Well, I am going to make an actual attempt at making a Star Trek fanfic now, wish me luck.

This fanfic's plot is slightly based off of Star Trek Online; however there will be a series of missions that I made up instead of just missions from the game.

Obviously, not all of the characters in the fanfic are from the game, like the Tactical Officer whose species is currently unavailable. And honestly I'm embellishing a little, it was two Borg in the hallway with the devices, but a group makes for a better scene.

Disclaimer: I only own what I made up.







After leaving Starfleet, I made it my life's work to reunite the Romulans with their Vulcan brothers. For years I lived among them, waging a campaign of peace.

In 2387, the star of the Hobus system went supernova, sending a wave of destruction across the quadrant. I promised to save the Romulan homeworld, I failed. The planets of Romulus and Remus were destroyed.

Using Red Matter, I created an artificial black hole which contained the Supernova, but in the process I was drawn into the singularity into another time. My home, everyone I knew is gone.

Time does not stop for one man, and neither does history. The chaos in Romulan space gave the Klingons an opportunity to spread their territory. "Only in battle," J'mpok says. "Is a Klingon truly Klingon."

The Federation tried to maintain the Klingon alliance for as long as possible, but war was inevitable.

The Romulans want revenge for their destroyed Homeworld.

The Dominion is building its forces.

Now, the Borg has returned and is attacking the Vega Colony.

"This is the U.S.S. Kithomer, calling any Federation ships within range. The Borg, we are being boarded!"

The Alpha Quadrant stands on the brink of destruction.

"They've taken the bridge, and main engineering is under attack. Please, anyone, help!"

Every generation, Starfleet officers hear the call of duty.


First Officer's personal log Stardate 86116.2, Commander Rachel Covaks' first entry as the First Officer on board the U.S.S. Constance, reporting in as requested.

The Constance is a good ship, but I am starting to wonder if this was just a punishment for the incident two months ago. But I am happy; a Galaxy-class cruiser like the Constance is still mostly dedicated to exploration, even with the war with the Klingons going on.

The Constance, or the NCC-71106, was commissioned and launched in the same year as the U.S.S. Enterprise-D. A Galaxy-class cruiser that saw action during the Dominion War, and later helped in the Romulan relief efforts, all and all she has a great record, and I am honored to serve as her first officer.

As for me, I am Commander Rachel Lauren Covaks, there's not much to say about me. I was raised in Chicago; my family has served in Starfleet for generations, going back to the time of James T. Kirk. Until I was made the First Officer on board the Constance, the only real claim-to-fame my family had was that one of my relatives had served on the Enterprise-C when she was destroyed by Romulans.

Well you know me and you know my ship, what more is there to tell?


"Captain Nelson, we're getting a report from Starfleet Command," a female Bajoran says at the helm of the ship, glancing back to the captain, a balding man with a well-trimmed graying beard.

"Put it on," the captain says, and the view screen turns on, showing the image of an aging woman, wearing the uniform of a Starfleet admiral. "Admiral Roland, it's good to see you again."

The Constance was getting its last crew members on board after the new assignments, before being sent out to assist in a First Contact mission.

"Your mission is on hold, Captain Nelson," Admiral Roland says. "Is the rest of your senior staff on board?"

"I'm still waiting for my First Officer and the new Medical Officer hasn't arrived yet in Sick Bay," Nelson says, and turns as the turbolift opens up. In walks a woman in her late 20's, with long black hair tied back into a braid, she's wearing the typical TNG tactical uniform, only with white instead of black.

"Sorry sir I got lost, Commander Rachel Covaks, at your service," Rachel says, giving a salute. "Lieutenant Commander Kassadae is currently en-route to Sick Bay."

"Very well then," Roland says. "You are being called out to defend the Vega colony from attackers; we need all available ships there."

"Who's attacking Admiral, the Klingons?" Nelson asks, and the Admiral shakes her head.

"We believe that the attack is being carried out by the Borg," Roland says, and a chill runs down the spines of everyone on the bridge.

"Ensign Lirae, set a course for Vega Colony, Maximum Warp," Nelson says as the Bajoran at the helm nods, and the Constance enters warp.


It would still be a little while before the Constance would reach Vega, so Rachel is in Ten-Forward, taking a drink.

"So then you're the new First Officer, huh?" The bartender, a female Andorian, assumingly around middle-age says, bringing Rachel another drink while she looks out at the stars beyond. "I've heard you served on the Morgana, when the incident happened."

