Summary: This is mostly from Sharaman's POV of happens and then the big reunion in Dastan's room where new friendships are cemented.

Chapter 12
Family in Many Forms

As all the injured were transported to the palace to be cared for, King Sharaman was getting as much information as he could from Bahadur about the mornings events. He was shocked to hear the captain wouldn't listen even when Garsiv was standing a short distance away. The man had nothing in mind but the fight and even assaulted a superior to get it. When he spoke to the man he had seen the darkness of his soul and wondered how much pain and suffering he and his men had caused only to be protected by the seal of the palace.

It was true that carnage of the like happened in war when there was no other choice but to fight but this was far from that. This was a case of someone wanting a scene whether it was warranted or not. The King could not understand how some people could be so cold, especially to innocents like the children he had seen today. The ability to fight any enemy is a good trait in a soldier, but not when it is used in cruelty as it was today. Have spent a week with Dastan and seen the joy and love the boy was capable of made him wonder how many more there were like him living in such horrid conditions. He wished he could save them all but know that was not possible.

The guards and their leader were forced to walk the distance through the town tied behind horses. They were stripped of their uniforms and shirts to feel the heat of the midday sun as the people watched. It was important that the people see men like that acted alone and not with the royal blessing. They would all be put on trial and punished for their actions and the entire city would be able to see it. It was a small gesture but Sharaman hoped it was at least a partial apology to his people. He also was determined to put more money into improving the conditions of the poor after talking to Ayman's family and hearing Dastan's stories.

The King sped up to come along side the cart his sons were in and looked them over. The small girl tending to Dastan had fought to remain with her charges and even bit a guard's hand who tried to lift her away. Garsiv had ordered her released and put in the cart with them. She walked with the command of a noble over to one of the healers and listed the things she would need for the trip back. The man gave her what she asked for and offered to help but she declined with thanks and returned to friends. Sharaman smiled at the little girl's strength of will and bravery. He would see that Cora finds a nice place in the palace for her so she can continue to learn the art of the healers.

The King was pleased to see Tus relaxed and sitting quietly looking down on the boys before him. He had taken both of their hands while they lay unconscious. He could see many things going through his son's face and knew the weight he felt for letting any of it happen. Tus explained everything and assured his father he would see it sorted one way or the other. He would not allow them to lose Dastan now that he knew how much he truly cared for his new brother. Sharaman was also happy to hear Garsiv had finally warmed up to Dastan. He had seen nothing of the anger and resentment from before when Garsiv watched carefully as Yasmina worked. When they were loaded onto the cart, Garsiv inched closer so he was directly beside his new little brother right up until he passed out himself. Tus has jumped but Yasmina assured him Garsiv was just succumbing to the drug she gave to make him sleep while she removed the arrow and treated the wound.

As the King watched them now he could see many things had changed in a short period of time. His sons were finally getting along and he had come into some knowledge he should have known long ago. He had always trusted Nizam to keep and ear to the city and alert him if something like this every happened. But as he'd learned the General had not passed any reports on of how these men behaved, he realized short of visiting the town himself there was little chance Nizam would have heard. The former general would stand trial with the former captain and his foul men. Dastan would also be there to testify of the things he'd seen these men do.

Sharaman took in the small boy sitting by Dastan who hadn't taken his eyes off the prince since the trip started. It had to be the boy, Bis, his sons had told him they were trying to find. He was the reason this had all happened. He could see the loyalty the boy had for his best friend and was warmed that Dastan had such a good friend. And from what he'd witnessed in the town the King now knew the boys had a good reason to have created Adil to protect themselves. He planned a personal apology to them all but also a more personal talk with Bis.

When they finally passed the gates the majority of the household was out to greet them and help with the injured. Cora flew across the stonework to land beside the man unloading Dastan. He looked for to pale and was covered in sweat that plastered his hair to his small red face and he looked even smaller in the arms of the large man. Cora burst into tears seeing him in such a state. She followed behind the guard as he carried the youngest prince to his rooms where a healer was waiting and Sharaman had no doubt would be taking orders from Dastan's mini protector.

