Long lost words whisper slowly to me
Still can't find what keeps me here
When all this time I've been so hollow inside
I know you're still there

Watching me, wanting me
I can feel you pull me down
Fearing you, loving you
I won't let you pull me down

Hunting you, I can smell you - alive
Your heart pounding in my head

Watching me, wanting me
I can feel you pull me down
Saving me, raping me, watching me

Watching me, wanting me
I can feel you pull me down
Fearing you... loving you
I won't let you pull me down

Evanescence, "Haunted"

Um...I'm Back! Yeah, I wanted to get back sooner, but I got stuck...So...Yeah, this may or may not stay posted, but if anyone/ EVERYONE (hint hint) reviews, I may be more inclined to keep it and continue it, which by that point, this fic may or may not have another 1-3 chapters.

It had been two years since Russia, and I find myself wondering more and more what had exactly happened back there. I don't know what he had done to me, but I did know that Wesker didn't leave me unaltered. Of course I had been examined by the BSAA and re-examined by my family friend Rebecca Chambers, and nothing had been found, but I still knew that something was not right in my head. I tried so hard to act like nothing was wrong, but Chris saw through my fears.

"Robin, are you sure that you want to come?" Chris had been asking me that all day.

I puckered my face at him, "I need to work too! What kind of girlfriend would I be if I just sat around the place?"

He rolled his eyes at me, "A normal one."

We had been living together for the past twenty months or so, "You do know it's not the Fifteenth Century anymore?"

"Good thing it's not, or I would've had a much harder time with work," He chuckled at his little joke, even though it was the truth.

I shrugged, smiling at him, "Yeah, but we could've been together alot sooner if it were."

"What do you take me for? It was hard enough for the past eighteen months..." He shuddered, recalling his battle to get used to being with me.

"Yeah, you're right. If it were back in the day, I wouldn't have been able to work with such a stud," I winked at him before finish packing my ammo and some healing items.

We were off to investigate an undisclosed location, somewhere near Sydney. A local cartel the BSAA had suspected of dealing B.O.W.s, called Chrome Springs, was being tracked into a remote area in Australia, and Chris and I were being sent in to bring in the ringmasters. However, they had fallen off the map and we had zero information of their whereabouts since, though our informant has taken refuge in a nearby town. I had a bad feeling about this...

Chris's POV:

Robin has been having nightmares for the past few months, and at first I just thought that it was her coping with the trauma of what had happened in Russia, but the last few nights, she's been waking up in the middle of the night screaming. She doesn't make sounds when she yells, she shouts out a single name: Wesker. I asked her about it once and she said that she didn't remember waking up at all. I wish I wouldn't have brought it up, because now every morning when she wakes up, I can see her wonder if she did it again, but she's trying to be brave, so she never asks. There's been other things as well, but I know that she'll just deny it, so I don't bother asking, because she has enough to deal with.

For our work in Russia, we got promoted, but because it was her first job and she was out for most of it, people assumed that she got the promotion for the wrong reasons. She only got a small raise and was appointed as an official member who could operate alone under orders, and she got that much only because I, as her partner, was allowed to give orders. It had nothing to do with us, it was a matter of convenience for the higher ups. No body believed that though, and they gossiped all kinds of terrible things, and although she knew better, she was rattled.

Robin was strong, but I wasn't sure how much she could really take. Nightmares, rumors, and there was one other thing, though I don't think she knew that I knew about it. I doubt anyone knows about it.

Two years ago...

It was just after Robin left to go shopping with her mother and sisters, I was talking with Barry about Robin. He had asked me if I had noticed anything strange about her lately. I told him that she wasn't feeling that well, and he asked me if I thought it had anything to do with womanhood. I told him that I thought it was just the aftermath of Russia. He agreed that as probably it, so we dropped the subject. However, I wondered, so while she was still out, I decided to investigate.

I found two things that I shouldn't have.

"What happened...?" I wondered what it all meant.

End of Chris's POV...

It was dark...All I could see was the back of my eyelids. The light overhead blinded me as it caressed my side, kissing my neck, my jaw, tasting my lips as if for the first time. Chris, my personal sun and my own outer light, he always tasted so sweet.

"The plane should be landing soon..." He whispered into my hair.

I tsked at him, "Well, you sure know how to treat a girl!"

He set me down, kissing my cheek, "I'm not the one who insists on this before and after every job."

"I'll remember you said that on the way back," I smirked nastily, zipping my vest back up.

He looked at me like a deer caught in the headlights - and I'll probably never know if he means to or not -, "I never said-"

"I'm just fucking with you, geez man!" I laughed, exiting the restroom, glad that the only other person on the plane was the pilot.

We arrived with little to no incident, a jeep waiting to pick us up and transport us to the informant. The trip to the base was short, the driver a chatty and portly man with thinning grey hair who warned us to be on our guard with the informant.

"You'll wanna watch your back, Dateman's tricky," He had the smallest traces of Scottish in his accent.

I waved him down, "We can handle it. This job seems easy enough."

He turned to Chris, "It's you I'm worried about. The lass is a pistol."

Chris gave my hand a small squeeze, the last tender moment we'd most likely have until the mission was over, "I can handle it."

He clearly doubted that, but he kept quiet on that matter for the rest of the drive. Chris and I steeled ourselves for the dangers ahead, preparing our weapons.

Wesker's POV:

Heh, they thought that they had seen the end of me? How wrong they were...

It was a strange thing, how it took two years to get to this point, but this is now or never. If this plan fails, then I will parish for the final time, but if not, I will become a God! Umbrella, S.T.A.R.S, the mansion, Raccoon City, The Organization, Antarctica, Spain, Kijuju, Russia, it was all leading up to this point...