"Yeah, and who are you?" Rachel asks, staring out at the stars, not looking at the woman.

"Tarish is my name, I tend bar, and whenever the need arises, I listen to the crew's needs," Tarish says. "I've heard a lot of good things about you, you're a dependable officer, and you're not afraid to speak your mind, I like that in an officer."

"I'm glad someone does," Rachel says, taking another drink. "It seems like I've ticked off every Captain I've ever served under, plus several Admirals, I'm lucky I'm still in Starfleet."

"Apparently someone still has faith in your abilities," Tarish says.

"Yeah, and I wish I knew who that was," Rachel says.

"All hands, we are coming out of Warp, Senior Officers report to the bridge," Nelson's voice comes over the communicators.

"That's my cue," Rachel says, and heads out of Ten-Forward, glancing back at Tarish a moment, before leaving.


Rachel exits the turbolift just as the Constance drops out of warp.

"View screen on," Nelson says, and the view screen turns on to show the remains of Starfleet ships, and only a few Borg vessels.

"Oh no," Lirae says, as Rachel moves forward, she could recognize some of these ships.

"The Oberon, the Austin, the Jefferson…" Rachel says, listing off the names of the Federation ships that had been destroyed. "There is no battle with the Borg, there is only a massacre."

"Damn it!" Nelson says, slamming his fist down on the chair.

"Sir, we're getting a hail," the tactical officer, a Xindi Reptilian named Ivark says, he is an imposing figure, with green scales and long spines running down his head, his eyes reflect the fury of his species. "It's from the U.S.S. Kithomer."

"Put it on screen," Nelson says.

"This is the Emergency Medical Hologram on board the U.S.S. Kithomer," is the response, as the image of a man wearing a green uniform, with short silver hair appears, Nelson turns to look at Ivark.

"Scans are showing that the Bridge has been overrun by the Borg, sir," Ivark reports.

"We are being overrun, Main Engineering is under attack by the Borg, and I am having trouble re-establishing contact with Commander Davis," the EMH says. "Please, Constance, send us some support."

"We'll send what we can," Nelson says, and turns to Rachel. "Commander Covaks, put together an away team, I want you on board the Kithomer ASAP."

"Yes sir, Ivark, you're with me," Rachel says, motioning to the Xindi, who nods, following her into the turbolift as she activates her comm. "Lieutenant Commander Kassadae, meet me in Transporter room 3 with two members of security."


Rachel and Ivark walk into Transporter Room 3, where two members of security are already waiting. Joining them is a woman wearing the uniform of a medical officer, her short black hair and demeanor is Vulcan, but Rachel is not so sure of her species.

"Lieutenant Commander Kassadae, reporting as ordered, ma'am," Kassadae says, giving a salute to Rachel.

"Very well then," Rachel says, though she was still perplexed by the medical officer's appearance, she filed it away for later as they step onto the transporter pad, she nods to the Chief. "All right, Energize."

The chief activates the transporter, and the 5 crewmembers vanish in pillars of light.
















"These are the voyages of the Starship Constance,

Her continuing mission to seek out new forms of life and new civilizations,

To boldly go where no one has ever gone before."



The 5 crewmembers from the Constance appear in the Sick Bay of the Kithomer, where they are greeted by the EMH.

"Help at last, I am an Emergency Medical Hologram, not a miracle worker," the EMH says. "I apologize, but do any of you have any medical training? None of the crewmembers helping me right now do, and we are running out of time."

"I can help," Kassadae offers. "I did my training at Starfleet medical, and I was assigned to help out in Sick Bay on board the Constance."

"That's all good, but what can you tell me about the situation?" Rachel asks of the EMH while Kassadae moves to assist with the injured crewmen.

"The ship is being overrun as I said," the EMH says. "I am concerned that they have taken the bridge, and Main Engineering is under attack. Lieutenant Thelis in auxiliary control requires assistance, and then you should move on towards main engineering, it could be crucial in re-taking the ship."

"Right, we'll see what we can do," Rachel says, nodding to Ivark, who moves to the door with the security officers. "Kassadae, are you going to be fine here?"

"Don't worry about me," Kassadae says, shaking her head.

"Okay then," Rachel says, drawing a pair of Polaron pistols that she carried with her instead of the standard-issue Phaser (she had bought them from a Ferengi merchant, and had paid a lot of Latinum for them.), and follows the other three into the hall.


