Okay, for pretty much the past six months, my sister has CONSTANTLY been talking about seeing the new Twilight movie. So in mock-celebration of the release of Eclipse, I wrote this. I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh (aww) or Twilight (good; I don't want it).

Ryou stared at the TV screen. "I have to get tickets," he said to himself before running to the computer where Bakura was reading a list of "1,000,000 Ways To Kill Annoying Pharaohs." Ryou looked up at him with his best puppy- dog eyes.

"Kura, will you do something for me?"

"Shut up, Ryou. I'm busy." But not even he could resist the Evil Puppy Dog Eyes of Doom (so- called by Marik), so he sighed. "What do you want?"

"Will you get tickets for the midnight showing of Eclipse?"

Bakura stared at his light blankly. "What the hell is that?" Ryou gasped.

"You haven't heard of it? Commercials have been everywhere; don't you watch TV?"

"You haven't let me ever since the incident with Hannah Montana," he reminded his hikari. Ryou shuddered at the memory.

"Well, it's a new movie that comes out tonight at midnight." Bakura stared at him skeptically.

"…What's it about?"

Ryou swallowed. He would have to choose his words carefully- he knew that Bakura would definitely say no if he knew that it was a romance. "It's, um… about vampires. And werewolves." The yami's eyes lit up.

"Wow, really? Vampires, huh? Ryou, I had no idea you were into that kind of stuff."

Ryou laughed nervously. "So you'll go?"

"It's about vampires. How bad can it possibly be?"


Ryou and Bakura decided to head to the theater around 11:30. Ryou was wearing a "Team Jacob" shirt that he had gotten online some time back but had never worn.

"There are a lot more girls here than I expected," Bakura commented. It was true; most of the huge crowd was female. Ryou decided quickly not to respond to that comment.

People started flooding into the dark theater around 11:55. The two boys went to their usual spot in the back of the theater. As they sat through the long and tedious preview, teenage girls chattered excitedly all around them. But when the logo appeared, there was a hushed silence across the room.

But it didn't stay quiet for long. Every girl in the theater cheered loudly every time one of the guys took off their shirt. One girl a row down from them nearly fainted with excitement, while the girl next to her blushed furiously. But Ryou just leaned forward with wide eyes, completely absorbed in the movie.

Bakura was also wide-eyed; although for a very different reason. The movie did have vampires and werewolves like his hikari had promised, but it was far from being a horror movie. No, this was a romance.

Ryou had taken him to see a romance.

Bakura had to try very hard to restrain himself from reaching over and strangling him.

Finally, after what felt to Bakuura like years of torture, the end credits rolled and the pair headed back outside to their car.

Bakura waited for both doors to be shut before turning to Ryou; rage flashing through all of his features.

"What. The. Hell. Was. That?" he growled. Ryou put his hands in the air defensively.

"I told you it would have vampires in it, but I never said it would be a horror movie. Besides, I thought it was good."

"In what way were those… creatures vampires! And that Bella chick? She's a slut with no personality whatsoever! She makes Anzu look deep! ANZU! And speaking of which, I'm pretty sure I saw her there!"

"So she's a bit indecisive! How does that make her a slut?"

"Oh, Edward, I love you, but I love Jacob too. I wish I could just have sex with both of you. But Edward, make me a vampire- then you won't kill me. But I don't want to get married; just have sex all day long," Bakura said, making his voice high- pitched to try to imitate the main heroine.

Ryou sighed. He knew deep down that it was a bad idea taking Bakura to this particular movie, but he was already getting sick of hearing him rant. But he continued on.

"But seriously! Those things were NOT VAMPIRES! Real vampires kill! Those half-assed villains that wanted to kill Bella for no reason whatsoever- although I wanted to too- were the best part of the movie, and they barely got any screen time!

"At least it had action, Bakura," Ryou muttered underhis breath. "More than the other ones." Bakura's eyes widened in disbelief.

"There's more of this atrocity?"

Ryou nodded. "I have the first two DVD's. The special editions, actually. Oh, and all of the books. And T-shirts, buttons, bags…" Ryou continued for the rest of the car ride to ramble on about all of the Twilight merchandise he had collected. When he finally finished as he pulled into the driveway, Bakura facepalmed.

"My hikari is a fangirl."


Seira-g: That… was really fun to write…

Bakura: I don't want to see that movie! Seriously!

Seira-g: Neither do I. My opinion is closer to yours, really.

Bakura: Thank Ra. Reviews?

Seira-g: Yes. Reviews?