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Chapter 12

The plan had worked like a charm.

River and Tum Tum had managed to not only rescue Rocky, Colt, and Jet, but also neutralize their enemies by taking away their guns. It was almost as if they had heard Rocky's pleas cast in the air.

Reunited, the five ninjas ran and weaved around wooden boxes making their way towards the far corner of the warehouse, where the main power switch was located and where Sarah was patiently awaiting their arrival.

"Great job, Sarah!" River praised when they had arrived. "The timing couldn't have been more perfect."

Sarah beamed. "No problem!"

"Thanks," Rocky said.

Jet hugged his sister. "I knew you could do it."

River smiled in thanks, and then turned to Rocky. "And hey, you saved my brother. So I guess now, we're even."

Rocky grinned in response.

"Boy, am I glad to see you," Colt said to River, taking both of her hands in his. He slowly leaned in for a kiss, but was interrupted by an annoyed and slightly sickened Tum Tum.

"Hey! What about me?" Tum Tum retorted. "Aren't you glad to see your little brother?"

Colt smirked at Tum Tum. "Yeah, yeah. You, too, squirt."

Rocky chuckled along with the rest, but knew that their celebration was premature. "It's not over guys. We still need to get out of here," he reminded them. The others nodded knowing that he was right.

Being in the far corner of the warehouse, they weren't likely to be found easily, but couldn't stick around in one spot for too long neither. Unfortunately, that was proven wrong much too quickly.

"Over here! I found them!"

Jet sighed. "Damn, here we go again."

Rocky faced the band of goons determinedly. "No matter what, stick together." he ordered. "And Tum, protect Sarah, got it?"

Tum Tum narrowed his eyes and nodded.

River felt Colt's hand squeeze hers. "I'm not leaving you this time." He smirked.

She smiled back. "As long as you can keep up," she teased.

Colt laughed. "Let's go kick some ass."

A large number of men had appeared in all directions and were ready for war, vengeful faces staring back of them, a few clenching their fists while others were grinning darkly. The five ninjas, however, were unmoved and were equally as ready, each of them taking on their fighting stance as they stared down the threatening glares with their own visage of conviction. The ninjas were not going to go down easily.

Sarah stood behind them, protected by the wall of her five ninja friends. "Stay behind me. I won't let anything happen to you," Tum Tum assured her. She was scared, but smiled at him and nodded. The twinkle in his eyes showed his determination, and she immediately had full confidence in him. Tum Tum may be young, but he was definitely not a pushover.

Moretti's men made the first move causing the five of them to split in several directions. Rocky and Jet had leaped onto two wooden boxes in front of them while Colt and River ran one way. Tum Tum had merely stepped aside while simultaneously moving Sarah out of harm's way.

"A ninja's mind is strong-willed and disciplined; he is cunning and resourceful."

Rocky and Jet flew from box to box, dodging any attacks that came their way. Masters of their environment, Rocky and Jet used the boxes around them to their advantage, ducking behind them, reappearing, and attacking in timely fashion.

One man threw an object at Rocky and Jet causing both boys to somersault off of their boxes to avoid it, only to face several more opponents as soon as they landed on the ground below. Even so, they were much too skilled for them and trying to stop them was a futile endeavor.

Surrounded by Moretti's henchmen, both boys soon wound up in the midst of their own battles as Rocky blocked, ducked, and countered with flair. After a backwards tumbling pass, Rocky landed near a sea of boxes and dove behind a row of them. Reappearing just as quickly, he grabbed two small box lids and used them like a pair of cymbals catching several heads between them as he slammed them together before throwing them aside and evading another useless attempt to defeat him.

Another man leaped on top of a box, towering over Rocky and assuming that height meant that he would have the upper hand. Rocky grinned and kicked his legs, causing him to trip and fall back down to the ground. Relaxing his stance, Rocky walked over to the fallen man, picking up one of his trusty lids on the way and started spinning it on his finger like a basketball. Rocky smiled down on him.

The fallen man instinctively covered his head with his arms. "Don't hurt me!" he begged.

"Had enough?" Rocky taunted.

Nearby, Jet was fighting his own battle against Moretti's men as he jumped back to elude a swing, ducked to avoid another, and twirled around a wooden box, grabbing its lid in the process. It proved quite handy as Jet ultimately used it as both a shield and a weapon.

The combination of hand-to-hand combat skills and weapon expertise in addition to his sharp movements and unpredictability rendered Jet to be nearly unstoppable. He smacked one on the head with it, jabbed it into someone else's stomach, and just as quickly, used it again to block a punch from another.

"Ow, splinters!" the man cried, standing in front of Jet as he nursed his injured hand,

"Hurts, doesn't it?" Jet mocked before finally conking the man on the head, rendering him unconscious.

