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So I wrote it.

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iSn't it awsome?

" Wow! I can't belive this! " Carly Shay was screaming loud, shaking her best friend, Sam Puckett " They're coming here! Here! Can you belive it?"

" I got it, Carls! They're coming here! Here! " Sam smiled, imitating her best friend's voice.

" Sam, you don't get it! " Carly was surprised Sam didn't understand the main point of the discussion " He is coming here, too! At my house! Him! Can you belive this? He's sooo hot! "

" Who's hot? " asked Freddie Benson, walking in the appartament.

" Not you " answered Sam, smirking.

" Puckett " he greeted her, smirking as well " Carly " he added, smiling.

" Fredlumps " was Sam's answer.

" Hi, Freddie! By the way, I was talking about Chad Dylan Cooper " Carly said, with a dreamy look on her face.

" Wait, he's not the blond guy of that Drama you like to watch? " Freddie demanded.

Wrong question.

" The blond guy of a Drama? " Sam took him from his t-shirt " Are you kidding? He's the best actor of our generation aaaaand the hottest guy on the planet! Got it? "

" Okay, sorry, sorry! " Freddie said headlong " Just let me go, now! "

Sam let him go, but with a "I keep an eye on you" look.

" So, why is best actor of our generation aaaaand the hottest guy on the planet coming here in Seattle? " Freddie asked, using the same words Sam used before.

" Well, the producer of "So Random!" and "Mackenzie Falls" watched our last show. Isn't it awsome? " Carly answered, smiling " And he e-mailed me and asked me if the members of the shows could come here on iCarly and I said yes! Isn't it awsome? And then " she added " He said that we could go to their studios at Hollywood and make some sketchs as guest star! Isn't it awsome?"

" Carly, it's the third time you say "Awsome" in a sentence " Sam smirked.

" Technically, they were three different sentences " Freddie pointed out.

" Dude! " Sam warned him.

" Okay, I'll shut up! "

" So, when are these guys coming? " Sam asked, opening the fridge " Is there no ham? "

" No, Spencer went to buy it, he should come home any minute. They're coming in two days, by the way. I'm so excited! Isnt' ...? "

" ... It awsome? " Sam and Freddie finished the sentence for her. She glared at him.

" Aren't I allowed to speak at the same moment as you or what? "

Sam just rolled her eyes.

" Well, it's great they're coming here! " Freddie began to talk again " I love "So Random!" and I can't wait to meet Sonny! "

" As if you could have a chance with her " Sam pointed out, glad to be able to insult him.

" You know, Sam, I'm not that bad! There are a lot of girls at school that... "

" Yeah, whatever, Dorkboy! "

" Hey kiddos! Could someone open the door? I've the hands full of ham! " Spencer's voice came from outside the door.

" Ham? " Sam stormed and let Spencer in, taking all the ham off his hands and put the most of it on her mouth.

" She's no manners. And then she complains of not having a boyfriend " Freddie murmured to himself.

" Hi heahd yhouh! " Sam answered, her mouth still full.

" What? "

" I said "I heard you!" ,so beging to run, because you'll regret what you said! " she warned him, swallowing.

While Freddie was thinking a good place for hiding, Carly was telling Spencer about the special guest who were going to come in a few days.

" So, can we give them hospitality here? " Carly asked with a small voice.

" Are you kidding? Of course we can give them hospitality! " Spencer almost screamed " The best actor of our generation's coming here? I can't wait to make him sign my DVD collection of "Mackenzie Falls"! And I can even play my benjo! "

Sam and Freddie looked at each other, hoping they missunderstood. Spencer wasn't going to play his banjo, was he? Saying he was terrible at it was a compliment!

Those were gonna be loooong days.

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NEXT CHAPTER: iMeet the greatest actor of our generation