Title: Naruto: Vampire

Genre: Romance, Psychological, and Supernatural

Pairing: SasuNaru

Warning: OOC Naruto & Sasuke, Swearing, and Fluff.

Summary: Naruto thought being himself was good enough for him. But when Sasuke got in the picture, he found that life was way more blissful when you spent it with another. SasuNaru.

Naruto plays Tarot Cards. If you have something against Tarot Cards then please, leave.

"Teacher, we could make a tarot card booth for the festival." Shikamaru suggested. "I doubt any of the other students would have thought of one and tarot booths are pretty rare. Our sales would be high."

Their teacher Iruka nodded. "Yes, yes that sounds like a great idea."

"We need people to do the tarots first." Shikamaru stated wisely.

"Does anyone know how to work tarots?" Iruka asked the class.

Many shook their heads in negative until Kiba brightened up. "Naruto knows how!"

Everyone murmured.


"He knows how to do tarot? Scary..."

"What a weirdo. Who knows how to use tarot cards anyway?"

The blonde stayed silent in his seat; his head down and his arms placed in front of him. He didn't utter a word. He never did. He was the silent kid of the class. Even Shikamaru who slept most of the time made more noise than him. Naruto was practically a ghost in the room and everyone ignored his presence just like they should. Just like he wanted.

The teacher coughed and everyone stopped murmuring. "That's great! Naruto, can you teach the others how to use tarot cards?"

"..." Naruto looked up with hooded eyes at his teacher who took care of him when he was a happy child until he finally lost the will to keep up the facade. It was for that, maybe, that he replied. "If they learn well." His voice was hoarse, he hardly used his vocal cords after all and he smirked mentally as everyone in class shuddered.

That's right. Be scared of me.

Iruka licked his lips nervously. "Alright... Who wants to be taught how to use tarot cards?" He looked around his students.

Silence met his words.

Naruto rolled his eyes before glaring at the floor again.

"I'll do it." A male volunteered.

The blonde stopped his glaring to raise a wondering eyebrow.

That voice... if he was right then it belonged to—

"Sasuke! Good! Good! Who else?" Iruka asked jovially.

Naruto shook his head.

Sasuke was one of the silent ones. He never spoke either. The only time he did was to scare away any girl who got the guts to go near him because they "like" him. Airheads.

They only wanted Sasuke for his looks, the same way they liked Naruto for his looks but Naruto was too "weird" for them.

Naruto scoffed.

Like he cared. He actually liked them staying away from him although they did have the occasional fawning for him which made him want to kill a baby.

Liars. They lied to themselves. They "like" him, they say? More like, they're attracted to his physical features but "like"? No, like was too deep.

He blinked slowly as he remembered he was still in his classroom.

"Okay, Kiba, Sasuke and Shikamaru has volunteered. Anyone else?"

The girls in the class hesitated.

Most of the hot guys were volunteering and Naruto was hot himself... Of course they wouldn't miss an opportunity like this.

Naruto rolled his eyes again.

"Four is enough." He said with a stern dismissing tone.

His teacher looked at him before addressing the class. "Okay, the rest of you will help with the making of the set up and bringing the tables and chairs. Oh and we have to save money to buy tarot cards for our boys as well."

"Buy me a new one as well." Naruto muttered.

He was being a lot more talkative today but what needs to be said, needs to be said and damn, he wanted new tarot cards. His were so battered from usage.

"Alright then, we have to earn to buy four tarot card sets. Okay, you guys should talk about who brings what and Naruto will teach the boys how to use the tarot cards."

Naruto didn't bother moving from his seat. If they wanted him to teach them then they better move their asses and sit obediently in front of his seat.

Surprisingly, they did just that.

"So... what's the basics?" Shikamaru questioned.

Blue eyes continued glaring at the floor, not making any indication that he heard his class president.

"Um... Naruto?" Kiba raised a hand uncertainly before dropping it down like he was burned.

Naruto didn't mind. He didn't care. He didn't talk either. He just wanted the silence for a while longer.

Apparently, so did Sasuke because he stayed silent, not bothering Naruto.

What did bother Naruto was the onyx eyes the raven set on him.

