time, when Grandpa had introduced this practice, it was Tum Tum who had blurted the question on all of their minds. "Listen to what?" he had asked, while Rocky and Colt shared a look.

"Whatever is being told," Grandpa Mori had answered vaguely. The discussion, however, had ended there and how the boys had decided to interpret his simple, yet elusive instructions, he would never know. And to this day, he did not need to know.

He stood up, and the three boys followed suit. In a line, Rocky, Colt, and Tum Tum positioned themselves in attention. Their grandfather bowed once causing them to do the same. Grandpa Mori smiled. "I believe you are ready," he said.

As was custom, the three ninjas shared a look when they were all equally baffled, which was in fact, quite often. They had never been able to read through Grandpa's mysterious nature, and thus, the youngest would inquire accordingly.

"Ready for what?" Tum Tum asked.

"One would only have to fight you once to know that you are well-versed in the art of ninja. You have learned well. You are truly ninjas."

Rocky was quick to read between the lines of the statement. "Learned? As in past tense?"

Grandpa Mori continued to smile, proud of his eldest to have caught on so quickly. "Yes, past tense."

Realization soon dawned on Colt and Tum Tum as well, setting off an eruption of protests from all three brothers.


"You mean-?"

"It can't be!"

"But why?"

Their grandfather held up a hand, instantly silencing his grandsons and then, waited a few moments before explaining further. "Remember, boys, the end of one thing leads to the beginning of something else." With that, Grandpa Mori turned and walked away, the action being indicative that it was time for a break.

"Great," said Colt sarcastically as soon as he was out of earshot. "Now where have I heard that quote before?" He shook his head, clearly unhappy about this new revelation. "The end is only the beginning. Oh please."

"Colt," Rocky began. "Grandpa wouldn't just stop teaching us for no reason. I guess we must have learned all that we could."

Tum Tum agreed, nodding his head dramatically. "Yeah, Colt. He said we were 'truly ninjas.'"

Colt sighed. It was two against one, but as stubborn as he was, he still wasn't completely convinced. "Whatever," he said dryly.

The rest of the afternoon had the boys battling their grandfather as they embarked on the nearly unattainable task of defeating him. Every summer, they would get closer and closer to successfully doing so, but in the end, Grandpa would always see right through their plans. This time, however, Rocky's plan seemed to showcase his genius at its finest, and if it had been executed flawlessly, it would have probably worked. Unfortunately for the boys, the events of that morning had distracted them more than they were willing to admit and they had lost to their grandfather in due course.

As soon as training was over, the three boys made their way through the woods towards their grandfather's cabin, numb from a mix of melancholy, exhaustion, and hunger.

Their grandfather, however, stopped short of the cabin entrance. "Boys, I'm going out to get a few things. I won't be long," he announced.

"But we haven't even eaten yet, and I'm starving!" Tum Tum complained as he sat down at the dining table.

Grandpa Mori merely grinned at his youngest grandson as he sulked, which was typical for him when it came to food. "There are leftovers in the 'fridge," he told him.

"Okay fine," Tum Tum said, continuing to grumble about but started for the refrigerator anyway.

"Also, I want you to clear up the front and straighten the plants. We made a mess outside," their grandfather ordered.

The three boys nodded. "Yes Grandpa."

Grandpa Mori was walking out the door as he yelled over his shoulder, "I'll be back. You boys keep an eye and ear out." He winked tellingly as he got into the car. There was Grandpa again with his furtiveness, and the three boys gave each other a puzzled look.

The boys watched their grandfather drive off, and though they wondered what he had meant, the thought faded as they followed through with his orders. While Rocky started setting the table, Tum Tum worked on making lunch, one of his favorite pastimes. Colt did not stay inside for long as he began to clean the front yard.

Half an hour later, Tum Tum had not only reinvented the leftovers, but had also cooked up an entirely new meal for him and his brothers.

"It wasn't enough food!" Tum Tum had said. Still, Rocky and Colt had not complained as they, too, were quite starved, though they were not as public about it as their younger brother.

Before they could sit down to eat, however, the brothers felt something strange. The air wasn't right. It had suddenly grown thick, uncharacteristically dense for the fresh outdoors, and even foreboding. It didn't feel… safe. Tum Tum had just placed the bowl of rice onto the table when he noticed his oldest brother look past the window.

"Rocky, wha—?" Tum Tum began.

"Sshh..." Rocky cut off. "Do you feel that?" He looked to his brothers seriously before gazing out the window again. This time, the other two followed suit.

"I thought I was the only one," said Colt.

Tum Tum nodded.

Without another word, the boys walked outside and scoped the scenery, but the front yard was deserted and the plants were untouched, not since Colt had straightened them up. The three ninjas gave each other a wary look, which proved to be a mistake as two shadowy figures saw this as an open opportunity and jumped from the trees. Dressed in black and masked, it didn't take long for the boys to recognize a fellow ninja. Startled, though unfazed, the boys immediately commenced an all-out battle against their mysterious opponents.

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