Chapter 1

Naruto sighed as he looked at the former battlefield that was Tazuna's incomplete bridge. Everything he had done during that fight with Zabuza, everything that he had seen, had shown him that he was completely pathetic. Sure he had helped convince Zabuza to become somewhat good, and had knocked Haku around, but that was all he had really done! Looking at his hands, he could only imagine what would have happened if he hadn't realized that Haku was the Fake Hunter-Nin. He had felt so fucking angry when he had seen Haku take down Sasuke. He hadn't even thought to try anymore Shadow Clones to fight. He hadn't even really thought of anything to combat the duo, only thinking that Kakashi could actually take care of Zabuza.

Taking a Kunai from his pouch, he could only think that he had been glad for being able to tap into a very small part of Kyuubi's chakra to finish what he could. I can't keep running to that damn fox, he growled to himself. I need to get stronger If I have any hopes of surviving. He thought as he looked around once again. "Hold on," he gasped, thinking back to the conversation that he had had with Haku. "She made it sound like there was somewhere the four of them were staying at." He sighed, looking into the air. Maybe they left some stuff in their hideout! He thought as he looked at where he had seen the two coming from before the fight. He had been told by Kakashi that the two enemy shinobi had come from the unfinished side of the bridge, making Naruto think that maybe that was where they had come from. Making some shadow clones, he sent them in multiple locations on the other side of the bridge.

Taking a second to look at where he had been forced to bury the two, he could barely contain the tears. "You gave everything for you precious person, Haku." Naruto sighed before taking a kunai across his wrist. Blood pooled out more than a little as he looked at the graves. "I swear, on my own blood, you and the old man Zabuza, won't have gone without a trace." He growled as he looked back the way he had gone. "Kakashi-sensei," he sighed. "I just wish you would have at least TRAINED us more, instead of training us on walking up trees you bastard." He growled. Walking back to the bridge, he sat down at the edge and looked into the sky again.


It took Naruto over half the night for him and his clones to find the hideout. But before he could think to go inside, his instincts screamed at him to hold on for a short while. But waiting was something that did not sit well with Naruto. Leaning against the nearest tree, he saw that the hideout was in fact booby-trapped all around. Taking several seconds to realize what would happen if he pulled some of them out, he sighed. If I could just get past them without tripping them, then I should be fine. Pushing more chakra to his ears and his eyes, Naruto began seeing ways around him that would have been ignored. Like trying his training on the tree-walking and flying over the traps. Quickly running up the tree he was leaning against, he took a second to look around the area again, seeing very little in the way of trap compared to the ground area. Of course. Naruto chuckled. Haku and Zabuza were the only ones that were Shinobi out of Gato's gang. He mused. I guess they didn't see the need to trap most of the trees. Taking a roundabout route, Naruto found himself at the front doorway of the hideout.

Looking at his surroundings, Naruto saw a small hair-trigger to a tripwire explosive next to the doorknob. Smiling, Naruto remembered one of his old pranks that he did years ago. "Now, how did I do that?" he asked himself, taking a shuriken out of his pouch and smiling. Oh that's right. He laughed to himself before taking the shuriken and removing the hinges from the door, not even touching the knob. He quickly entered the house, being watchful for anymore traps.


Naruto frowned as he looked around the basement of the house. He had spent the last two hours walking around the upper parts of the house, finding more and more weird things in the rooms above. The room that could only be described as Zabuza's room held maybe thirteen different weapons of various sizes and uses, including a big bladed circle with a handle. Naruto could only think that that weapon is what encouraged Zabuza throwing the Kubikiri Hōchō at them. Snickering as he imagined him doing the same thing, he smiled before taking a sealing scroll he had found in the hideout and stashed everything in it. The circlet weapon was something that Naruto knew he would have to get taller to use. But it went in just like everything else.

The next room was something akin to what Naruto would think of a small library. Scrolls littered the entire room from shelves to floor. Seeing some of the bigger ones, he saw one of them bearing the Uzumaki name. Taking a second, Naruto pocketed the scroll and continued looking. Why would Zabuza have something that has my last name on it?

Spying a large scroll in the corner, he read the label, and had to refrain from shrieking like Sakura. The label read 'Copy of Konoha's Forbidden Scroll of Sealing'. Looking around as if he thought he was being followed, Naruto saw a rather sizeable sealing scroll on one of the shelves. Opening it up, Naruto saw that it was nearly an empty one. So grabbing the 'Copy' Scroll, he popped it into one of the seals, not even realizing how big the seal was, Naruto quickly pulled every scroll he could find into the scroll, finding the seals on it larger than most, Naruto smiled as he found no other scrolls in it.

But going into the next room found Naruto in Haku's room, her sanctuary so to speak, since she literally had no windows and only one entrance. That was proved correct because as soon as he opened the door, he was almost hit by a rather large swarm of senbon needles. He was barely able to get out of the way in time by hiding behind the door. But as he pulled himself away, he growled as he saw that several senbon had lodged themselves in his shoulder, causing blood to flow down his back. Naruto quickly held his breathe as he removed the needles. Letting go of said breathe, Naruto created a set of clones and had them collect the overly handy needles.

