"Why don't you love , when I make me so damn easy to love?"

Byonce-"why don't you love me"

"Whole week. It was whole-fucking- week and he never had shown up his good-for-nothing ass" thought Hashirama while watching trough the window. The class has just started, but he wasn't paying any attention what the teacher was saying. He didn't care. All this week, while Madara was absent he didn't care about anything what was happening around him. He usually was just staring somewhere. His marks went low and he heard rumors that student's council was planning to get his ass of president's chair. But… he didn't give a shit about that. He saw no pint in being the best when his biggest prize for that was taken away. Well, he didn't mind, that stupid Uchiha, Itachi Uchiha in particular, could say anything he wants, but he took away his precious Madara and that was just driving him mad. Yes, he thought about a murdery, but…for now it would be too clear who did it and he would become the main suspect in no time.

'heh' mentally sighed Hashirama and closed his eyes and then wide opened them again. Yes, there was no mistake - he has just saw Madara walking past the main gates.

'He's here? But why?' everything went blank for Hashirama and he ran out of classroom.

"Wait!" teacher shouted after him "Senju-san, where are you running? It's a lesson after all!" but since Hashirama couldn't hear her anyway, she just shook her head and continue the lesson. That was easier to say that to be done, since all the class was taken aback because of Senju's latest action.

"Don't you think that our president seems to be acting a little bit strange?" asked red haired girl the blond boy who was sitting beside her.

"Errr…" was the boy's answer.

Senju finally caught up with Madara garbed his shoulder and forced the raven-head to face him, but Madara quickly made his self free from Hashirama's grief.

"What do you want, Senju?" Madara asked in cold voice, smiling politely.

"Are you going to ignore me?" shouted at Madara the brown-head, hands clenching into fists and tear covering his beautiful eyes. " Are you going to act like nothing ever happened between us?" Hashirama felt huge hole, which one he tried so hard to ignore this whole week, opening in his chest again. It hurt. It hurt like hell. Everything. Madara's cold voice and that fucking polite smile on his lips.

"And what exactly had happened that I shouldn't be ignoring?" asked Madara with a same blank expression on his face, it was as though Hashirama's pain was either invisible or meant nothing to him.

'What?' Hashirama mentally screamed. He couldn't understand, no, he couldn't believe that this was actually happening. His mind was exploding, hole in his chest eating him up, body's turning numb and heart breaking apart.

"What do you mean by that?" he managed to ask the raven with trembling voice. He tried so hard to collect himself. To hold it. He thought that maybe he's doing that well, because if Madara saw his pain he wouldn't be acting like that.

"Is something wrong with you ears? And if you'd excuse me, I'm late for my class. Have a good day." Smiled once again the raven and – Hashirama rubbed his eyes, because in disbelief- he sent him a blow-kiss.

'Or would he?' thought painfully Senju sliding down to the floors.

Itachi was about to leave school when he felt himself flying to the wall and crashing to it.

'Wonderful. That just must be Hashirama.' Thought he while trying to stand and he smiled sadly and a bit of ironically. When he was up he saw that he was just awfully right.

"Oh, what a wonderful surprise. Not." Grinned Itachi eyeing Senju.

"Uchiha, this time.." started his talk Senju which was lead by another punch, but Itachi caught Senju's fist in the air.

"I don't wanna know anything about so called 'this time'. Don't you see that there's no such thing. Why you wouldn't finally grow up and get trough the fact, that he's done with you."

"he wouldn't be if he didn't meet you." Spited his words through greeted teeth Hashirama, his beautiful hear hopping around as he started to run due to hit Itachi.

Itachi was just smiling sadly and dogging his attacks , because he just didn't feel that day like beating the shit out off Madara's ex.

"look, stop. It's useless, don't you see that?" asked Itachi after Hashirama continued his attacks against the raven. Itachi started to feel kind of pissed up, he watched the clock.

'shit' mentally cursed the raven as he saw that he's being late. He had to see Madara at his home right after school. Nagato told that Madara asked him. And instead of ripping the clothes off from the other Uchiha he had to suffer his ex's attacks and some sort of accuses which just haven't seem right to the raven.

