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Chapter 17: Eight Months Later: Gabriel

"What's his name?" The doctor asked, handing the little boy to Bella. She looked at her son and then at Kevin. "If you don't know yet,"

"Gabriel," she said softly, Kevin looked at her. "His name is Gabriel, like the angel."

"OK," the doctor nodded. "Sure. I'll leave you two." Kevin sat down with her.

"He's tiny," he whispered.

"Yeah," she said softly. He kissed her forehead. "What's his last name?" He looked at her. "I've been, I mean, I can't decide."

"That's your call," Kevin said. "I'd like it to be Reed." She nodded.

"Well Riley's going to be in there," she shrugged, "I meant in what order, Riley-Reed or Reed-Riley." He smiled.

"So, then we're keeping him?" He asked. She nodded. "I like Reed-Riley better. Thanks for picking my first name."

"I like it," she said, "he looks kind of like an angel, doesn't he?" He smiled.

"Yeah, a little," he whispered. "Bella," she looked at him. "Gordon's going to forgive you."

"Maybe he will," she said softly, "maybe he won't. I have way more important things to worry about now, I mean, I have to ace my LSATs the same year that Gabriel here goes to preschool." Kevin laughed.

"Yeah, that'll be a tough year," he nodded. She laughed. "Can I hold him?"

"Sure," she said and handed him the bundle. "Enjoy this, while he's sleeping I mean, according to Eva, all babies do is scream."

"I think technically according to Eva all you did was scream," he said. She laughed.

"So?" She said, "he's my son. He might take after me." He laughed. "So he's named, godparents?" He looked at her.

"I always thought that Gordon would," he swallowed. She nodded. "Dean?"

"Definitely Dean," she said. "Eva?"

"Sure," he said. "Yeah, definitely." He looked at her. "Are you coming back to Georgetown?"

"I think so," she said.

"Good," he whispered, "because there's a nursery and a nanny, at my parents." She looked at him. "You can say no, Bella, obviously, if you feel weird, and no pressure, on us. Pressure is something you're going to feel enough of."

"Kevin, of course," she said. "I really liked living with your family this year. And you know that it's what means the most to me, being with family, I want Gabe to have that."

Dean Norris walked into the Conways and saw Gordon sitting on the back deck.

"Hi there," he looked at him.

"What are you doing here Dean?" Gordon said.

"I was in town," he shrugged, "I figured I'd stop by."

"Dean," he said, "I can count to nine." Dean nodded. "How are the happy parents?"

"They're good," Dean shrugged. "It's a boy, named Gabriel."

"Super," Gordon nodded.

"Gordie, you gotta let it go man," he said. "I mean, stop torturing yourself at least, it'll kill you." He sat down. "When Trina,"

"I'm gonna stop you," Gordon said, "because it's different and you know it."

"You're right it's different," Dean nodded. "Because Trina didn't cry and beg me to forgive her. She wasn't in love with me anymore, she was in love with someone else." He stood up. "They made a mistake man, and she's gonna need you more now than she ever did."

"I just can't right now," Gordon shook his head.

"Fine," Dean nodded. "I'm going over to the hospital now it might be a good time to bury the hatchet."

"I'm not ready to bury the hatchet," Gordon shook his head. "I'll reach out to them when I am, OK?"

"OK," Dean said. "I'll see you later." Gordon nodded.

"Sure," he said. "Hey, Dean," Dean turned. "Have you seen them?"

"Yeah," Dean nodded.

"And?" Gordon said.

"They're you know, happy," Dean shrugged. "They're not together Gordie, if that's what you're asking."

"I know," Gordon said. "That's not what I was asking, I was more asking,"

"The baby looks more like a Riley," he said. Gordon looked at him. "I mean it, I've seen TJ's baby pictures, OK? Looks just like him, a little darker I guess."

"Yeah," Gordon said. "Have you and Bella been talking a lot lately?"

"She's my best friend and she just had a baby," Dean said, "yeah, we've been talking." Gordon looked at him. "She's been missing you. She doesn't say it, but I can tell. It doesn't help that Cole's been keeping his distance too."

"Really?" Gordon said. Dean nodded. "Why?"

"When she first decided to keep the baby," Dean laughed, "and you broke up with her, Eddie proposed. A move that kind of pissed Elisa off, so she asked him to steer clear of Bella for a while."

"So you mean she went through that whole pregnancy without Eddie?" He said. Dean shrugged. "God she must have hated that."

"Well, she had me," Dean shrugged. "And you know, she and Kevin are living together. But yeah, it was hard for her."

Anne was rolling a mail cart through the offices dropping off different publicists mail for the day, when her phone buzzed. She took it out. It was a text and picture from Eva.

Baby is adorable! Wish you all could be here. It's a boy. Gabriel Richard. Love you!

She smiled. She had opted out of the trip to Minnesota to see Bella and the baby, mostly because she thought it would be weird to see her cousin right after she had her ex-boyfriend's baby. She stopped as she got to her dad's office. She walked in, but stopped standing in the doorway, when she realized he had a client in with him.

"Hi Daddy," she said.

"Hi Baby," he said, "did you hear from anyone?"

"Yes, Eva," she laughed, "it's a boy, Gabriel Richard." Steve smiled and then the man in the seat turned around. "Sorry, I just," she stopped.

"You remember Shawn right?" Steve said.

"Uh, yeah," Anne nodded. "Hi," she waved.

"Hi," Shawn said awkwardly. "I should go anyway Steve, just wanted to report on how the tour went."

"Glad to hear it went well." Steve nodded. Shawn stood up and smiled at Anne and walked out. "Amazing that that hasn't happened before."