Meeting no resistance on the way to Auxiliary Control, the crewmembers from the Constance enters the control room. Lt. Thelis, an Andorian male is waiting for them, working at a console.

"Finally some help, all crew has been directed to defend Engineering or to Sick Bay," Thelis says, working the console some more.

"What can we do to help?" Rachel asks, noticing several groups of Borg are being held back by a force field.

"You and your men should work on those consoles to get the Borg teleported into the hull breach in the next hall," Thelis says. "After we get the Borg patters into the computer, we can start to teleport them off of the ship."

"All right, we're on it," Rachel says, moving to the middle console, and motions to Ivark and one of the Security Officers, who take the other two, entering commands, a minute later the Borg vanish in pillars of light, and re-appear in the destroyed section of the ship, being flung out into space.

"All right, let them assimilate space for a little while," Ivark growls.

"There is a message coming in from Commander Davis in Engineering, patching it through to your commbadge," the voice of the EMH says over Rachel's communicator.

"Okay, let's hear it," Rachel says.

"Commander Covaks, the Borg have set up devices on the deck above you that are disrupting communications, we just barely managed to get this message through," a man's gruff voice says on the other end.

"Okay, then let me guess, you want us to go and disable the devices," Rachel says.

"It may let us get a better idea of what happened to our bridge officers," Davis says on the other end. "We need all the help we can get to re-take this ship."

"Okay, we're on it," Rachel says, and they move towards a turbolift, taking it to the next deck.


As they exit the turbolift, and round the corner, they are met by Borg weapons fire before retreating back behind the wall.

"Why do they always have to make this so difficult?" Rachel says, glancing back around the corner, the Borg is not going after them, and are going back to their work on the ship. "Great, we're gonna have to get past them if we're gonna get off this deck."

"What do you have planned, Commander?" Ivark asks, the Xindi's yellow eyes narrowing, he didn't like having to wait.

"They're guarding the devices, I want you three to cover me, and I'll take out the devices, if they get too close, don't let them touch you, we have to move fast," Rachel says, giving her pistols a twirl. "On my mark, three, two, one mark!"

The four Starfleet personnel move around the corner, Ivark and the security officer's fire at the Borg, some of them turn around and fire at them, but the rest just stick to their work. At the same time, Rachel can see several Borg Devices lining the walls, she fires at them, which takes out a couple, but the Borg is starting to get the idea.

"Okay, on three, plasma grenades, one, two, three!" Rachel says, and they toss Plasma Grenades into the Borg group and towards the devices, spreading plasma all over the hallway, causing the remaining devices to explode, and that takes out the Borg.

"Okay, come on, we gotta get around the Plasma before more of them come," Rachel says, motioning to a large room next to the hall which would let them bypass the Plasma.

"I say let them come," Ivark growls, he was agitated; he wanted to fight, but follows Rachel through the room.

"We're here to save the ship, not to kill all the Borg we can, Lieutenant, if you don't like that, you can stay behind," Rachel snaps, she wasn't in the mood to put up with the Xindi's attitude right now. "I'm sure the Borg would love to have you in the collective, or should we keep going?"

"Yes ma'am, sorry ma'am," Ivark says.

"That did it Commander," Davis' voice says on the other end of Rachel's commbadge. "Thanks to your help, we are starting to re-take the ship, but the Borg is making one final push towards Engineering, we need your help down here, Commander Covaks."

"Okay, we're on our way," Rachel says, and they step into the turbolift, Rachel had a feeling this was going to be a very long mission.


"Why can't we ever just have a straightforward mission?" Rachel wonders out loud as they step out of the turbolift. "I swear, sometimes I think Starfleet is cursed to have to put up with these crazies from now until the end of time."

"It's better than a boring survey mission; I'd rather be where the action is," Ivark says.

"Yeah, but between the Romulans, the True Way, the Klingons, and now the Borg, it's hard to get a boring mission on any ship," Rachel says. "And that's only what we know about, the galaxy is a big place, there could be other species that we don't know about that hate us."

"Okay, so I'll give you that one," Ivark says as they round another corner, and are met with more Borg fire.

"Well, looks like you'll get your wish then," Rachel says, but she was worried, what if the Borg had adapted already, then again these Borg seemed different somehow, could they even adapt? There was no point in taking a risk, they had to take out the Borg fast, and make the final push to Engineering.

