Chapter 2


Hokage's Office


Sarutobi sighed as he looked at the paperwork in front of him. Sometimes I think Minato sealed the Kyuubi just so he could be rid of the paperwork. He muttered in his mind. He took the top couple of sheets in front of him and looked at them. Okay, Shibi asking for more land so that he could create another colony. He thought idly as he flipped the page. And then we have a council member wanting the Namikaze Plantation for his families 'summer home'. Yeah right, go to hell. He growled at the paper. Looking back at the request from Shibi, Sarutobi placed his seal on it before rolling it up for him, not even bothering to place any seal on the civilians' request. Simply throwing it away he sighed. I wish I could get all that power I had back. He thought as he reached for more of it. He was stopped however as a pouf of smoke appeared and Sarutobi frowned. "Pakkun, what are you doing here?" he asked, nodding to the dog summons.

"Kakashi had a situation with one of his students." The dog began, only to be interrupted by the Hokage.

"Don't tell me Sasuke got hurt again."

"No." Pakkun growled. I hate being interrupted. He thought as he walked closer. "Naruto has awoken the Uzugan." He said flatly, causing Sarutobi's eyes to widen.

"How did that happen?" he asked, sweating ever so slightly. "I was under the impression that his parents had no bloodline's like that."

"Quit lying, Hokage-sama." Pakkun growled again. "I knew Kushina." He explained. "And I have seen the eyes on Naruto. It's no doubt the Uzugan. Kakashi even made the forethought to have him test his affinities while I watched. Its both the Doujutsu and the Elements, just like in Kushina and her people." He explained.

Sarutobi fell back into his seat, not even focusing on the dog summons. She said that he wouldn't manifest the bloodline. He thought. She said it only worked for the females of her clan. "Pakkun," he gulped. "I need you to go back to Kakashi and tell him that he needs to keep quiet about this." He began. "I don't need Naruto coming back here and trying to kill everybody by tornado." He said shakily. "I think that that would literally be the straw that broke the camel's back as it were." He said, thinking of several people who wanted the blond boy dead.

"I don't care for politics, Sarutobi." Pakkun muttered. "The kid has a right to this power." He began. "And if I find out that something happens to him when they get back, I am going to revoke the contract with Kakashi and everyone else, and I have full backing on this." He threatened. "And I have full backing from both the Wolf and the rest of the Dog clan on this matter." He snarled. "Took me forever to even talk to them." He muttered.

Sarutobi looked at the Dog summon harshly. "I was not going to hurt the boy. I happen to know how much he deserves this, just as much as you do. But a tornado, or any other kind of natural weather disaster would not be looked good on his record." He explained. "And I have everything that the village has on the Uzugan still in my vault. As soon as they get back, I am giving copies to Naruto and having him trained in the use of his abilities." He said happily.

"Whatever." Pakkun snarled. "What do you want me to tell Kakashi and the boy."


Naruto's Mindscape


Naruto sighed as he woke up, wishing to sleep longer. But as he opened his eyes he realized that he was not going to be so lucky. Why am I here. He thought as he looked around the sewer of his mindscape. He instantly saw Kyuubi's cage as he stood up. "What am I doing here Kyuubi?" he called out, watching for anything to attack him.

"How should I know. You came here and woke me up." The fox snarled behind its cage, a pair of red eyes appearing in front of the blond. "What do you think would have brought you here?" it asked.

"The only reason I should be here is because either, you wanted me here, I'm on the verge of death or simply I am sleeping too deeply." Naruto explained, looking at the fox. "But while I'm here why don't we talk. Since until I wake up or get the ideas that have been swarming my head lately are gone I'm stuck here, why not try to be civil?" he asked.

"I don't know why don't you actually listen to reason about your training?" Kyuubi asked heartily, causing Naruto to blink at the fox.

"What are you talking about?" he asked. "I'm training my ass off!"

"That's the point!" Kyuubi shouted. "You've done nothing but train since you snuck into Zabuza and Haku's place!"

"I thought that that itself was the whole point of doing the training!" Naruto screamed at the fox, his fists clenching.

"I want you to think of something, gaki." Kyuubi sighed, giving the boy a moment before continuing. "What happens to something that has been pulled too tight?" the fox asked.

"I… I would assume that it would break." Naruto frowned, trying to understand what the demon was talking about. Almost instantly an idea popped into his head, making his eyes widen to the size of saucers. "You're saying I'm training too hard."

"What I'm saying, flesh-bag," the demon snarled. "Is your training in one AREA too hard." It began. "Ever since we made that deal to help each other, with me gaining your senses, and me giving you training and jutsu ideas, you have been abusing your body almost to the point where you injure yourself." It explained, the sounds of its tails swishing in the background as Naruto saw what the fox was implying.

"You want me to tone it down some." Naruto asked hesitantly.

"Yes, I do." Kyuubi laughed. "If you can get into somewhat of a routine where your not trying to KILL yourself, then your muscles will stop having to live off of my chakra."

"Then what the HELL!" Naruto snarled. "I don't have much of an idea though damnit." He growled. "I mean, the Kage Bunshin are training on all of the scroll stuff, and I have no idea what I should do for the physical stuff." He groaned, palming his head.

"Well push-ups and sit-ups only can do so much." Kyuubi said groggily. "And you have a good idea on the whole running thing. BUT, when we get back to Konoha, you really need to get an actual trainer." It replied, causing Naruto to nearly hit the floor in a face plant. "But in the meantime, why don't you try what I suggested?"

"You mean the creation of stuff?" Naruto asked.

"Mainly for now the Taijutsu." Kyuubi smiled sinisterly. "Get some distance from everyone and go train. You are already exceptional on your wind affinity, something unheard of from the Uzumaki bloodline. Usually everyone was really good at their Water Affinity." The fox sighed. "And then there was like only one person who was good at her Lightning."

"Yeah, I remember what you said about her," Naruto frowned, a tear running down his eye. "My mother was really that good huh?" he asked.

"Your mother was my container, so yes she really WAS that good." The fox snarled.

"I'll try to train it up some more." Naruto sighed before turning around away from the fox. "One of these days, Kyuubi, I will be just as strong as she was." He vowed, his hands clenching.

"Of that I have no doubt." Kyuubi laughed. Your already too damn much like her for my sanity.


Tazuna's House


Naruto bolted upright, a kunai in his hand as he looked around, hearing a noise from the corner. Damn reflexes. He thought to himself as he looked at a now terrified Inari. "Sorry, Inari." He blushed, putting the kunai back in his holster. "I have problems waking up." He said hesitantly, getting a nod from the black haired child before they both stood up. "Everything okay?" he asked.