"Mm," she nodded. "Yeah, amazing, here's your mail. I think I'm going to head home."

"OK," he said. "Are you alright, baby?" She looked at him and smiled.

"Yeah," she nodded, "I'm happy for Bella, really. I'll see you at home." She walked out into the hallway.

"Hey pretty girl," she turned and giggled and kissed Shawn. "Mm, that was close."

"Seriously," she laughed. "You have to warn me when you're coming in," he laughed.

"I'm sorry," he said, "I didn't know," she looked at him. "I'm serious, OK? My plane got in early this morning, and your dad called and asked if I could stop by and I did. That's all." She nodded. "I was going to call you tonight, I promise." She kissed him. "I missed you."

"I missed you too," she said softly. "But if we get caught, we're dead and we'll really miss each other." He nodded. "So next time you have a last minute meeting, please just let me know?"

"I promise," he nodded. "So, about tonight?"

"I'll tell them I'm seeing a movie with Victoria," she nodded. "Next week I'm going to visit my brother though."

"OK," he nodded. "I'll see you later."

"OK," she giggled and kissed him again. She and Shawn had run into each other a few times while she was working and once they'd gotten past the awkward "I'm sorries," they started talking more, and then they'd run into each other at a club. Unfortunately she had also run into Hunter at the same club and she wanted desperately to make him jealous, which lead to making out with Shawn. She hadn't planned on going home with him but now she was glad she had. The only downside was that they had to keep things a secret. "Bye," she waved and bounced away. She got outside and saw Victoria waiting for her.

"Hi," Victoria said.

"Hey," Anne smiled. "So Shawn was in with my dad."

"Shut up!" She said. "Do you think he suspects?"

"No way," Anne shook her head. "I'm just glad he's back, I missed him."

"Aww," Victoria giggled. "Are you going to call Hunter before he heads back to Minnesota?"

"Why would I call Hunter?" Anne asked. Victoria looked at her. "God, if you're so sensitive about his feelings, why don't you call him?"

"Anne, I've known Hunter since pre-school and I've never called him," Victoria laughed. "I just thought you might want to."

"I'm with Shawn now," Anne said. "I'm not doing the cheating thing. It's best that me and Hunter just stay separate."

"You wouldn't even be with Shawn if you hadn't seen Hunter that night," Victoria shook her head. Anne rolled her eyes. "Whatever, do you need me to cover for you tonight?"

"Just say that we're seeing a movie, which we are," Anne said. "Just after, I'm going to Shawn's." Victoria rolled her eyes.

Ellie sighed loading the last of Eddie's boxes into his car.

"Are you going to cry again?" He teased. They kissed softly.

"No," she whispered. "I am going to miss you though." He nodded. "Eddie," she said softly, "I um, I know you're leaving, but if you wanted to go see Bella and the baby before you went, I'd be OK with that."

"That's sweet," he said, "but look you were right," she looked at him. "Bella and I have been too attached to each other for too long," he explained. "And yeah, I'm always going to love her, and I think it was good for us to take a little break from one another."

"I know but," she started.

"Look," he said, "I'll see her when I see her OK? I'm glad you trust me again. I love you, you know that." She smiled and kissed him. "I'll call you when I get there."

"OK," she said. "I love you."

"I love you too," they kissed. She hugged on to him and buried her face in his chest. "I'm not crying."

"If you say so sweetheart," he laughed.

"This was a bad idea," Jace shook his head.

"Jace, it's one dinner," she said, "we put it off all summer while we were backpacking. And now we're in Venice anyway!"

"God, you're pushy," he said and pulled her close. She giggled. "Why is it so important to you that I make things good with my father?"

"Because," she said, "I have trouble trusting people who aren't close to their families." HE laughed.

"Not everyone's family can be like yours," he pointed out.

"Well, duh," she rolled her eyes, "my family is completely unique, but you should at least be able to sit down to a meal with your father."

"It's not that simple Trina," he shook his head.

"If you don't want me to sleep in a guest room at Jaime's house today," she said, "then yeah, it is." He groaned and they walked into the small house.

"Jason!" An older Italian woman walked over and hugged him tightly. "So tall and handsome now!"

"Hi Nona," he said, "Can we stick to English? For Trina?"

"Of course," she said, "hello, Trina."

"Hi Mrs. Cartoni," Trina waved, "it's nice to meet you."

"You are far too beautiful for Jason," she said, "I always said the same about his mother and Paulo too, though."

"Mama," Paulo walked out, "leave the poor girl alone." Trina smiled at him. "Hello Jace."

"Papa," Jace said coldly and shook his hand. Trina frowned. Her Uncles and her dad always shook hands to greet. She hated it. "You remember Trina?"

"Sure," he said. "She's bold this one."

"Obnoxious is usually my word for it," Jace laughed and put his arm around her. Trina smiled at him.

Carmen frowned getting off a plane in Minnesota. She'd taken a connecting flight, and she was really tired. She was only even in Minneapolis this early because she was directing the fall play. Danny had called her a few times, for the first time since her breakup with Cal, surely trying to secure himself the lead. She reached for her bag.

"Here," a boy grabbed it and handed it to her.

"Um, thanks," she nodded. She looked at him. He had dark hair and nice eyes, and was grinning a sort of half smirk.

"No problem," he said and looked at her bag. "You go to Eden Hall?"

"Um, yeah," she nodded. "Why do you?"

"No," he laughed, "I go to Blake."

"Oh, OK," she said. "My mom went there." He nodded. "I'm Carmen." She held her hand out and he shook it.

"I'm Terry," he said. "Terry Parsons."

"Nice to meet you," she nodded.

To be continued...