Stepping inside, Naruto could easily see how much Haku cared for Zabuza. He also was able to find out how she was so damn fast. On the single piece of furniture in the room other than her small bed, he saw a set of what could be best surmised as weights. Seeing a small pack in the corner of the girls room, Naruto opened it to find several items that he never thought he would ever see, and he quickly up-ended them into the garbage bin at the side of the desk. Shaking his head, he sighed. Why would Haku have something that looks like a tube? He asked himself. He shook himself back to the topic at hand. Shoving the weights into the pack, Naruto moved on to seeing a face mask, one that he had never seen Haku wearing. It was made of a hard plastic in the shape of an animal snout, snarling with a small hole in the middle of the mouth with fishnet and a metal interlace covering past the teeth of the mask. At the side of it however, Naruto was surprised to see a note, explaining the mask.

To whoever reads this,

This mask is made from the carapace of several insect from the surrounding area in Rock Country. I cannot stand to have my face uncovered half-way while fighting for my master, so I leave what I found out about this mask to whoever I think would be worthy of it.

The mask itself is harmless, unless you focus chakra into it. The mask has a support seal on it that allows it to stick to the wearers face, much like my own. But that is the only thing that is similar. My own mask does nothing for my abilities, but I like that about my mask. Durable but simple. This mask however is anything but simple. It is able to send out waves of heat from its mouth, making Fire Jutsu all the stronger. Storage scrolls allow the mask to store many types of poisons into the injection points of the front fangs. What makes me nervous about this mask is that the entire thing is a single piece with wire mess behind the teeth of it, but when Zabuza-sama tried it on, whenever he spoke, the mask's fangs moved with him! Another factor that surprised me however was that the mask could be used as a breather for underwater training or other things.

Naruto smiled as he removed the mask from its resting place and slipping it into the pack. Taking another look around, Naruto smiled as he saw a weird stick in the desks' other drawer. Shaking his head, Naruto walked out of the room, and only found one other door, leading to the basement he now resided in. Everything looked in order. There were bags of some sort on a far table, with some weird looking kunai sitting next to them. The kunai looked longer then usual, with a curved black blade instead of the usual two sided. Looking at what looked like an operating table, Naruto saw a small amount of blood on the table, making Naruto believe that that was where Zabuza had been placed after he was brought here before he awoke from the Near Death State. Taking a look around again, Naruto saw what looked like a small armory next to what he could only assume would be a closet. Opening the closet, he was rewarded with the sight of clothing of many different sizes. Looking at the pants and shirts, he was only mildly shocked to see clothes that were around his size. Making sure nobody was able to walk in and see anything, Naruto ditched his jumpsuit and began trying on other clothes. But when he looked at the boots, he saw that there wasn't anything that would fit him. Guess I'll stick with the sandals. He smiled as he looked at the same leg warmers that Zabuza must have worn. Trying them on, he had to laugh as he realized that the missing nin was much taller then him. Giving himself a knock on the noggin for being stupid, he pulled out a kunai and began cutting down the leg warmers. He finally managed to get them sorted right and on his legs. Pulling out some tape, Naruto began taping where the leg warmers were shredded. They look good. He smiled as he placed the tape into the pack. Seeing a pair of gloves on the shelf, he pulled them on to see that they were self-tightening, leaving him to see the fingerless gloves to shrink to fit, making him more than a little shocked. The gloves themselves looked like they had small plates on his knuckles and the back of his hands. Small black plastic tightened themselves around his wrist all the way up to his elbow. Pulling more tape he quickly wrapped his biceps up to his armpit and sighed. Something is missing. He thought as he saw himself in a mirror. His hands and legs were covered. But as he looked at the way the grey shirt he was wearing seemed empty, and how the long cargo-shorts that he wore looked okay, he sighed. About to slam the door shut, he was surprised to be attacked by clothes from above the closet. Moving out of the way, he sighed as he realized what had happened. Great, scared by vest tops. He sighed, rubbing his temples as he walked over and picked up the articles of clothing. The first one was a deep blue. It was a weird looking vest being only what looked like a simple 'V' shape with black cloth going the rest of the way. The vest looked like it was made of a durable material. The blue color seemed to be plated over the same black cloth. On what looked like the back of the material, sat several weird looking sheathes. Picking up the rest of the garbs, he smiled as he saw a deep burnt orange looking one, a deep red and a deep midnight blue one (think Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Smoke and Ermac from Mortal Combat. I like their duds).

Spying more of the cloths in his hands, he grabbed the rest of the clothes he had decided to take with him, and moved to the armory. But as he opened it, he saw an odd-looking weapon hanging as if it was an alter just for that weapon. It was a rather odd designed ninja-to. Or what he could only assume it was. The end of the swords handle was shaped like that of a dragons' head roaring, with the wrapping on the handle itself were black with a blue background. The hilt was a simple triangle design. The sheathe of the sword made Naruto confused. It looked like a wave of red covered a black and blue ocean only to end at the end in red with the shape of a large bird. Naruto's instinct kicked in once again and he smiled at the weapon. "I may be scared of this place, but that does NOT mean I am scared of a sword." He told himself, bolstering his courage again he plucked the sword from the back of the small armory. A sense of severe heat rushed up Naruto's arm until it reached his chest, where it felt like it was even hotter. Gasping in pain, Naruto backed away from the closet, clutching the sword in one hand while he held his chest with the other. Stop trying to kill me, you stupid sword! He shouted into his head. "I don't care what you think you are, you will NOT get the best of me!" he shouted, hitting the ground as a wave of dizziness hit him square in between his eyes. Using the sheathe as a kickstand, Naruto slowly got to his feet. "I will not be beaten by a sword!" he shouted, looking down as he felt sizzling in his palm. He gasped as he saw the sword seeming to glow in a bright orange fashion as he felt the searing pain again in his hand seem to intensify. "I am Uzumaki… Naruto!" he groaned. "And I will not be beaten so easily!" he shouted, wincing as he wordlessly screamed.