"I'm just glad to see you're finally awake!" Inari shouted, jumping into Naruto causing the two to have a nice quiet moment for a hug.

"What do you mean, 'finally awake'?" Naruto asked with a frown. "I only went to sleep last night." He frowned at Inari as he shook his head.

"Nee-chan, you've been asleep for two days." Inari gulped.

Naruto looked out the window before looking down at the boy. "Why didn't anyone wake me up?" he asked, dreading the answer.

"That silver-headed guy said that you needed your sleep, because of some kind of exhaustion." The boy replied. "Said that you would be groggy even if you did wake up."

Great even my own sensei doesn't believe in me. He sighed, crunching his hands. "Well where are they now?" he asked.

"Their at the bridge. Grandpa said that the bridge would be done soon." Inari explained. "Nee-chan." He began. "When you go home, are you gonna be back to see us?" he asked.

Pulling himself back slightly, Naruto looked at the hope-filled eyes in front of him. "Inari," he smiled. "I wouldn't stay away if you paid me not to. Okay?" he said honestly, getting a large grin and a chuckle from the boy. "Now, I need to get going so that I can go knock some sense into my sensei." he laughed before grabbing some of his gear and running out of the house.




"Sasuke, this is training." Kakashi sighed as he watched Sasuke standing in front of him, his hands clenched as he demanded he train him. "You need to get your chakra control up to where you can do it without thinking." He explained.

"I don't care about tree walking, nor do I care about water walking!" Sasuke snarled.

"But, Sasuke-kun!" Sakura screeched from below them, standing on the river. "Its easy to do, and you were already told that as soon as you got this down he would give you a new technique!" she said easily as she ran around the river, hoping easily along the river happily. That was, until she looked up and saw Sasuke glaring at her.

"I don't need this kind of training!" Sasuke shouted. "I need the utmost training!" he growled. "I have to kill him!"

"Sasuke, your brother was something that you are not. And you are only living for the reason of killing him." Kakashi heard a voice call out from the bridge. "Its not safe for you to be only fighting for that reason."

Ignoring the voice for the moment, Kakashi looked as Sasuke. "Fine, if you want to fight me on the training, then help Tazuna move some stuff to the end of the bridge." He ordered, pointing to some steel girders that were laying in a pile.

"Why should I help an old man build his bridge!" the Uchiha snarled, looking to behind Kakashi to see who had spoken. "Why don't you have the deadlast help him."

"Yeah!" Sakura shouted from the river. "He hasn't done anything this entire mission!"

Kakashi growled as he looked at Sakura before tossing a shuriken at her. "Sasuke, watch the bridge builder. Help him if he needs anything." He ordered once again.

"Hn." Sasuke snorted before turning to the bridge's end again. "Before we came here you only trained me." He snarled.

"Sasuke!" he heard a grave voice call out, causing him to look up, only to inwardly growl. Tazuna appeared from behind some crates. "Can you bring over that beam?" the old man shouted.

"Get it yourself." Sasuke said flatly before walking away to the end of the bridge.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" a throaty shout came from where Sasuke was headed. In only a second, the completed end of the bridge was filled with Naruto clones. They immediately swarmed over Sasuke, ignoring him completely as they nearly trampled him. The clones stood nearly at attention in front of the bridge builder. "Sounded like you could use some help, Tazuna-jiji!" one of the Naruto's called out, causing Tazuna to smile.

Tazuna quickly gave as many jobs as he could to the small army. There were some however, that he could not assign jobs for. Those clones nearly fell on top of Sakura and Kakashi as they sparred on the water, which involved Sakura getting her ass handed to her soundly. Kakashi however, however he was training the girl, was not prepared to receive an hook kick to his head, sending him backwards a few feet before he was able to stop himself.

Shaking his head of the cobwebs, Kakashi eye-smiled at the blond clone. "Good job on that kick, Naruto." He said happily. "You really are working on that surprise attack stuff huh?" he asked, grabbing a pair of kunai. "How many clones are there not working?" he asked, not taking his eyes off the clone that had hit him.

"I'd say about another fifteen here hehe." The clone smiled. "And I've been doing a lot of training lately. You know that more than anyone else."

"Good." Kakashi said, looking happily at Sakura out of the corner of his eyes. "I could use some help training Sakura." He explained, causing Sakura's face to pale.


Clearing ~ Two miles away


Naruto smiled as he looked at the area he was going to work in. Okay, he thought, ticking ideas off in his head. I want to be able to move fast. He sighed, thinking what element would help him.

Well you can use either lightning or wind for that one.Kyuubi chuckled. Try sending wind chakra to a certain point of your body and see what happens. It advised.

Thank you. Naruto thought, looking around. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" he called out, twenty clones appearing. "Okay, ten of you, I want you to start on the wind manipulation idea Kyuubi just told me. The other ten of you, I wanna know how I can use wind in the attack and I want some practicing done." He ordered, watching the clones vanish to the other side of the clearing. He instantly slumped down before he could catch himself. Well, too many clones doing books and the bridge. He thought as he processed how much chakra he had. I wonder if those clones were able to find Gato's Headquarters. He thought idly.


Village Outskirts


Thirty clones had been scouring the countryside, looking for Gato's main business hub. The one that led the group however, had dispersed himself as he had found Tazuna at the bridge when he created the small army with what he had in chakra, which had been a lot. Another clone however, was just about at the end of his nerves. "God damnit!" he shouted, catching the eye of several other clones. "We've been at this search forever!" he snarled.

"Ain't our fault that the boss finds it important that we find Gato's bullshit ass." Another clones sneered as he looked around. He saw something that seemed out of place at the end of the path nearest a small streams outlet. "I think I found something." He said happily. Moving closer, he saw that not only had the clones found a larger than usual building, but being that the building was guarded very lightly and fenced off, caused the clones to realize obviously that they found the place that they had been searching for. One of the clones immediately created two more and vanished himself, causing the memories of his own existence to go back to the original. "The boss is gonna love this shit." The clone smiled.


Naruto's clearing


Naruto laughed as he recovered the memories of the clone. Found it! He smiled. His smile however was short-lived as he looked over at the crews of Bunshin. One of them had made somewhat of a breakthrough, evidence by the high pitched scream of happiness, only to be interrupted by a pouf of the clone dispelling.

After the headache passed, Naruto smiled again before summoning up his own courage. Sending chakra to his back, he felt himself pitched forward abruptly. Falling on his face caused him to let loose a string of obscenities. "Damnit!" he snarled. Note to self: find some way to slow down from dash. He thought as he pulled grass from between his teeth. Looking up at the sky, his smile returned before shouting upward. "Bring me some damn breaks or something!"