As Garsiv was carried to his rooms Tus was at his side the entire time and even took up residence in a comfortable chair refusing to leave until his brother told him too. Bahadur looked to the King to ask if he needed any more information and Sharaman shook his head waving the guard to follow the children in. The King himself oversaw the dreaded men put into a holding area they would not be able to escape from the view of the public who were encouraged to speak and throw whatever they liked.

The King told his advisors to deal with the paperwork while he went to check on his sons. He first went to Dastan's room to get a report on his condition and if they needed anything else. He found Bis and Cora on either side of the bed as Yasmina was on her knees beside his head patting him down with a cool rage to help with the fever. She was so small she barely took up any room on the oversized bed. Ever few moments should twist around to dose the cloth again and check on the mixture the healer was making for the wound.

"Be sure to put lots of this in, we don't want him to be in pain when he wakes up. I know what that's like." She handed the man a small pouch of something blue-green and subconsciously rubbed a long thin scare on her right calf that had just recently healed. Then she looked at Bis and down to his leg. "How is your leg? That arrow was in deep."

"I've had worse; I'll be ok, thanks 'Min." He smiled and let her look over the bandage again before she looked up to see the King watching them. Everyone looked startled but before they could move to bow to the King he raised his hand. "No need tonight."

The King came closer and nodded to Bis, Cora, the healer and Yasmina who all nodded back, then looked towards her leg. "How did you come by that, young one?"

Yasmina looked at Bis and Cora to see if it was alright to tell the King. Bis looked doubtful, but Sharaman understood his reservations, and was happy to see Cora nod yes. The little girl moved around Bis to the foot of the bed and stuck her leg out for the King to examine. "One of the bad guards was going to kill a cat that was big with kittens just for meowing when he stepped on her tail. I picked her up to protect her and started to run away when he threw a knife at me and it hit there. I knew how to treat it myself and my older sister Lezlie convinced mother to let us keep Fuz. Can we still keep her now that we're here with Ayman? She'll be no trouble; we can look after her and her kittens."

Sharaman smiled as he knelt down eye level with the girl. The eyes following his movements coming from Bis were not missed. He smiled and put a hand on her head. "Of course you can keep her here. You could even give the kittens to some of the other children in the palace. I'm sure a pet would be welcome."

Cora smiled and called over. "I'll take one when they are ready."

"You see, already one taken care of." Yasmina's smile was big enough to split her face in half and she hugged the King.

Bis jumped down and winched as his legs complained but he reached for the girl. "'Min! You can't do that, he's not just some common man you can talk to like before."

Yasmina pulled away but just looked at the King. "You don't like hugs?"

Sharaman raised a finger to touch her dirty little nose. "I love hugs. Your friend is just being careful and he is right to be from what I've seen now."

"You're going to take the mean guards away so they can't hurt us anymore?"

"Yes, I promise, they will never hurt any of you again." Yasmina smiled and hugged him again this time tighter then she returned to the bed.

Sharaman waved the healer over and the little girl was helped back up onto the bed by Bis. "How is he?"

"That little one is very skilled; she was able to keep the infection from spreading over the night and she kept it clean. The excursion from the town and the dust and dirt kicked around during the battle has made him worse. She had done well and with what I have given him now his breathing has improved but he is still very hot. There is little more we can do but keep the wound clean and prevent any further damage. I cannot saw when he will wake."

The King noticed the hint in the man's voice that there was a chance Dastan may not wake at all but choose to ignore it. He had not found this remarkable boy only to lose him so soon to something like this. And he knew Dastan was far stronger then this man was giving him credit for, he could not have survived so long on the streets otherwise.

"Do whatever you can for him and keep a constant vigil. I'm sure Yasmina will inform you if he needs anything else."

The man laughed. "She is very good now, with some training she could become one of our best. Will we be able to teach her?"

"Yes, if she agrees, you may begin her lessons as soon as Dastan begins his recovery. I believe you would have a fight getting her to leave him before."

"I believe you are correct, Your Majesty."

"Return to your work, please."