But before he could do anything else however, the pain stopped. Gasping for breathe as the pain receded, Naruto looked at the sword to see that the sword was no longer glowing, and that he felt no pain in his hands other than the residual pain burning itself away. "What the hell?" he asked before he shook his head. "I'll find out later." He said, looking out of a nearby window. Looking to the closet again, Naruto chuckled before he began sealing more weapons into the big scroll. Looking back to the table, he smirked before pulling all of the bags to him. Opening each of them Naruto was surprised to see a small fortune in each back. And there were like twenty bags here!

Taking a deep breathe for himself, Naruto sealed the money, only to wonder how much was now in his possession. Whatever, he smiled. I'll count it when we get to Konoha. He said as he finished sealing everything. I need to get back anyways. He sighed as he looked around the house. "I bid you my final farewell, Zabuza and Haku." He said aloud. "I will bear witness to your legacies, more than you can ever imagine." He whispered, hanging his head. "I will find my precious people, Haku. And I will do everything in my power to protect them." He said, finally walking out of the house, toward Tazuna's home.


Tazuna's Home


Kakashi sighed as he hobbled downstairs. He was back to using his crutches again as he felt that too much strain would cause him to be down more than he needed. Until I find Gato's main base, he thought as he practically crawled to the dinner table. I cannot allow myself to relax. He thought as he looked around at the assembled people. Sasuke was doing his usual brooding, but as he looked closer, he could see the boy actually smiling. What the hell is he so happy about? He thought before he looked to Sakura at the boys side. She was doing her usual: Swooning over the Uchiha, saying how great and powerful he was with stars and hearts in her eyes.

Giving himself a pat on the emotional back, he frowned as he saw Tazuna walk into the house. "I couldn't find him, Tsunami-chan." The old man began as he sat down. "Some workers saw him walking over the side of the unfinished bridge, acting suspicious. I told them to keep a lookout for him and see where it led." He explained to his daughter before glaring at Kakashi. "I see your finally awake." He muttered before he began digging into a bowl of rice.

"What's going on, Tazuna-san?" Kakashi asked as he tried to make his leg stop hurting. He frowned as he looked at the man. "Naruto didn't threaten you again did he?" he asked worriedly.

"Kakashi," Tazuna growled, but was stopped by Tsunami, who only shook her head.

"You should know more than we do, Hatake-san." Tsunami said, her voice full of anger and malice.

"Kakashi-sensei?" Sakura chimed in, drawing his attention. "Why are you so worried about Naruto-baka?" she asked. "All he does is get in the way in the first place." She explained. "I mean, he got in Sasuke-kun's way during his fight, then tried getting in the way of your fight."

"Sakura, shut up." Tazuna growled. "You have no idea what was going on in that fight. All you were doing was talking about how stupid Naruto-kun was and saying that Sasuke could handle the fight on his own without his interference." He explained. "Let me tell you something, girl." He began. "That boy you call a baka? Just saved my ass, my families ass, and all the people's asses with just three acts." He explained.

"I'm sorry." Sakura eeped. "I'm sorry, Tazuna-san." She said softly.

"Get out of my sight, girl." Tazuna growled, standing up with a half-eaten bowl. "Your good student has been missing since this morning, Kakashi. You need to at least find him out there." He ordered.

"I'm sure that the dobe will be back soon." Kakashi sighed, looking up at Sasuke. "Sasuke, after we eat breakfast, we are going to go train. Sakura, you have guard duty. While guarding him I'm going to be having you do muscle training." He smiled behind his mask. "Tomorrow I'm burning your ass into the ground." He laughed as the fangirl looked like he was intent on killing her. He knew that she wouldn't work at all, but he figured it would be the best way for her to quite being a shinobi.


Two Hours Later


Naruto sighed as he watched his clones. He was once again right next to the bridge. His clones and him had been training in Taijutsu and Chakra Control throughout the night. He had stashed the clothes that he had grabbed from Zabuza and Haku's place and was once again in his horrid jumpsuit, except he had added the weights he had snagged from Haku's room.

He had been both shocked and pleased when he had discovered that the weights he was now wearing were in fact chakra weights, and that the gloves he was wearing from the armory and closet were covered in some kind of seal on them that restricted movements straight from his joints, making it hard to move his fingers and wrists! But as he looked around, he saw the small scroll that held everything that he had taken. Turning back to his clones, he saw them almost all the way up the trees. I won't stop until I can reach the top on my own! He promised himself. Taking the small scroll in his hands, he smiled as he opened the scroll, looking at the many scrolls seals within. Taking out one of the bigger scrolls from a seal, he smiled as he looked at the label on it. Chakra Control For Dummies. He could barely contain the chuckle from erupting from his mouth as he opened the scroll. Reading through some of the first several exercises, he realized something. That bastard should have taught this shit within a week of being a team! He growled to himself, his anger rising ever so slightly before a small sentence seemed to glow from the center of his mind: 'A shinobi without control over their emotions is nothing but a target.'

