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Things had gotten worse for Bakura since the day of the "intervention." Much, much worse.

Sleep, for instance, was a thing of the past. Ryou never lasted much past 2:00 in the morning before barging into Bakura's room, demanding answers to important questions such as, "Which of the werewolves besides Jacob is your favorite?" or "Let's discuss the differences between the movies and the books." Bakura generally ended the argument by throwing a book at Ryou's head- despite the fact that he was half asleep, he had surprisingly good aim.

Besides, now that he was a supposed "Twilight fan," he knew that it was only a matter of time before the second part of the movie came out. Ryou didn't stop talking about it, after all.

"Bakura!" he would say, night after night, as though coming to a sudden realization. "Only 178 days until Breaking Dawn part 2!"

This continued day after day, night after night. And yet, Bakura never gave up hope. He made it through each day with only the thought that someday, Ryou would grow out of his obsession and, in extension, allow him to be free of his, however fake it may be.

Unfortunately, there was one issue that Bakura couldn't wish away. The days leading up to the premiere of the final movie were growing fewer and fewer, and he knew that he would, sooner or later, be dragged along to see it. Even more terrifying was that it would most likely be yet another midnight showing. True, it would be the last one he would ever be required to endure, but that wouldn't do anything to help the obsessive fan he was living with.

Sure enough, Ryou's interest in the series was, if anything, growing stronger. He and Marik had started something that Bakura and Mariku referred not-so-lovingly to as the "Twihards Anonymous." Ryou, Marik, and several of the girls from Ryou's school met up three days a week to have "serious discussions" about the books, movies, and abs of the main characters. Bakura was often asked to attend these meetings, but generally escaped by making plans with Mariku ahead of time, most of which involved fire and a certain book series. Not that Ryou needed to know that.

But there was one event that Ryou refused to let Bakura get out of. And by the time that Bakura realized that he had no choice, Ryou was already presenting the tickets, a huge smile on his face.

"You get to come with us to the midnight showing, Bakura!" he said brightly. "I know that you've had to miss our meetings lately because of your fanclub meetings with Mariku, but I figured that you wouldn't want to miss this!"

This was it. Bakura knew that if there was ever a good time to confess his true feelings to Ryou, it was now. He inhaled deeply and said, "Ryou, there's something I need to tell you." It was strangely similar to the day he had attempted an intervention, he realized. Only this time, he knew, things would go differently.

Ryou looked up at Bakura, his eyes shining. "I know, Bakura. You're so excited that you can't handle all these emotions. I get it, but-"

"No." Bakura kept his voice firm. "Ryou, I know I should have mentioned this sooner, and cleared up whatever it is you think about me. But I feel like if I don't say it now, I'll never get the chance." He took a deep breath. "Ryou, Twilight is terrible. I've told you this so many times that I shouldn't need to say it. But seriously. Get a life. One without Twilight."

Ryou only stared at Bakura, for what felt like several minutes. His expression never switched from that huge smile, which made Bakura the slightest bit nervous. Not because he was afraid he had shocked the boy- he wasn't afraid of that in the least. But he could feel the tension growing, and wondered why he had let himself say something that could potentially get him killed. Or time in the cave. He wasn't quite sure which fate would be worse.

"Bakura, why are you lying?"


Ryou was still smiling, and Bakura was growing increasingly scared about it. He quickly rose to make a run for it, but at the speed of light, Ryou reached out and grabbed his wrist, forcing him to sit back down.

"Why would you say that you don't like Twilight?"

"Because I don't."

"Really." Bakura was sweating with anticipation. This was it, Ryou was getting mad, and there was no going back now-

"You look scared." Ryou stifled a laugh. However, it did very little, and in the end, Ryou burst out laughing. Bakura was, to say the least, shocked.

"…Ryou, what are you-"

"I can't do this anymore," he said, through his fit of laughter. "But- oh god, your reaction- it's- it-s-"

"Can't do what?" Bakura asked reluctantly. He wasn't sure what exactly was going on, although he vaguely wondered if Ryou had finally cracked. From what, however, he wasn't sure.

Ryou took a moment to wipe tears from his eyes, as his laughter died down. "This. Bakura, I can't believe you never figured it out." Upon seeing Bakura's confused face, Ryou almost started to laugh again. "I never liked Twilight, Bakura. It- it was all a huge lie. And your reactions to it, all of it- Ahh, it was so worth it!"

Bakura was numb. Ryou… everything… it had all been a lie. Ryou had tricked him.

And, perhaps even more terrifying, he had fallen for it.

"…Why?" It was all Bakura could say. Ryou smiled even more widely than before, and stuck his finger in the air for emphasis.

"Well, at first it was just to get back at you. You always said things you didn't mean, and I was getting tired of it. But it was fun, so after a while, I made it into a game. I wanted to see how long I could keep it up before you cracked."

"…And Malik?"

"He was in on it, too. He wanted revenge against Mariku, so we came up with this together." He sighed. "The only downside was having to buy all that merchandise… I suppose I could get rid of it now, but that was almost all my money."

"Ryou…" Bakura was shaking, anger slowly replacing the nothing he had felt. "You…"

"Yes?" Ryou said sweetly. Although on the inside, he was shaking with fear- Bakura was scary when he was angry, after all. He had always known that the day would come when Bakura found out about his trick, and even though he had attempted to prepare himself for it, now that the moment had come, he couldn't help but feel a bit nervous.


"…Huh?" Ryou couldn't have heard right. But when he looked up, Bakura was smiling.

"I actually think I respect you a little more, now. Not only are you not a Twilight fan, but you clearly have a sadistic side of your own, don't you? I always hoped that would happen."

"…So you're not mad?"

"Oh, no, I'm pissed. That's two and a half years of my life that I'll never get back. In fact," Bakura said, a smirk appearing on his face that made Ryou shudder, "I think that I know exactly what to do to get you back and reward you at the same time."

Ryou swallowed. "…What?"

"I'm dragging you to see this movie."


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