Disclaimer: I've never written a Doctor Who piece before. So I apologize if anyone is out of character. I've only been watching this for a month. And I know this episode happened over four years ago. But the episode "Doomsday" (season 2 finale) was so moving, I just had to write. This is what came out. Oh, and I also do not own any of this.

Hearts Breaking

It's pain. Pain that rears up and grabs hold, refusing to let go. You can't breathe. You can't even feel your heart beat. In fact, you're not even sure if your heart is beating. There are few words to describe such pain. Take the whole pain of humanity, cram it into one heart, and you would still need countless more worlds to equal this pain. It is the pain of hearts breaking and no other pain in the world can equal it.

Hands pressed against the wall. The futile thought of shoving. Shoving it like a door. Maybe it will open. Knowing it will never open. All is lost. One ear pressed against that white wall. That bright white wall. They say a white sheet of paper is a beginning, that you must dip the pen in ink and start writing a new story. They never said that beginnings would be so painful. The white wall- my new beginning.

Lean in closer. If I close my eyes, I can hear her. Her sobs. Her screams. They mirror my own, only it is my very soul that is screaming. If I were to open my mouth, I believe I would fall apart as the scream ripped through my body. Or maybe it's just that I'm in too much shock to scream. It has yet to hit me. Her promise of forever. Her forever. It's gone. Forever gone. Maybe only my soul has grasped this fact. It's funny. I thought I'd lost my soul. She found it and gave it back to me. And in return, I gave her my heart.

I can still hear her sobs. Her cries. I start to imagine the others looking on, but her image is all I see. It is all I want to see. Seared into my brain, forever and always with me.

Walking away. I have to. It is over. I feel dead inside now. Maybe the soul is gone forever this time. Will I ever feel again?

Then a light. I can still hear her. Her sobs, echoing from a vast distance. Coming across the Void. A hole. There is one hole left. And I will die trying to open it.