Sighing as he looked at his hands, he once again thought of how many times he could have been using his abilities, or at least the abilities he knew that he had. "Water walking huh?" he smiled, reading on to get the explanation down. "Okay, so adding chakra to my feet isn't going to be enough huh? Gotta add more or less depending on the water, huh?" he said to himself. Putting the scroll back in his seals, Naruto concentrated ever so slightly before creating a small horde of shadow clones.

"Okay, boys. You know that I'm trying to get control over this shit." He said, extending a hand toward them to show him concentrating his chakra through it. "Twenty of you are going to be learning the 'leaf exercise' like Iruka-sensei always tried to get us to learn." He frowned, realizing how much damage he had caused for himself. "The rest of you, go for a swim." He ordered. "I want to be able to water-walk before we get back home. If you guys can manage that I'll make sure to reward you guys, or at least try to." He laughed as the clones began to disperse to do the tasks before them. Naruto clutched his head as memories of clones rushed into his head, particularly the ones who had been tree climbing. Taking a second for it all to sink in, he looked for a solid tree and smiled.

Laughing a little bit in excited glee, Naruto ran at a decently thick tree. As soon as Naruto hit the tree he felt something occur for him: his foot didn't slip or blow off the bark of the tree. Minutes later, Naruto stood off the top of the tree and smiled. I did it! He smiled before looking off into the distance. Channeling chakra into his eyes again, his eyes narrowed as he saw movement above the trees. He laughed seconds later when he saw that the thing he thought might have been an enemy or a predator, turned out to be a rather sizeable monkey flying through the tree branches. Reducing the chakra out of his eyes, Naruto breathed slightly easier as he felt the breeze come over his hair, blowing into his face ever so lightly.

Now as he felt himself bend with the tree, he let go of the tree and fell freestyle toward the ground. Bad idea! He shrieked to himself as he fell, trying to grab tree limbs from the trees only to find the tree branches moving away from him somehow! Looking at the ground rushing up towards him he let out a quick yelp as he headed toward the ground. "This is gonna hurt!" he yelled out before hitting the ground.

Pain literally seemed to explode all over Naruto's body as he tried to stay conscious. "Ouch." He groaned before passing out, his head hitting the ground.


Sakura was screaming her head off. Why you ask? Because Kakashi-sensei's idea of training her, was what most would call 'targeting practice' but without the shuriken and kunai. Instead he was having Sasuke use the Phoenix Fireball jutsu to cause her to keep running around to avoid the blasts of fireballs. "Sasuke-kun!" she screamed before having a fireball graze her long pink hair. Sakura literally had to pat down her hair before everything else ATTACHED to said hair ignited. "Please stop!" she panted, bending over to hold onto her knees in case Sasuke or Kakashi launched another attack.

"Why so you can take a break?" Kakashi began as he walked over to her. "You're a kinouichi, Sakura." He growled. "You need more help than even that dobe, Naruto."

"Where is the dobe." Sasuke demanded from the sidelines. "I haven't seen him in days."

"He's out of a small mission. I think he's about a day or so into it so I think we should see him by tomorrow." Kakashi explained. "Then we both can do target practice." He said with an eye-smile.

Sakura stood up shakily as she felt a part of her rage at what he was saying. "Kakashi-sensei," she began. "I hate the Baka as much as anybody, and I don't even really care," she sighed. "Don't you think that you should have sent one of us as well to at least make sure the mission gets done?" she asked.

"Sakura, I'm glad that you are becoming serious. But I think that you should worry more about your own training than anything else." Kakashi said as he handed her a small cup of water, which she drank heartily. As soon as she was finished gulping it however, she had to avoid a punch from Kakashi once again before beginning a wordless Taijutsu practice.


Naruto growled in pain as he rose slowly from the impact-made imprint in the ground. He literally had to lift his arm and then pull his head up out of the hole by his own spiky blonde hair. His own prankster mentality screamed out to him. "Look mom, I'm road-kill!"

Moaning out in pain in sheer anger and pain, Naruto was finally able to pull himself out of his own hole. Standing up, he found that he couldn't straighten up. Leaning over as he walked up to a tree, Naruto groaned as he felt his own muscles mending. All I can say fox, is that you do good healing. He thought as he looked around the forest. Quicker than he could blink, Naruto slammed himself upright against the nearest trees. Pain shot up his back, causing him to have to force himself not to scream out in pain. It was barely contained but he felt his body flooding in pain. Gasping out in aggravation, Naruto put his hand on the tree again before he removed his hand in pain. "Damnit." He cursed, looking at the bloody hand that was his right hand. Grabbing said hand, Naruto squeezed, causing pain to flood him once again, even greater as he felt all of the bones in his hands break once again, this time fixing what felt like poorly healed hand bones and tendons. He could not control the howl of pain as he stomped his foot, causing more pain from other points of his body that did not heal correctly. It scared him however, when his howl of pain was accompanied with a strong surge of wind, making Naruto himself fall forward, causing him to howl again because of pain shooting up from his knees. What is going on! He shouted in his mind as he felt himself being thrown.


Kakashi halted his attack mid-punch as he heard several howls of severe pain. The halt however caused both Sasuke and Sakura to finally land a punch-kick combo on him however, sending him spinning and somersaulting backward into a fallen log. "What happened, Kakashi-sensei?" Sakura asked, running shakily over to him.

"What was that noise?" Sasuke asked as he looked around for any idea of the source. But as soon as he looked to Kakashi again, he saw that Kakashi was wide-eyed and looking extremely afraid.

