His body is on fire. Every nerve is in pain, sending signals of hurt and panic to his brain, paralyzing him. If he were mortal, not being able to breathe would have been problematic. He rolls on the forest floor, hands everywhere, desperate for respite. He hit something, or something hit him, there is no way this is natural.

His desperately searching fingers finally latch onto it, a dart in the back of his neck. He tries not to make noise, bites his lip to stifle the horribly scared sound. Poison. He's going to die here from poison, alone in the middle of a forest. One hundred years of life to die in a ditch.

It's inconsequential, but he throws the cursed thing anyway, a spike of pain shooting through his arm afterwards. His yell sounds loudly in the misty air, but all he can think of is the agony. His hands scrabble at the dirt and leaves. He writhes on the ground like a worm. He is going to die in this pathetic way in this pathetic place and nobody will ever know.

Mercifully, his vision starts to fade at the edges, blurring out of focus. The pain is still lancing through his mind, but he can only sigh, eager for the relief of ceasing to exist. He lets go, boneless, and awaits his fate.

"Looking a little paler than usual."

He cracks open an eye, blinking against the light. All he can see is bare feet, right by his head. Tanned bare feet. Oh shit.

"J-Ja-" He manages, before curling up in a miserable ball of distress. Everything still hurts, he hasn't passed out, why isn't he dead yet. Why is Jacob Black just standing there.

"You blood suckers can't even dodge a dart, huh. I'd be sorry if it was anyone else." He sounds far too smug, not to mention suspicious, however the ache splitting his bones apart stifles any protests he could have thought up.

"Why are you on my territory, Edward?" Jake spits at him like he's some sort of disease. "You're not welcome here, you never will be."

"J-Juh…" He's whining like a bitch, he realizes. Oh God, he'll never live this down. "Pl-"

"Am I hearing things or is Edward Cullen begging?" He is definitely getting closer, if the throbbing pain in his head is any indication. He can't even recoil when Jacob's feet settle inches from his face and the man bends low. The pain overpowers his fear. He hates being so vulnerable.

"Impressive, isn't it? We use it on prey, but I guess since you're undead you're kinda stuck." Edward feels a warm hand settle on his shoulder. Agony blooms from it and makes him curl right up around Jacob's legs, clutching for dear life. He's dry heaving, choking on air. "I can make it stop."

"Pl-plea…" His vision tunnels as he lies there shivering, sobbing. "Please…!"

"My pleasure." Jacob still has that superior tone, but he can't bring himself to care, salvation in his grasp. He feels a sharp twinge in his neck, right where he found the first dart, and for a small second he panics. It might be more poison, or a stronger variant, maybe he'll get his head torn off. He tries to twist around and see, but the werewolf pins him down, hand on his aching shoulder. "Don't move, leech."

Edward feels the warmth of the antidote circulate, replacing the heat of pain. Slowly, his cramped limbs let go of Jacob's legs. A sigh of relief passes his lips and he squirms away from the other man.

"Relax, Edward. I'm not gonna hurt you." He's sporting his usual grin, pearly whites flashing. If only it offered comfort.

"Th-thanks." He can barely talk, every muscle in his body relaxing. His tongue feels like a lead weight in his mouth. He could just sleep there, in the dirt, for all he cares. In fact…

"You're not gonna just pass out now, are you?" Jacob sounds incredulous, angry. "Come on, I'm not carrying you all the way home. Get up."

There's a foot nudging at his side, disrupting his hazy thoughts. Why is he sleeping again? Doesn't really matter. He huffs and turns over, belatedly realizing that he can't feel his legs at all. "Wh-wha…"

"What is it now, Cullen? I said I'm not carrying you and I-" He pauses, nose twitching comically. Edward would laugh if he were able. Right now all he wants to do is curl up and die, praying for the ground to swallow him whole, because he can't feel his legs and he's got the biggest hard-on he's ever had. By the thoughts flitting through Jacob's head, he's noticed this too. "You smell like…"

"Geh…" He coughs once, twice, willing his muscles into movement. "G-get away… from me. Pl-please…!" He's begging again, but his dignity is no longer on the line. Fuck it. "Just, just go!"

Jacob looks a little confused, sure, but his thoughts are still very much on sex and not so much on leaving, damn him. Edward twists away, fingers clawing at the dirt. If he has to drag himself away so be it. There's hands settling on his side, keeping him still, but he still struggles against them. "Let me go!"

The werewolf moves closer, settling down on top of him. Edward tries not to think of the pangs of lust flowing down to his dick from where Jacob touches him. Every point of contact is so warm. Jacob pushes him onto his belly, arms pinned to his sides between his muscular legs.

"You smell good." Fuck fuck fuck, the visions swimming in his brain are not helping his situation at all. Jacob begins a slow, rhythmic grinding into the small of his back, and if the thought of dying scared him before, the thought, the knowledge of what is about to happen to him sure terrifies him now. His legs refuse to cooperate, limp and numb. "Really, really good."