"Okay, so what's the plan this time, Commander?" One of the security officers asks, there wasn't an adjoining room this time, so it wouldn't be that easy.

"Set weapons on a rotating frequency," Rachel says, and makes the adjustment on her pistols while the others do the same. "If this doesn't help, I don't know what will."

They move into view of the Borg, who is too busy being attacked by the Kithomer crew from the front to notice they are being flanked.

"Fire at will!" Rachel says, and they open fire on the Borg, who is caught completely off-guard, shields protected them, but are quickly shattered by the burst of Polaron Fire.

"Thank you, they almost overtook us there," one of the Kithomer crew members says, thanking them.

"There's still more Borg behind us," another says, pointing down towards Main Engineering where a last group of Borg is pushing towards the Warp core. "Please, you can't let them reach the warp core!"

"We're on it," Rachel says, and the 4 Constance crewmembers push through, heading down the ramp towards the Borg, opening fire on them.

"I need you to hold them off for a few minutes while I get this finished!" Commander Davis, a bald man working at a console shouts while Rachel and the others make it behind the barricade, continuing to fire on the advancing Borg drones.

"I really hate these guys," Rachel says, firing her pistols quickly, the Borg where quickly starting to adapt, every time she shot one down, another one seemed to appear with better shields, this was not going to go well.

"Done!" Davis shouts, as the power is restored to the ship's shields, they manage to shoot one more down, but none come after that. "Sounds like the Borg have hit your ship too; you might want to get over there."

Rachel presses her commbadge. "Kassadae, are you ready to go?" She asks.

"Everything is fine over here, ready to transport," Kassadae says on the other end.

"Commander Covaks to the Constance, lock on to all of our locations and beam us back," Rachel says, getting the confirmation. "Energize."


Rachel and Ivark return to the bridge, which is in shambles, Ivark moves to his spot at tactical while an Andorian named Syre approaches Rachel.

"Commander, I'm glad to see you're all right," Syre says. "It was horrible, the Borg attacked the ship we lost Captain Nelson, Dr. Irai, and most of the senior staff, you are the ranking officer right now, ma'am."

"That means…" Rachel says, falling back into the Captain's chair.

"Ma'am, you are now the acting captain of the Constance," Syre says.

"Okay, Lt. Commander Syre, take your station," Rachel says, remembering that Syre was the Second Officer, he nods and sits in his spot while Rachel activates the ship-wide comm. "This is Commander Covaks speaking, we have been through a lot since we arrived in the Vega system, but as of now I am taking on the position of Acting Captain with the death of Captain Nelson. We are going to stay and help out as much as we can, but as I am looking now, it does not look good. I ask that all of you stand by me for now, until a final decision can be made as to who will replace Captain Nelson."

She shuts off the comm., and sighs; this wasn't going to be easy, for anyone.

"Commander, we're being hailed by the U.S.S. Seacole," Ivark says.

"Put it on screen," Rachel says with a sigh as the image of an African woman with grey hair tied into a bun appears on the view screen.

"This is Captain Alcott of the U.S.S. Seacole, I assume that I am talking to the surviving Command officer," Alcott says.

"That would be me," Rachel says with a nod.

"We need your help, our transporters are down and there are four ships that require assistance, can you pick up the survivors and transport them to us?" Alcott asks.

"We'll pick them up," Rachel says.

"Thank you very much, Commander," Alcott says, and the transmission is cut.

"What ships are we picking up that still have survivors?" Rachel asks.

"The Kelvin, the Bohr, the Oakland, and the Montreal," Syre says.

"Okay, set a course for the nearest ship, I'll be in the ready room," Rachel says, and walks into the next room.


Rachel is going over crew rosters when Kassadae walks in.

"You wanted to see me, ma'am?" Kassadae asks, the medical officer looks at Rachel blankly, but Rachel can tell that she's a little nervous.

"Lt. Commander Kassadae, I've been going over the crew rosters, and I found a, discrepancy in one of them," Rachel says. "More specifically yours, it says that you are from Vulcan, but I have no confirmation of your birth, I was curious as to why."

Kassadae is starting to look uncomfortable. "Ma'am, I don't believe…"

"You're a Romulan, aren't you?" Rachel asks, and Kassadae is surprised by this. "Don't be so surprised, I'm quite familiar with Vulcans and you carry yourself differently than them. I'm a seasoned poker player, Lt. Commander, I can read people well."