"It can't be." Kakashi whimpered as he pulled himself out of the ruined logs remains. "Sakura, Sasuke, get back to Tazuna's and make sure he's okay. Tell him we have reason to believe that theres something that may come to attack. Unless you hear my voice do NOT open the door." He ordered, getting nods, Kakashi growled. "Get going!" he shouted, seeing the two run off into the direction of the bridge, his mind in turmoil as he feared what could have been that noise.


One of the clones performing the water walking exercise looked back toward where they had left their boss. "What the hell was that?" he asked, catching several clones from falling. "That wasn't… that was it?" he asked.

One of the clones closer to the shore looked back to where Naruto had went. "I'll go find out whats going on." He said as he ran off.


The same clone that ran off from the river looked at the original Naruto with fear. Not now! He thought as he looked around for any possible enemies. Turning back to the boss, he ran over and frowned. Naruto was laying back against the tree after passing out from pain. His hands were covered in blood and he looked like he had been in a lot of pain. Taking a glance around again, the clone smirked as he raised his hand and smacked Naruto across the face, causing the original to fall to the ground before shooting upward, accidentally hitting the clone causing it to dispel.

Naruto looked around as he felt the clones memories crashing into him. Rubbing his temples as he sat back up, he stood up and stretched, feeling like a million bucks. He suddenly looked down at his hands. Wait a MINUTE! He shrieked to himself before looking at his feet and pushing doing little foot exercises. God I have GOT to thank that damn fox sometime. He thought with a chuckle as he felt slight twinges of discomfort, but that was it. Looking up at a destroyed tree, he saw that it was knocked over and sliced by whatever wind had blown him around like a top.

Naruto slowly walked out of the tree's shadow and walked to the water. Taking a quick minute to look at himself in the reflection of the water, Naruto quickly jumped into the water, the blood slowly coming off of him in a long string as he began to swim, his chakra seeming to give him the air he needed to stay under water for the time he needed. Already he could feel the chakra flooding his lungs. But as he looked up he could see that his clones were on the water already, causing him to believe that he was able to get the idea of the exercise.

Smiling a small smile, Naruto forced chakra below his body, his body being forced upward. He smiled a bigger grin as he layed atop the water before standing himself upward on his hands and feet. He looked around and smiled at the dumbfounded looks his clones were doing. Their looks disappeared before they all did, completely.

Naruto however wished there was a way to completely kick his clones asses, because the pain coursing through him at the moment was enough to completely knock the breathe much less anything else, out of him. Stumbling to his knees, he could only continue to gasp as the headache coursing through him continued and slowly ebbed.

Standing back up, Naruto smiled as he looked around the river before he began running on the water, barely making a ripple in the waves. Okay should have enough chakra control to try out some jutsu. He thought as he moved to pull out the sealed scroll again. Seeing something out of the corner of his eyes, he frowned. What is he doing here? He growled as he moved his hands away and sitting up, dusting himself off before running to the water.


Kakashi was watching something that he never thought possible. How are you getting stronger, Naruto? He asked himself. You must be getting help, but from WHO. he thought as he looked at the boy as he walked on the water. I don't care what the Hokage thinks. He growled silently. "You are NOT sensei's dead son." He growled, looking away for a few seconds. "Sarutobi would have told me about Minato-sensei having a child." He sighed as he turned away from the boy.


Sasuke and Sakura were sitting in the corner of the house, Sakura trying to get Sasuke to look at a burn on her side, and Sasuke trying to avoid the fangirl. "Sasuke-kun," the pink haired woman began. "Do you think that we will be okay?" she frowned. "Naruto-baka isn't here anymore and we seem to be easy pickings with Kakashi still wounded from fighting Zabuza again."

"Just stay out of my way and we'll be fine." The emo Uchiha began as he looked around. "You shouldn't be trying to talk to me, Sakura." He growled as he picked up and examined a kunai from his pouch. "You should be trying to collect your strength. Next time we have one of those spars I won't go easy on you." He replied as he stood up and walked out of the living room, heading upstairs.

Sakura's mind was now in turmoil. He was going easy on me? She thought, her Inner self looking on in shock.

You… actually think he'll try to kill us next time? The Inner self asked as she too looked at Sasuke's retreating back.


Naruto growled as he punched the tree he was using as a training dummy. Another series of punches were made before Naruto leaped into the air, connecting with several kicks, feeling his chakra pouncing around in him along with his emotions. He had heard Kakashi-sensei saying something about his sensei and the man's son. Naruto had been an orphan since birth. So hearing something like being someone's son was a bad subject.

He's lying! He shouted to himself. I'm not the Yondaimes son! He replied, his attacks falling to the wayside as fresh tears hit his cheeks on down to his sandals. I'm nothing but an orphan! He said sadly. If I was that mans kid, they wouldn't have hated me for so damn long!

Blind rage seemed to hit Naruto dead in the gut as soon as he thought that. Punching the tree again, he felt chakra flood his hands right before impact, causing a big boom and smoke to blow outward. Grunting at the unexpected exertion, Naruto looked at his target as the smoke cleared. Nothing seemed to be amiss, but as he placed a hand on the tree's trunk, the tree groaned before the tree fell down, the other side completely blown out, with the other tree looking like it had been placed through a blender! Naruto sighed as he gathered chakra to him and watched the fresh wounds healing. "I'm glad that I took those gloves off." He said with a small laugh.

