Summary: Suppose Alice becomes very good friends with one of her Suitors who turn out to be gay. They decide to use their friendship and closeness as a ruse to get their parents to stop "setting them up" to get married to other people. Everything seems to be going well with their plan until Hatter sees them so close and gets very Jealous! Will her new friend help her realize her true feelings for The Hatter? Will The Hatter be able to contain his jealousy? Will she realize her feelings for Hatter by the time she gets back from China? Will she keep her promise to be back before he knows it? Read on to Find out!

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Alice Kingsley had been back from Underland less than a week and her Mother and Sister had already been parading new suitors about the Kingsley Manor. The first few days after the "Hamish Incident" (As she now calls it,) had been quiet. Her Mother had finally left her alone to figure out what she wanted to do with her life, and for once she did not feel at all trapped. Until, that is, 5 days later. Alice and Lord Ascot had set new plans for the business in motion and talks of trading with China had been the circling within the company. Afraid that her daughter would leave for too long and come back too old to marry, Helen and Margaret set off to find new "Eligible Bachelors" for Alice at once. They had promised to each other that they will try their hardest to find someone suitable before Alice's departure for China in four weeks.

Exactly seven days after her return from Underland, Alice was woken too early, dressed in her best dress (with a corset and stocking of course) had her hair teased and fussed with and was being dragged to the living room to meet a new Suitor. First one was Lord Lawrence Oliver, a young entrepreneur destined to take over his father's company. Her Mother and Sister fussed over every detail of her look, pinched her cheeks for a little flush and smoothed out her skirt as she walked in to the living are of their Manor.

"Good Day Ms Kingsley" Lord Lawrence Oliver bowed.

"Good Day" Alice curtsied with a bored look on her face.

"Shall we go for a walk in the Garden? The gentleman asked.

Alice formed a sly grin, "Of course, I would love to have a talk with the Flowers today, see how they are feeling" she said dreamily.

"Al…right" the gentleman stuttered as he held out his arm for her.

"Oh no Dear Lord, I would very much like for you to fly me there" she said with an evil smile.

At that he quickly bowed and muttered something about being late for a meeting he forgot about and left shortly after.

Alice laughed as she passed by her Mother and Sister, mouths agape, looks of shock painted on their faces. "I don't think Lawrence is suitable for me" she laughed as she went back up to her room, her Mother following close by nagging and screaming at how she will "look" to the Olivers now.

For three days, it was the same routine, Two Lords, one Earl, all left in a hurry with Alice laughing back to her room.

On the 5th day of her second week back from Underland, she was once again woken up too early, dressed in her loveliest of dresses corset tight, hair pinned in all the right places, cheeks pinched (a little too hard by Margaret) and pushed into the Living Area to meet another man. She looks around to see no one there, a little confused she walked back to her mother and sister standing behind a wall.

"Well then?" she asks.

Her Mother pointed to the garden, "I've Instructed Lord Ronald Scott to meet you there since none of them has even made it with you past the door"

"Lets get his over with, I have business to attend to with Lord Ascot" Alice sighed as she made her way out the door.

Lord Ronald Scott stood in a nicely tailored white suit with thin vertical silver and light blue stripes, not so noticeable from far away, but gave the outfit a different look from Hamish or any of the other suitors for that matter. He wore a white Top Hat that had a light blue fabric that tied into a nice ribbon on the back. She also saw two silver feathers subtly placed on one side within the light blue fabric. She almost held her breath while inspecting the hat, seeing the similarities between this and her Beloved Friend's hat.

"Well at least he doesn't look boring… from the back" she sighed as she slowly walked up to meet him.

She finally stood side by side with the Gentleman and held out her had for him. She was going to go ahead with introductions and then continue with her game. The sooner he leaves the sooner she can get out of her all too tight corset. He takes a look at her gloved hand, scanned her up and down and let out a sigh. "Get this over with" he muttered as he faced her bowed and kissed her hand.

"Did you say something?" she asked, she could have sworn he muttered something under his breath.

"No" he simply replied, "let's go on with this walk then" he spat out. She was put off by the rudeness and decided quickly that no amount of good looks will hide the attitude.

Alice scanned the gentleman as they walked side by side down a path on the garden. He had Ash blonde hair, blue eyes, masculine jaw, and a good sense of style, a very good looking gentleman indeed. If she was at all interested in finding a husband, she might have given this one a chance, if only judged by looks alone she thinks to herself.

"So, Lord Ronald Scott is it?" she says, aware that he never formally introduced himself.

"Yes, yes, great this once can remember names" he said "silly girl…" he muttered.

"Excuse me sir but why are you so rude?" Alice said with all her muchness. "If you don't want to be here then you are welcome to go! That would save me time to get back to things I'm more interested in" she said. "Good day Sir" she says as she started to walk away.

"Wait!" he said, "Hold on Silly Girl!" he said as he pulled her by the hand to face him. He let out a long sigh as she stared him down waiting for him to say a word. "Come on" he said as he pulled her by the wrist to a more enclosed and private area in the garden.

"We cant go back in now! They will surely know that we didn't at least try" he huffed pulling her behind him.

They found themselves sitting on the grass, (very improper and unlady like indeed, Alice mused) behind tall hedges right next to a fountain. They had their backs to the marble of the fountain with their legs stretched out, grass on their palms as they sit quietly feeling the breeze on their faces. They were each waiting for each other to talk.