Several more poufs caused Naruto to smack himself in the head. Why me?

Your asking me? The Kyuubi laughed again. Take some time and practice doing that with your other Tenketsu points. The bijuu said.

Naruto frowned as he tried to use the Kyuubi's idea, this time on his hands. The immediate response of the idea was Naruto being spun around so fast he hit the ground once again, this time feeling severely dizzy. But as he looked up he saw that his clones were staring at him. This could take a while. He sighed.




Kakashi watched as Sakura continued to dodge Naruto's clones who were practicing both Taijutsu and Kakashi's own version of 'target practice' with the girl. It surprised Kakashi that when he had requested the blond to do the exercise, the two of them had been somewhat hesitant. Kakashi had hoped that Naruto's clones would outright tell him to go blow himself. But when he explained that it would not only help Sakura and him, but it would show Sasuke what a real teammate would do for the team.

So far, no response was made from Sasuke.

With a shriek of pain, Kakashi looked back only to see a clone standing over Sakura who was no longer standing on the water. Jumping down he saw that Sakura had several shuriken embedded in her right thigh, and that the wounds were not bleeding. Taking a look at the clone holding her, Kakashi was surprised to see the clone trying to send healing chakra to the wounds without removing the throwing stars. But just as Kakashi was going to try and take over, Kakashi was shocked to see the shuriken being pushed out of the wound. "She's exhausted." The clone explained. "The shuriken weren't real to begin with, so she wasn't really wounded, but she still felt the pain. She'll be out for a bit as is." It sighed before picking her up and moving toward the shore. Kakashi smiled however when the clone took the pink haired woman to the edge of the bridge and began to walk up it.

"Kinda interesting, isn't it?" Another clone asked. "The original has on chakra weights, and with us having the same weights, you would think that we would suffer somehow." It sighed before walking away, gathering the rest of the clones and vanishing from the bridge.

Kakashi watched them vanish with a single thought running through his head. Naruto is wearing chakra weights?


Gato's Office Building ~ Three hours later


Naruto stood looking over the building from where the clones had originally seen it. Okay, no traps. He thought as his Uzugan pierced its way through the security. He smiled as he pulled a henge over himself and walked through the gate. The only ones who really noticed him was a single pair of guards, the ones standing right in front of the building. They immediately nodded to him, or rather who they saw he was. God these guys are IDIOTS! He thought as he looked at a close window, seeing a short and grey haired man standing where he was. I will never use your form as a transformation again, Gato. He vowed as he walked up the stairs to where he assumed the midgets own office was.

Upon entering the office, he growled as he saw someone in a side office, the clinking and clanging going on leading him to believe that that was where the vault where Gato held his money was being held. Giving himself a shake to stop himself from fearing anything and anyone, Naruto compressed his chakra enough to where he hoped he would not be detected. Looking around the edge of the door, Naruto was only able to see a rather large looking black cloak with red clouds throughout the entire cloak, a rather large wrapped bundle with a handle leaning on the side of the door. Taking out one of the weird looking kunai he had stolen, Naruto silently reached the huddled form, not even paying attention to the surrounding area.

Before Naruto even knew he had done it, however, a head was rolling down to the bundle, blue shark-like skin with a shocked face staring back at him, shark-pointed teeth extending from his mouth. Naruto quickly ran to the side of the room and threw up what he had eaten last. Looking back at the now lifeless body, Naruto frowned before taking one of the spare sealing scrolls and sealing the body, head, and the bundle inside, attaching it to his belt before looking at his surroundings.

Staring him right back was piles upon piles of coins. Holy shit. He thought, looking around at the piles. He pulled out his last sealing scroll and frowned. I think I'm gonna need another scroll… or three. He thought as he began taking small piles of coin and sealing them.

Naruto ended up spending the next several hours sealing as much as he could into the scroll, effectively filling it from end to end. Sighing as he looked at the rest of the room, he could barely contain the growl from leaving his mouth. Need another scroll, damnit. He thought as he looked back into the office, seeing more scrolls. Immediately pocketing said scrolls, Naruto smiled as he saw several other 'larger' scrolls in the corner of the room. Picking them up, he saw that two of the three were also full of currency. Smiling even more, Naruto quickly opened the empty scroll and spent another hour cleaning the rest of the room of its currency. But just as he was about to leave, Naruto saw something out of the corner of his eye. Looking over to look, Naruto was greeted with the sight of several decent-looking swords that didn't seem to be there when he had first entered, or since. Quickly scanning for any kind of traps, Naruto was greeted with the weapons securely held in his hands. Strapping the two smallest to the small of his back, Naruto held the two large up and secured them as best as he could to each of his shoulder blades.

Naruto, as calmly as he could, walked out of the room, then the building. He found himself quickly in Tazuna's house, at his futon, not even worried about whatever had happened in the building as he held every one of his scrolls protectively in his arms, a Shadow Clone at his door to make sure nobody entered.


Gato's Place… ~ One hour later


A figure entered Gato's Office, a much darker figure in appearance. It entered Gato's Office, looking absently for its partner. The figure entered the light as if by command. Uchiha Itachi looked around the room, not seeing what he was after. Seeing a dull light emanating from a side room, Itachi saw that the room was in fact empty. But before he could turn around, he saw something along the wall, in an angle he would not have expected. Looking more closely, he saw that whatever had drawn his attention was something he didn't think he would have seen. Blood decorated a long line of the walls surface, signifying that someone had died here, recently. Taking a turn around the entire office and its side room, Itachi frowned as he saw no body. Damn you Kisame. He thought as he walked around. If you had to kill someone, what did you do to the body? He asked. Leader-sama wanted Gato dead, since Gato was considered to know more about us then he should have known about us.

Taking a lasting turn around the office, Itachi walked slowly out of the building before disappearing in a flock of crows. I will find out soon what happened here, that I swear. He vowed.


Next Morning


Kakashi sighed as he looked at the blond across the table from him. The blond looked like he had not slept all that much, even though he knew that the blond had been training again late into the night. He frowned as he looked around the table as everyone ate. Sasuke was glaring at everyone as he picked once again at his food. Sakura was fawning over him like she was his personal glue-doll or something. And Tazuna was trying not to pry into what Naruto had been doing that would cause him to look so damn distraught and agitated.

Everyone was surprised however, when one of Naruto's clones popped up out of the blondes room and deposited a rather large pouch in front of Tazuna. "I know that the bridge isn't finished." Naruto began as he looked to Tazuna. "But seeing as my clones and I are going to help you finish her up today, I thought that I should give you this now." He smiled.