Frowning as he looked at the results of his anger, he looked around in case anyone saw it. I can't believe that someone would keep something like this from me. He sighed as he began to pace. Jiji wouldn't hide that from me. He groaned. Then he realized something. Son of a fucking hussy! He growled as he clutched at his head. Looking around, Naruto sat down on the tree's stump and concentrated. He always hated the idea of hurting trees. "I'm sorry that your life was ended, friend of the forest. I did not know the extent of my anger."


Kakashi walked up to the area where he had felt the chakra flare. No matter where I go, he sighed. I have to watch out for this damn kid. He growled. But as he saw Naruto crying with his hands glowing on a tree, he shook his head as he looked at what could have caused the damage to the tree. Then he spotted the tree BEHIND the one Naruto was looking at. Holy SHIT he thought as he frowned. "Naruto." He called out, causing Naruto to jump up in the air.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto growled as he hit the ground in shock. "What are you doing here?" he asked.

"With you pumping chakra so damn much in the air I'm surprised we don't have any missing-nins coming to kill you." Kakashi sighed, leaning against the now dead tree. "How did you do this?" he asked silently, pointing toward the trees.

"I don't know." Naruto groaned. "I just got so damn angry." He said, his fists tightening as he stood up, a small tear falling from his cheeks. "And when I punched, my chakra flared and I think it just flew out."

"Naruto," Kakashi sighed, wishing he didn't have to do what he had to do. "I want you to do something for me."

"What this time, clean out the gutters around the town?" he sneered, holding his eyes on the Cyclops once again.

"I want you to never let your anger get the better of you. Especially against a Konoha shinobi." Kakashi explained.

Naruto was now channeling chakra to his eyes, hoping to gauge what Kakashi was going on about. But before Naruto could say anything, Naruto was raised up by his shoulders. Kakashi was looking at his eyes for some reason. "Naruto, don't stop channeling your chakra into your eyes." Kakashi ordered, sitting him down on the tree's stump.

Naruto was now confused. "Why Kakashi-sensei?" he asked, holding his hands out. "Did I do something wrong?" he asked.

"Kami…" Kakashi muttered, looking at Naruto's eyes as he pulled out a small scroll. He slowly opened the scroll and stared at it, then at Naruto's eyes. Making some hand seals, Kakashi shoved his hand down on the ground. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" he shouted. In a puff of smoke, Naruto stared at the small dog in front of him. "Pakkun, I need you to bring a message to the Hokage, and I need a reply asap." He ordered. "Tell him the Uzugan has returned and we need to keep it hidden." He explained.

The dog, now named 'Pakkun' simply nodded his head before looking at Naruto with a wary eye before disappearing with a pouf.

"Naruto. I need you to tell me something." Kakashi said as he looked around the clearing. "Have you ever tested your affinities?" he asked, looking at Naruto. "Your elemental affinities I mean. Not your affinity for heavy pranks and stealth."

Naruto gave a nervous laugh before he pulled out a scroll from his hip. "How do I do that?" he asked, looking through some of it. "I swear I have heard that term before."

"Naruto, I would need element affinity cards to do that." Kakashi said nervously as he tried to read what was on the scroll.

"Oh that's it!" Naruto said as he seen something on the scroll. He pressed his hand on the scroll and came out with a stack of something familiar. "Are these it?" he asked, holding them up.

"Naruto," Kakashi gulped. "Where did you get that?" he asked.

"I found it." Naruto smiled. "Now how do I do this?" he asked, holding up one of the cards.

"Well as you are probably not aware of, those cards come from a rare tree that reacts to chakra elements. Pour some chakra into one of them and it should react." The one eyed Jounin explained, his mind going a mile a minute. Please don't be what I think it is! He thought to himself. I don't think I can handle another version of her!

Naruto simply nodded before glowing blue. Suddenly, Kakashi was thrown back by a fierce wind, knocking him flat on his ass. Jumping up, Kakashi saw something he thought he would more than likely never see again. The card had slashed itself into three different sections. One of the sections became soaking wet, another began to crinkle. But the other was rather odd. It turned black and seemed to roll around the section. Kakashi stared wide-eyed as he looked from the card to his student. "It… It really has returned." He muttered.

"Excuse me, Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto said, scratching his head. "What does this mean?" he asked, holding up the card.

"Naruto," Kakashi gulped again. "I want you to think back. What do you remember… anything about your mother." He gulped.

Naruto looked at his sensei before looking down to the ground. He had tried many times to remember what his mom would have looked like. But he had never been able to see even a trace. "I don't know, Kakashi-sensei. The earliest thing I remember is a blond man standing over me, then everything went red."

Kakashi pulled away from Naruto quickly. This isn't true! He shouted to himself. He can't be a real Uzumaki! He growled, unknowingly making Naruto nervous. Kushina Uzumaki had only one kid, and that kid was Minato's boy. Turning around quickly, he frowned as he saw Naruto running away from him. "Great, the only successor to the Uzugan bloodlines and he's afraid of me." He said as he began to run after him. "Naruto WAIT!" he shouted. "You need to know whats going on!" he shouted.

Suddenly before he could reach the boy, Pakkun showed up, looking a little worse for wear. "Kakashi, Sarutobi-sama wanted me to be sure that it was the Uzugan. You know what qualities that bloodline is, right?" he asked.