Jet smirked at his nontraditional weapon, and having served its purpose, he launched it like a Frisbee, accurately hitting the face of another man coming at him.

"And his heart is pure and passionate; he is always loyal to what's important to him."

Colt and River hurried to another side of the warehouse and stopped as they found themselves immediately surrounded. Positioned back to back, the men attacked left and right, and the pair engaged in battle as if they had fought together for years, harmoniously attacking and evading assaults while protecting one another.

Using his momentum, Colt ran up a nearby wall, flipping over and landing effortlessly to catch one off-guard as he weaved a punch that hit the wall instead. Even when reinforcements arrived on the scene, Colt's quickness proved to be too much.

Meanwhile, River dove over a wooden box, landing on the ground in a forward roll and ending in a crouched fighting stance. River's grace evident in her style, she used her flexibility to her advantage as she sweep kicked her nearest opponent and then sprung upwards only to be fronted by more. Regardless, the brutal approach of her enemies was ineffective against her more composed and calculated techniques.

"What's the matter? Can't take the heat from a girl?" River challenged with a smirk.

Another escaped attack later, Colt jumped and grabbed a chain hanging from the ceiling. Swinging in various directions, his foot caught a few unlucky bystanders in the face, knocking them out instantly. When Colt let go, he landed proudly next to River and commenced another fight.

"Not exactly the first date I had in mind!" Colt shouted as he blocked a punch from his thug and offset it with a combination of finishing blows to the side of his body and face.

"I don't think this is the best time to be talking about this!" River yelled back as she avoided a kick from her own guy and countered with a punch square in the chest.

Colt turned to face River, but his view was blocked by another man charging towards her. Colt, however, was much too fast. "No one... tries to… hurt my… girlfriend!" he said, the threat broken up by each move he had made.

"Girlfriend?" River asked amused as she dodged another and then, landed a hook jab to the torso.

"Yeah, why not?" Colt said as he attacked River's opponent with his infamous flying kick. After finishing him off, Colt faced her with a smug grin. "So do you want to be my girlfriend or what?"

"Look out!" River yelled suddenly.

Colt sidestepped just in time for River to counterattack the man coming from behind him, which ended with her unlucky opponent flipped onto his back, landing on the ground with a thud.

Colt smirked. "Not bad."

River leaned forward and kissed him lightly on his lips. "Thanks boyfriend."

"His body is full of strength and control. He moves with stealth and agility."

Tum Tum zigzagged around his set of bad guys as he ran up a metal staircase with Sarah following closely behind. On their way up, one man hurled himself towards them, attempting to capture Sarah, but Tum Tum had stood in his way as he threw his unique array of offensive moves at him, overcoming him easily and causing him to get thrown over the rail.

Tum Tum and Sarah looked over the edge and winced upon hearing him land hard onto the concrete below. "Ouch," they said together.

"That's gotta hurt," Tum Tum said with a pained face.

It wasn't long before the two of them became encircled by enemies, causing Tum Tum to pace cagily around Sarah. He smirked as his enemies sized him up and considered him to be too young to be too much of a threat. They charged towards him, but a quick dodge from one, a kick to another, and a punch and upper cut combo to a third instantly proved them wrong.

"Don't tell me you're getting beat up by lil' ol' me," Tum Tum said, feigning innocence. They scowled, but he simply smiled back as he maintained his stance.

They charged at him again, and using the narrow passageway, rails, and metal bars above him, Tum Tum upheld his promise to Rocky as he fought around Sarah, covering her and moving her out of the way as necessary in order to keep them from harming her.

"You okay?" Tum Tum asked her once they were in the clear. Amazed, Sarah was speechless and merely nodded.

"And his spirit… his spirit is never broken."

Moretti stood in the middle of his warehouse, his blood boiling, as the fighting progressed all around him. His men were noticeably no match for the five ninjas. Enraged, he began stomping around his warehouse and ransacking several of the wooden boxes nearby, searching for something that would give him an upper hand and turn the outcome of this war around.

"Aha!" Moretti exclaimed when he finally found what he was looking for: a large firearm, which he had full intentions of using. He picked up the weapon and began loading the ammo. "I got you now!" he sneered. "I don't care if they're just kids; they're not gonna get away with this!"

Armed and ready, Moretti turned around to indulge in the scene surrounding him and then, fired several rounds upwards. Stunned silence followed as everyone, the five ninjas and his men alike, stopped fighting from his blatant interruption.


Moretti shut his eyes irritably. "Fuck."

"Freeze Moretti!" the voice instructed. "Drop your weapon, and let me see your hands in the air!" With his back turned towards the unidentified man, Moretti laughed sadistically. "I said 'drop your weapon and let me see your hands, Moretti!'" he repeated.

