Chapter 1

Two boys are sitting in the lunch room at Jordan B High school. One boy looks around at the whole room.

"I bet you I could make any girl in this room like me and not get attached to them." one says. The other looks at him and raises his eyebrow.

"Oh yeah Tyler cause your such a ladies man." He says. They laugh.

"OK Jimmy you don't think I can. You pick the girl and if I lose I hook you up with my sister Tina." Tyler says. Jimmy smiles at him evilly.

"OK your on." Jimmy says looking around, his eyes stop moving at a table about 5 feet away. "Abby Evans!" Jimmy Lord says to Tyler Williams.

"Not Steven's little sister." Tyler says. Jimmy nodded, gets up, throws his tray away and leaves the lunch room. Tyler sits at the table for a little while longer and then walks over to My table.My friends get up and leave when Tyler sits down. I just sits there.

"Hi, I saw you sitting here alone and I thought you might want someone to talk to." Tyler says. I looks up at him.

"I was with my friends till you sat down." I say angrily.

"Do you know who I am?" Tyler says surprises.

"No and I don't want to." I say.

"I'm Tyler Williams, the Q.B on the football team."

"Would you like a mental or a cookie."

"Ouch. Don't even give me a chance." Tyler says.

"Sorry but most guys like you don't seem to even know I'm sitting here, never mind talk to me." I say. The bell rings.

"Well, see you tomorrow." Tyler says.

"Do you come to school on Saturday offend?" I say laughing. Tyler smiled embarrassed.

"Here" Tyler says giving me a peace of paper. "Call me!" Tyler says to me walking away.

Steven and I pull into their drive way. We have a beautiful house. Our mom is a bank president and our dad is a CEO at Cadillac hand quarters in the USA. I have a car but can't drive it to school. It Is a Dodge Changer, Blue car with white interior. My brother has a Orange Ferrari with black interior. My dad was a tan Escalade EXT. Mom has a silver Cadillac CTS with black leather seats and interior. We all don't have Cadillac's because my dad wants to wait till we are older to give us cars like that. Our house is outside of Boston. I walked into the house.

"Is mom home yet." I asks my brother.

"No she has to work late tonight." Steven says. I walk up what seemed like the never ending journey to my room. I live in the top floor of the house. It had a kitchen and everything up there. My brothers room is the same way. I turned on my laptop and signed on to AOL. My best friend, Nicki Andrews, Daisy Madison and Halie Sanders were on. I was invited to a chat with them.

SexieNicki: HeyAbby!

DaisyFlower: Hiiiiii

PopinHalie: HeyAbby

Abby2loud: Heyguys

SexieNicki: SOsincewhentoutalktoaQ.B?


Daisyflower: Welluwere 2dayatlunch.

Abby2loud: Hewasaskingmewhenmybrotherwascomingbacktofootball.

SexieNicki:? Whenishecominback. HisaQB 2 right?

PopinHalie: TheHOTTIESTQBontheteam. LOL

Abby2loud: Ustillhavacrushonhim?

PopinHalie: HellYea

Abby gets a unknown aim. She excepts it and it was Tyler.

TylerQB: Hi

Abby2loud: HowdidyougetmyAIM?

TylerQB: Ihavmypeoplejustlikeuhavurpeople.

Abby2loud: WellIg2g.

TylerQB: Canutalk 4 alittlewhilelonger.

Abby2loud: Yruallofasuddenlyinterestedonsomeonelikeme?

TylerQB: Idon'tgetwatumean?

Abby2loud: IlooknothinglikeacheerleaderandIambout 100 poundsheavierthemsoyME?

TylerQB: Ok 1stwhenhavuseenmewithacheerleadertype

I just signed off. As you must have figured out I'm not skinny. I looks at my phone. Then I put my hands in my pocket and remembers about Tyler's number. I programmed it into her cell and lays on my bed. Then I hear my cell ringing. It was my cell ringing. I looked it at it and it was Halie.

"Hey Girl!" I say

"Why did u leave the chat?" Halie asked. Halie and I have known each other ever we were born. Halie's dad was a president as Dodge. He was the one how bought me my car. My dad told Halie, she was going to get a Cadillac for her 18th birthday. I decides to tell Halie about Tyler.

"I would give him a chance's just don't fall for him to fast." Halie says.

"Okay, maybe he does at least deserve a chance. Isn't his sister Tina?"

"Yea but she ain't ever home, she's always at Oliveia's." Halie says. "Hey you should call him and make some places." I hear my dad coming up the stairs.

"Got to go. Bye." I says to Halie as I hang up on her. My dad walks in.

"Hi Baby Girl want you doing?"

"Looking for my homework." I say looking in the my backpack.

"Well as you know your mom is working late tonight and I have to go to the Texas headquarters tonight. Your brother is going to is friends house and you will be home alone. Now I don't want you to be bored so have someone come over." My dad says. I nod at him as he tell me some other stuff, I wasn't listening because I would invite Tyler over. My dad soon left my room and I grabbed my phone from my bed and called Tyler. His deep voice answered.


"Hi Tyler! My parents won't be home tonight and you wanted a chance so here it is. You should come over." I say to him half excited and half nerves.

"Okay! I'll walk over to your house you only life a few streets away. What does your house look like?"

"I'll wait outside for you." I say. We hang up and I run outside. My dad and brother have left by the time Tyler gets to my house. His eyes are wide and his mouth drops.

"You have a beautiful house." Tyler says.

"Wait to you see the inside." I say laughing. When I give Tyler a tour of my house he is floored.

"Where is your room." He says. I bring him up the never ending path to my room. He is breathing heavy when we get up there.

"God how do you do this everyday. I can't see why your so big doing this all day should help." He says. I look at him quietly. "I'm sorry I didn't mean it like that." I shrug my shoulders and say

"No heard feelings." When I look back at him his face is confused.

"If I ever said that to any other girl I would be ripped to peaces." He says.

"Well I"m not any other girl." I point out. When I opened to door to my room. His mouth opened wide. My room was tan with white random circles with stripes in it. My tv room is blueish purple, with a white coach. My kitchen has black walls and cunter space. It has white cabinets. My bathroom is a light green with darker green poke-a-dots.

"It's like your own house." Tyler says surprised. I laugh and walk to the kitchen.

"Are you hungry?" I ask. Tyler nodes. "Homemade pizza sound good. What do you like on it?"

"Whatever." Tyler says.

With in a few minutes the pizza was ready and Tyler and I was sitting on my coach. Tyler was drinking soda and I was drinking water. Tyler looked at the time.

"It's only 8." Tyler says. I look at him confused.

"Why? Are you not having good time?" I ask. Tyler looks at me and smiles.

"No no no. It's not that." He says. I know he wasn't done but he stopped talking. I didn't want to talk about it anymore but my mouth was never good at holding back. I got up.

"Just leave. I no you don't wanna be here so go. I know I should of never gave you a chance. I don't know why I thought you would be different." I say not really meaning all of it. He looked at me with a unreadable look. I sat down again.

"I'm sorry. This just always happens to me, I give some a guy a chance and it's like they just forget about me. I talk to much when I mad." I say with a tear running down my face. Tyler wipes the tear from my face.

"I can't tell you I know how you feel cause I don't know. But it's OK I understand." Tyler says. I was really surprised at his answer. I look him in his eyes. He was beep blue eyes with a sea green color mixed in. His sun tanned skin made his dark hair look darker. I had to give him credit he was cute. What am I saying so what if he is hot that doesn't make him different... or dose it. I look at him as he watches TV. I think I'm falling for him. I just hope he will catch me when I get closer to the ground.