Blurry black marks in the sky were the first thing that came into focus as Tony came to. The events of the past couple of hours came flooding back in flashes as Tony's head cleared, just how long had he been out of it. Tony groaned as pictures of a team bonding exercise, driving home with McGee and the idiot who ran the red light filled his head. Suddenly remembering he wasn't alone in the car Tony became a lot more alert and ignoring the resisting of his body slowly rose to his feet.

Tony looked around searching frantically for the car when he noticed that he had ended up on the bottom of a small embankment. When had he gotten out of the car, let alone walked down here. Stumbling over every second step Tony climbed up the embankment and almost gasped when he saw the state of the cars. In front of him was a workers truck with all manner of materials all over the road, but what worried Tony the most was the one metal pipe that had crashed straight through the windscreen of the car he and McGee were in.

Tony ran as fast as humanely possible to the passenger side door of the car and just about ripped the car door of its hinges trying to get it open. "Oh my god" Tony gasped when he looked down and saw that McGee had one end of the metal pipe impaled in his gut. Tony thinking quickly tore of some of his shirt and packed it around the pipe hoping to stop any bleeding until paramedics arrived. Remembering that they had decided to take a back road as a short cut Tony realised that anyone who could have called 911 were in the cars. Tony patted his pockets and was relieved to find that it was still in his pocket. Tony pulled it out only to discover that it had smashed into 2 separate pieces and the screen was completely black. "Dammit" Tony cursed as he quickly left McGee to check on the driver of the other car.

"You'd better have a bloody good reason for running that red light" Tony said as he opened the car door to the truck. The first thing Tony noticed was all the blood, the second thing was the glassed over lifeless appearance of the drivers eyes. Tony felt for a pulse and wasn't surprised when there was none.

"Let's see who you are" Tony muttered as he looked for the driver's wallet and more importantly a mobile phone. Thanking god that he had both Tony opted to call the ambulance first.

"911 what is your emergency?" A robotic female voice said on the other end of the line.

"This is NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, I need urgent assistance at a 2 vehicle MV," Tony explained, and then realising there was no street signs raced back to the NCIS vehicle to get a GPS reading hoping it was working "umm we are at Old Lincoln Road, one deceased and one injured, hurry".

Tony hung up the phone and looked down only to see that McGee was awake and staring right at him.

"Hey Buddy," Tony said with a smile on his face "Just don't move a muscle, you're going to be fine, paramedics are on the way"

McGee nodded but was still staring at Tony. "Tony..." McGee mumbled "you're head it's bleeding"

"Yeah Probie," Tony replied putting a hand to his head "I got knocked out, but I'm fine let's worry about you"

Tony pulled his hand away from his head to put more packing and pressure around the metal pipe when he saw that his whole palm was covered in sticky bright red blood.