Munkustrap began to recover over the next few months. The light slowly returned back to his eyes and he began to speak to the others. His voice was strong again. The kittens were most pleased, now that Munkustrap was okay, he could tell stories again. Tugger looked at Munkustrap, who was telling dancing around with the kittens, a smile on his face. Tugger purred as Bombalurina slipped her arm around his waist. Misto rolled his eyes as he watched them head towards Tugger's den. Misto was perched up on the arm chair, basking in the afternoon sunlight. The yard had become a better, happier place since Munkustrap had come back and had actually recovered. He wasn't the tortured and broken soul he was when they carried him back here.

Misto smiled as he watched Munkustrap roll around with the kittens as they laughed. Misto cast his eyes around the yard. Admetus and Tantomile were sitting side by side; Admetus had his arm wrapped around Tantomile. Coricopat, Rumpleteazer and Mungojerrie were walking across the clearing, talking to one another. Cassandra and Alonzo were lounged out on the tyre.

"Hey, Cori!" Alonzo called, winking as he waved to Cori and Rumpleteazer. Cori waved back, a slight blush on his cheeks. Rumpleteazer looked at Mungojerrie, who pointedly turned his head away before Rumpleteazer grabbed Cori's head and pulled his lips against hers. Wolf whistles emitted from every member of the Jellicle in the clearing. Rumpleteazer let Cori go, Cori rested his forehead against hers, smiling.

"I love you," Cori murmured to her.

"Oi love ya too," Teazer murmured. Mungojerrie gave a cough. The three began walking again.

Skimble, Jenny, Jelly and Asparagus were sitting in front of the infirmary. Skimble had his arms wrapped around Jenny's waist as Asparagus and Jelly held paws. Demeter was watching Munkustrap, a smile on her face, though she looked a little sad. Selena was sitting beside her, watching Joshy roll around with Tumblebrutus and Pouncival. Plato was sitting off to the side, his paw lightly tracing the M scar on his upper right eye. Carbucketty was sitting near him, trying to itch his broken arm, which was wrapped tightly in a bandage.

"Perving on everyone again?" Misto rolled his eyes as Tugger came to join him.

"You and Bomba were quick," Misto muttered. He gave a yelp as Tugger smacked him upside the head.

"Watch it, glitter-mitts," Tugger grinned. Tugger lay beside Misto and stared out over the yard as Bombalurina went to join Demeter.

"Where do you think Macavity's body went?" Misto voiced. Tugger shrugged.

"I'm not sure…" Tugger murmured.

"I watched Admetus kill Macavity…he isn't alive," Misto tried to reassure himself and Tugger. Tugger nodded.

"Hey, its Skimble's birthday today, isn't it?" Tugger asked suddenly. Misto nodded.

"Yeah, why?" Misto asked, confused.

"Party time, Misty," Tugger grinned before leaping off the rocking chair. Misto rolled his eyes and leapt off the chair, following him.

Munkustrap detached himself from the kittens, laughing.

"Sorry, kittens, I need to rest," Munkustrap panted. Jemima hugged him.

"Thanks, Munkus," Jemima said. Munkustrap smiled and watched as Jemima, Victoria, Pounce, Tumble, Electra, Etcetera and Joshy ran off to wrestle and play around somewhere else.

"Hey, Munk?" Munkustrap looked up from where he had perched himself on a car boot. Carbucketty tried to get up beside him. Munkustrap helped him up.

"What's wrong?" Munkustrap asked. Carbucketty shivered.

"Do you ever get the feeling you're being watched?" Carbucketty asked. Munkustrap gave a small shake of his head.

"Not today, Carbucketty," Munkustrap told him. Carbucketty nodded and looked around.

"Do you still feel like you're being watched?" Munkustrap asked him. Carbucketty shook his head.

"Before I did…it was weird," Carbucketty murmured. Munkustrap patted his back.

"You'll be okay," Munkustrap told him. Carbucketty smiled.

"Are you going to Skimble's party tonight?" Carbucketty asked. Munkustrap gave a shrug.

"I might,"

"You are going, Munkus," Carbucketty and Munkustrap looked around to see Tugger walking towards them. Munkustrap tilted his head.

"What if I don't want to?" Munkustrap challenged.

"Do not make me drag you there by your tail," Tugger told him before he went off to find Misto.

Later that night, Munkustrap left his den to go to Skimble's party. He saw that Skimble's den was already filled with the other Jellicles. He paused in the clearing, looking around, suddenly feeling uneasy. He turned around in a circle, trying to find who was watching him. His breath caught in his throat as the fur at the back of his neck prickled.

"Who's there?" Munkustrap called, staring around. His heart pounded in his chest as fear began to overtake him. He turned around again, looking at all corners of the clearing. Somebody was watching him. But who?

"Hey, Munkus…you coming?" Munkustrap looked around and saw Carbucketty standing near Skimble's. Munkustrap nodded and walked towards Skimble, failing to notice the pair of gold eyes watching him intently from the darkness. The eyes watched as he and Carbucketty talked for a moment before joining the others. The eyes glinted and flashed as they watched Munkustrap laugh with Skimbleshanks. The eyes blinked once more before disappearing into the darkness.



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