Tazuna looked at the blond before pulling the string on the pouch and looking inside. The next thing everyone knew, Tazuna was on the ground and twitching, his hand clenched around the pouch. "What the hell, Naruto-baka!" Sakura shouted. "Why did you kill the client!" she shrieked.

"Tazuna-jiji?" Naruto called out, looking the man over. "Can you hear me you old damn geezer?" he called out, resulting in Tsunami and Inari appearing at the old drunk's side before the two of them looked at the pouch. "I swear I didn't kill him!" Naruto shouted indignantly as he waved his hands frantically.

Tsunami and Inari looked in the pouch only to look back at Naruto and then to Tazuna. "I think we're gonna go on a nice big vacation." Tsunami gulped before enveloping Naruto in a giant hug. "Thank you!" she shouted, not even noticing the large blush Naruto held on his face as he realized where he was being hugged into.

"Tsunami-chan…" he gasped. "I… I need air!" he swore as the woman released him, heaving air back into his lungs before looking at Tsunami with fear in his eyes. He backed away and ran from the house before she could say anything.

Kakashi was quick to rectify and explain everything. "He'll be okay, Tsunami-sama." He began. "He's just not that much of an expert of affection between people." He explained before looking at the pouch. "What is in the pouch if I may ask?"

"According to the little slip here," Inari began, drawing everyone's attention to him, "Nee-san gave us three million ryuu to restart Wave." He said with a big grin.

Needless to say, Sakura was on the ground, gasping at the amount of money. Sasuke on the other hand, was looking at the pouch hungrily. Kakashi looked at his students before looking back to Tsunami with a look that screamed 'Hide the pouch quickly'.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxx With Naruto xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Naruto gasped as he leaned against a large tree, tears running down his face as memories assaulted him. She wasn't being mean! He screamed to himself. Tsunami-chan isn't like the other bad people!

Woah kit! Kyuubi snarled at him. You need to calm down!

But as the fox demon tried to reason with the blond however, more and more memories attacked him, causing him to hold his head in pain as more tears poured down his cheeks. Overhead however, was another story. The day had been sunny, or at the very least very little clouds in the sky. Now however, as Naruto's tears fell, so did the idea of a good day for work. Thunderclouds were approaching quickly, rain falling like the proverbial cats and dogs. Wind seemed to pick up out of nothingness, all centering around the blonde Jinchuuriku. "WHY AM I LIKE THIS!" Naruto shouted. "Why didn't anyone care about me!" he screamed. "Why did everyone I care about have to die!"

"Naruto!" Kakashi's voice called out from behind him somewhere, but was drowned out by thunder cracking along the skies. "Where are you!" his voice whispered to him, barely breaking him from his tears.

Naruto continued to cry, even as the wind howled around him, drowning out any other sounds of life except his own tears. But as Kakashi zoned in on him, the wind seemed to die down, allowing him alone to come closer to the Kyuubi's container. "Naruto!" he shouted, causing Naruto to look up at him. "You have to stop your chakra or your gonna cause a flood!" he screamed out, causing Naruto to shake his head.

"I'm not even doing anything!" the boy screamed out, his Uzugan now blazing and spinning.

"Naruto, calm down, please!" Kakashi begged. I'm glad that I followed him out here. He thought as he held out his arms for the boy. I didn't know his control of the elements would be this severe and strong. He sighed as the boy looked at him questionably. "I'm not gonna hurt you, Naruto." He called out. "Its okay to let someone close every once in a while." He explained.

Naruto simply stood up and walked into Kakashi's arms, receiving a real hug from someone. Something that he had only now begun to receive. But as he seemed to finally calm down, Naruto fell asleep against his sensei, his head buried in the mans armpit.




Uchiha Itachi was now officially angry. His usually stoic behavior and attitude was now gone. And as he stood there on top of the incomplete bridge, Itachi tried to something he never thought he would have to do… combing his hair down. His usually calm and obedient hair was standing straight up from the static electricity that had been a part of that strange storm that had mysteriously disappeared. What the hell was that? He thought to himself as he looked into the river as it calmed down. Kisame's been gone too damn long. He sighed, hoping the shark man would suddenly appear out of thin air. Leader-sama will not be happy that he abandoned the mission and the organization. He thought as he turned around and began walking to the finished end of the bridge before disappearing in a swirl of ravens.


Bridge ~ Three Hours Later


Naruto smiled as he watched his clones train as well as work on the bridge. So, he smiled. Sending small amounts of wind chakra along a point caused a burst of speed in the given direction. He thought as he watched a single clone disappear only to reappear a small distance away before falling into the river. And a large amount caused a large speed increase. He sweat-dropped. Less chakra until tested properly.

Looking over at Sasuke and Sakura as they trained further on the water walking exercise, Naruto smiled as he tried to hold back laughter as Kakashi started doing the same thing he himself had done for Sakura. But his laughter was cut short as a clone dispelled by blunt trauma, causing him to wince out in pain form the impact. "Hey!" he shouted at his clones. "Watch where your going with those beams!" he ordered, watching a pair of his clones scratch the back of their heads nearly dropping said beams before they proceeded on their task.

Kakashi on the other hand, was having a small problem. He was constantly having to remind Sasuke that he had to continue training, while he wanted to understand how Naruto was fooling even his own Sharingan eye with the way his clones were moving so damn fast. He could tell that the blond was using Fuuton Chakra in the training, but he didn't understand how the boy had such control. After Naruto had awoken from his slumber this morning, Kakashi had been mildly concerned that Naruto would have a backslide where he would not want to train so much regarding his bloodline. But somehow, Naruto had come right back to where he was. Even the training that he was conducting right now was something that not even Kakashi himself could have done.

Sasuke was already tired of doing the Water Walking exercise. No matter what he did, he could not get all the way across the bridge on his own. But as he walked, he could almost smell someone getting stronger. Looking up, Sasuke frowned as he saw the dead last of the class working with his pathetic clones, some moving faster than they should have. It doesn't matter what he does. He thought as he picked his foot out of the river and giving it a rough shake. He will always be weak. And when the time comes you will be kneeling before me without a second thought. He sneered.


Bridge ~ The next day


It was time for our hero and his team to leave. They were at the edge of the bridge which was now connected to the mainland and the whole village had come to say goodbye. Inari ran up to Naruto and said, "I'll miss you aniki. Promise to come and visit sometime soon?"

"Don't worry I'll be back I promise."

With that they turned and started walking away. "Yo Grandpa, we never named the bridge."