"Pakkun, it is the Uzugan. He has the lightning, water and wind affinities that belong to it. I need to find him!" Kakashi gulped. Damn that kid can move!

"Your talking about a kid being afraid of you that has the power of the black storm?" Pakkun shuddered. "God I don't want to be near you when he learns how to control it." The dog laughed.

"Pakkun, I didn't mean to make him run."

"Kakashi, whether you like it or not, Naruto is your sensei's son." Pakkun growled. "You keep denying it and that damn kid is gonna roast you like a pig."

"Something I didn't need to think about, Pakkun." Kakashi grunted as he picked himself up and began running after the boy. "Help me find him, please!"


Naruto cried as he looked around for anyone tracking him. He had hoped to find answers once again, but as he should have figured, Kakashi was just like the villagers. Thinking he was the stupid fox, and not him as his own person. And what was with that card? He thought as he looked down at the now fully crumpled card.

"Naruto!" he heard Kakashi call out. "I know I scared you! Please, I didn't mean to!" Kakashi's voice called out again. "I need to tell you about your bloodline!" he shouted.

"What bloodline can an orphan like me have?" Naruto called down, tears falling from his face. "All I can do is shadow clones."

"Look, you're an Uzumaki." Kakashi said as he looked at him in the tree. "Come down here. Please." The man pleaded.

Naruto frowned as he fingered a kunai, just in case. Taking a small leap down from the tree he was in, Naruto felt the ground rush up, but just as he was about to hit, another pulse of wind slowed him down. He looked up at Kakashi to see him smiling. "I never thought I would see something like that again." He chuckled.

"What?" Naruto asked as he looked around the area.

"The Wind Current Technique." Kakashi said with a smile. "I've seen the Uzugan work, Naruto." He began. "And the Wind Current Technique is the Uzumaki's own little defense technique." He said, causing Naruto to look at him questionably. "Naruto, you are the second person that I know of that has three elemental affinities." He said, patting Naruto on the shoulder. "We can talk more about it later, but I have Sarutobi-sama sending me everything that the Uzumaki's left for their descendents." He said sadly. "I'm sorry Naruto." He said sadly, a tear running through his eye. "I knew someone that was an Uzumaki. But she had red hair, and she was a pain in my ass when I was a young genin." He explained. "Much like you are." He laughed as he saw the pout that he had not seen on Naruto's face suddenly appear before leading him away.

Naruto smiled as he looked up at his sensei. Is this what being accepted feels like? He asked himself as he followed beside his sensei. "Can you teach me anything?" he asked.

"All I can really teach you that is clan related is something that you can't do." Kakashi said sadly.

"What? WHY NOT?" Naruto shouted.

"Naruto." Kakashi sighed. "I know this may sound odd, but its important." He began, stepping in front of the genin. "You're the first male Uzumaki with the Uzugan in recorded history." He said sadly. "All the techniques that I know would require a level of chakra control that you don't have…"

"Yet." Naruto growled, stepping forward.

"Naruto, its not just that." Kakashi said angrily. "The Uzumaki clan males were literally the servants!" he shouted. "The males would literally be condemned to having their chakra sealed away!" he said, his anger causing him to snap. "I don't know anything other than the fact that the women were able to channel large storm clouds around themselves and were able to fire off some crazy attacks and still make them work. I saw Uzumaki Kushina fire a damn black lightning dragon point blank with only seven handseals!"

Naruto was now dumbfounded as he looked at his hands. Will I be able to do something like that? He asked himself.

"Naruto, I never learned how she did it, but something else of note she did and frequently was having the ability to form black storm clouds in the shape of wings. Naruto she was able to use those wings and actually fly!" Kakashi exclaimed. "Now, lets get inside, I think Tsunami-sama was in the process of cooking dinner before I had to leave."

"Okay, Kakashi-sensei." Naruto grumbled. "Kakashi-sensei, can I ask you a question? Why haven't you taught us really anything yet your helping me now with this stuff?" he asked.

Turning back toward him, Kakashi sighed before kneeling down. "Naruto," he began. "I'm not that good of a teacher." He said with a chuckle. "When I was in a team, I was only concerned with my own training. My sensei always told me that I needed to concentrate on my teamwork skills, but for some reason it never sunk it." He sighed. "But I also never learned how to be a real leader." He said, his head down. "I am only a responsive person in my own right." He said sadly. "I would be able to teach you about your lightning affinity for example, but not your wind or your water." He explained. "And for Sasuke, I would be able to teach him his lightning and his fire, but not to the extent."

"But what about my wind? I am starting to get scared if it blew you away like that." Naruto frowned.

"I think I know some people who could help." Kakashi smiled. "Now, lets go eat. Remember what I said, don't tell anyone what we talked about. I don't know how certain people would take it." He explained, looking in the direction of the house. "And please, for the love of Kami, PLEASE don't do whatever you did earlier where Sasuke could either see you or hear all the noise." He begged.

Naruto simply smiled before looking in the direction of the house. Oh this'll be good. He laughed.


That night


Naruto sat upstairs on the balcony of the house, the large scroll in his lap. Looking over the seals, Naruto saw the seal that he wanted, titled 'Uzumaki' on it. Opening up the seal, he saw the large scroll that had amazed him. "Okay," he smiled. "Now that I know that I may have something, lets find out the real reasons." He said, opening the scroll.