Edward pulls in a ragged breath as he feels Jacob lean in to pant against his neck. If… if he remembers correctly, the wolves never tried their poison on the vampires. It only made sense that they didn't test the antidote either. Oh God, the antidote was an aphrodisiac. He squeezes his eyes shut and lets out a pained grunt when Jacob puts his full weight on him, pushing his erection against his ass. Oh God.

"You're wearing too much." Is his only warning before his clothing is torn to shreds, the shock of it making him stiffen up. Jacob bites his shoulder lightly, groaning. Damn him. Hot, hot hands caress his bare sides appreciatively, making blood rush to both his groin and his face. He can't help whimpering under the sensory assault. He hears Jacob shifting above him, and even without the ability to see it in his thoughts, he knows that the werewolf is taking off his shorts. And that he's going commando.

He lets out a small, scared wail when Jacob pushes his cock against his bare ass again, completely nude. He's big, he can feel it, slick with precome. Jacob's projecting so many images into his mind he can barely think of anything else.

"L-lube. F-fuck." Oh please let Jacob be experienced with this sort of thing. He starts canting his hips back against the steady thrusts from the werewolf, trying not to moan. "I n-need lube, pl…!"

He feels the man's grin against his neck, feels him pull away. "Yeah, I got some." Edward tries not to think about how desperate he is for the werewolf's touch. He lays there on the ground, watching the werewolf tear into one of those single-serving packs. He swallows thickly when Jacob spreads it evenly over his fingers and straddles him once more.

His pained sob when that first digit pushes into him doesn't quite make it past his fist. His teeth are anchored into it, drawing blood. It feels strange inside of him, warming him up. Jacob's mind supplies him with a running commentary on how soft and wet and cold he feels, while the lewd sounds of approval the man on top of him makes serve to further his arousal. The finger squirms around inside of him, stretching him out and sending little bolts of pleasure to his straining dick.

Edward groans when Jacob thinks of adding the second digit, biting his fist that much harder when it's inside of him. The two digits are big just like the rest of him. They're pushing at his insides with intent, scissoring him open and getting him ready for the inevitable. The hot, slippery flesh of Jacob's arousal pushes against his thigh. He bites back a grunt of pain when Jacob decides he's ready and pulls his fingers out.

A strong set of jaws locks onto his shoulder, keeping him still. Edward really hopes the display they make isn't as humiliating as it feels. Jacob's hot, stiff arousal nudges insistently at the cleft of his ass. It would have been... Would have been good if he could do more than just lie there and take it. He turns his head into the dirt in shame.

Jacob growls around his hold, his erection having found purchase. The tip pushes hard at his lubed hole. Edward chokes and wiggles feebly as it pushes past the tight ring and splits him wide. The werewolf's legs settle between his own and nudge them further apart. The man has found his way in now, shoving his hips forward and down, burying himself inside. Edward cries aloud at the harsh treatment.

Jacob snarls at him to shut up like it's possible and pushes his face into the dirt. He whimpers pitifully from the pain and embarrassment. The aphrodisiac is still circulating in his veins, he can feel its flow in his body. He's getting fucked like a bitch, something he doesn't think anyone could stay quiet about. "F-fuck..."

Something is a little off about Jacob's erection. It's different at the base, thick and pushing insistently at his hole. Jacob grunts and grinds into him harder, holding him down. It feels quite big, like the size of a baseball, and it's... Oh God it's...

"Take it Edward, fucking take it." It starts to slide into him, and Edward tries to scream, but the breath has gone out of his lungs. He feels his anus stretch and split as the huge bump works its way into him where, impossibly, he feels it start to swell and grow larger. Jacob settles down then, panting, rolling his hips leisurely. His hands ease off of Edward's arms to slide over his shivering back. "You're so tight."

He can only sob in reply, the enormous knot in his ass keeping him pinned. Jacob fucks him slowly with it, carefully. Edward feels thankful for this one consideration, through the haze of whatever drug he'd been administered. It's as if his mind is being raped as well, overwhelmed by images and thoughts of lust and hormones.

Edward thinks he feels the man come inside him, a grotesque warmth flooding his ass. But still, he does not pull out. The vampire doesn't know what to do, but he can feel the enormous lump still stuck inside him as Jacob flops down on top of him and pins him fully against the ground.

Edward sobs helplessly into the dirt, unable to move for the drug even if he weren't covered by his weight.

"Sorry, but you'll have to wait. I… this…," Jacob shifts, demonstrating how they're linked together, "Isn't going to go away yet." He doesn't sound too unhappy about it.

"Wh-what is…" It's a really big effort to speak now, the urge to simply pass out a constant in his mind. "Why is your…"

Jacob squirms, understanding the question, the movement making Edward mewl at the feel of his cock stirring his insides. "I-it's a bit of an… inheritance, of the werewolf gene. It's a… it's called a knot, h-helps with… With mating. Heh."

He feels a tentative hand come to rest on his hair and pet it softly. Edward chooses not to comment, energy completely sapped. Respite lies in sleep, and he's more than willing for it.

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