"Oh yeah, well lets name it THE GREAT NARUTO BRIDGE, after the young man that gave us hope again." The villagers all agree and start cheering.

Kakashi and Naruto start smiling as they heard what the villagers yelled. Kakashi turns to Naruto and shrugs. Naruto's smile just gets bigger. 'Sensei, you'd be so proud of him. It should be you here congratulating him, but I guess I can do it for you.' Kakashi thought with an eye smile.

Sasuke was furious as he heard the people of the village shouting for Naruto. Like the dobe even DID anything! He snarled to himself, purposely keeping his head low as he stared at Naruto's back. All he could see that was important about the dobe was the kitana at his shoulder and the two short swords at his hip. But as he watched the blonde, he could see the blond seem to become irritated quickly.

Naruto was now officially bored. It'd been three hours at shinobi pace through the trees. The team had decided that since everyone had completed tree walking, that they would be able to get home quicker. But even as they ran at full speed, Naruto quickly became bored. Stopping for a few seconds in order to make sure everyone was okay, Naruto pulled out a scroll that he had begun reading yesterday… Shape Manipulation for Dummies, something he had snagged from a store before they left, not even realizing what he had bought before looking at it the following day. Taking off again, he smiled as he used a henge'd clone to tell him if he was going to hit something and proceeded to land on the ground and start a small jog while everyone kept up after being coerced into slowing down for Sakura's sake.

But even as he slowed down, Naruto could not see the holes that Sasuke was now drilling into him. Someone else however, did see it. "Naruto-baka! What are you doing! Your pissing off Sasuke-kun!" she ordered before clenching her hand into a fist.

Sighing in inevitable defeat, Naruto sighed as he closed the scroll and looked back at her. "Listen here, ya stupid banshee." He began. "I am trying to read and broaden an idea of mine. If you have nothing CONSTRUCTIVE to say to me about this topic or on the mission, I suggest you SHUT UP!" he shouted, causing several large birds to fly from their forest perch. "And do you honestly THING that I care a LICK about Sas-UKE-teme?" he asked, causing Sakura to redden.

"Take that back!" Sakura screamed as she ran at him, despite the pain in her legs. "Sasuke-kun is NOT GAY!" she screamed.

"Sakura, knock it off." Kakashi said as he looked around the forest looking for any type of traps. "He didn't do anything wrong." He explained, causing everyone to look back and see their sensei running up to them on the road from the trees.

Naruto gave his sensei a small smile before going back to the scroll. Shouldn't be too hard to zone out on a road. He thought as he slowly continued his trek down the road toward home. Sasuke on the other hand glared at the blond before turning back to his own mind.

Sakura on the other hand looked at her sensei dumbfounded, her thoughts confused. I was only trying to put the dead last in his place. She thought. What did I do wrong? She immediately lost that train of thought however as she looked over and seen Sasuke 'acting cool' before erupting in a loud squeal and going back to what she always did: Bug Sasuke for a date.


Konoha ~ Next Day


Even as Team Seven walked into the village, they were holding their heads. Or at least the males were from the loud and incessant voice that Sakura boasted and consequentially gave the three massive headaches. But as they neared the gate however, Kakashi realized something: Naruto was under a henge! Even as they walked, Kakashi was only able to understand that that was what was going on with his blond student. Somehow Naruto was under a henge, but only with his outfit being the case. But as they passed the gate successfully, a loud bang caused Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi to look away. As soon as they turned back around when they discovered nothing there, Kakashi had to restrain himself from yelling. But even as he held himself back, Sakura was not so inclined.

"What the hell are you doing, Naruto-baka!" she shrieked, causing Kakashi to wince and ring his ear out slightly. "Stop trying to look cool and take me away from Sasuke!"

"Sakura Haruna." Naruto growled before looking back at her. Her eyes instantly changed as she saw the look in his blue eyes. It complimented his new look outrageously. Black and blue camouflage cargo pants ending six inches below the knee with green tape closing the ends. A pair of black steel toed Combat Boots decorated the boys feet, causing her to wonder how he even got around the area without her hearing the footsteps. Looking up she saw him wearing a orange and red 'V' top (Scorpion's Top from M. Kombat). Naruto's headband was no longer on his forehead but in fact hung loose around his neck, making the three members of his team wonder how he could have looked any better. Grey and black gauntlets covered his forearms with a mask on the boys face, this causing both Sasuke and Sakura wonder where he had gotten it from. Even as he scolded her, she could hear him almost growling from within the mask. "You need to learn two things right here and NOW!" he growled, his mouth completely covered. But what made Sakura really nervous about the facemask was that when Naruto spoke, IT moved with the way his jaw moved! "And one of them, is when to understand the nature of a Henge!" he screamed, slamming his hand on a nearby building, causing the point of impact to collapse and break away. "Ooops." Naruto muttered, amusement evident in his voice more than sorrow. Turning back to her, she could actually see his eyes burning into her. "And the second would be something about what you should have learned from the Academy."

"And what's that, dead last?" Sakura asked, her voice cracking at the way he looked at her.

"Sakura," Kakashi interrupted, not really wanting the pink-haired genin to become angry and start a scene. "If you want to continue this, then it will have to wait until later." He growled, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "Otherwise, we have a mission to turn in." he said, steering the team toward the Hokage's Tower.

As soon as they arrived at the Tower, they were delayed once again. This time it was because of Team 8 as they walked out of the Tower. Kiba was the first one to even address Team 7. Taking one look at the team was all the Inuzuka needed. "Well hello!" he began. "What happened to you guys, did you have a run in with a street sweeper or something?" he asked, causing Naruto's hackles to rise. "And what the HELL are you wearing, Dobe?" he asked. "Did you finally decide to try to 'spring fashion' or something?"

"Hey Dog Breath," Naruto growled. "Shouldn't you have already been spayed or something?" he asked. "And as for your first question little bitch-boy. We just got back from a 'C' rank turned 'A' rank mission so why don't you go play fetch in a swamp or something."

Kiba looked at Naruto for a second before laughing raucously and without hesitation. "Yeah right!" he laughed, causing Naruto's hackles to jump up again, Hinata at Kiba's side trying to pull him away. "Like a dead last like you would ever have even a GLIMMER of completing a 'C' rank mission much less an 'A' rank mission. What happened, did Sasuke-teme carry you again?" he asked.

Kakashi had at this point had enough. "Kiba, actually most of the work, much less the fighting really was done by Naruto here." He said, pointing at the boy and smiling. But even as he said that, he heard in his own head that something was about to hit the fan.

