"From Phoenix to La Push"

Hey guys! This is my first story on Fanfiction so I hope you enjoy it! I've been reading stories on here for months now that I've lost count of the ones I've read. I've just recently joined because I want to be a beta, but since I have to write first, I figured I'd see if I could open up some of my creative genes lol.

This story is all human and it's about Bella spending the summer with Charlie, who just bought a house in La Push since he's the new Chief of Police there. Obviously she's not happy about this, since she hasn't been to visit her dad in a while. I'm very open to suggestions as to how you want the story to go. I haven't completely decided on every detail yet, so let me know what you would like to see.

And without further ado:

Chapter 1: Summertime Blues

Song for this chapter: "Summertime Blues" by Alan Jackson (I'm not that much of a country fan, it just fits :)

"Bella, you're going to love it there! When your dad and I were married, that beach was one of our favorite hangouts!"

I know my mom was just trying to comfort me and make this trip more bearable, but she was only making my mood worse.

"I'm sure it was mom, but that was like a billion years ago. Besides, I'm not going so I can enjoy the beach; I'm going there to make Charlie happy. He seemed so excited last week when he called, I didn't have the heart to tell him that I couldn't care less about seeing his new house."

My dad, Charlie, had called a week ago and spoke to my mom, Renee, gushing about this house he had bought in La Push, the beach about 30 minutes away from where he use to live in Forks, Washington.

Apparently, La Push had become a popular tourist attraction lately calling for more real estate to be built and the police force to be expanded, you know, for those late night bonfires. I rolled my eyes at that one. Anyway, my dad (being a friend of some of their locals) had been recommended for the Chief of Police job at the La Push Police Department. Even though he had been perfectly content as Chief of Police in Forks, he decided that a change of scenery wouldn't be so bad, so he accepted the job.

With Charlie living at least a half hour away from La Push, he looked into houses closer to his new station and settled on one that was being built directly next to his best friend Billy Black. I remembered Billy. I also remembered Sarah, his wife, who died when I was younger. They had three kids, twin girls and a boy who was my age. Billy was like the sun; he could always make me smile. I was kind of looking forward to seeing him again.

Charlie had arranged for me to fly out the week after he called to stay the summer and break in the new house. The house had three bedrooms, and two bathrooms, now finally we didn't have to share the sink. School had ended the day before yesterday, so here I was packing my bags to head off to what was promising to be the most unbearable summer I've ever experienced. I hadn't visited my dad's turf in over five years.

"Just imagine, Bella, now you'll have your own bathroom and he even painted your room purple because he knows it's your favorite color. There are plenty of kids down there your age, so I hear. But if you still hate it, give me a call and I'll have you on the first flight back." Mom practically recited this as if she'd been planning that speech all day. I don't think I heard her take a breath.

"Well, just be ready for that phone call the day after I get there then." I retorted.

"Bellaaaaaaaa, at least give it two or three weeks" she whined. "You'll never know if you love it or not if you just sit in the house and sulk, so please promise me that you'll get out and have fun and try to meet other people your age."

"Yeah, because I'm so good at that" I said sarcastically.

"People love you when they get to know you, but you have to open up sweetie."

I rolled my eyes. "Okay mom, I'll try."

She turned to walk out of my room, "If you do, you never know what kind of relationships could develop from it."

After she left, I pondered over that statement. What kind of relationships did I need? I had a few friends here, an okay boyfriend, and my mom & Phil. Why would I want to build something I would have to leave and give up at the end of the summer?

I zipped up my last bag and put it with the three others sitting in front of my closet. I changed into my pj's and set my alarm for 5 a.m. I had an early flight tomorrow which meant I had a long day ahead of me, and possibly an even longer summer.

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