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One month later...

The boys were by the Palm Woods pool just relaxing. They were given a day off because Gustavo was getting too hot headed. Kelly stepped in and suggested that everyone take a break. The boys ran out of the recording studio and went straight for the pool. It was the typical California weather that the boys would often miss thanks to recording.

"Logan! Logan!"

The cautious one of the group sat up to see who was calling him. He saw his girlfriend, Camille.

"I got the part!"

He smiled and met her halfway, enveloping her into a tight hug.

"See, I told you. You had nothing to worry about," Logan said.

"Thanks babe," Camille said.

Babe. He never got tired of hearing that from her.

The couple walked towards the other boys. They congratulated Camille on landing a lead role on Vampires RN. Everything was slowly falling into place – for the boys and Camille.

"So I heard you boys got the day off," Camille said.

"Yep. James and I are going to stay here and finally take a well-deserved break," Carlos answered.

"Where's Stephanie?" she asked.

"She went to go visit her mom for a few days," he replied.

Camille looked at Carlos and James and shook her head. Those two were probably going to wreak havoc to this hotel by the end of the day. She looked over at Logan and Kendall and saw that they had the same thought.

She turned back to Logan, "So since you have the day off, I was thinking you and I could double date with Kendall and Jo? How does Santa Monica Pier sound?"

"Sounds great," Logan loved going on dates with Camille, "Let me ask Kendall."

"Yeah, that's a great idea," Kendal agreed, "Let me text Jo."

Camille stopped him, "Don't bother. This was her idea and she's already set to go."

Kendall laughed, "Leave it to Jo to always be prepared for anything," he got up, "I'm gonna get changed and I'll meet you at the Lobby in half an hour?"

"I'll come with you," Logan followed, "Considering our girlfriends are ready to go."

Camille stood up, "I'll be with Jo and I'll see you in half an hour babe."

She gave Logan a kiss on the cheek. He instantly remembered the evening after the dance when he dropped her off. He smiled. She started to make her way to Jo's place.

"Dude," Kendall raised an eyebrow, "you're falling for her hard."

Without hesitation, Logan replied, "Yeah, I am."

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