"What?" He hissed at the silent boy.

Onyx eyes blinked innocently and Naruto repressed himself from hurting the pale perfection. "Nothing. Just... when are we going to start learning? It's not like we have all the time in the world. The festival is a week away and we—" A pale hand gestured to the two brown haired boys beside him. "—have to practice on using the tarot."

Blue eyes stared at onyx ones unblinkingly until Naruto finally nodded.

He reached over to his beaten leather shoulder bag before taking out a pen and a pad of paper, furiously writing on it after placing the paper on his desk.

He was pretty sure that the three in front of him were having triplet faces of confusion but he only looked up after finishing what he wrote on the paper and handing it out to Sasuke, the only person he acknowledged at the moment.

Naruto usually acknowledged Shikamaru but Sasuke was the one who really connected with him through silence since Shikamaru was always asleep.

Sasuke scanned the paper, reading the step by step basics on using tarot cards before passing it on to Kiba.

"Well, you made it easy to learn." Was the comment that escaped cherry lips.

The blonde stared at Sasuke for a while before glaring at the floor once more.

"Alright, I think I get it." Kiba gave a beastly grin.

"Ah, me too." Shikamaru nodded after a while.

"Great. We're done then." Naruto said before standing up, shoving his pen and the remaining papers in his pad inside his bag before he slung it carelessly over his shoulder and walked out the door; the three other boys following silently after.


The door creaked as the person entered the dull orange-lit room that looked very old with the carved wood chair to the scratched table as the only furniture in the empty small damp room.

A thud resounded as a beaten leather shoulder bag fell to the floor from strong shoulders. The boy set himself on the chair that creaked as well and picked up battered cards from the top of the scratched table.

He shuffled them before laying them down on the table; two cards first then three beside it then two again beside the three.

The dull orange light blinked and a shadow cast over the boy.

Naruto paid no attention.

He was very used to strange shadows and lights in this particular room of his.

A weight settled over his right forearm and shoulder in a form of a hand. Hot breath fanning across his neck and he shuddered slightly before whipping his head around.

Blue eyes blinked.

No one.

He rubbed his hand over his forearm to keep his goosebumps from forming and stood up shakily, leaving his tarot cards on the old table before picking up his shoulder bag and leaving the room.

Naruto locked the door before walking the hallway to his room in the old hotel and pocketing the key in his bag.

The yellow light over his head as he walked flickered a bit but Naruto once again, much like a while ago in his damp room, ignored it.

He neared his hotel room door and slipped out another key, slightly bigger than the key he used to lock the earlier room with before and pushed it in the key hole.

A tan hand flicked on the lights after slipping the key it was holding in the bag again as he entered the room and closed the door behind him.

His room brightened, the lights steady and not flickering as it lit the clean and pristine hotel room.

Unlike, the rest of the hotel, the rooms were pretty decent; his twin king beds were side by side, the white sheets changed and his bed made.

Naruto dropped his bag on the bed near his window on his way to it. He moved aside the clean curtains and peered out the window, releasing a sigh.

He bumped his head on the glass.

"Today was..." Naruto licked his peach pink lips. "Good."

A smile graced his handsome scarred face.

Truly, today was good. He talked more and the boys weren't scared of him. Sasuke even offered him to have coffee together. Of course, he declined. He had wanted to use his tarot cards in his sanctuary and mull over things.

That didn't go as planned and it was already late. He had better sleep soon if he was going to talk more tomorrow.

He cleared his throat, wincing at the dryness.

Unsticking his forehead from his clear window, he made his way to his desk/dresser and picked up a bottle of water; unscrewing the cap and taking a relieving swig.

He tiredly slammed it back down on the desk/dresser with the cap screwed back on and entered his bathroom.

After a refreshing shower and brushing his teeth, he re-entered his room clad in a loose shirt and boxers that had the words "ALWAYS HARD" in front in big bold red letters.

Naruto jumped to his bed and landed on his back, he stretched, sighing happily as his body relaxed.

Closing his eyes, he snuggled closer to his long pillow, throwing his arm over towards the other bed's pillow.

"Ow!" The tan beauty flinched as his finger stung.

