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Back in the 1600's Carlisle's and Marana's and parents arranged that when they were 18 they would get married. They weren't in love . It was in a friend ship way and they cared enough to go through with it for their families. So they got married at 18. When they were 19 they had twin boys William Thomas Cullen and Calub Jonathan Cullen. Then A year later had Quadruplet girls Isabella Marie-Anne Cullen, Aubrey Sky Cullen, Christina Mackenzie Cullen, and Anna Mabel Cullen. When they were 23 Carlisle went out to hunt the vampires he got changed. At the time the Volturi had a vampire who could tell the future and they saw that Carlisle would have a powerful family. So they took his wife thinking that they were in love but after she was changed they realized that they weren't and they just let her stay their if she wished. She did and a year later she met her soul mate Daniel and got married three years later but she still occasionally check on her children they were with her mother and father being raised by them because she was presumed dead. The Volturi still wanted something over him so when William and Calub were just turned 19 and the girls were 17 the Volturi took them and changed them. Once they woke up and learned of why they were their they lashed out and made the Volturi let hem go. William and Calub found their mates and go married. Then Christina go married. Then Bella met her love Edward three years ago and she hasn't met his family yet but he has met hers. Edward proposed two months ago and a month later found out she was pregnant now she is four months along with twins. Aubrey and Anna have boyfriend of each a year and a half and are waiting to see what happens.

Edward lives with his family and they are wondering were he is always disappearing to. He spend most of his time at Bella's house. He will soon tell them were. The kids are all in a band and are really famous. And their mom and step dad are their manager. They sing together and they each have their own songs they have at concerts they sing. Edward knows all about Carlisle's past and that he is engaged to Carlisle's daughter. Bella just asked him not to say anything yet.

Carlisle came home from work one day to Alice watching her favorite band The Immortals which is also the cheetah girls. She was dancing to it and Carlisle looked at the people on the screen and grasped then froze.


- Bella/Edward

- William/Jennifer

- Calub/Machelle

- Christina/David

- Aubrey/Stephen

- Anna/Mark

* The Six kids

- William Thomas Cullen : Jennifer Temperance Cullen

- Calub Jonathan Cullen : Michelle Rebecca Cullen

- Isabella Marie-Anne Cullen : Edward Anthony Mason Cullen

- Aubrey Sky Cullen : Stephen Nathanial Salvatore

- Christina Mackenzie Cullen or Fuller : David Isaac Fuller

- Anna Mabel Cullen : Mark Charles Cruz

Mother : Marana Lynn Nash

Step father: Daniel Arnold Nash


-Bella: Control elements, Physical and mental shield, invisibility, shape shift, Allow vampires to have children, illusion, change my appearance, allow vampires to go out into sunlight and eat human food, and teleportation, bring people back from the dead.

-Edward : Reads minds

- Aubrey : Talk to animal

- Anna : Strong tracker

- William : Move things with his mind

- Calub : Control electricity

- Christina : Ability to make a person indestructible and nothing can tare them apart and fire doesn't hurt them

- David : Ability to tell what peoples power is to the most powerful form

- Stephen : Walk through things

- Mark : fly

- Michelle : See someone's past present and future and each choice leading up to it

- Jennifer : Ask herself anything and instantly know the answer or if someone wants to know something they ask j=her and she instantly knows

- Daniel : Get out of any situation easily, like escaping

- Marana : Healing things and people

* Carlisle's other family *




* Carlisle's other family powers *

- Emmett : Strength

- Rosalie : Beauty

- Jasper : Empath

- Alice: can see the future, not definite

- Esme : Love unconditionally

- Carlisle : Compassion

* Ages *

- William : 19

- Jennifer : 17

- Calub : 19

- Michelle: 16

- Isabella: 17

- Edward: 19

- Aubrey : 17

- Stephen: 18

- Christina : 17

- David : 19

- Anna : 17

- Mark : 18

- Daniel : 25

- Marana : 23

- Carlisle : 23

- Esme : 22

- Rosalie : 19

- Emmett : 20

- Alice : 16

- Jasper : 20

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