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Chapter 16: OMAKE II

"Thank you! Come again!" Rei's voice was oddly energetic and cheery. She handed a person a big white paper bag.

Croquette & Burger was busy as ever. Rei checked her watch; she wore it especially for her job. 6:30. No wonder why there's so many people. Dinner time.

"Ryuu-zaki-san!" A cashier appeared at her left, his soft yellow hair catching light. What struck Rei everytime she saw his face was his ice-blue eyes. They were stunningly attractive, and it took a lot of concentration not to stare into them.

"Hmm? Su-oh-san?" Rei closed her register. There wasn't anyone ordering anything, so she looked to him and started chatting. She quickly looked down after she met his glance, but kept on smiling.

"So, you're about to complete your first week here, huh?" He turned to her.

"Mhmm. Getting used to it here already." She turned her back to the register and stretched. "Even though I kinda got forced into this job, it's not bad. So long as I can keep up my studies, the extra pocket money isn't bad."

"Ah, youth." He smiled. "College isn't like that." Rei looked to him. She darted her gaze, avoiding his eyes again.

"You sound like you're not young. A freshman in college isn't that old." She laughed.

Yuu narrowed his eyes. "Are you saying that I am old?"

"Well, you weren't denying it a while ago!"

Yuu laughed. "Yeah, I guess so. But I am older than you," he started wagging his right pointer finger at her, "so I'm your senior and you have to listen to my advice. It can only benefit you."

Rei nodded studiously at him. "Yes, grandfather. I understand!"

A black-haired customer walked to her counter. "I'd like a…" His eyes scanned the menu above. Yuu looked at him patiently, despite Rei already handling the customer. "Chicken croquette with rice platter."

"Okay," Rei typed in the price on her register. "Anything else?"

"One medium sized coke, please. I'm eating here." The person looked to Rei and Yuu and looks elsewhere."

"Okay, it'll be 830 yen." The customer gave the money to Rei and she sent the order to the cooking staff behind her. The food came out steaming, and the customer took it to a table.

"So what were we talking about?" She asked Yuu.

"You called me a grandfather…" Yuu trailed off unhappily.

"Because grandfathers are known for their advice. Well, all old people are. What advice do you have?"

"…Hmmm…" Yuu contemplated. "Be strong and never forget."

"Never forget what?"

"Everything," Yuu said simply. "Your beginnings, your family, what you're living for, all those things." He casually shrugged his shoulders.

"But…" Rei wanted to argue back, but thought better of it. "…Okay."

"They're just important things. Even if you go to a boarding school and aren't with your family anymore, they are still important, ya know? They helped create you in more ways than one."

"Yeah…" Rei said. "They did, that's true." …But… She couldn't help thinking, I can't remember anything now. Who's to say that who I am currently is the same as who I was? Who can say that I haven't erased the workings of my past?