As soon as he opened the scroll, however, Naruto was assaulted with seals of different types. Looking closer Naruto was able to see a rather weird scroll that resembled his own patch on his shoulder. Running a finger over the seal, Naruto stood shocked on the floor as a full letter popped up on the scroll. It read in a weirdly blue colored ink that seemed to shimmer as he read it.

"To the last Uzumaki,

We are dying out. Our people have been hit by a plague and an army is coming to kill us while we are weak. In this scroll we have put everything on the history of our clan, all our jutsu, the summoning scroll of our clan, and info on our Kekkei Genkai, we have included also the weapons of the clan… the Hurricane blade. Our Kekkei Genkai, the Uzugan is a doujutsu, but the thing that confuses most shinobi, is that the Uzugan is not just a eye bloodline limit. It is tied to our elemental bloodline, the ability to summon storms ranging from hurricanes and tornados to the simplest rain storm. It appears to be a whirlpool in our eye with white and yellow streaks in it. Our elemental affinities are lightning, water and wind, and with using this along with the bloodline of the Uzugan, we have been known to drown small towns in rain. In this scroll we have put a scroll detailing how to train your entire bloodline. Please, we beg of you to continue on our legacy.

The Uzumaki Clan

Naruto could barely contain his happiness. I have… a family! He thought as he looked at the scroll before hugging it to his chest. Okay their all dead, but still! He thought as he looked around the room. Tomorrow, I'll start on the serious training. He thought as his mind went to looking through everything that could be possible. Lightning storms… Hurricanes… Did he say tornadoes? He thought as he looked at his hands.

Naruto smiled as he looked at the doorway. Opening up the rest of the seals on the original storage scroll, Naruto saw what he had collected and smiled. Lets see, 300 Kunai, 150 of which are those weird ones with the single blade. From the looks of it there's 200 shurikens, a shit-load of senbon needles. A couple hundred pounds in regular arm and leg weights. A couple dozen small ninja-toe swords, and several kitana's, and that weird ass circle sword. He thought as he looked around the many weapons. What is with those damn kunai? He asked himself as he looked at said weapons. Looking at the weapon in question, Naruto sighed before taking a couple of swipes with it in his hands. At least they don't weigh all that much. He thought as he placed everything in the scroll again before taking a look at the scrolls in front of him. Now the hard part. He thought as he began to scan the scrolls. Now, lets see… pressure points, anatomy… chakra control exercises – got that one so far – kinjutsu scrolls… a few Taijutsu scrolls… hey that weird guy with the bushy brows should be able to talk with me about those. He thought absently as he looked at the items once again. Woah! He thought in excitement as he looked at a scroll that looked like it held more. Sealing for beginners? And what the hell? He thought, picking up several books. Seals for every level? He thought as he smiled. Something to study… hehe. Lets see… element training? He thought with a smile. Kakashi-sensei said he would be able to help me with my lightning training. He sighed as he was tempted to look through it. But he didn't say anything about doing it on my own either. He said with a smirk. "With these, I'm gonna be the best that I can be!" he whispered as he fumbled with some more scrolls, only to see them featuring something that seemed weird to Naruto… Shape Manipulation.

As he was putting everything back in the scroll, Naruto saw something that caught his attention again… the sword that had tried to burn him. But as he looked at the sheath of the weapon, he could tell something was different. The dragon's head was now closed, but at the end of the scabbard, he could see that the bird's mouth was now open. Picking up the weapon, he sighed. "Please don't try to kill me this time." He frowned as he felt something pulse as soon as he touched the weapon. Okay that felt weird. He thought as he fingered the handle. Quickly pulling on the handle, Naruto sighed as the blade came out of the sheath, revealing a longer than expected blade made from a blue and black colored blade. He could only frown as he looked at the blade, and at the way that the blade's colors seemed to 'shimmer' as he moved the blade. He felt a sort of drain however as he moved the blade. Channeling chakra into the blade, Naruto gasped as the dragon in the handle's eyes opened slightly. But as he looked at the oddity, he was startled when he heard a small shriek. Looking around, Naruto was shocked to see that the sheath itself must have gotten some of the chakra, because as he looked at it, a blade slid out of the side of the sheath, making the sheath of the weapon appear to be a battle scythe! Holy shit! He gasped, accidentally dropping both weapons onto the ground with a clang before he fell backward. He immediately became more worried, as both of the weapons seemed to be connected to strings on his hands. Both the sheath scythe and the sword seemed to slither towards him. As soon as he realized that they were attracted to his chakra, Naruto held his hands out and smiled as the weapon fell into his hands by their handles. "Wow." He muttered, fingering the blade and the sheath.

Sleep now. A voice called out to him, making him jump ever so slightly. He immediately felt a sense of warmth and peace enter him and he was soon asleep, not even noticing the weapons sheathing themselves once again, the sheathes blade only looking to be a slight bump on either side of the sheathe.

To… Be… Continued…

A.N: Okay, I know it seems a little different then what the original Uzugan was designed, but I have some kind of interest in a linked pair of bloodline. Also, the summons are going to be the same as the original (Phoenix) even though I am adding some more to the story. I am also adding some of what they did for another story that I like. I think it's titled 'The Black Cloud of Kumo'. Good story. I use a good amount of quotes from movies, and I sometimes try to be funny. I'm adding another mystery to the hole 'Inner Sakura' so yeah. I think the only thing I am doing for a pairing at the moment is Fem Gaara and Sakura. But that is something to debate on lol. Please read and review.