He became accustomed to Jacob's peculiarities eventually. Edward had quite a lot of time to get used to the idea since that first incident, not that the werewolf had had any opportunity to see him in that period. His habit of taking off on solitary journeys wasn't going to go away any time soon.

So it was with great enthusiasm that he was greeted upon his return, and the two had fallen into a rather decent relationship. It wasn't needy or very gentle, but then again that just wasn't in their nature. They still fought, vied for dominance with fists and teeth and words. In public, it ended in the both of them going their separate ways, thick tension in the air.

In private, it ended almost always in sex.

However, it seemed this evening that wouldn't be the case. Their particularly vicious argument had wrapped up with a furious werewolf smashing one of the windows of Edward's home and leaving through it. All the vampire could sense from Jacob's mind was anger, strong and pure. There was no hint of underlying feeling; something Edward found irked him more than it should.

Edward could only pace around the estate. He was mad, not to mention frustrated, and his only outlet was out in the forest somewhere sulking. It wasn't that he couldn't relieve himself of his… problem, but it led to significantly less satisfaction and only left him craving for Jacob that much more.

"God damn him!" Retreating to his room for a round of self-gratification was in order, screw the outcome. The dog could go fuck himself.

Edward never really thought about the inner workings of his body. He wasn't one to become fixated on the 'hows' and 'whys' of his existence. This was all, of course, before Jacob had rudely barged into his sex life.

Questions like 'Do you bleed?' inevitably turned into 'How do you even get it up?' and 'I wonder if your organs can still work.' became 'How does it feel when I'm completely inside you? Do you feel it?'. No matter how close they'd become, it was still extremely embarrassing. It didn't help that Jacob had the habit of analyzing his existence for himself, stray thoughts meandering their way straight into Edward's doubts and insecurities.

Even now, on the floor and propped up against a bookshelf, he found himself staring at his dick and wondering. Fuck, he hated Jacob so much sometimes. He couldn't even masturbate properly anymore.

Not to say that he wouldn't. He had nothing better to do. Reaching out to Jacob's mind and settling down for a bland jerk-off session, Edward resigned himself to his fate.

Jacob was seething, sure, but he wasn't completely heartless. Despite how riled up Edward managed to get him, the werewolf was soon backtracking to the great big glass house. His loyalty to the guy was stronger than anything, not to mention his lust, if the uncomfortable bulge in his shorts was anything to go by.

Jacob never fully understood the circumstances that led to their first sexual encounter (he'd honestly only wanted to annoy the vampire) but it had become the foundation to a rather inflamed sex life. He wasn't complaining of course, but there was always that nagging thought in the back of his mind that told him it wasn't healthy. He'd have to eventually figure this out with Edward, even if it would lead to more fighting and perhaps a good lay and-

"Goddamnit!" This whole situation was messed up. He'd never have been able to picture himself here when he was little. It wasn't the worst way he could've ended up, but it still fucked up his self-perception. He couldn't think straight at all. Not that he had any 'straight' thoughts, with Edward being very much male.

Jacob winced at his own bad pun. What did the vampire see in him exactly?

Oh god, he was close. That proverbial coil of arousal was tightening in his belly, hitching his breath and making him moan. Every stroke of his hand milked a new, delicious pang of pleasure from his dick. Jacob's thoughts at the moment were conflicted, sure, but they kept going full circle back to him and sex. Every time, Edward could feel his erection throb in response. Closer and closer to the edge, he knew he wouldn't last. That werewolf would be the end of him.

Biting his lip, he fought off the urge to pant like a wanton whore. Orgasm was washing through his body, flowing through his dick, leaving him a shivering and breathless mess. A few CD cases fell to the floor following his boneless, satiated collapse against the book case. Edward paid them no mind, nudging them aside to lie comfortably on the carpet and bask in his afterglow.

He couldn't sleep, but he could rest. He let his mind dwell on meaningless things and simply drifted along with it. Something akin to dreaming.

He felt rather than heard Jacob enter the house. Curled up on the carpet, it didn't even take mind-reading to sense his presence. Regular, loud and sure footsteps on the main floor; walking on his heels, the mark of someone who'd never felt fear. The repetitive thunk-thunk-thunk of his feet hitting the stairs. For a short moment, the house had a heartbeat.

Edward could hear and feel the footsteps grow increasingly cautious, spacing out but nevertheless nearing his room. Belatedly he realized he'd neglected to tuck himself back in. Judging by the quick intake of breath a small ways behind him, he must've looked pretty debauched. Probably smelled like it too.

"Did you seriously just get off on us arguing?" Jacob sounded incredulous, but his thoughts meandered on less-than-chaste ideas. "I… I don't even-"

"Just shut up Jake. I know already." Edward was still feeling the after-effects of his orgasm, pushing Jacob's buttons and indulging himself. He curled up further into a fetal pose on the floor, gazing up at the hilariously indignant werewolf. "Mind reader, don't forget." Jacob's expression didn't change, so he sighed long-sufferingly like it was a huge bother. "You're not better."

