'She was running down the alley' Cordria's June Contest

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She was running down the alley, her black hair covering her features. Pausing for breath, her eyes took in everything. The alley was dark, except for a few lampposts that flickered slightly. The tall dark buildings loom overhead, blocking most of the city lights. A quick glance behind her back told her all she needed to know; she was being followed. Frowning, she crept back into the shadows, trying to blend in with the dark. A cold breeze blew through, she shivered, rubbing her hands together to keep warm.

Blending into the shadows, she peered from her hiding place towards where she last saw her pursuer. A lithe dark shape leapt from building to building, casting its green glowing eyes around. 'Probably looking for me', she thought. Cold chill settled down around her as the shape jumped down onto a broken lamppost nearby. She backpedaled and turned towards the other end of the alley, slowly creeping for the exit. 'I should've went someplace else to hide. Hiding here is not a good idea.'

Unfortunately, her foot caught on a bottle, it tiny ringing sound echoed through the alley. She froze, turning to see whether her pursuer had noticed her. Her blue eyes were met with intense green eyes. She screamed. Running towards the exit again, she dropped her subtlety; there was no need for it anymore. Yet as she was nearing the exit, the same green eyes suddenly appeared out of the blue. A cold hand touched her, chilling her to the bone. She squeaked in surprise.

"Tag, you're it!" The owner of the hand slowly appeared; a teenager ghost with white hair in black jumpsuit with a white DP insignia. He stared at the girl for a while, laughing at the look on her face. The girl glared up at him; white rings appeared and separated, leaving a younger version of the ghost.

The ghost's mischievous green eyes taunted her as he flew up and disappeared from sight again laughing. She then flew after the sound of laughter emitting from an invisible source.

"Hey! That's not fair! You're not allowed to use invisibility! Danny!"

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