Team 8 just looked like it had seen a ghost, other than Hinata of course. They looked at Kakashi before turning to Sasuke and then Sakura. But when their eyes reached Sakura however, they could see that she was not exactly happy at Kakashi's declaration. "Kakashi-sensei," she began madly. "Why are you lying to them and saying that Naruto did everything? We both know that Sasuke-kun was the one who really did everything out there. After all he was the one who defeated that fake hunter-nin." She explained, giggling at Sasuke even though the Uchiha was looking at her like she was crazy.

Kurenei however, even though she was a fellow kinouichi, she felt something was wrong. "Kakashi," she frowned, looking at the man in the eye. "Why have you not broken her of that fangirlish attitude?" she asked.

"Been trying to. I even took a few pages out of Anko's book for her training. No matter how much I do to get her to stop acting like that, it just seems out of place if you would." Kakashi explained flatly.

Any kind of further conversation was ended by the Hokage exiting the Tower and glaring at him. "Kakashi, get your team up into my office." He ordered, looking at the four of them as well as Team 8 before his eyes narrowed on Naruto.


Hokage's Office


Sarutobi sighed as he looked at the tired faces of Sakura, Sasuke and surprisingly Kakashi, but the face of Naruto was literally beaming in excitement. What is going on? He thought to himself before clearing his throat. "So, your telling me," he began. "That not only did you continue along on a mission that was clearly higher than your genin could handle, Kakashi." He frowned as he looked at the Jounin. "But you went through with the mission on your own without backup and on the recommendations of your students?" he asked. "Then against all better judgment, you stayed on mission, even though you discovered that ZABUZA Momichi, the Demon of the Mist, was on task to kill your client? Then after you were knocked out by said missing nin, you stayed on and continued misson? And after finally fighting him again, you not only leave killing the man up to the actual objective's own hunter before leaving several days later after Zabuba was removed." The Hokage sighed, rubbing his temples together. "Am I missing anything?" he asked.

"All of its true, Hokage-sama." Kakashi sighed as he looked at his students.

Sarutobi could only sigh as he looked at the three Genin in front of him. "Alright, you three are going to be paid for an 'A' ranked mission." He explained, pointing at Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi himself. "You are all going to be given a two week period off with no missions." He said, watching everyone look at him with a happy expression. But when he looked at Naruto however, he saw that the genin was far from happy. "I am also suggesting that the entire team seven do some training," he said, looking dead at Sakura. "And that you all take that wild mild trust." He said, not even looking anyone in the eyes as his mind wondered. If he is in fact coming here, like Jiraiya says he is, he thought. Then I am going to need these three along with everyone else to help defend the village. "Now get out of here, all of you." He ordered. "Go enjoy your time off."

"Jiji?" Naruto called out after everyone had left. "Can I talk to you for a second?" he asked as he walked to the door and closed it.

"Sure, Naruto what do you need?" Sarutobi smiled.

"Well for one thing why are you not paying me for this 'A' ranked mission?" Naruto whispered. "You were looking at everyone else but me when you said that about the pay for the 'A' rank." He explained. "I was kinda curious about that." He said sadly.

"Naruto, can I ask you something, without you making a prank out of it?" he asked. "It's very important."

"You know you can, jiji." Naruto smiled. "I'd never really pull a prank when I'm a shinobi and you know that." He said happily as he pumped up his chest.

"Do you really have the Uzugan?" Sarutobi blurted out quickly, his gaze shifting to the left and right.

Naruto simply frowned before activating said bloodline. His eyes seemed to literally crackle with electricity. Pointing out the window at the village, Naruto simply smiled.

Sarutobi however, was scared as all get out. Turning around, he could only stare in shock at his village, now being covered by rain clouds! "Naruto!" he called out before turning to look at the blonde. "You can stop, I believe you!" he called out, desperately hoping that nobody would come to the office.

"Auntie Em, Auntie Em." Naruto laughed as he began twirling his fingers slightly. "Why am I flying through the air?" he asked in a sing-song like voice, causing Sarutobi to look at him curiously.

Naruto pointed outside again, this time an evil grin on his face. Sarutobi took a second to worry about him again before looking outside. The cloud cover was slightly blacker, but what surprised him even more was that Sasuke and Sakura were being pounced up and down by what appeared to be bursts of wind! "Stop your games, Naruto." Sarutobi growled. "Your better than this."

"You try spending time with a pink-haired banshee and someone who needs to get their asses shocked to get the stick out." Naruto explained. "They should be glad that I am only bringing a little bit of rain at the moment."

Sarutobi could only gawk at the blond. "How strong are you on your storm manipulation?" he asked.

"I can only bring about small lightning storms or something like this every once in a while." Naruto explained. "I wanted to talk with you and hope that you were able to help me out." He smiled. "Can you give me some jutsu scrolls that would give me more of an arsenal? I only have wind, lightning and water for my elements, so I could probably use the help." He explained.

Sarutobi looked at Naruto for only a split second before he felt something in him just snap. I can't help with anything like that. He thought sternly. But this village has scorned him so badly its not even funny. A softer voice called out in his head. Turning quickly to the side of his office, Sarutobi smiled at the blonde and nodded toward him to follow, which surprised the blonde since he was pretty much looking at a wall. But as the aged Hokage walked through the wall, he could barely contain his happiness for mischief as he ran through the wall as well, only to stop short of hitting a rather big door.

"Now, Naruto." Sarutobi began as he opened the door slowly. "I am entrusting you with several jutsu that are very important to your family." He smiled as the blondes eyes seemed to glow in happiness. "I am given these to give to you when you unlocked your bloodline. I understand that you are studying from the Codex you mentioned earlier, but please, I want you to train on these as well. I know how bad you want to be stronger." He explained, handing Naruto a rather small looking scroll.

Opening it, Naruto could only smiled as he looked at the jutsu in the scroll.

Jutsu #1: Wind Blade: A Rank… Forms a blade of severe wind out of thin air and throws it at an opponent. Theory of a more advanced form of the technique is still a fantasy, considering the lack of a substantial wind.

Jutsu #2: Wind Ball: B Rank… This jutsu allows him to breathe wind-infused chakra into the palm of his hand, shaping it into a small, whirlwind-like ball. Then the ball would be shot it at his opponent. This jutsu seems to be very fast and very powerful seeing as it is capable of smashing through thick rock.

Jutsu #3: Five Hungry Sharks: Unknown Rank… Capable of creating several sharks made of chakra that surround and then begin to attack and 'eat' their target. Effective only in water or in water-like terrain. 'Suiton: Water Floor' and 'Suiton: Massive Water Bubble' make this a severely hazardous technique.

