Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap-

"Fiona!" Michael burst, his hands clenched on the steering wheel. The tapping stopped. Fiona threw him an expression of both disgust and resentment.

"I'm bored, Michael," she whined pathetically. Michael bit the tip of his tongue to halt a nastily sarcastic reply, letting his fists flex on the steering wheel. He and Fiona had been driving for hours now, on their way to meet Sam for a job. They'd been on the same bare stretch of road for the majority of that time. Michael could understand why Fiona was so bored, but she'd been grating on his nerves for far too long now.

Michael could feel Fiona's eyes boring into him, but refused to give her the satisfaction of acknowledging her. Instead, he fixed his stare on the road stubbornly, all the while keeping her figure in the corner of his eye in the forefront of his attention. Finally with a huff, Fiona dropped her gaze, sinking into her seat and folding her arms. Michael resisted the urge to roll his eyes. She could be such a two year old sometimes.

Unexpectedly she leaned forward, hitting the power button for the radio. Michael felt his muscles clench at the sudden lack of blissful silence, but if it was going to stop Fiona from being such a brat, he could deal with it. Maybe.

Fiona listened intently to the host of the radio station as if she were trying to decide whether or not to change the channel. Soon the host's rambling came to a close and the next song filled the speakers. Fiona visibly brightened at merely the first note.

"Ooo!" she cried gleefully. "I love this song!"

Quickly she dialed up the volume to an obscenely loud degree and began singing along. Michael could feel every muscle in his body tensing as he attempted to not interfere. He was going to end up strangling her before they arrived where they were supposed to meet Sam. Suddenly he frowned, however, muscles relaxing into confusion at the lyrics of the song.

"Ra ra ra-ah ah!" sang Fiona at the top of her lungs. "Roma roma-ma! Ga ga oo la la! Want your bad romance!"

Slowly, Michael turned to stare at her. What the hell? After only a brief moment, Fiona noticed the stare and met his confused gaze with a beaming one of her own. She leaned forward to dial down the volume slightly.

"What?" she asked, sounding amused but defensive.

"What is this?" Michael asked incredulously. Fiona grinned.

"Bad Romance by Lady Gaga."

Michael blinked. "What kind of a name is 'Gaga'?"

"Lady Gaga," Fiona corrected. "It's a stage name, Michael. Are you trying to tell me you've never heard of her?"

Michael shook his head before realizing he should probably pay attention to the road again. He turned to look back in front of them quickly. "Is she popular?"

"Very," Fiona replied.

"Why? What kind of lyrics were those? It was complete gibberish!"

"It's fun, catchy music, Michael!" Fiona argued, starting to get annoyed. Michael let his eyes leave the road momentarily to give Fiona a skeptical look. She glared at him. "I like it," she said with a stubborn edge. "Deal with it." Without waiting for a reply, she leaned forward again, turning the volume back up.

Late that day, after Michael and Fiona met up with Sam and got started on the job, the three of them were hard at work making explosives. They worked quickly and quietly, the only goal in mind to get the job done. Fiona almost cut off a finger when she heard Michael humming quietly under his breath:

"Ra ra ra-ah ah, roma roma-ma..."

Fiona stared at him in awe as he obliviously continued on his work. Then slowly, slowly a grin spread across her face.

Score one for Gaga.

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