"Yes, I am a Romulan, I was born on a Romulan colony, my parents were killed in the chaos following the supernova," Kassadae says, looking down. "The Vulcans, they raised me like I was one of their own; my adopted father got me into Starfleet. A lot of people don't feel comfortable serving with a Romulan, if…"

"Kassadae, I don't really care, I've seen the rest of your file, you're a good officer, and a compassionate person," Rachel says. "In fact, if Starfleet allows me to remain as Captain, I want you to serve as my Chief Medical Officer."

"Really? Well, I don't know what to say," Kassadae says. "Thank you very much, ma'am, just, I don't want the whole ship to know, that I'm a Romulan you know."

"I won't tell a soul," Rachel says. "But, I think that the crew wouldn't care, as long as you wish it, I will not tell anyone."

"Thank you ma'am," Kassadae says.

"Commander, we've finished transporting the survivors to the Seacole," Syre says over the comm.

"Okay, I'm on my way now," Rachel says, and walks back out onto the bridge.


"Thank you for all your help, Commander Covaks," Alcott says on the view screen. "You and your crew have saved many lives today."

"Yeah and something tells me the day isn't over yet," Rachel says, shaking her head as the communication shuts off.

"Commander, we're getting orders from Starfleet Command, we're to move to Vega IX to defend the colony from the Borg," Ivark says.

"Send them confirmation, helm, set a course," Rachel says, and the helm officer nods, and the ship goes off into warp towards the Vega Colony.


The Constance exits warp in the middle of a battle between the Federation and the Borg, which strangely consists mostly of small probe ships.

"Commander, the Borg has beamed down to the colony, but we can't get down there until we deal with them up here," Syre says.

"Ivark, lock phasers on the nearest target," Rachel commands. "Open fire!"

The Constance fires phaser beams at the already battered and damaged Borg Probes, it was not going to be an easy fight though. While they had managed to do massive damage to the Borg probes, the Federation had already lost 3 ships.

"Enemy shields are down to 47%," Ivark says, Rachel slams her fist down onto the arm of her chair. "What else can we throw at them?"

"Well, the captain had a Quantum Torpedo launcher installed, but I don't know…" Ivark says.

"Open fire with everything we've got, I want those Borg destroyed!" Rachel shouts, as a volley of blue torpedoes are fired from the Constance, impacting the Borg probes, several explode on the impact, giving the old ship a chance to slip through the battle and entering orbit around Vega IX.

"We're being hailed by the Victoria," Ivark says.

"On screen," Rachel says, and the screen activates to show a woman in her 40's with a sharp look in her eyes.

"Commander Covaks, I should have known, well, we've got the situation in hand, you all should make your way to the surface, good luck and Godspeed," the captain says, and cuts off the transmission.

"What was that about, ma'am?" Syre asks.

"Don't ask, Ivark, you're with me, Syre, you have the bridge," Rachel says, and heads out of the bridge down the turbolift, with Ivark following her.


Rachel and Ivark, followed by Kassadae and 2 security officers teleport down to a barricade where Starfleet officers are shooting at the advancing Borg, which are sort of spaced sporadically.

"Commander Covaks, I'm Commander Kelly," an African man with a graying beard says, greeting the away team. "We've got a situation down here, we're trying to get the civilians evacuated off the planet, but several have been captured by the Borg. It's strange; they are making no effort to assimilate them, yet."

"That is bizarre," Rachel says, remembering the behavior of the Borg back on the Kithomer as being unusual as well. "What do you want us to do?"

"Free the trapped colonists for a start," Kelly says, glancing over Rachel. "With all due respect, Commander, I'm familiar with your reputation. Are you going to actually follow orders this time?"

"Commander, the Borg is no laughing matter," Rachel says, and heads into the settlement with the others following her. They soon stumble across a group of Borg surrounding a terrified colonist.

"Please, someone, help me!" The poor colonist exclaims.

"We are the Borg, resistance is futile, you will be assimilated," the Borg drones say, seemingly in unison.

"I swear, I hate these things," Rachel says, drawing her pistols with a spin, and opens fire on the Borg, followed by the rest of the officers, the Borg quickly fall under their fire, and the frightened colonist scurries away.

"If I may ask, ma'am, what is it with you and the Borg?" Kassadae asks.