"Hashirama, I worn you one last time – stop, or I'll have to beat you to the death."

"Like you could, Uchiha " pulled a wry face Senju, brushing away his disheveled hair.

'just watch me' mentally gaped Itachi , then he grabbed Hashirama's hair and crashed him into the wall, then, after Senju slid down from the wall to the floor, Itachi slowly stood him up and still grabbing pour Hashirama by his silky well-cared hair hit him two-three times in a stomach. Hashirama spited out blood and frowned at Itachi. Itachi just smiled and pulled other boy near his face and hissed.

"Look, I am being to kind to you, you see, I'm not hurting your pretty face, Barbie, but your hair, they're too pretty even for you, Barbie, I'm jealous, and jealousy is such a bad feeling, don't you thin, sweetie?" grinned widely Uchiha his face being inches away from the brown-head. "So, you must help me put my jealousy away." Then, still wearing that evil smile on his face Itachi took out small silver jack-knife from his jeans back-pocket, another hand gripping all of Hashirama's silky hair. Hashirama's eyes widened in shock and he tried to escape Itachi's grip. That wasn't so easy, Itachi just kicked Senju and at the same time silver flashed into the air.

Sun was shining shyly and it reflected perfectly from brown hear which were hopping and floating in the air and little by little covering cold cement floor as Itachi slowly hopped downstairs.

"Welcome, Itachi- kun" bowed Nagato as he let the raven head in.

"Yeah, what ever, Nagato." Humbled under his breath Uchiha when a thought lightened hid mind.

'Since when I'm being so impolite'

"Oh, Nagato-san, I'm so sorry, good day to you too." Corrected his own mistake confused Uchiha.

"No no, no need to worry, Uchiha-kun.' Smiled –not so honestly, as Itachi noticed – that strange man. "I was told to lead you straight to lord Madara's main bedroom…"

"Wait!" interrupted the skinniest man in the world Itachi "What do you need main bedroom, is there other bedrooms?"

"Why, of course, Itachi-kun, there's plenty of bedrooms. Lord Madara-sama just by himself has around seven" smiled Nagato again and you could easily tell that he adores his boss soooo fucking much that you almost want to vomit just by seeing that.

'pfeh…' frowned Itachi in his mind.

"Anyway, sir, here we are." Showed the door Nagato.

"Yeah, thanks." Nodded a little Uchiha letting the servant to go and opening the door. On the cozy-looking sophisticated armchair he saw Madara and that blue haired woman sitting on top of Madara. Madara straightened his position and turned his head to the side to see who has just come in the room.

"Oh, it's you, Itachi. You're just in time. We were getting a little bit bored, weren't we, Konan- san?" asked Madara than blue haired woman grinning foxily.

"I…I suppose…that we were…" answered the woman in cracking voice. Itachi wasn't sure is that because of orgasm or of confusion.

"Um, Madara?" asked Itachi in a cold voice frowning.


"This woman? Why is she here?"

"Well, actually for the same reason that you are, my dear Itachi "

'No, seriously is it possible for his grin to get THAT big?' asked Itachi himself in his mind.

"And that would be?"

"Sex, of course."

"Since you're done…"

"Oh, wait , Itachi , we haven't even started yet. We were waiting for you." Noted Madara playing with Konan's blue hair between his fingers.

"Wait wait wait…WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT?" Itachi felt that maybe, this time, he just has lost his nerve. And that was not the ordinary thing for someone as calm as he was.

"I thought, that maybe this time we should go in triplet, no?" Madara closely watched Itachi and the stood up , putting aside Konan." Oh well, darling it seems that my genuine idea doesn't seem so genuine to this fellow, so just get lost." He gently slapped Konan's butt and the woman left. After that Madara watched Itachi to the eyes and suddenly grabbed other Uchiha's wrist. Long Itachi's hair floated in the air and Itachi found himself in the tight embrace.

"So." Fawned Itachi's hair Madara and cupped his chin watching him closely "You want to be the one, huh?"

"Yes." Answered Itachi watching other Uchiha in those black onyx eyes whish seemed to be bottomless. "I want to be the one."

"We'll see about that." Smiled Madara and pushed Itachi down to the bed.