Jutsu #4: Suiton: Water Floor: Unknown Rank… Creates a field of water from thin air. Able to create massive amounts only furthered by the casters Chakra control and Levels.

Jutsu #5: Suiton: Massive Water Bubble: Unknown Rank… Creates a massive bubble of water allowing only the caster to breathe effectively. With greater control would allow the wielder of this Jutsu to actually move the bubble along with him or at will.

Jutsu #5: Lightning Absorbtion: S Rank… Uses Lightning Infused Chakra to absorb electricity and energy, adding to own chakra stores. Very little chakra is needed, but considered a Kinjutsu due to the ability of possibly draining someone dry of their own energies. Use with extreme care.

Jutsu #6: Static Barrier: A Rank… Creates a large barrier of lightning capable of deflecting weapons and some jutsu. Easily combinable with other elements to allow easy attacks. Enough control can be gained to actually be able to force the dome on someone else, trapping them and then squeezing them with lightning.

Jutsu #7: Bringer of Darkness: A Rank… Genjutsu allowing the caster to create a large bubble or area completely covered in darkness allowing only the creator of the darkness to see. On par with the Hidden Mist Jutsu but far more dangerous due to being able to completely defeat any type of doujutsu due to its utter lack of sight.

Naruto could barely hold back the grin on his face as he looked from the scroll back to Sarutobi. "I can have these?" he asked, looking around the office.

"I already said that they belonged to you." Sarutobi chuckled. "Now, I know that they may take time to learn, but I am hoping for the best." He smiled.


Streets Of Konoha


Sasuke breathed out heavily as he levered himself up off of the ground, trying to get the waves of dizziness out of his head. He looked around and saw that Sakura and Kakashi were both looking non-the worse. Or at least as far as he cared to know about. "What the hell was that Sasuke-kun!" Sakura shrieked from where she fell, rushing to try and brush him off too, only to be swatted away.

Kakashi on the other hand, frowned angrily at the Hokage's Tower, specifically where the office lay, wishing that Naruto wouldn't have done that. He's gonna get into trouble with this. He thought as he looked at his other charges.

"Kakashi-sensei," Sakura frowned. "What caused that? Did you do that? It happened in Wave too." She said quickly.

"Sakura don't worry about it." Kakashi frowned behind his mask. "I am sure it is just freak weather."

"I wonder if Naruto did that." Sakura frowned.

"He's a dobe." Sasuke retorted, causing Sakura to look back at him with hearts in her eyes.

Of course! Sakura shouted to herself. It couldn't have been that baka! She sneered. Naruto-baka is nothing more than a dead last looser!

"Whatever." Kakashi sighed as he looked at the Last Uchiha. Better them believing Naruto is useless than thinking that he is some kind of threat. He thought as he walked away with a wave, not even noticing Sakura staring at him and Sasuke walking away.


Council Chamber ~ Later That Night

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Aburame, Hyuuga, Yamanaka, Nara, Akamichi, Yakuma, Inuzuka

Sarutobi growled as he looked around the room. Since he was the Hokage he needed to be in futile and idiotic meetings almost every day of the week. This one was no different. Sitting in front of him was the entire villages Council. Seventeen men and women who had no business being in the same room as each other. On his left, and the more intelligent part of the Council, sat the Shinobi Council. Represented by their clan heads, the Clans of Konoha were able to do what was really needed for the Village as a whole. But on his right however, sat the meddlesome idiots of the Civilian Council. Seven idiots who gave Sarutobi more and more trouble each day.

Right in front of him however, was his former teammates: Koharu and Homaru. In between them however was someone that Sarutobi wished he was able to kill: Danzo, unofficial leader of the group known as ROOT. Minato Namikaze had ordered the group disbanded. But time would have not been his ally then as it is now. Danzo had somehow been able to keep his ROOT division as long as they did do missions for the Hokage instead of not just for Danzo himself. "Now would someone like to tell me why we are here? There was a Council meeting already this week." Sarutobi frowned as he looked at them all.

"Hokage-sama," One of the Civilian side began, only to be interrupted by Danzo.

"We know that the Uchiha just came back from an A Rank mission, with the demon at his side." The War Hawk growled. "I demand that you at least let me train ONE of them!" he shouted.

Sarutobi had to inwardly stop his laugh that threatened to bubble up. "Danzo, remember who is the leader of this village?" he asked angrily. "Because the last time I checked, my face was on the mountain, not yours."

Danzo simply stared at him, his face set in stone. I will get that demon into ROOT. He thought. And when I do, your pathetic peace keeping ways will DIE by my own hand.

Sarutobi however was not even worried at the way the Hawk stared at him. "Hokage-sama." The same Civilian member began as she stood up. Looking closer at the woman, he could barely sneer.

The same woman who caused me such a headache… Chameli Haruna. He thought.

"We of the Council make the motion to have that boy removed from Uchiha-sama's team." She growled out at the Shinobi side.

"As troublesome as it is," Shikaku began. "The Shinobi council can only say this…" he sighed. "Go fuck yourself, Haruna."

The resulting statement from the Strategy Expert did not go over well. Haruna and several others from the Civilian side of the room began screaming and shouting out in anger at what Shikaku had said. Sarutobi was the one who stopped the madness, once again. His method? A giant bo staff crashing into the table in front of him. "Now, Shikaku here was correct in something, Haruna." He began, glaring at the woman. "Naruto Uzumaki is under MY control." He growled. "Shinobi business is done by me and the SHINOBI council. Not by the Civilian Council." He explained angrily, causing Sakura's mother to pale slightly. "You may control your daughter, Haruna, but you will NOT control me or the rest of this village." He growled.

"Hokage-sama that is ENOUGH!" Danzo snarled, ceasing his hands as they moved toward the end of his hand-seals under the table.

Sarutobi whirled quickly around the woman and glared once again. "This meeting is adjourned." He growled, moving to exit the room.


Village Gates


Sabaku no Gaara and her brother and sister walked through the forest, sure that they were close to Konoha. But as she neared it, she felt something come over her. She could hear 'mother', but for some odd reason it was very very VERY faint! It was if something was calming her Bijuu. And as far as she and her family knew, nothing was able to soothe the animal that she contained. As she thought about this however, she was unaware of the awkward stares that her brother and sister were giving her as she led them down the path. Where are you mother? She asked herself as she took a small glance toward the trees. Why won't you tell me how to prove my existence? She thought to herself, hoping that her mother would respond. The utter silence that was gifted to her was something that made her grit her teeth and accidentally leak KI.