Moretti scowled, clearly upset that he didn't get a chance to play with his new toy some more, but he had no choice but to obey. As soon as he cooperated, he was immediately handcuffed by a satisfied Sam Douglas, who started reciting his rights. But before he was taken away, Moretti threw a fierce look towards the five ninjas that disrupted his life, and ultimately, caused his downfall. "I won't let you get away with this."

The five of them looked up at him, but said nothing, so Mr. Douglas did all the talking. "Shut up Moretti," he demanded as he took him away.

"Dad!" River exclaimed as soon as Chris Russo appeared. Jet and River, rushed towards him and gave him a hug. Rocky, Colt, and Tum Tum along with Sarah followed.

"You kids did a great job," Mr. Russo told his children and the three brothers proudly. "At first, I was reluctant to go along with this plan, but I gotta admit, you five…" He paused to smile, allowing it all to sink in. "You five are unbelievable."

"Thanks, Dad," Jet and River said together.

"And, Sarah, we are so glad you're safe," Mr. Russo added.

"Me too, Mr. Russo," Sarah beamed.

"There are the heroes!" cried the voice of Sam Douglas, who had returned, and was now walking towards them. "I knew you could do it."

"Dad, how did you know that this would work?" Rocky asked.

"Because we had eyes," Mr. Douglas told them. "Here, I'd like you to meet someone." At these words, a woman emerged from behind their fathers. "This… is Kim Wilson."

"You! You were that woman… you knew!" Colt exclaimed, recognizing her immediately.

"Yes, yes I have been working undercover for quite some time, following Moretti," the woman named Kim confessed. "I was aware of the plan tonight. And when I saw you hiding, I knew immediately that the team was here."

"But then, when I looked at you again, I only saw you three," Ms. Wilson continued, indicating Rocky, Colt, and Jet. "When the other two didn't return for awhile, I knew that something had gone wrong."

"Well, you thought right," River confirmed.

"What do you mean?" Rocky asked, turning to River and Tum Tum. This was news to them; Rocky, Colt, and Jet had no idea what had happened outside the warehouse.

"Me and River ended up locked inside one of those storage garages," Tum Tum said.

"But Ms. Wilson let us out," River added. "All of us. They had us locked in with Sarah; that's how we found her."

"After I let them out, I knew it wouldn't be long before Moretti would find out that there were intruders. River said she had a plan to save you. Meanwhile, I called Sam and Chris."

Mr. Douglas beamed. "And we waited for just the right time."

"Thanks for coming, Dad," Rocky said gratefully.

"No, it's you that we should be thanking."

"Douglas! Russo! Wilson!" a voice yelled from behind them. It was their boss, Martin Thompson, a plump and elderly bald fellow who reminded them of the man from the Monopoly board game. "Good job, you three," he praised as he approached his officers and shook their hands.

"Thank you, sir," Sam Douglas said. "But as you know, we had plenty of help."

The man called Thompson then turned and saw the five ninjas and Sarah and proudly acknowledged them. "You kids, you deserve some kind of award. Service to the city perhaps?"

A small grumbling noise protested from Tum Tum's stomach. He placed a hand on it and looked up, embarrassed. "Um… what about food?"

Thompson raised an eyebrow. "Food? That's all?"

"Well, for now," Tum Tum replied. "I'm starving!"

Everyone laughed.

"Yes, yes, well I imagine you would be after all this. We can definitely accommodate that request little man," Thompson promised.

Meanwhile, imprisoned inside the car, Moretti caught a glimpse of the atrocity invading his life's work. His beloved warehouse was now occupied by dozens of FBI officers, some handcuffing his injured men and hauling them away from the scene while others explored the grounds and rummaged through his collection. From afar, he caught a glimpse of the five ninjas. He scowled as the vehicle holding him hostage drove away.

"Are we ever gonna have a normal summer vacation?" Tum Tum questioned. He was beginning to think that fate would never allow them a life of mediocrity, not that he was complaining one bit. The fact that they may be destined for action and not to mention, trouble, highly amused him. He grinned dreamily at the thought.

"Nah," Rocky said, shaking his head and confirming Tum Tum's speculations. "I don't think so, Tum."

Tum Tum grinned as Rocky ruffled his hair.

"So," Jet began, turning to Colt and River. "Are you two ever gonna finish your date?"

"Yeah, later," Colt replied.

"And then, you can ask River to be your giiirlfriend!" Tum Tum teased.

Colt, who had his arm around River, gave her a meaningful look, and both of them grinned. "Yeah, I kinda already did that," he admitted, shrugging.


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