"My great-uncle was at Wolf 359 when the Borg first attacked," Rachel says, moving forward, and spotting another group of Borg, she fires a fury of Polaron shots, taking out one Borg right away. "And you remember what happened there, don't you?"

Wolf 359 of course was a massacre; an entire fleet had been destroyed by a single Borg Cube, as what tended to happen when they fought the Borg.

"Oh, well, that is understandable," Kassadae says, and shoots at the Borg. The Borg didn't last much longer, and soon the rest of the colonists where freed, and where on their way to safety. But the day was not won yet, as they left the settlement, they see nearby a massive structure.

"Commander, we've got a lock on the Borg structures on the ground," Syre says over Rachel's commbadge. "But we need you to disrupt the shield generator that is protecting them, if we can take them out, we could drive the Borg from the Vega colony."

"Okay, got it," Rachel says, taking out her tricorder which includes a map, she gets an idea of where the generator is, and they head for it.

The Generator is strangely unguarded, or so it seemed until they got closer, until a single Borg comes into view. Tall and massive, Rachel noticed Jem'Hadar features, she filed that away for later, but for now, they had to take it out.

"Cover me, I'm gonna make a run for the generator!" Rachel says, and the 4 officers open fire on the Heavy Drone while Rachel makes a run for the generator. The Borg's shield is much stronger than the others, but while Rachel works at the generator, it is becoming apparent that it was penetrable, as the shields surrounding the devices shut down.

"That's it, Commander, beaming you up now," Syre says, and Rachel and the others vanish in pillars of light, then a rain of quantum torpedoes take out the Borg devices.


Rachel groans falling back into the Captain's chair on the bridge, the battle with the Borg had taken a lot out of her.

"Commander…" Ivark says.

"WHAT NOW?" Rachel snaps the poor acting captain is not in a good mood.

"We're getting a message from Admiral Quinn," Ivark says.

"Put it on screen, what else could possibly happen…" Rachel says, and the screen turns on to reveal an aging man with short white hair, and a white beard.

"Commander Covaks, I've heard many things about you, it's good to finally meet you," Quinn says.

"I swear, the rumors of my insubordination are highly exadurated," Rachel says. "We lost the captain, what now, are we gonna get a new one?"

"Why? I think the Constance has a good one right now," Quinn says, causing Rachel to do a double-take. "I have seen your record, while you have had some, incidents, I believe what you have done is in the best interests of the people. You would make a fine Captain."

"Me, a Captain?" Rachel asks.

"The Borg have been driven out of Vega Colony, the Constance needs to return to Earth to get more crew," Quinn says. "You have that time to think of your new First Officer and senior staff; I look forward to seeing you."

Rachel is in shock, she had never expected this.


A day later, the Constance has docked at the Earth Starbase, in the meeting room, the remaining senior staff is watching as Admiral Quinn pins the fourth rank thing onto Rachel's uniform. Rachel moves up to the podium, taking a deep breath.

"I could stand up here and quote some of the great captains in history," Rachel says, she didn't like having to give speeches, but hey, this was a big moment. "But this isn't a time to think about them, nor is it a time to think about me. The fact is, what we should remember is the people that didn't make it home. We lost some good people in the Vega colony, we have lost a lot of good people since the first Enterprise left Earth, but we have always looked forward. I am reminded of all the people that have had this rank in the past, those that have become legends, and those that have been forgotten. Progress comes at a price, but the time will always come that the price is too high for some, while we look out to that next star; we sometimes forget those that we leave behind. This Federation was not formed on the principles of war, but on peace and exploration. I am reminded of the words of Captain Jonathan Archer during the Xindi threat, 'Do you remember when we left Earth? We where explorers then, when this is over, you will be again.' Have we forgotten this in the war? Or perhaps, can we look deep inside ourselves, and allow that explorer spirit to return. That is what I will strive to do, as captain of the U.S.S. Constance."

She steps away from the podium, and slowly the crowd begins to clap.


Captain's log, supplemental.

We have been given a few days to rest on Earth, and we will take that opportunity. And when we are done, it is time to get back to our real mission. To go and seek new forms of life and cultures, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

For that is our true mission, the true mission of Starfleet.


Wow, finally done with chapter 1, thought I'd never finish this.

Next up, chapter 2. We meet the rest of the main characters on board the Constance at least, and as they get underway to perform the First Contact mission that they were first diverted from. But also, they run into an enemy that will make many more appearances. Wait for chapter 2, "First Contact."