Jacob had the decency to look a little embarrassed, but then a stubborn look bloomed on his face. "At least I can control myself."

"Barely." It was far too easy to fall into this banter with him. Edward often mused this part of their relationship to be their equivalent of foreplay. They'd argue, dancing around the subject of sex, innuendos getting dropped and hateful words hissed out. Edward unfurled languidly with every step bringing Jacob closer, arms reaching up as the werewolf bent low to join him. One last witty retort before their lips met and his hands smoothed down Jacob's bare back.

The heat he exuded while aroused would have been overwhelming for anyone but Edward, his unnaturally low body temperature keeping them balanced out. It was still stifling at times though. Burning rough hands palmed at his jeans and pulled them past his come-splattered hips. Jacob rubbed his cock afterwords, hand hot on his flesh. "Gh, God…!"

"Yes, my son?" Jacob replied, smirking into their kiss. Edward very briefly felt an uncontrollable urge to hit him for such an awful pun, but that would've been so… gay. "Damn it, Jake."

Jacob only chuckled and pushed himself down flush with Edward's body, their hips meeting and grinding together in the middle.

"Fuck, I can't, I need… I need to-" Edward knew what he wanted, saw with his mind's eye the thoughts sparking in Jacob's head. "I know, I know."

Jacob's shorts were easily discarded. He immediately started rutting against him when he was freed. His moans matched the rhythm of his forceful movements, increasing in volume and approval when Edward moved with him. "I fucking need…"

"Want you in me," Edward offered, burying his face in the werewolf's hot neck. Jacob was close to that point in his arousal, the one that reduced him to base instincts and single syllables. Stroking over his partner's erection confirmed it, the knot at the base swelling for him. "Fuck."

Jacob's spit-slick fingers slid into him while he was busy jerking him and caught him deliciously off-guard. Edward moaned his approval, muffled into his neck. The heat all around and inside him increased tenfold.

"N-now, please Jake. Ohgod." Edward didn't need to repeat himself, Jacob groaning and smashing their lips together in a hungry kiss. Their cocks met one last time before the werewolf hitched one of his legs over his shoulder. Despite how utterly submissive this position made him, the sheer amount of pleasure he knew he'd get out of it far outweighed any sort of worry over his appearance. Jacob was making him grow fond of it anyway.

Jacob's hot, hot erection nudged its way inside him, making their breaths hitch. Edward bucked up against his partner in an effort to get more, get closer. He needed it all, right now. "Jacob!"

"Holy fuck, Ed, haaaah. You're killing me. Sh-shit." Jacob held him close, bent almost in half with his one leg pulled high, and Edward snarled in frustration when he felt that familiar lump bump against his ass.

"Tie me already!"

"H-holy Christ you're demanding tonight. It's, ahh, hold on...!" The werewolf was pushing it hard against the stretched rim of his entrance. Edward sank his teeth into Jacob's shoulder and waited out the final part of their coupling, waited out the burning pain of such a massive intrusion. Despite all the practice he'd had since the first time, it hadn't gotten any smaller; if fact, at times it felt like it had grown, but he'd have to ask later. For now, he toughed it out and clenched his teeth and absolutely ignored the enormous influx of arousal Jacob's mind projected in that moment, lest he be swept away. "F-fuck, you're so… So tight. So tight."

It finally made it into his ass. Edward yelled out and scratched at Jacob's back, biting that much harder at the feeling of being so full and stretched. It still hurt, it still burned, he'd never get used to it. Nevertheless, he still craved it. Jacob carefully thrust it further in, the bulb rubbing against every sensitive area. Edward bucked and writhed from the pleasure. He could feel it swell even more and seal itself inside his ass.

"J-Jacob…!" It hurt, felt good, don't stop, don't stop, don'tyoudarefuckingstopJacob. The werewolf's mind was just as much of a mess. Everything was hazed, focused only on the rhythmic movement of their bodies and all of the pleasure it pulled from them. He was so close, they were both so close.

Jacob slipped and slammed hard against his prostate, sending the vampire straight over the edge and making him come. Edward's cries remained muffled into his shoulder, but his teeth drew blood. Jacob stifled his own yell into Edward's neck when his lithe body clenched around his cock and milked the orgasm from him.

It really, really hurt to breathe for that whole moment. Their bodies stiffened by their release, neither could bring himself to move at all. It wasn't until Jacob felt Edward shaking that he let himself go, going slack and pinning him to the floor.

Edward swallowed repeatedly, opened his bloody mouth, swallowed again. Words failed him. Jacob's cock was still erect and tied in his ass, made especially evident with any movement. He closed his eyes and savored the feeling.

Warm arms wrapped tight around his chest, followed by a gentle nuzzle at his neck. Words of affection danced around inside his brain, but Edward couldn't bring himself to figure out if they were Jacob's or his own.

The outcome would have been the same in any case, so he sighed and settled into Jacob's strong grip. This was only the beginning.

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