The man bowed and went back to his place beside Yasmina and she handed him the bowl she was crushing herbs in. "Here, you have bigger hands, you can do this faster. I'll put what we have on his shoulder."

Sharaman watched as she unwrapped Dastan's shoulder to see a terrible wound, but in his time in battles he had seen worse. The boy moved slightly as pain shot through his body but luckily he was still not awake. She and the other healer quickly went to work cleaning the wound and pulled out any foreign objects. Blood still flowed from it a deep red and he was glad Dastan could sleep through it. Bis's grip tightened several times as he held his friends hand rubbed his other hand up and down Dastan's arm. He whispered things into the prince's ear and they seemed to calm him.

When the wound was cleaned, treated and wrapped again everyone seemed to breathe a sigh of relief that Dastan was no longer in pain. After a few moments Sharaman touched Bis's shoulder and waved him aside.

He indicated Bis should sit and keep the pressure off his leg, he sat in a chair opposite the boy. "I still have not had the chance the thank you fully for your help and attention to my sons today. Garsiv does not turn his back on anyone in battle without trusting them first. You made a strong impression on him very quickly, which I can tell you, is no small feat. Then you proved his trust was well placed by saving his life even after you'd been injured yourself. You will make a fine warrior someday, Bis."

Bis smiled and nodded at the compliments. "Thank you. And I am glad that you do really care for Dastan. I know now that what we have seen of people from the palace was not the whole story. You have been kind and fair to us all. I see why Dastan stayed here."

Sharaman smiled. "I know you must still have your concerns and I assure you I want you to voice them to me, so I can help you resolve them. You saved the lives of two of my sons, there is nothing you could ask for that would not be granted."

Bis laughed and fidgeted a bit. "That's what Garsiv said. Everyone is offering me a reward when all I did was what I knew was right and helped my friends."

"That kind of selfless and forgiving spirit is what drew me to Dastan in the first place. Then as I got to know him better I saw all the wonderful things he has to offer. I realize that he was your family before I tried to make him mine and you are welcome here always. I would greatly like to have him stay with us."

Bis nodded and could see the genuine love in the older man's eyes. "I can see that you do care for him. While the decision is his, if he wishes to stay here, I will visit here a lot, to see old my friend and my new one. Garsiv is well trained; I even learned a few things from him. I glad we were able to see eye-to-eye in the end and I know he will take care of Dastan for me."

"I will, Bis, I assure you of that."

"We both will."

They all turned to see Garsiv just inside the door leaning heavily on Tus with Bahadur right behind them both. Sharaman quickly pulled his chair over for his son to sit in. He didn't bother admonishing the boy knowing how concerned he must be for Dastan.

Garsiv looked at his father with a grateful smile. "How is he?"

"They have cleaned and treated his shoulder again. He still has not awoken, which could be a blessing, with the amount of pain he would be in."

Garsiv swallowed hard and Tus's hand squeezed his shoulder in support. The only going through both of their minds was 'this is my fault'.

Bis walked over to stand in front of the prince. "I know you feel responsible for this, but I can tell you Dastan doesn't blame you. He never holds a grudge, he believes they only weaken the soul and lead to sadness and resentment. You explained yourself last night and Dastan now knows the truth. If he didn't believe you he wouldn't have smiled, so please do not punish yourselves. He wouldn't want that and I don't want to see my new friend in pain."

Garsiv looked up in surprise at the title. "Friend?" Sharaman and Tus just smiled to each other.

"Well what else would you call people who fight back to back and save each other's lives and have at least one person in common we both love like a brother?" Bis extended his hand to Garsiv.

The prince looked at Bis for a few seconds longer then smiled and took his hand in a hearty shake. "Yes, I suppose you're right." Then with a more somber expression he said. "Thank you for trusting me and giving me the chance to tell my side of the story."

"You're welcome. Do you want me to help you over?"

Garsiv nodded and with the help of Tus and Bis managed to get back to his feet. They helped him over and he sat on the bed next to Dastan. He took the small boy's hand and leaned over his good shoulder to whisper in his ear. "You have a lot of people here who care for you, so you should wake up and talk to us all very soon. We miss you… little brother."




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