Blue eyes opened to stare accusingly at what could have pricked his finger but immediately turned to shock as he openly gaped at two roses that was set on top of the pillow on his other bed.

"What the..." He picked one up and sat up, holding it to himself and twirling it.


Sasuke turned the corner and entered his noisy classroom in silence, casting a glance at the blonde beauty that caught his eyes all the time.

A sigh left his cherry lips.

Naruto was glaring at the floor as usual again...

He braved himself and walked over. "Naruto." Was the greeting he gave as he sat down in front of the boy, discarding his bag beside himself.

Blue eyes raised to meet his onyx ones and stared.

"You're thinking of something." Sasuke stated as he looked back into those wondering eyes.

The blonde stayed silent but Sasuke could read him quite clearly; Naruto was trying to decide if he was worth telling his thoughts to.

"Last night..." Naruto started, obviously deciding that Sasuke was trustworthy. "Two roses suddenly appeared on my pillows. I... didn't notice them."

Sasuke kept his stoic face on. "Uh huh?" He egged the blonde on.

"That's all really. I'm just trying to think of how anyone could have put it in my room. My door was still locked and... the chain was in place. I... I don't know. I'm confused."

Cherry lips stretched into a smile. "You're talking more today."

The boy in front of him smirked. "You're talking today."

Sasuke nodded and hummed in reply.

They stayed like that, in silence, until their adviser came in.

Iruka didn't mind them like that. He simply strode in the room, greeted the class and told them to start with the festival preparations.

Kiba and Shikamaru went to sit on either side of Sasuke and played with their hands, fiddling.

"We can't do anything without the cards." Naruto spoke.

The two nodded and went to the wall beside Naruto's chair to rest and close their eyes.

Sasuke, however, stayed where he was, eying Naruto which irritated the blonde much like the day before.

"What?" Was the hissed question to his action.

"Nothing. Want to go out for coffee today?"

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "Why so persistent, Uchiha?"

Sasuke flinched. "Don't call me that."

"Fine. Why so persistent, Sasuke?"

"Nothing... just wanted to maybe talk? It's not like I like anyone else in this room but you and them." Sasuke gestured to the two sleeping boys.

Strong tan shoulders shrugged before the owner stood up, grabbing the shoulder bag beside his chair then walking out the door.

Sasuke followed silently.

"Which coffee shop by the way?" Naruto inquired, throwing a look at Sasuke.

"My house." The raven smirked at the suspicious look he was given. "Come on." He overtook the blonde and strode towards the entrance doors of the school.

"I am not riding your car." Naruto stated blandly as they stood in front of Sasuke's Prius sleek black car.

The raven pouted uncharacteristically.

"Eh. I have my own car."

They leveled their gazes at each other before a sigh was released from peach pink lips and Naruto slipped in the passenger seat.

The engine roared on as soon as Sasuke got in the car and he drove away from his school to his apartment.

The calming spattering of rain filled the silence in the car, the clouds opening to pour.

They stepped out of the black car once inside the apartment garage, Sasuke walking silently to a elevator and pressing the up button.

Naruto trudged up the garage path to Sasuke, stepping in the elevator as it opened and simply following Sasuke as the latter walked out of the elevator and continued past doors before stopping in front of a silver colored one.

The door was opened and the two stepped inside.

"Sit on the couch, I'll prepare the coffee."

"O—" Blue eyes blinked as Naruto looked from side to side, Sasuke suddenly disappearing. Shaking his head, he went to sit obediently on the black and white minimalist couch.


Naruto jumped and pursed his lips. "Stop appearing and disappearing damn it." He scolded.

Sasuke merely frowned, sitting beside him.

In unison, they blew the smoke wafting from the coffee mugs in their hands.

The blonde decided to break the silence. "So... what's the purpose of this?"

He gasped as Sasuke suddenly straddled him, holding the mug Naruto was holding before taking a sip, setting his own mug on the coffee table behind himself.

Naruto stared at the pale perfection straddling him with a critical eye. "What?"

"Nothing. I was lonely." Was the soft reply he got before he was captured in a gentle hug.

The blonde did nothing, not moving to set down the mug or hug Sasuke back. "I see."



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