"Look" Lord Ronald started. "I can tell by your demeanor that you do not like being here as much as I do." He said. Alice gave him an offended look, but quickly softened her eyes and nodded.

"You can tell" she stated more than asked as she looked down on her lap.

"It wasn't exactly my idea to come here and court you Ms…"

"Call me Alice" she said

"Ron" he responded. "Alice…" he continued. "My parents met your mother and sister, and since they have been trying to marry me off for the past couple years, and your mother mentioned that she has been trying as well… well they decided"

"To have us meet" she finished. "Tsk my mother…" she growled. "Oh how I hate this!" she exclaimed. "I assume you do as well Ron, why must they force 'Society' on us when we obviously have no want for it?... and"

"Alice!" Ron called "You're rambling Stupid Girl!" he said rudely, but with a small grin on his face.

"Stupid Girl? Silly Girl?" you are quite the gentleman are you Ron!" she scolded.

"Don't worry I think we will be good friends from now on, and friends are allowed to call each other names!" he teased.

"Okay then Stupid Boy, what shall we do about our Parents? Should we wait here a bit and then go back and tell them that it didn't work out?" She asked

"Sounds like a good Idea" he said. They share a smile before they look out into the clouds.

"So Ron, I know why I don't want to marry and why I detest Mother and Margaret's attempts, but would you tell me why you hate it?" she asked "rabbit" she pointed out at a cloud.

"Well… cake!" he exclaimed pointing to another cloud passing by "as I was saying… I have nothing against matrimony itself" he slowly said "As long as love is involved" he finished.

"Yes I agree, I don't want to marry just anyone. I never really gave any thought to who I would marry but as long as I love him…"

"Then marriage it will be, but if there is no love, then there should be no…"

"Marriage." She Finished. "I loathe the idea that my others will choose who I will spend eternity with! My Mother always tells me that I will eventually learn to love whoever she chooses…"

"But I wouldn't want to learn to love someone" he continues on her words, "I want to be able to say 'I LOVE YOU, and I want to be with you forever, and If you let me, I will show you everyday of our lives together how much I Love You'" he sighs as he catches his breath.

"Ron that's beautiful. I do hope that you find a Woman you can one day say that to, I will be rooting for you, Friend" She smiled as she touched his hand.

"Yes well…" he takes a long breath. "I do hope that one day I can find someone to say that too… but I doubt that it would be..." he hesitates and looks into Alice's eyes for reassurance. Seeing as he can trust her, he held on to her hand tightly, "I doubt that person would be a Woman" he says.

"Oh…" she whispers. "OH!" she exclaims as she finally understands. "Oohh…" she sighs as she realizes his predicament. "Don't worry, I'll still be rooting for you Ron, I for one don't think that you have to only fall in love with a Woman. You can fall in love with anyone you want to, whether they are Man, Woman, Rich, Poor, Royalty, Tradesman, Sane, Mad…" She trailed off.

"Stupid Girl." He chuckled. "I think we will be really really good friends Alice" he smiled as he squeezed her hand.

"Ron… I suppose I have an ingenious idea" she said, a sly grin creeping up her lips.

"Go on…" he said with a glint of mischief in his eyes

"Well I hate having to see suitors everyday… And you hate to have to deal with Silly Girls…" she continued. "And I do seem to think that we will get along swimmingly as friends and maybe this will work or maybe not, I'm not quite sure but it couldn't hurt to..."

"Alice!" He said putting his hands on both sides of her face. She blushed a bit thinking how familiar this situation was. "Spit it out Girl!" he laughed

"Well, suppose WE spend time with each other for the next few weeks! We could pretend to be quite enamored with each other! Only until I leave for China, that way they won't have to set us up with different people every day, and we would be free from our parents nagging at us about our lives… at least... for a little while." She says.

"Yes, yes! That sounds like a plan, but…" he looks to the ground as if to think "Well what happens after you leave for China? You will be free to do whatever you want and I will be back here, having to court one woman after another until My Parents finally decide what to do with me?" He sounded defeated.

"Well we can think of something! We would have at least three weeks until The Wonder will be ready to depart, we can figure something out Silly Boy!" She giggled at her plan "We would have at three weeks of just being free from Suitors and Courting! Wouldn't that be Wonderful!" she beamed.

"As long as you promise to figure something out about MY situation" he huffed. She held out her had for him to shake, and he willingly took it.


"Hmm?" he replied looking to sky once more.

"Do you find it odd that I like to believe six impossible things before breakfast?" she asked her new friend.

"Stupid Girl!" he scoffed, her eyes lower to the ground. "If WE were to NOT believe in impossible things, we would have been quite deranged by now!" he smiled. She looked at him once again grateful that her new friend seemed to understand her.

"I think we are going to have a very good friendship you and me… Stupid Girl"

"I believe we will Stupid Boy!" she said as she smoothed out her dress.

He got up and held a hand out to her. She took it and he pulled her up from the ground and helped her dust the grass off of her skirt. She picked up his Top Hat and placed it on his head. He then held out his elbow for her and she smiled as she slipped her gloved hand onto the crook of his arm.

"Well then, were going to have to make this look good" he said as they made their way back to the Manor.


"What now Silly Girl" he smiled

"Do you like to wish you could fly?"

"Only every time I look up" he confessed.

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