Bella's POV

Today was the first day of high school for me and my best friends who are twins, Alice and Emmett Cullen. We're all 14 and not exactly thrilled to be freshmen or if the rumors are true than we'll be called fresh meat by the upper class men. I shower and put on a pair of my skinny blue jeans with a short sleeve black shirt and a pair of my chucks before I put on a little bit of make up. I only wear make up when I feel like it, I'm not one of those girls who wear make up all the time and I rarely wear skirts or dresses. I grab my book bag, I pod, and my purse which has my keys, wallet, and my cell phone in it, I walk downstairs.

There I see my parents, Renee and Charlie Swan sitting at the kitchen table. They question me about how I'm feeling about my first day of high school and I swear I think mom is gonna start bawling her eyes out at the mention of me going to high school. I tell them bye and slam the front door shut before walking to the Cullen house which is only two blocks away from my house. When I get there I knock on the door excepting Emmett or Alice to answer the door and I am shocked to see their father Edward sexiest, gorgeous God of a man Cullen. I can't do anything but stare into his green eyes while he runs his fingers through his reddish brown sex hair and gives me that signature Edward smirk. Oh shit I think I just came in my panties and I am almost positive that I have drool running down my chin. Damn that man!

I haven't even noticed Edward telling me to come in the house and me and him moving to the kitchen. I wipe my mouth and chin while he turns his back to me to get a plate that is full of pancakes, eggs, and bacon and sitting it in front of me as I sit in a chair opposite him. Edward Cullen got his first girlfriend pregnant at the age of 13 and in the same year became a father. His girlfriend at the time didn't want the kids or to continue her pregnancy but Edward and his parents talked her into continuing her pregnancy and letting Edward's parents, Carlisle and Esme to help Edward raise the baby which they later discovered was two babies. I never knew that a 13 year old boy could get a girl pregnant but it's true. Esme says that Edward was very mature and responsible for his age which worked in everybody's favor in this situation. And now here he is at the age of 27.

I honestly have no idea what's wrong with me this is my best friends' father and I am picturing him naked in my mind, yes I have seen him naked before. The day I turned 14 I Edward talked my parents into having me a birthday party at their house and I had arrived early because Alice wanted to help me pick which bathing suit I should wear to the party so I went into the bathroom to put on the first bathing suit which was in my hand when I opened the bathroom door there stood Edward naked in all his heavenly glory. I think he ruined me for all men and he hasn't even touched me.