Kankuro and Temari however were confused. The utter KI that their sister was leaking was something altogether confusing. It felt like it was the same crushing intensity, but something seemed really off. It didn't even feel like Killing Intent. It felt like it was an annoyed chakra system or something. But as they walked they could see it wasn't making them feel like the dead. But instead it felt like they needed to stay away from her for some reason.

Temari was only slightly worried about this feeling from her sister. With as much fear her sister was able to put into something, this feeling of… whatever it was, was making her only slightly nervous. It was also making her feel calm even more so than usual.

It was, however, dispelled just as easily when her sister turned to her and snarled at her. "If we do not make it in time for the exams, the two of you will be killed."

That statement made both Kankuro and Temari practically start running as quickly as they could.


Naruto's Apartment ~ Next Day


Naruto sighed angrily as he looked around his apartment. He had left earlier just to go get some food and supplies so he could start more training. But now, as he looked at his thoroughly trashed apartment, he could barely contain the anger that flew through him like lightning. Why is it that no matter what I do, I can't seem to get these idiots to understand that I am NOT you! He snarled at the fox as he made several Kage Bunshin. "Please clean this up." He asked, getting nods from the clones. "Oh," he began with a smile. "Ramen for the both of you can get this place cleaned up before I get back from Team Training." He smiled as the clones literally jumped with joy as he exited the apartment.

"Well well well," someone began as he walked into the street. "Look what we have here." It said sinisterly. "We have a stray demon in our midst." It growled.

Naruto by this time had already walked down street, barely reigning in his temper. Creating one more clone, he sent it to the Hokage, not even caring that the Old Man wouldn't be able to do anything against the man. I don't care. He thought angrily. But the old man deserves to know why three civilians were electrocuted later. He explained to himself.

"Don't you walk away from me, Demon!" the voice ordered loudly. This time the voice was accompanied by a fist to the back of Naruto's head and a hand grabbing his shoulder and yanking him around. "You should know better than to disrespect your elders, demon." A man snarled as he wiped drool from his mouth.

"And you would do well to know the consequences of your actions, Civilian." Naruto called out dryly. "You know the law about me and the one about attacking Village shinobi." He said angrily, looking at the man.

The man was about five foot ten, wearing a white tuni, tan shinobi pants and a blue green vest. He bore numerous scars, and what looked like some of his face bones had been broken and poorly reset and healed. Black shaggy hair and blue eyes bore into Naruto's own eyes. "You think you're a Shinobi?" the man laughed, causing Naruto's eyes to quirk. "You think that you are a shinobi because you wear a forehead protector?" he laughed.

Naruto was now pissed off as all hell. "So you think you can pass judgment on someone just because you're a broke dick son of a bitch?"

That statement alone caused him to be slapped across the face, and to be thrown against a wall. "My name, boy, is Saijuro-sama." The man in front of him growled.

"You think you have that much respect?" Naruto laughed, spitting out a small bit of blood into the mans face. "You don't even know what it would take to get me to respect you." He said angrily, watching the anger play out inside the mans head. "And pray that you never find out."

"Oh?" a female voice called out from beside the man holding Naruto. "And what would that take?" she asked, drawing Naruto's attention. The woman at his side was about five foot seven, medium build if that, and wore a dark red body suit.

"You would need to kill a lot of people." Naruto laughed as he looked between the two. "And since there has been only one person that I respect that much, I would say that you need to put me down before something bad happens to you." He warned, looking at the opening of an alley behind them. When nobody moved however, Naruto just sighed as he looked at the spot again as if it was interesting for some reason. Instantly however, the man screamed out in pain as he was then kicked back off of the blond.

"I would say that you should take care of yourself more, Naruto-kun." A familiar voice called out from behind the small group. Looking behind them he was greeted with the sight of the Sandaime Hokage staring angrily at the people. "What do you two think that your doing!" he demanded.

"According to them, Hokage-sama," Naruto sneered. "Their correcting your own mistake, since your too senile to finish the job of killing me." He smiled as his eyes shifted to the eyes of the Uzugan. "And you know as well as I do how to rejuvenate old bones." He smiled, his face splitting almost ear to ear.

Sarutobi on the other hand, had to hold himself from shivering over the sudden cold temperature in the air. "I think it will be alright for me, Naruto-kun. I'm sending these two to Ibiki." He explained.

"Hold on, just a minute please?" Naruto asked, his hands dancing now with electricity. "Can I do something really quick, Hokage-sama?" he asked, pointing his hands out, causing Sarutobi to lean back from the visible chakra being used.

"Don't kill them." Sarutobi frowned as he looked at the ANBU appearing, only shaking his head, ordering them to stand back as Naruto chuckled slightly.

"I was working on my shape and elemental manipulation, remember jiji?" Naruto smiled as 'claws' of electricity spread from his fingers. "I worked myself to exhaustion just to be able to use this technique." He sneered, walking toward the villager pair. "Lift up that shirt, sir." He smiled.

The man was hesitant, but complied, only to scream out in pain as a single pair of claw strikes hit him in the stomach, causing him to scream from it, only for the scream to end in a gurgle as lightning erupted from the spot the claws raked him at. The man was soon on the ground convulsing while an ANBU looked on in disgust before walking over to the man and checked him over.

The woman wasn't so fortunate. Naruto walked over to her and smiled at her. "I know that you aren't exactly cream of the crop. Somehow you have gotten in with several bad crowds." He sighed. "And if it wasn't for this guy here, you wouldn't be in this mess."

"Shut up!" the woman screamed. "This just proves that you're a demon!" she screamed out, pointing to the now seemingly stable man on the ground as the ANBU looked him over.

"I'm the demon?" Naruto asked, his fists clenching. "I didn't attack a virtually defenseless child. I didn't condemn a child to hell simply because I'm too stupid to realize a good and masterful piece of a sealing array." He growled. "You wanna know what a real demon looks like?" he asked, the lightning leaving his hands. "If you really think that I'm a demon and that this supposedly fake 'Naruto Uzumaki' that is standing before you is in fact just a skin for the Great Kyuubi," he sneered. "Then you should really get yourself killed." He smiled, a fist of electricity erupting from his hand as he punched the woman in the stomach, leaving no mark on her body but sending her to her knees in pain from the punch and the ensuing electricity. "You'll live, just like your friend over there." He growled angrily, his eyes suddenly shifting back to normal, only showing the hurt that he was feeling. He was gone in the next moment, another ANBU arriving and checking the woman only for Sarutobi to sigh and tell them to take her to Ibiki.

"Tell him they attacked a shinobi of the village, and that they were bested by said shinobi as he defended himself." Sarutobi ordered, getting nods from his ANBU as he started walking once again to his favorite place to calm down… Ichiruka Ramen.

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